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#11 Re: [Tournament] Kaede vs Sakura on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:10 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Kaede spear was punched down, the combination of the power behind the blow, the edge of Sakura's lightning blade, and the location of where it struck the spear was enough to shatter the weapon's shaft making it disperse. Such is one of his greatest weaknesses, he was without a weapon once again. Sakura fluidly followed that punch with another this one aimed at Kaede's face. The red haired captain avoided the blow twisting out of the way, kicking backwards to get some distance. Sakura Shunpo'd again as soon as Kaede's feet touched the ground, Having a good feel for what was coming next the red-haired captain used Shunpo as well, though a slightly more advanced version known as Utsusemei, leaving behind an after image in the process, as he moved off to his left, turning to face the direction he felt Sakura's Reiatsu.

Sure enough she had moved to have been behind his afterimage, her lightning blade sinking into the non-existant flesh with ease as she fired off a pair of lightning balls and loosed a devastating Hado in rapid succession, all before the image had completely vanished. Noticing as soon as her Hado had started firing, Sakura used Shunpo coming at her captain head on, throwing punch after punch. So distracted by the oncoming barrage Kaede hadn't noticed that she had kicked up a small improved wall to each side of him, so as he went to step to one side and escape the barrage he stumbled.

Seeing that as an opening Sakura threw another punch, and Kaede being mid-fall did the only thing he could think of, raising his arm to block. The blade on the end of her gauntlet sliced through his forearm like butter sending a excruciating jolt, followed by numb-unresponsiveness in his arm. Catching his balance the red-haired captain rabbited away with the help of Shunpo. Once a fair distance away he summoned forth a guard-less chinese straight sword from his Armory, one that Sakura might even recognize. It so happened to be the Bankai of the Captain commander of the Gotei Thirteen, Rena Lisola's.

With the blade out he took advantage of one of its properties, wrapping his damage appendage in water that he had created, purified, then froze into a bandage that would work almost as well as cauterizing at least for the time being. Though while he was tending to his wound he was not completely idle using the Zanpakuto's ability to generate even more water he created a transparent wall of the stuff over Sakura's head which he would then let drop on her.

He was hoping that the water combined with all of the lightning around her would cause a short circuit of sorts shutting down her nervous system atleast temporarily. If that seemed to work Kaede would then use Gēto obu Babiron, creating ten spears that he would then launch at her immobile form. The weapons made by that ability tended to be gorgeous to look at, and after striking/piercing a target they had a habit of exploding for massive amounts of damage, and if all went well it would be enough to end this fight.

If his plan to short circuit her failed however, he would collect the water that fell, turning it into a serpent he would have it try to catch her unawares and coil around her while he himself was in a defensive stance, muscles tense and ready to dodge. And should the creature succeed in wrapping Sakura up it will then turn to ice hopefully keeping her trapped long enough for his Gēto obu Babiron to work its magic.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Water Creation
Description: she is capable of creating water from essentially nothing using the power of her Zanpaktou and her own spiritual pressure, empowering it with her reiatsu so that it can be used as a weapon..without actually changing the nature of the water itself. She can only create within 150 feet of herself.

Ability Name: Water conversion
Description: she is able to covert water to ice and vice versa and control it thus as if it were made by her..however if the water or ice is already in motion she needs time to do it. So she can't convert them if it is within 10 feet of her and moving. It'll hit her anyways.

Name: Gēto obu Babiron (Gate of Babylon)
Description: Kaede manifests up to Ten Weapons at one time with a rippling effect, making it seem that they are being thrust through crystal clear water. Kaede can then launch these weapons at Bala level speeds. Due to the rapidly structured nature of the weapons they are relatively unstable and shortly after impact (will last long enough to pierce through flesh) they will detonate doing rank 30 Hado level damage in a one foot radius around the weapon.
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#12 Re: [Tournament] Kaede vs Sakura on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:57 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

The utsusemi was to be expected, if she thought about it, but nothing was being through about right now. Sakura was fighting through a blind rage, pure instinct guiding her fists which lead her to ignoring certain cues. When Kaede pulled out another sword, she didn't notice who's it was; she didn't know what it would do that was different. She didn't even think about how many swords he could make, or anything to that effect; she only thought about winning him. As the water began to wrap around and purify Kaede's wound, Sakura readied herself for another onslaught of attacks.

As she crouched down to dash forward, she felt the water hit her from above; immediately her heart skipped a beat and she stopped breathing; her body tensed up and relaxed in a split second, but it threw her off everything she had done. She had to take a moment to gather herself, to remember what she was doing regardless of it being instinct or pre-planned. As she glanced over to her captain, Sakura saw the beautiful, ornate spears heading towards her. She put up her arms to defend and started to step back, but it was too late. The first spear pierced her in the stomache, having been aimed for her center of mass, and it lowered her guard enough for the rest of them to all hit.

She reached up to try and pull one out, so she could regenerate from it, but there was nothing she could do when all ten spears exploded simultaneously. Sakura felt her body shake and spasm in the explosions, and as all ten spears were gone she fell to her knees. Her vision began to blur as she bled over the shattered terrain, using the rest of her energy to look to Kaede and smile at him.

"You did good..." her voice was rough and hoarse, staggered through coughing up blood. "Nii...san..."
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