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#1 Seto Byashi on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:11 pm


Name: Seto Byashi
Age: 39
True Age: 953
Sex: Male
Personality: [version 3]
After spending over a hundred years in England, Seto has developed a few different quirks than his former self. Aside from now talking in a British Accent, Seto uses terms like bollocks and other things generally unique to British Citizens, but that doesn't mean he's one of them. Seto's drive for power is what fuels his very being, pushing himself and those around him to their limits and making everyone stronger as a result. He does not enjoy showing weakness, but knows when it must be done. He's fiercely loyal, almost to a fault, and will stay by those who gain his trust and prove themseleves worthy of it.


Height: 6'11"
Weight: 277 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Sheer overpowering force. Those are the three words that come to mind when someone watches Seto fight. Though he does have a certain grace around him, due to years of fighting, Seto's attacks are designed to overpower the enemy and make them surrender, so he can decide whether or not to kill them later; alternatively, just to make them scream while he does it.
Strengths: Seto excels at physical attributes; Strength, Speed, Stamina, Endurance... due to his natural body being so large, and his style of fighting, these are the traits which he chose to hone, combined with pure Zanjutsu. He is incredibly strong, able to lift a boulder with little effort; fast enough to catch up to a horse running away from him; able to punch solid steel walls for hours on end; and was once reported as stopping a freight train by standing in front of it, only to walk away without much effort afterward.
Weaknesses: Despite his origin as a Shinigami, Seto possesses absolutely no skill with Kidou, requiring their full incantation and name to even hope of using Hado#1, let alone anything stronger. Additionally, while he is aware of the ability Shunpo and Hoho in general, his proficiency with those skills is far from optimal, only using them as an immediate dodge, not traveling long distances. Finally, he trained so dilligently with a sword that without one, he doesn't really know what he's doing; he can throw a punch, but don't expect to see him doing any martial arts shit.

[魂の盾]Tamashi no Tate - Spirit Shield
Seto is capable of temporarily solidifying his reiatsu around his body, forming a barrier almost identical to Hierro. This 'armor' lasts for up to 5 posts, with a 4 post cooldown before it can be used again, and is equal in strength to an average Hierro.


Sealed Appearance: While in its' sealed state, Taiyou no Ikari has the appearance of an inverted, but otherwise standard, katana. The black is polished black, 4' in length with a 1' handle, which is also black but has a white wrap around it. The sheath shares this theme, made of black wood with a white wrap at the top to tie to Seto's belt.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Due to Seto's hollowification, San no Ikari has fused with his inner hollow, taking on their appearance instead.


Name: [太陽の怒り]Taiyou no Ikari
Call Out Command: "Disintegrate everything, Taiyou no Ikari."
Boosts: 2x Strength, Speed, Endurance

[太陽槍]Taiyou Yari - Solar Spear
Channeling reiatsu through his Zanpakuto, Seto unleashes the flaming energy in a straight thrusting attack, forming a temporary spear of fire that travels in a straight line for up to 30 meters. When it makes contact with anything, the spear will explode similar to a Cero. This ability can be fired once every other post. (Use, Wait, Use)

[太陽の涙]Taiyou no Namida - Tear of the Sun
Seto is capable of unleashing a wave-like attack from his sword, traveling in the arc of his swing up to 20 meters before dissipating. This attack has the speed of a Bala, the strength of a Cero, and can be fired once every post.


New Name: [永遠の太陽の怒り]Eien no Taiyou no Ikari
Appearance: In Bankai, Seto's Zanpakutou appears the same; however, there are a total of 8 blades that manifest. One in each of his hands, and six that surround him which he controls telepathically.
Boosts: 3x Strength, Speed, Endurance; 2x Durability, Stamina - All Prior Abilities Retained

[刃防衛]Ha Bouei - Blade Defense
Six of the swords formed in Eien no Taiyou no Ikari are controlled by Seto telepathically, allowing him to fight with the two in his hands while using all eight simultaneously. Any ability Seto has can be used from any of the Eight Swords, but all of them share a cooldown. (So he can't go around casting Taiyou no Namida eight times simultaneously- that's stupid.)

[太陽噴火]Taoyiu Funka - Solar Eruption
Seto can channel all of his residual energy, including fires on the battlefield either from his own Zanpakuto or another source, and absorb them into him. For three posts, his speed and strength are multiplied by 4x instead of 3x; after these posts, he erupts with flaming energy, causing a massive explosion that encompasses everything within 50 meters of him dealing Gran Rey Cero damage and causing 2nd Degree Burns, and his speed and strength drop to 1x for 2 posts, then return to normal over the next two posts. This ability cannot be used for 8 posts after Seto's boosts have returned to normal.
(Translation of Boosts per post: Use;4x, 4x, 4x, 1x, 1x, 2x, 3x;Cooldown)
{Translation of Cooldown per post: Use;8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6... | Total Cooldown, Counting Post This Was Used: 15 Posts}


Abilities: 3x Overall
Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala, Hierro, Sonido, Regeneration

[太陽閃光]Taiyou Senkou - Solar Hollow Flash
All Cero and Cero-like abilities used by Seto take on the element of Fire, causing second degree burns to anything they touch, on top of the regular damage they cause.


Appearance: Uniquely, Seto undergoes no external changes. This is not explained.
Boosts: 3x Overall, 4x to Speed/Strength/Stamina/Endurance - All Previous Abilities Retained.

[無限の魂の盾]Mugen no Tamashi no Tate - Infinite Soul Shield
In his Full Vizard Form, Seto's Hierro is 4x stronger than a normal Hierro. Seto cannot use Tamashi no Tate while Full Vizard Form is active.

[無限の日食]Mugen no Nisshoku - Infinite Solar Eclipse
While in his Full Vizard Form, Seto can absorb energy from the Sun similar to Photosynthesis; if in direct sunlight, Seto's regeneration is amplified to extreme levels, able to regenerate anything except vital organs (heart, brain) within a single post. Additionally, the Solar Energy refuels his reiatsu, restoring approximately 25% of his maximum reiatsu per post he is in direct sunlight. This ability does not function if Seto is not entirely in direct sunlight; even the shadow of a leaf will stop this ability completely.

[人工太陽力]Jinkou Taiyou-Ryoku - Artificial Solar Energy
Seto can create a temporary manifestation of the sun, emitting the same radiation and light the sun does. This manifestation is a perfect sphere approximately 1ft in diameter, can be destroyed by taking a Gran Rey Cero's worth of damage, and can be thrown up to 20m after being created where it will simply freeze in place. This ability has no effect if thrown at something, and will pass harmlessly through anything if thrown at it, though attacks which intend to hit it will, strangely, do so. This ability is meant as an augmentation of Seto's Mugen no Nisshoku, to allow him to safely use Full Vizard Form in areas that do not have sunlight, such as Caverns or Night-time.


Seto's History is indetermined at this time, and will be updated at a later date when Site events have been unfolded.

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#2 Re: Seto Byashi on Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:46 pm

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