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#1 Shion on Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:20 pm


Name: Shion
Age: 17
True Age: 17
Sex: Female

Shion is very much a happy girl, despite her chosen profession and what the world tends to actually be like it doesn't seem to bother her that much. She loves exploring the world and doing new things even though they may not be actually "new". She enjoys others and even if she is fighting Following the happy trend Shion is shown to be enthusiastic, trusting herr intuition almost to the point of stupidity at times, yearns for romance though doesn't seem to have luck there, she also seeks her true self, prizes meaningful relationships having a little better luck there, and dream of attaining wisdom which somehow she thinks will make her smarter when that isn't how it works.

Despite her focus on relying on her intuition and instincts she isn't completely retarded. Not everything can be improvised or left to the fates. She can still plan moves, strategize with allies, and retain a very solid foundation and mind for handling the world around her and what she deals with on a daily basis. This side is definitely not as dominant as her idealistic side but is certainly there. She is a shinobi but apparently never takes her work, her opponents, herself, or much else seriously. She could be if she was forced to by circumstance but overall in general she is just a playful teenager with super powers. ...Whoo. She loves company. Any company. Her ability to make friends is limited only to who will and won't attack her. She doesn't care about the spiritual war between the shinigami and hollow and doesn't believe in racism against other beings.

While Shion isn't actually "cowardly" she tends to be concerned with taking care of herself rather than dying to protect someone else, by any means required, even at the cost of another's well-being or convenience. She likes friends and she likes company but she isn't willing to die for them. Help them if she can? Sure. Die so that they can live? ....Could She call in backup? Despite this she is self-assured and knows her strengths and weaknesses. She won't just back out if/when something happens when she has the actual means to do something about it without threatening her life.

Her intellect is less, genius, and more "Trained". She has a very high aptitude for combat and strategy, but is still relatively new in "real world" knowledge. "Street Smarts" aren't her forte and she doesn't quite match up to a "Book Worm" unless it's combat. Sadly a side effect of her training. She is horrible at keeping her apartment clean. It is almost not possible for her to do so. She could find anything she looks for within the mess but she isn't able to keep the mess cleaned up.


Height: 5'5''
Weight: 100.08 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: She is a mid to long ranged tactical fighter. While she has the ability to fight in close combat it's rather limited outside of her abilities. She emphasizes her speed and ability to produce numerous different attacks in order to pressure and inevitably overwhelm her opponents.

Strengths: Speed, Reiatsu, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Durability, Strength


Ability Name: Sharingan
Description: In summary. These special eyes allow Shion to see the energy within someone's body, including all the pathways it flows through and all the energy points which must be activated to use all of it in one's self. They also allow one to focus and watch the slightest muscle movements in their opponents body, aiding with, but not guaranteeing, prediction of movement and increasing reaction time to threats. They allow the user to inhumanely see even if vision would be otherwise obscured by darkness (Within reason) or mist or a blinding light (also within Reason).

Ability Name: Any Ground
Description: Using energy under the feet Shion is able to walk up, down, left, right, whatever upon any surface and essentially defy gravity. She cannot however walk in Air as she needs at least a semi-solid surface tension like that of water or actual solid surface to use this technique.

Ability Name: Chakra Wire
Description: By attaching a temporary quick whip like tendril of energy to a Shuriken or Kunai Shion is able to change the trajectory of said object once. She can only do this once per object but has no limit to how many objects she can effect simultaneously. She can also use this somewhat effectively to "Spider-Man Fling" herself around objects and such without needing physical contact with it.

Ability Name: Weights
Description: Shion has weights attacked to her lower legs which are so dramatically impossibly heavy that by removing these weights her speed triples. However while wearing the weights her speed, despite being a strength, is averaged. (Short term bad long term good)).


Ability Name: Lightning Cutter
Description: Cover the users hand in powerful lightning allowing for a Jab at incredibly high speeds that if it lands against another person or thing would easily do the damage of a forbidden Kidou. The jutsu lasts one post or three jab attempts whichever happens fist. However as soon as even "one" jab succeeds in hitting someone the jutsu is over. So it can't do more than the one forbidden kidou in damage. Since this is at the level of a forbidden kidou is has the same CD as one. >_> That's five posts.

Ability Name: Clone Great Explosion
Description: This does require the use of Clone Technique but since that is spammable. moot point to a degree. What this jutsu does is cause any or all clones active to explode for 40 feet at the power of Hadou 88. This jutsu has a four post cooldown plus an additional post cooldown for every clone past the second.

Ability Name: Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Description: This creates essentially a massive 30 foot tall and 100 foot wide wave of fire which is produced within mere feet of the caster and is pushed forward fifty feet at high speeds. This jutsu has the same power as a gran rey cero and has a four post cooldown.

Ability Name: Cherry Blossom Impact
Description: By channeling energy into their fists or feet the user is able to perform attacks with their body all equaling Hadou 60 for one post or twelve strikes. This then has a two post cooldown.

Ability Name: Hidden in the Mist
Description: Every other post the user can choose to create a thick mist that almost complete obscures any "normal" means of seeing. Shion has trained to be immune to this technique but only because of her special eyes. It lasts one post then has a CD of another post.

Ability Name: Clone Technique
Description: Using this technique Shion is able to create physically perfect copies of herself which can also use her abilities. However each clone can only take three hits and functions at ten percent of shion's power. This also means she can only make a maximum of nine clones at a time. Her power is not cut while the clones are active however. (But even then it would take all nine clones using Lightning Cutter to come close to Shion using the jutsu herself. and this isn't possible anyways because!) They also share ability cool downs with each other and Shion.


Ability Name: Sand Gourd
Description: A giant gourd of sand magically attached the to users back, or dismissed into the ground around them at will if they prefer, from which they can control all of it's volume in sand and manipulate that sand in practically every way. However this sand has a predetermined amount and does not grant the manipulation of other sand that is not this specific sand. The gourd is also made of sand causing the total volume at her disposal to be 10 gallons.

Ability Name: Wrist Mounted Senbon Launcher
Description: Hidden under each of her sleeves is a contraption of five senbon launchers on each arm. She is able to have her sleeves slide up, or can fire these through her clothing, at an opponent at high speeds with higher than normal piercing ability in regards to defenses. Otherwise these act like being stabbed by a knife at high speed. She can reload them but it takes a post to be able to fire them again whether she reloaded them quickly or slowly or was forced to make energy replacements.

Ability Name: Ninja Tools
Description: She has two summon seals placed on each of her wrists which allow her to expand minimum energy to "summon" rather than create a seemingly limitless number of Kunai and Shuriken with which to throw or do other random things with. These are not special in any way other than being able to hit spiritual beings.

Ability Name: Guardian Spirit
Description: A gigantic, humanoid being made of the user's energy surrounds them and fights on their behalf constantly staying around them even if they move at high speeds and fighting independently of their creator's actions. This spirit wields a sword and shield and is easily six times the size of it's owner. This lasts three posts with a two post cooldown. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with Chakra Armor. The damage and ability to block with it's equipment is based on the stats of it's creator.


Ability Name: Puppet Technique
Description: For Two Posts with a two post cooldown the user is able to create and the manipulate with their energy, which is attached the user's body in some way, the entirety of the puppet. Making it fight for them. The puppet has knife hands hidden under it's normal hands. A hidden blade for a tongue and otherwise can punch and kick like any other person would. If the strings are somehow detected and cut the ability is cancelled prematurely. If the user loses control of the puppet for any reason it is immediately banished.

Ability Name: Amaterasu
Description: The eyes of the Sharingan change visible shape and with that comes this ability. However once the ability is used the eyes return to their previous shape. When used this ability essentially attempts to send an energy "signal" through the air following Shion's direct line of vision. When that single, moving at high speeds, hits an object or person it combusts and creates a black flame at the point of contact. Since the energy signal is sent through the air it IS possible to detect something is amiss and manage to get out of Shion's direct visual focus, but it is still a guessing game and rather difficult at times. This ability lasts one post ans has no limits to activations but then undergoes a three post cooldown. The flames can be defeated like any other flames they are simply black in color.

Ability Name: Mystic Folding Fan
Description: This slightly large hand fan has three red moons on it's flaps. When one is shown the fan creates small short ranged gusts that are razor sharp like knives. When two are shown it creates multiple medium ranged cresent attacks of wind that are like being hit by a sword. Three allows full attacks at long range with Tornado's being created on each swing. Each effect can occur three times in one post with a one post cooldown. They do not share Cooldowns or uses. The fan itself is hard enough at "any" point in it's making to block metal objects like knifes or swords. But is not considered Zanpaktou Steel and does have limits. This has a strap attached to the bottom where she can attach it to a spot on her hip.

Ability Name: Chakra Armor
Description: Her inner demon placed there to assist her and to be simultaneously prevents escape into the world allows her to use some of it's power. This coats her body in a red demonic energy which she can manipulate freely, but it must remain attached to her "armor" by some means. While this armor is active she takes damage as if she possesses an advanced level heirro, has normal regenerative powers, and the energy "burns or scalds" clothing and skin that makes physical contact with it. Because of how it functions it reduces non-physical attacks by 10% before being bypassed and hitting Shion anyways. While this chakra armor is active her speed and strength are doubled. This ability lasts two posts with a two post cooldown and cannot be used in conjunction with Guardian Spirit.

Boosts: x3 Strength and Speed


Ability Name: Rinnegan: Deva Path
Description: The special eyes awaken, albeit temporarily in Shion's case, and form into a purple more powerful version known as the Rinnegan. However due to Shion's inability to actually obtain the Rinnegan permanently. She is only able to access one of the eyes special "paths" and use it's abilities. In this case. The Path of Deva. Giving her two unique abilities "Force Pull" and "Force Push" with which she can repel and attract objects. attacks, or people (Based on grapple permission) for at least a hundred feet at a time. However she cannot use both powers simultaneously and each one can only be used once per post. This ability also shares the passive effects of her regular Sharingan. WHen used against a person successfully the CD is increased put to 3. When used against an attack the ability to push and pull gains a CD equal to the ability that was effected.

Ability Name: Jinchuriki
Description: The inner demon sealed within her body to aid her and prevent it's escape has reached a level of recognition of Shion's powers in Hyper Mode that it allows her to use it's power. This allows her one of two choices, which cannot be changed once chosen and lasts two posts regardless of choice. She can either summon the beast in the real world temporarily or take on a pseudo-form that temporarily changes her form with aspects of the beasts. In either case there is a tremendous amount of power involved as the beast is 2 tiers lower than Shion and when transformed herself she gets double boosts to everything and is covered in Chakra Armor. This ability has a four post cooldown. This ability also overrides and cannot be used in conjunction with Guardian Spirit or Chakra Armor while in use. Her total stats are maxed at x6 as per forum rules in transformed state.

Ability Name: Eight Inner Gates
Description: Shion is able to activate the eight inner gates and unleash more power than one's body generally allows for the sake of self-preservation. However for each gate shion receives a 20% boost to her strength and speed. She is able to open up to the sixth gate however going past the second causes her to have a time limit of two posts. Which can only be increased by an additional post by going to a further gate. However when she reaches the sixth gate and ends the duration she cannot activate this ability again for eight posts. She is only able to use this technique twice per thread and even one use of the technique, regardless of how many gates are opened, are not without cost as it's very straining on her physical body. Due to forum boost capping this ability in reality does very little. It raises her speed a bit more and is otherwise cosmetic. (Because boosts cannot exceed x6 on a stat. This would make her speed x6 instead of x5 while active)

Ability Name: Strength of a Hundred Seal
Description: A seal appears on her forehead the instant she releases into Hyper Mode. On the first post she becomes able to heal minor wounds as if she had regeneration. On the second post she gains a x2 strength boost. On the third post she is able to regenerate moderate wounds. On Post four she becomes able to "Release" the seal, which she does not HAVE TO DO, and instantly heals her physical body to 100% damage even if she was near death. However once she releases to fully heal she cannot do so again. Though she would be able to slowly regain the lesser benefits.

Boosts: None. Her abilities cover the boosts.



The Ninja. Usually called Warriors of Darkness, Shadow, or Assassins. They have been around for centuries and even with the modernization of society they still seem to find uses for themselves and continue their dark path through the world. The functions of the ninja include espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare. Shion was born to one of the few "True Shinobi" people who had a hidden village in a mountainous area. She would mention where...but she'd have to kill you.

This is where she was raised. She did not get much of a choice in this even when older, but thinking back she couldn't see herself "not" taking this path through life. Her childhood was rougher than most. She wasn't "abused" but she was constantly getting her shit kicked to toughen her up. They didn't break things they didn't need to to prove a point however. As stated they didn't abuse their next generations. She fought, trained, learned skills, learned methods of stealth.

This path was from the time she was five to the time she was sixteen. It didn't change and it didn't take a break. She was constantly put under pressure and encouraged to thrive under it. Pushed to her limits until she surpassed them and molded into what they believed would be the ultimate ninja. They were slightly disappointed that she was far too happy and playful, but considering that she always performed to their expectations... They couldn't see a need to dowse her spirit.

However when she turned sixteen a group of hollow attacked her village. While the village itself still stands, none of it's inhabitants do anymore. Shion was the only one who survived and in doing so managed to unlock the first steps of her true power. She certainly didn't manage to kill the hollow out of revenge however. Somewhere they are probably still alive and if she finds them she will try to make them pay, but for now?

The village was empty. While she would need to come back every so often to use the forge and sleep here and such. Replenishing her supplies. Etc. But there was no need to hang around inbetween those moments. A shinobi was an agent for another power. She needed to seek work and find a means to support her suddenly lonely life. In the process perhaps she could make a few friends? That thought was enough to excite her and send her barreling out of the village. She didn't even know where she was going but she figured when she got there she'd know.

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