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Ika Mazi

Ika found himself in familiar territory yet again, as this freaking arena seemed to dislike him immensely.. This was now his SECOND Trip into this place and he didn't care for it much the first time he'd been here. Nonetheless he relaxed, looking at the crowd around them he would do the Hulk Hogan ear gimmick to everyone in the crowd, before flexing towards them. Then Reno showed up, but it said they were on the same team through the intercom.. Then their opponents came, a Noziel Aran and a Jun Shibutani.. Both Captains, and Ika frankly didn't care about them at this point. They had nothing on a team with Reno, and Ika. The idea of it was ridiculous... "Well, let's get this over with eh Reno?.."

Ika simply had to hope and pray Reno had the same sense of survival that he did, which had driven him to survive up to this point.. He also had to hope that they could survive the two in front of them but.. eh.. It wasn't really looking like they'd gotten the best matchup in the world for round one if he was to be honest about it.. "Well let's make this quick eh?.." Ika drew his Zanpakuto.. "I've got things to do today like... uhm... well.. Nothing.. to be honest.."


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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Jin Shibutani

9th Division
9th Division
At the foot of the arena, Captain Shibutani sat on a metal fold-out chair, casually watching as one of his opponents had made a flashy entrance more indicative of a face than a heel. Though it was clear by just looking at him; Ika was not a good guy; he was not a bad guy; and he was not a guy. Captain Shibutani could tell he had shinigami powers, and probably was much more powerful than one might guess from a first impression. Still, his face was full disdain, as if to communicate "yeah, whatever", legs crossed up to the moment before his opponent finally made it there when Shibutani finally stood up.

He was dressed formally, in his captain's haori and robes, but quickly tossed them aside along with the sheathe of his zanpakuto away from the center of the arena. "Stalk." he declared with a commanding voice. Hagane Orochi, Shibutani's zanpakuto, was already in shikai. He casually walked across the arena parallel to the entryway, a trail of metal following about ten feet long.
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