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2nd Division
2nd Division
The crowd roared as four rings of light appeared in the dirt of the arena. The light in the first ring faded to reveal a petite black haired girl with brown eyes, dressed in a white long jacket and pants. While she wasn't quite what one would expect to be fighting in a death battle arena she was quite deadly in her own right. Yukari's scanned around the arena taking in the battle grounds. She was thoroughly unimpressed with the arena, she wasn't much for direct confrontation preferring to manipulate people to do her dirty work for her, and from the looks of the ring that was not going to be possible. So direct fights, yay.

The ring of light closest to Yukari faded revealing an arrancar that she recognized from one of the meetings. His distinctive curly blonde hair and purple tattoo's made him easy to recognize. Well at least, it isn't a quincy or a shinigami. Then a loud booming voice called out. "In this corner, we have an Arrancar duo straight from Hueco Mundo. Yukari Hirai and Kawa Kensai. And in the other corner we have an Unlikely Duo"
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