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on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:34 am


"... If I'm going to be taken to somewhere I don't know about then a little warning would be nice. I had a lot planned today." Looking around, Seralin takes a mental note down that she was in some sort of arena. It was not just her, either. Three others were there as well, one person on her side while the other two were on the far side. She assumes it's the east side, since the sun was rising from that direction. Her dark brown orbs settle onto the person nearby. "So you're here too, at least I'm not alone in this. I can trust you to have my back, yes?" While waiting for an answer, the female Shinigami removes herself from her false body. Walking forward a bit, she brings herself close towards the center of the arena. Once there, she gives a polite bow towards who she assumes are the ones she needs to partake in a battle against. "Let's see who's better, hm?"

She jumps up into the air, forming a reishi platform under her feet to keep herself suspended up above them. She draws her Zanpakutou and readies herself: This was going to be a tough battle, and hard-won should her and her partner turn out the victors.

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