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#1 Kiahni Hoekstra (Complete) on Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:51 am


Name: Kiahni Hoekstra
Alias: N/A

Real Age: 8
Phys. Age: 8

Gender: Female

Personality: Kiahni is a Cheerful and Bubbly girl, always smiling. She is timid towards crowds, but is quite lovely when you get to know her. When getting to know someone she can be very shy at first, trying to hide behind objects or people. However when she does get to know someone she is very trusting and kind. She is often quiet and doesn't speak much, Which makes her invisible to others. Kiahni see's the world so much differently to others, to her the world in every aspect is beautiful. Perhaps the most interesting part about Kiahni is that she never complains, she can see joy in the simplest of things, and she almost never frowns. She can be happy with almost nothing at all.

Just like her personality and age would imply, Kiahni is nothing of a fighter. She is a simple weak little girl who relies on her doll for protection, seeing her doll as a father figure. She has only ever known her doll as a father, and family. Which can be seen from her very close bond to her Doll. Kiahni's Doll cannot speak, and instead growns. However it is easy to see just how much her doll loves her, without words. Often allowing her to lead him, and playing with her. Kiahni's Doll within a heartbeat would risk everything just to see her safe. Her Doll's true name is unknown, yet he still responds to the name she gave him, "Mr. Bubbles", proving more how strong their bond is.

Kiahni tends to explore a lot, although usually never does such without "Mr. Bubbles". They can always be seen holding hands as the giant leads her. Kiahni is always passive and "Mr. Bubbles" usually is as well, until he feels Kiahni is threatened, in which case he can become highly enraged.  


Height: 1.1m
Weight: 20.8 kg

Physical Traits: Kiahni has a very slim average body type, which is noticeable regardless of what she wears. This gives her a fragile appearance, which by no means makes her appear intimidating. Kiahni has no scars or marks Etc on her skin, she is completely perfect in that regard. Her skin is perfectly smooth and has a light tan to it, it could be described as angelic.

Kiahni's body is perfectly portioned, from the top of head to the soles of her feet. Her eyes are a beautiful golden yellow, which usually always reflect the happiness inside her. Kiahni has straight mid-length hair that is dark brown and reaches a bit down from her shoulder line. Her hair is usually tied back.

Kiahni's reiatsu is golden yellow in colour and almost appears as if it emanates off her like a golden light. When she releases a sufficient amount of reiatsu it almost appears as if the air around her cracks, and the seeping golden light emanating from her becomes brighter. This being very unique to Kiahni.

In terms of clothing, kiahni usually wears a blue bow tie and a dark blue dress, which reaches just above knee length. Kiahni doesn't wear shoes and is usually barefoot when walking around.     



General Fighting Style: Kiahni herself has no real battle capabilities. She's only a fucking 8 year old. Her job in this, is to try and stay away from combat completely. (If you hurt her, I will automatically class you as scum). It also isn't uncommon for her to jump on her Protectors back while in combat.

Her Doll on the other hand is a different story, this brute of a monster is as Durable as he is strong. Using a variety of charges and his devastating mining drill to tear apart opponents. Using his drill as much of a weapon as his body. His abilities allow him to devastate the battlefield, with a variety of offensive capabilities.  

[Kiahni's stats are average. However the below strengths and weaknesses apply to her Doll Mr. Bubbles.]


Kiahni Strengths: Reiryoku/Reiatsu.

Mr. Bubbles Strengths: Stamina, Endurance, Durability, Strength. 


Kiahni Weaknesses: She's a little girl; doesn't really have many strengths.

Mr. Bubbles Weaknesses: Speed, Zanjutsu.


Doll Name: Protector/Steel Daddy/Big Daddy/Mr. Bubbles

Sealed Doll Appearance:

Sealed State Abilities:

[Passive] High-Speed Regenration: - Kiahni has an extremely/rapidly fast regeneration factor. She can heal any and all wounds sustained to her, whether it be external or internal damage, she can regrow limbs and organs. She can even Regenerate cells and DNA. (This does not include the Brain or Heart). (Takes 3 posts to regrow limbs)

Where's Mr. Bubbles?: - Whenever feeling threatened, Kiahni is able to put up a yellow bubble barrier around herself which lasts two posts and can block all damage not exceeding that of a Gran Rey Cero. Requires a 3 post cooldown.

[Passive] Pair Bond: Depending on what emotion Kiahni is feeling, at any point, "Mr. Bubbles" get's granted a boost appropriate to the emotion.

ANGER - "Mr. Bubbles" gains a 50% increase in Power

FEAR - "Mr. Bubbles" gains a 50% increase in Speed. (While this passive is in place, speed no longer becomes a weakness.)

SORROW - "Mr. Bubbles" gains a regenerative factor, being able to heal from deep cuts and stabs.


Doll Appearance: "Mr. Bubbles" is a 7'1" monster encased with in an armoured Diving Suit.

Doll Abilities:

Seismic Manipulation - "Mr. Bubbles" can Manipulate vibrations. He can create powerful shockwaves by shattering the air like glass. These shockwaves can then be redirected into the ground, resulting in earthquakes and with in water environments create small tsunamis. He can use these shockwaves to attack enemies, with either widespread or specific targets. (The range at which these shockwaves can travel is up to 30 metres, and can cause up to Cero damage.)

[Passive] Force Generation Armour - "Mr. Bubbles" creates a field of vibration around his body, which acts like an advanced Hierro and reducing all damage by 40%

Concussive Explosion - By surrounding his entire arm with in a highly powerful Vibration Field, and smashing it in the ground/air. "Mr. Bubbles" can create a devastating explosive wave reaching out in a 30 metre radius. It not only deals Gran Rey Cero damage but also knocks people on their ass. (Cooldown 3 posts.)

[Passive] Weaponized Vibration - Having a natural affinity with powerful vibrations, "Mr. Bubbles" physically empowers himself using them. Whenever he makes a movement he creates a strong condensed quake/pulse. Essentially when hitting someone/something via a motion, punch, kick, ETC, "Mr Bubbles" causes massive damage and other harmful effects against both beings and constructs. The damage dealt to someone when being hit by "Mr. Bubbles" is half a Cero of vibrational force. The damage dealt to Buildings/Landscape however is much more destructive, dealing Gran Rey Cero Damage.

Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break - "Mr. Bubbles" can surround his drill with a highly condensed field of vibration and spin his drill "clockwise" or "anti-clockwise". Spinning his drill 'anti-clockwise" will release the condensed vibrations into a focused earthquake beam, dealing Cero damage with a high piercing value (Also dealing heat damage up to first degree burns). Spinning the drill "clockwise" will create a propulsive force, launching "Mr. Bubbles" in the direction his drill is facing, having a high piercing value when hitting someone/something. (Can be used twice per post)

Boosts: x3 Stamina, x3 Endurance, x3 Durability, x3 Strength.

DOLL 100%

Doll 100% Appearance:

Doll 100% Abilities:



Background: She's a little girl with amnesia. She has no recollection of her life what so ever. The only one she has ever known is "Mr. Bubbles".  

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#2 Re: Kiahni Hoekstra (Complete) on Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:06 am


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#3 Re: Kiahni Hoekstra (Complete) on Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:25 am

tier 1-3.

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