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#1 Kairi Alexstrasza on Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:42 pm


NAME: Kairi Alexstrasza
AGE: 22 (393)
PERSONALITY: Basically, she tries to be nice and friendly, but often comes across as distant to the people she actually cares about as she focuses on meeting new people rather than forming lasting relationships. In combat she has fun more than tries to end things quickly, and keeps her distance due to Kidou. She also has an intense desire to pursue new knowledge and techniques.
APPEARANCE: Kairi is a rather short individual. Even though she LOOKS like she's 22, she's still 4'11". Seriously.
Aside from that, her hair is short, and similar in color to red velvet. It doesn't look like much of anything really, but some people think it's cool, so hey. Her eyes, however are a super intense blue that for some reason, people ignore. Come on, blue eyes are cute ;w;
Her build is kinda lean, and doesn't have much to it, but she's strong enough to do most of the necessary things, like bash people in the face. On her left hand, is a fingerless glove with squiggles drawn on it. It might not look like much but is kewl. Don't stare at her bewbs, kay?

GENERAL FIGHTING STYLE: Kairi tends to stay at range and utilize her Kidou more than anything else, but is also quite proficient at Zanjutsu, utilizing it in closer quarters. Her combat style is very aerial, with lots of twirls and flips involved, prioritizing cuteness and fun over actual efficiency... unless efficiency is more important at the time.

STRENGTHS: Kidou > Speed > Stamina > Reiryoku - [Kairi specializes in Kidou, and does not need to use the incantation for any non-Forbidden Kidou that she knows; Kidou below level 60 have no loss in power, while Kidou 60-89 have only a small loss. She also specializes in her speed and stamina, with her spiritual pool being her final specialization.]
WEAKNESSES: Strength > Endurance > Hakuda

Personal Ability #1
-Gloves Manipulate Kidou
Kairi can channel Reiatsu into her gloves, augmenting her Kidou in various ways depending on which color her gloves become.
Red: The next Kidou cast by Kairi is cast a second time simultaneously, doubling it's effectiveness. Kairi can direct this second Kidou separately from the first, if she wishes. 3 post cooldown.
Purple: For the next 5 posts, Kidou cast by Kairi only drain half as much energy from her, allowing them to be cast again twice as quickly. (Cooldown is halved, rounded down for non-forbidden Kidou, and rounded up for forbidden Kidou.) 5 post cooldown.
Blue: The next Kidou cast by Kairi has its strength augmented by 1.5x - 3 post cooldown.
Green: For the next 3 posts, Kidou below level 96 cast by Kairi drain no energy from her, but this does nothing to affect their cooldowns. 5 post cooldown.
Yellow: For the next 3 posts, Kairi can cast any level Kidou with no incantation at full strength. 5 post cooldown.
Orange: The next Kidou cast by Kairi has its effective speed multiplied by 2.5x. 3 post cooldown.

Personal Ability #2
-Kidou Mimicry
Kairi can mimic and permanently learn any Kidou she's ever seen performed; however, she can only hold on to 10 of them at a time, and must drop one to learn another.


A simple Tanto with no distunguishing features. Kairi keeps it on her back at the waist, horizontally, with the handle on the left side due to her being left-handed primarily.

Due to Kairi's total mastery of her Zanpakutou, she does not need to speak any incantation, nor even the name of her Zanpakutou, to release into Shikai, Bankai, or Toukai state.


In her Shikai state, Kairi's Zanpakutou becomes a long sword similar to a straight Katana in length and width, with a curved handle that allows for better control. The blade is illuminated, glowing similar to a flashlight, and changes color with her active glove effect.

Blade matches color of gloves. Same effects.

Kairi brings her shikai down into the earth, sending a massive pulsewave of energy through the earth to her target. Damage is applied based on where the target is, how much debris makes contact, and energy dispersion. At impact, this is roughly equal to 2.5 ceros going off at once. This technique has a 3 post cooldown.

BOOSTS - 2x Spiritual Power


- Dual Shikais.
Kairi's Shikai splits into two, being usable in either hand, and the color that is displayed on either blade can be either the same or different. Kairi cannot duplicate the same glove's effect at a time, even if both blades are the same color, but may use two different effects simultaneously.

- Physical Appearance.
While in Bankai, Kairi's outfit changes to include some light armor as well as more fluff and frills, making her 10x cuter.

Kairi brings both halves of her bankai down to the Earth, spreading two pulsewaves of energy out. These waves arc outward, then cross at the point her target is located. Damage calculation is the same as before. At impact, this is roughly equal to 2 Gran Rey Ceros at once. This technique has a 5 post cooldown.

BOOSTS - 3x Spiritual Power, 2x Speed


While her swords remain the same, Kairi herself undergoes a few changes in Toukai. Her clothes become completely white and black, showing the danger of Hadou with the protection of Bakudou, as well as her total mastery of both. Look at the picture for other changes.

Upon activation of Toukai, Kairi's Spiritual Pressure and Spiritual Power are mulitplied by 6x until Toukai is over.

While in Toukai, Kairi can use any kidou of any number without their incantation at full power; additionally, non-forbidden Kidou have no cooldown, while Forbidden Kidou have their cooldown reduced by 1 post.

BOOSTS - 4x Spiritual Power, 3x Speed


Raised in a quiet and calm district of the Rukongai, Kairi was a very well educated young girl. She was introduced to a wealth of knowledge as she grew, and her family ensured her horizon of knowledge had room to grow. Many nights were often spent in her parent's study, reading through books of all kinds, from Biology, Reishi Particle Theory, Parachemistry, Cross-Dimensional Physics, Reiryoku Typing, Reiatsu Control, and many many more topics that would have groomed fit into her love of Kidou. Something about the usage of spiritual energy to manifest it in so many varying uses intrigued her to no end, and as a result, she began to practice it on her own, without her parents' supervision, and without the guidance of the Shinigami Academy.

At this point, she did not have a Zanpakuto, much less an Asauchi, but as some may know, that is not required to use this ancient art practiced by the Shinigami. She caught on to the techniques fairly quickly, even to the point of memorizing incantations and motions by heart. This gave her a lot of power and strength that she would have for years to come. As her parents discovered her talents, she was urged to join the Shinigami Academy by way of application. While she and her family were all very intelligent and bookread, she was the first in her bloodline to take her gifts to the Academy, and as such, she was tested for her worth.

Her first and only necessary attempt to appeal to the Elders was to cast Hadou 88 with a shortened version of the existing incantation, and the Elders saw that as overdeveloped potential, but taught her moderation, and through a very condensed session in the Academy, as a result of her being a prodigy, was gifted an Asauchi early on, taught Hakuda and Zanjutsu basics, neither of which were her forte, and as she continued to learn, she also grew to learn about the existence of the Forbidden Kidou (90, 91, 96, and 99). One late night, out of curiosity, and to test her fullest power, went out quietly into the forest area of the training facility. From there, she uttered the incantation for Hadou 99. From her hands came a massive amount of energy that lumped into a terrfyingly powerful dragon, entirely composed of fire-element Reiatsu.

Her assigned Elder sensed it beginning on the start of the incantation, and while he chided her for using a Forbidden Kidou, especially noting how much it had drained young Kairi, was also exceedingly impressed for such a young trainee to have gathered the knowledge necessary to cast such a Kidou, as well as producing it on the first try, without fail. Quickly, and by which, the next morning, Kairi was taken in to be taught the full secrets of the Zanpakuto. She was informed of its full nature, Sealed, Shikai, and Bankai, and taught what each release was meant to be. In addition to this, her Zan-Soul would be an important part of this process, and harmony with the Zan-Soul was necessary to bring her power out to the fullest. As her Shikai was unlocked, her graduation from the Shinigami Academy was nearing its arrival, and much younger than most, her family ought to have been proud, though rumors that this particularly prodigious girl was also capable of flinging forbidden kidou around like they were nothing quickly spread around as though it weren't bad enough already.

A few years passed without much trouble, and the Kidou Corps accepted her without hesitation. She was among the first to be accepted into the Kidou Corps right after the Academy, and for good reason. She could already perform every Kidou on record, including forbidden Kidou. This would help her move even further and be able to use even the highest level Kidou without the necessary incantations. She needed to understand that while they would be notably less powerful that it was possible, and for young Kairi, only about 310 at this time, possible was all that was needed. Her mantra of power soon became "All I need is possible, and I can make it so." As her Zanpakuto awakened to her, it became clear that she was meant, perhaps by fate to be in the Kidou Corps. Her Zanpakuto's abilities were of a heavily kidou-like nature, and because of this, gave her a suitable energy pool to use them with. As she was given access to the Kidou Corps personal library, she learned of a technique that few ever used.

Asking her master about this, the current Captain of the Corps, he at first, shot down the idea of her using such a technique, but within weeks, seeing her desire for knowledge and her advanced mastery of Kidou, he took her aside to allow her the knowledge which even he couldn't use. The master gave her a set of fingerless gloves, and showed her that if she learned the runes for it, she could draw on the glove and make it do different things when imparted with a little spiritual energy. With that, young Kairi was now on the road to becoming an advanced Kidou master. She began experimenting with different runes until she reached a particular combination. This combination involved a rune that glowed a particular color, depending on where the energy was placed, Red for her thumb, Blue for her index finger, Orange for her middle finger, Green for her ring finger, Yellow for her pinky finger, and finally, purple if it was located in her palm. On each location, she had a different rune placed for a different effect based on color, or in other words. the energy's location brought a different effect out. When her Zanpakuto came out after this gloved experiment, she had found the same effects inscribed on her glove worked for her Shikai and Bankai as well, allowing for a vast array of possible options in combat.

Within a year of joining the Kidou Corps, Kairi had become the Captain; since they were not officially a part of the Gotei 13, she didn't have to pass the same tests a normal Captain would, and was simply appointed their new leader by the Previous Captain. She is still one of the most well-revered and respected students of the Academy to ever pass through their halls, and one of the most well-known for aspiring members of the Kidou Corps.

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#2 Re: Kairi Alexstrasza on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:26 pm

    Bakudo #29 - [太陽フレア]Taiyō Furea
    Effect: Creates a small burst of light approximately centered one foot above the caster's head. Anything looking directly at the caster is blinded for 2 posts.

    Bakudo #48 - [ベアトラップ]Beatorappu
    Effect: Places a visible seal on any surface the caster is touching. Any creature, including the caster, that touches that seal is then bound to it with spikes, identical to a spiritual beartrap.

    Bakudo #66 - [モメンタム封鎖]Momentamu Fūsa
    Effect: With a small flash of light, a wall (5ft long, 5ft wide, 6 in deep) appears anywhere within 10ft of the caster. This wall cannot be moved once created, lasts for 3 posts, and cancels out all momentum of any attack below Hado70 in Strength when they pass through it. This Bakudo is intended as a weaker, slightly more practical version of Dankuu.

    Bakudo #89 - [重力場]Jūryokujō
    Effect: Upon being cast, this Bakudo creates a field 10ft in diameter anywhere within 50ft of the caster's current position; the field lasts for up to 3 posts, and increases Gravity within it by 200%.

    Bakudo #93 - [無効化フィールド]Mukō-ka Fīrudo
    Effect: Creates a field 20ft in diameter centered on the caster's location that prevents all kidou, reiatsu manipulation or reishi manipulation for 3 posts. Field cannot be moved once cast, and the field fades if the caster leaves it. However, the caster themselves are immune to the field's effects.

    Bakudo #97 - [モバイルアリーナ]Mobairuarīna
    Effect: Creates a dome, 50ft in radius and up to 200ft tall, centered on the caster's location. This dome is unbreakable through any means, and nothing can pass through the walls in any direction, including the caster themselves. This Bakudo remains until the caster either chooses to take it down, or is otherwise unable to continue fighting (whether the caster is fatigued, unconscious, or dead.)

    Bakudo #?? [33/66/99] - [無効化]Mukō-ka
    Effect: Creates a small disc in the user's hand that absorbs any energy-based attack of equal or lower strength than this Bakudo's number, for up to 2 posts. This Bakudo has alternative effects based on the energy poured into the Kidou: At rank 30, the attacks absorbed by this Bakudo are fired back at double strength; at 60, the attacks are simply fired back; at 90, the energy absorbed from the incoming attack is instead absorbed straight into the caster, refueling them.

    Hadou #?? - [残像]Zanzou
    Effect: Creates a clone of the caster which lasts for up to 12 hours. After 12 hours, or if the clone is destroyed (requires equivalent of a Gran Rey Cero), the clone will detonate with the force of a Gran Rey Cero, covering an area 20ft wide. The caster can choose at any time to dismiss the clone, or cancel the detonation if the timer is up.

    Hadou #?? [10/30/50/80] - [荒波]Aranami
    Effect: Caster charges a small blue orb in the palm of their hand for up to three posts. At any time during charging, or after it, the caster my fire off a large wave of energy; if this Hadou is not charged or is fired within the first post, it is equivalent in power to Hado#10; after one post of charging, it is equivalent to Hado#30; after two posts of charging, it is equivalent to Hado#50; after three posts, it is fired off at Hadou#80. Caster may move and attack while charging, but one hand must be kept free to charge this Hadou.

    Reijiidou #3 - [テキスト音声変換]Tekisuto onsei Henkan
    Effect: Caster places their hand on a book, scroll, or other form of literature; that literature is then read out loud in the caster's voice at speaking volume.

    Reijiidou #6 - [音声をテキストに変換]Onsei o Tekisuto ni Henkan
    Effect: Caster places their hand on a piece of paper; they can then speak words out loud, and they will appear on the paper as though hand-written by the caster.

    Reijiidou #9 - [無生物アニメーション]Museibutsu Animēshon
    Effect: Caster chooses a single inanimate object (broom, dustpan, mop, etc); that object is then animated to the caster's will. This cannot be used in combat.

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#3 Re: Kairi Alexstrasza on Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:35 pm

Approved. 1-2

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