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#1 Gwynevere, Princess of the Quincy [Finished] on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:37 am




Name: Gwynevere Sunborne
Age: While she may look to be a woman into her mid to late thirties, Gwynevere is 2,074 years old.
Sex: Female
Personality: Despite her strict position of power, Gwynevere is a gentle soul towards her people and other humans. She tolerates Shinigami, much more than others of her race. Only Hollows and Arrancar hold no place in her mind for her patience. Like most Quincy, she despises the Hollows and Arrancar. She sees them as savage animals that are a blight on the spiritual realm, unworthy of getting the time of day.

Friends of Gwynevere will find that she is a very caring and motherly individual, always willing to share and give guidance. She'd even go as far as to nurse a sick ally back to health. Those who are her enemies will find themselves not welcome within Silbern, for she will make known her disapproval of certain individuals that earn her ire. Humans and even fellow Quincy are not exempt from earning her distrust.


Height: Gwynevere stands to be 6 feet and 4 inches tall, impressive for a woman.
Weight: She weighs an even 160 pounds.
Physical Traits:
She is a curvy woman, gifted with an excellent physique since puberty. The image above is how Gwynevere prefers to remain dressed, though if need be will wear common clothing on the rare few times she leaves Silbern.


General Fighting Style: Gwynevere, like a lot of Quincy, favors ranged fighting with her bow. She is a long ranged tactical fighter, able to make each shot of hers count towards turning and/or keeping a fight in her favor.
Strengths: Range, Spirit Energy, Speed, Stamina
Weaknesses: Strength, Durability, Endurance


Quincy Bow:
Dubbed the Dragonslayer Greatbow by her followers, Gwynevere’s bow is as imposing as her aura of authority. It is as long as she is tall, it's shape like that of a dragon's talon. It's rough and brutal form is drastically unlike the grace and natural beauty that Gwynevere herself represents. The arrows fired from this bow mimic the bow’s colossal size, almost the size of spears rather than arrows.

Quincy Powers: Along with her given racial abilities ( Reiryoku Absorption, Reiryoku Manipulation, Hirenkyaku,
Licht Regen, Ransōtengai, Silver Tube Abilities, Blut Vene), Gwynevere has a few powers available to her granted by her epithet.

Ability Name: Minor Healing
Description: As strong as a level 20 Bakudou, this ability heals Gwynevere or a chosen target of some minor wounds and is enough to stop the bleeding of major wounds. Does not restore severed limbs or damaged organs.

Ability Name: Magic Barrier
Description: This gives Gwynevere protection against abilities as strong as a level 40 Hadou and below for 2 posts, and has a 2 post cooldown upon ending. The barrier is visible as a thin white layer of Spiritual Particles, swirling around her at a high velocity.

Ability Name: Force of the Gods
Description: From her hand Gwynevere releases a completely unseen force that acts exactly like Hadou number 1, Sho. The force behind it is stronger than the level 1 Hadou for a greater possibility of setting the target off balance but is incapable of causing any damage.

Ability Name: Blessed Weapon
Description: Gwynevere coats a weapon in potent blue spiritual energy, increasing it’s possible damage output equal to that to a level 30 Hadou for 3 posts. This has a 1 post cooldown once the energy disperses and can only be maintained on one weapon at a time. This limit is increased to 2 weapons in Letzt Stil, 3 weapons in Vollstandig. The cooldown stacks with each weapon coated in energy.

Blut Vene:
Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a zanpakutou like item can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly is not absolute, and can be torn using sufficient power.

Quincy Items: Quincy Cross, 5 Seele Schneider, 5 Filled Silver Tubes


New Quincy Powers: She keeps her racial base abilities (gains Letzt Stil techniques).

Ability Name: God’s Lightning Spear
Description: Gwynevere focuses her spiritual energy into lightning in the form of a large spear. She then hurls the large spear, the projectile released with the speed of a Cero to hit its target with the strength equal to a level 65 Hadou. This has a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Caressing Prayer
Description: This ability uses Gwynevere’s spiritual energy to purge her body, and anyone within a 5 foot radius, of any poisons or toxins. This ability is equal to a level 50 Bakudou, and has a 1 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Heavenly Chaotic Thunder
Description: Gwynevere forms a sphere the size of a basketball and tosses it up into the air above her. It shoots off the lightning unpredictably at anything but Gwynevere, best used when allies aren’t around. It shoots off a total of 5 bolts, each as strong as a level 25 Hadou. It is spread across 5 posts, and has a 1 post cooldown once finished.

Ability Name: God’s Eye
Description: This ability forms a small orb that looks like a softball sized eye in Gwynevere’s hand. The eye looks to be made of stone with a dark red feline’s iris and no pupil. She throws the eye while focusing on a target’s Spirit Energy, and the eye moves to be one foot above the target if possible. Otherwise, it will be whatever distance is required to be above them. It lasts for 2 posts or until broken within 100 meters of Gwynevere, at which point it has a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Great Heal
Description: Like her earlier ability, this heals Gwynevere or a target. This ability is stronger, healing all minor wounds and sealing heavy wounds. This is as strong as a level 60 Bakudou, and has a 2 post cooldown. It is unable to regenerate limbs but can heal organs that have been damaged.

New Unique Powers:

Arrow Burst: Gwynevere fires off one of her normal, large and spear-like arrows at her target. Three quarters of the way before making contact the arrow would divide and split into twenty normal-sized Quincy arrows, which would all be aiming to make the target into a pincushion. Basically, a scatter-shot.

Boosts: 3x Boosts to Speed, Spiritual Pressure and Stamina


New Quincy Powers: She gains racial abilities limited to this release in place of the Letzt Stil release.

Ability Name: God’s Magic Barrier
Description: This ability acts much like her other barrier, covering her in a layer of white Spiritual Particles. This variant is stronger though, capable of reflecting attacks that are equal to a level 70 Hadou in strength. It lasts for 3 posts, and has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Bountiful Sunlight
Description: The ultimate stage of her healing, this ability heals her and anyone within a 10 foot radius that is an ally of any and all wounds, except severed limbs. This is as powerful as a level 80 Bakudou, and has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Divine Sword Dance
Description: She focuses red Spirit Energy in her hand then slams it down, causing red spirit blades to shoot up from the ground in an area around the target, attempting to cut into them. Each blade is as strong as a level 50 Hadou, creating 10 blades spaced out by half a second and having a 2 post cooldown when done.

Ability Name: God’s Sunlight Spear
Description: The pinnacle of her Lightning Spear, Gwynevere focuses the electrical energy even more and with a larger quantity. It acts just as the other ability, though is as powerful as a level 90 Hadou and has a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Wrath of the Gods
Description: This ability acts just like her Force ability, the energy force setting anyone nearby off balance. However this also is as destructive as a level 35 Hadou. Due to the nature of this ability, the concussive force would cause more damage to internal organs than the target’s flesh and bones. This has a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: God’s Lightning Stake
Description: This is a variant of Gwynevere’s Lightning Spear. Instead of throwing the spear she uses it for a single physical strike towards the target. It is as powerful as before, level 65 Hadou for damage with a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Divine Pillars of God’s Light
Description: She sends blue spiritual energy to 6 locations around her through the ground. The energy pools up to form circles that once formed blast up to create destructive pillars of energy. Each one can be fired separately or all at once, and each is as strong as a level 70 Hadou. This will consume most of her Spirit Energy, and can only be used once per thread.

New Unique Powers:

Splintered Shot: When using this ability Gwynevere cannot use Arrow Burst. She shoots a large arrow that, as it is shot, releases a large barrage of smaller arrows out to the side as it passed. The smaller arrows aren’t as powerful as the main large arrow but are numerous.

Boosts: 4x Boosts to Speed, Spiritual Energy, Spiritual Pressure & Stamina


Gwynevere, like any other human or natural-born soul, was birthed quite normally. Unlike most however, she was born into a very high status: daughter to Gwyn, the reigning King of the Quincy for that time. His epithet was C, “the Cinder”. As such as an infant she received care from only the best. Of course, like with anyone born to nobility she rarely seen her parents. Her mother had given birth to a younger brother nine months later, but for reasons she doesn't know to this day her mother was exiled, all memory and trace of her erased. Gwynevere knows she has a mother, everyone does, but she will never get the chance to know of her.

She was raised by the staff operating within Silbern, her favorite days being when one of the many chefs would look after her in the kitchens. Sometimes she'd whine until they gave her a sweet candy to suckle, and then go silent like nothing was wrong. She knows that it was around her second birthday that her older brother was cast out the same as her mother. So around the age of three she was quite close with her little brother Gwyndolin. Her remaining family other than their father, she was afraid of him being cast out too.

It was around the age of five that Gwynevere started her training on the Quincy techniques. Every day, starting at 6 A.M. sharp she was woken up to practice materializing her bow. Once that was achieved after five months, they started to teach her proper reishi manipulation. This took a little less time, since such a technique was required innately to materialize a bow. Only through her training did she ever see her father’s approval. When she performed correctly is when she'd see him smile genuinely with pride. She didn't like training, but if it kept him happy she would do her best.

And so she did, learning and practicing every day each new technique taught to her. Of course when she wasn't training, she would head to the kitchens and snack on something sweet. The chefs of the kitchens were always kind towards her, and made sure there was always something sweet available.

For eleven years this was her life, training and kindly conversing with the castle staff. On occasion she would meet one of the legendary Sternritter, but it was never for long and every time thought she wasn't in the presence of a Quincy, but instead like she was meeting some blood-thirsty fighter. Many times she wondered why such people were given such a noble position: shouldn't it be people who were just and good that get positions such as that? These people seemed... too hungry for battle. For bloodshed.

Teenage Years
Upon turning sixteen, Gwynevere was to undertake her ritual to obtain her epithet. She was brought before her father, Lord Gwyn, for it to be unlocked by him. She doesn't remember ever seeing him so happy, it was the day he was unlocking his daughter's true fighting potential. She knelt down before her king, as was instructed by her mentors. Her father stood up from his throne and walked down towards her, just close enough to reach out. He places his heavy, slightly wrinkled palm on her head for a few moments before commanding her to rise. As she did, he pronounced her epithet: M, “the Miraculous”.

She gives him a dutiful bow, and leaves to tell her little brother the great news. He was probably in his room, studying their history just as she did. It was her little brother, so she did not think to knock. She opens the door to walk in when some of the Sternritter burst out, running and scattering. “What could they be...” And then she noticed. Gwyndolin was on the ground, his clothes torn and he was clearly defiled, but the worst was the Quincy arrow sticking out of his chest. She lifts her brother up and rushes to get him treatment, even using one of her epithet abilities to try and keep him alive long enough.

She doesn't remember how long it took, but she would go down every night to sing her brother to sleep. Sometimes she would be just about to leave to get some rest herself when he'd wake up screaming, trying to tear his own skin off. Those were nights that wouldn't see her with much rest, and as such it took a toll on her training.

This displeased her father, of course. He had threatened on multiple occasions to cast out Gwyndolin just like he did her mother and older brother, but was resisted by her retort of leaving with him should he try it.

Because of her slowed progress in training, it isn't until she is 22 that she begins training for Letzt Stil. This lasts for a couple months, being training that takes time as much as effort. Once the training is complete, she undergoes the process of removing the glove. This of course makes her unable to use her powers, so her mentors start right away with the process of restoring her powers, and granting her access to using Letzt Stil without the glove’s aid.

This goes smoothly, and in time to head to the throne room and watch as her little brother receive his epithet. He does the same as she did all that time ago, though she was younger when it happened. And their father, he did not seem as proud of his son. It took him so much longer than his daughter to be ready. His epithet given was D, “the Darkmoon”. She was so proud of her little brother, and that night celebrated with him down at the kitchens by eating a small cake made just for him, a favor asked of them by Gwynevere.

It is unclear when they went to war with the Shinigami and for what reason, but all she knows is that Gwyn was the one who started it. It was something he and his Sternritter had been planning for years. Resources gathered, intel shared and collected on their target, and they felt ready. Even she and Gwyndolin were expected to fight, the king thinking that every Quincy would be needed to ensure victory.

And so they marched alongside their father to an unknown fate.

When they entered the Seireitei, the siblings were shocked by the carnage. Quincies and Shinigami were both forming piled of dead bodies, neither side letting up. The Shinigami had higher numbers, however, and a greater amount of soldiers with many more years experience fighting. The Quincies were losing.

“Fight to the last, for your king!” called Gwyn, as the king himself had yet to join the fighting. Anyone who had tried fleeing to the portal back to Silbern he cut down with his flaming sword.

It was when the Shinigami Captain Commander took to fighting that Gwyn took part. And when Gwynevere took her shot at his back. -This part will be edited as site history is decided.-

With her father dead she called a retreat, many rushing back to Silbern. All of the Sternritter lay dead, and even her younger brother was slain. She broke down upon crossing back to Silbern and closing the portal behind her, having lost what was left of her blood family to a war they had no right starting. The Shinigami would no doubt keep this grudge for hundreds of years. And with no leader, many of the Quincy survivors scatter into the World of the Living. She remained in Silbern, with the castle staff. Thy stayed for her, and treated her as their new ruler. She never felt much like a queen, but that would come with time.

Once things seemed settled, she had her mentors begin her training for Vollstandig. If she was to take up her father's mantle as the ruler of the Quincy people, she'd need the power to back her authority. It took much longer that her Letzt Stil training, taking up a good 10 years to complete. She was in her mid thirties now, and at this point that her body would nearly stop aging. She had achieved her Vollstandig, and ready to take up the throne that was empty for much too long. Of course, when enough of the Quincy returned. Until then, she'd maintain and watch over their mighty home of Silbern, home to all Quincy that would seek to take back to their rightful home.

Side Notes: Gwynevere is able to use her manipulation over Spiritual Particles to create an illusion of herself while laying upon her couch in Silbern to appear gigantic. It does not affect her physically in any way, as the illusion is not a part of her. It is all visual.

RP Sample:

It was starting to get late in Silbern. There was no sun or moon in their little pocket dimension to tell time by, but they did have clocks set up all throughout. They all read the same, 6:45 in the evening. Gwynevere at this time was still set upon the cushions of her room, her illusion covering up where she lay upon the massive couch that doubled as a bed well above king sized. They had removed the throne room, seeing as she currently had no right to call herself the Queen of the Quincies. Yet.

She was the strongest to remain from the war that they barely survived, not even their king made it out. She might have had something to do with that... but it wasn't something she'd discuss with just anyone. Since she was the strongest remaining, she would make herself a beacon for all those Quincy out there that are lost and seek to rejoin their own. So far, the numbers of the Quincy are so few that it was a miracle some outside force didn't take advantage. A giggle rang through both her normal body, and the gargantuan illusion. For the size it was, the simple act of giggling was still surprisingly graceful. ‘A miracle... if only it was one I could ensure remained and controlled.’ was her thought on that matter.

Still, she had spent all day relaxing and lounging on that couch. Well minus her usual bathing, eating and trips to the restroom. She stands and walks over to the edge through the illusion, looking down to the floor fifteen feet below. Gathering Spiritual Particles to under her feet, she'd walk forward and glide down gracefully, as expected of someone so royal. The illusion behind her deactivates, breaking down into golden Spiritual Particles before dispersing into the air where they originally came from.

“Maybe if I take a walk I can find someone to talk to, since nobody has come to me today.” She says with a soft hum, and with that she walks out of her room and down the halls of Silbern, a sway to her hips and a motherly smile on her face.

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#2 Re: Gwynevere, Princess of the Quincy [Finished] on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:49 am

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#5 Re: Gwynevere, Princess of the Quincy [Finished] on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:19 am

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Noz what crack did you smoke when approving a Hadou 70 blocker for 3 posts with a 3 post CD.


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