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#1 [Private] The Watcher In The Night (Noziel) on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:34 pm

Tokyo, Japan; 3:47 PM. The sky above the harbour capitol was a portrait of grey and opaque, small cracks in the clouds revealing what little faint rays of sunlight there were to be had. Small, light tears fell over the city, cascading the earth and manmade structures in a paper thin layer of water; there was just enough dampness and humidity in the air to possibly make one's stubborn hair frizz. A group of Japanese girls squealed as this was the case, and shuffled quickly from the sidewalk into a nearby mall to gather their bearings and re-apply the caked on white makeup. Asians always had a weird obsession when it came towards makeup and such that he really couldn't understand.

A large black hole cracked open just below the layer of clouds high above the mall. For a garganta, it was rather big, as the user himself was a high ranking member of the Espada. Stepping out from the darkness was a large, lean built male, towering a towering height of exactly six feet five inches. A male of elegance but also mixed with an intimidating and daunting presence. He's stoic and regal demeanour alone inspired awe and respect from friends and foes... As his light blue eyes scanned the area surrounding him, he wondered if there was anyone currently in the area that could entertain him since he was bored as shit. Using Sonido to get down to the ground he would start roam the place in hopes of finding an interesting individual. In order to do such he would release a bit of his spiritual pressure outwards from his body to make it easier for someone to find him. Assuming he did not find whoever that was first.

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When I was sent on normal sentry duty for the world of the living, I wasn't expecting to be sent to Tokyo, Japan. I was also given a small folder detailing a case of a human that went missing here. Luca Levesque. 24, French Origin, classified as Advent Human. I wasn't sure if I'd find him, but if I couldn't, there'd be no helping it. That aside, I'd always wondered what Japan had looked like. I remembered hearing stories about it from other Captains and Lieutenants that had been sent out on missions here. Quite frankly, I was hoping that some of the stories were a joke but...

There were some weird things here. For one, posters of animations littered the windows of some places, and I got the feeling that if people could see me, they'd be all over me... Yeah that would be weird. There was only one person I'd allow to be that close to me, and she was waiting for me at the Seireitei I would have hoped. It was raining, the water affecting me of course, but hardly anyone would notice the displaced drops.

At my side laid in its holster, my always faithful companion, Fusoku. Judging by the name it held, it too was of Japanese Origin. Which might insinuate that my family in the Rukongai was once from this place. I wouldn't know due to the fact that I was born in the Rukongai, not here in the world of the living. The silver rapier with blue jewels in its hilt had been a long sitting companion of mine, and I would fight with her until the end.

And at this point during the rain which poured as though it would never end, I sensed something. Looking up, I could tell immediately where it was coming from. An Espada's Garganta, though not as bold as Graven's. Someone beneath him, of course. A tall Arrancar would come through the opening, taller and leaner than most I'd seen before. He had white hair and startling blue eyes. And without hesitating, he'd used Sonido to get close to the ground. I figured if he was going to flaunt his spiritual pressure, I'd show him who he was dealing with. "Byakurai." I leveled my finger towards him, firing a wire-thin blue line of my reiatsu aimed directly at his chest. I highly doubted he would take a lethal hit, but then again, I'm not one to judge the intelligence of anything that isn't right in front of me.

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Thor kept on walking forwards. His hands inside his pockets, his head held down, he walked. He did not manage to walk a long distance as he sensed something. Instinctually he looked forward as he saw a man a few feet or so, in front of him. What was strange about this was the fact that the man was pointing his finger at Thor. By the looks of it, he was aiming it at his chest. In a split second, a bolt of lighting was released through his finger as it came at him. Raising an eyebrow, he would Sonido to the man's left creating some distance between them. Looking at the man, Thor would narrow his eyes as he observed the man. Long stark white hair, sparking blue eyes, and somewhat a good sense of fashion. But honestly none of any of them was any kind of importance towards him since what was truly important was the fact that the stranger being a soul reaper.

"Well, I did not expect such a response from someone like you." Thor said as a small smile formed across his face. "A cool, calm and level headed man like yourself resorting to attack a stranger without a reason seems to be bit odd, don't you think?" He paused, only to continue again, "I'm sure you're going to say that the reason you attacked me was due to the fact that I flexed my spiritual pressure, are you not? But considering that I released only a very small amount, I begin to think that you just wanted my attention. Considering the fact that you like to draw attention to yourself, I'm not surprised." Just by observing a person's mannerisms, dress choices, body language, motion and facial expressions, Thor can very quickly determine what kind of person he is dealing with. Everything about that person would be instantly mapped inside his mind. Sighing softly, he gazed at the man as he spoke again, "what is your name, Shinigami?" He asked as he awaited for a response.

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At the very least, the Arrancar looked smart enough, seeing as he used Sonido (which is still obnoxiously loud, by the way), to dodge the Hadou #4, and appear further to my left. He made a point that he wasn't expecting that attack from someone like me, considering I didn't 'know' him. He seemed to act as if he knew who I was, but he was a bit off. My sensing is what tipped me off to what he was, where he was, and the flow of energy he released was something of a tired boredom that I'm sure he was waiting for an excuse to release. I suppose it doesn't help that I've never really met a hollow, vizard, or arrancar I've ever been fond of. I've generally gotten to the point where I shoot on sight.

Looking more closely at him, his white hair was similar to mine, though I'd grown mine out quite a bit recently. His eyes were similar to mine even, which is just unsettling, really. The place where we differed? He seemed pleased and enthused with his general behavior, whereas I was not pleased in the slightest. Though it would seem he wasn't without dignity, as he asked for my name. To be fair to him, I'd give it without a blink. "My name is Noziel Aran. I was here on patrol duty, and since you showed up, my first response is of course, to deal with you."

Though to be kind, I'd bow regularly, as I would with any person I had a baseline level of respect for. It was dark out, and neon signs of all sorts lit up the streets, though I wasn't sure what they were advertising, nor was I keen to finding out. "I suppose I ought to ask for your name as well."

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#5 Re: [Private] The Watcher In The Night (Noziel) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:06 pm

The soul reaper revealed his name as he went on to say that he was on patrol duty. What was quite interesting to hear was when the man said that since Thor showed up it was his duty to deal with him. Which honestly made Thor chuckle as he shook his head slightly, "Ah, you soul reapers are always so cautious and paranoid. You people are in the notion that the whole world has something against you. Then again, I'm generalizing. I've met a few Shinigamis that who are not so irrationally anxious." He said in his usual direct tone. Looking at the man, he would continue to speak, "a few weeks ago I met one of your fellow colleges. Mugen Zen, I believe was his name. He was the captain of the sixth division. I'll admit that I also flexed my spiritual pressure in front of him. However, unlike you, he put up a self defence type of barrier to protect himself instead of attacking me upfront. Anyway, he was a good lad. We got along well." Thor shrugged his shoulders, pausing for a few seconds, "I have tendency of showing off. That's mostly the reason I tend flex my reiatsu."

Thor liked showing off in front of people. Especially to his opponents. But he did not consider the man named Noziel as an enemy. Apparently he could not say what the man considered of him. Since so far, the Shinigami has shown nothing but a lukewarm reaction towards him. Taking a step forward, Thor eyed the the man with a slicing gaze of his light blue eyes as he wrapped his hands on his biceps while his arms folded over his chest. "If I were to assume, I believe that you're a captain yourself. Are you not? Do correct me if I'm wrong." Thor said as a smirk found itself on his face. He was shit when it came towards sensing spiritual pressure, but there was something about Noziel that screamed that he wasn't a regular fodder soul reaper. Be that as it may, he would go on to answer the question the man had asked him. "I'm Thor Blerster. The Third Espada."

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I liked that he thought he had some idea of what was going on inside my head. It was simple enough to assume I didn't like anything with a sniff of Hollow on it. Not particularly that so much as arrogance, which I haven't met any Vizard or Arrancar yet that wasn't previously an ass. Though, he mentioned that he'd met Mugen Zan, one of the Captains. I respected him quite a bit, so if Mugen could handle him, I likely could too. Hearing familiar names, definitely helped me to relax. As if I didn't already know, he also stated he's a 'bit' of a showoff.

Sure. "Ehh, alright, we can talk" I would say, relaxing my stance and sitting on an air cushion. Asking me a rather simple question, I'd answer. "Yeah, I'm Captain of Squad 8. No need for formalities though. Nice to meet you Thor." That last section would be parsed for a few moments, then I'd propose something.
"Under the provision that we simply talk, would you mind having a drink with me? I'm sure the alcohol from this area isn't that bad." Upon saying this, I'd reach into my pouch and pull out a bottle of rice wine. I hadn't actually had it before, but I'd been trying new things since I started drinking with Mei. I'd wait for his response, then of course, depending on the outcome, drink or hide it away.

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The soul reaper went on to say that he would be okay with talking to which Thor would smile. He would listen to the man confirm his assumption on him being a captain and also stating that it was nice to meet him. It seems like the man was now more comfortable to talk with Thor compared to a few minutes ago. His body language and movements was a good indicator in determine such. Then the man had a question of his own. Though honestly, it was more of a request. The request being if Thor wanted to drink with him. Smirking at the man, he remained silent for a few seconds or so. Thor was not actually a huge drinker. More of an occasional drinker, if you would. But what was different about him compared to other occasional drinkers was that when he did start to drink, he would drink like a complete madman. And as the saying goes: "I don't always drink. But when I do, I drink a shit ton of it.

Shrugging his shoulders Thor broke his silence as he responded by saying, "sure, why not? I mean, it's kind of like de ja vu, to be honest with you. Because I actually drank with Mugen as well." Laughing after the end of the statement he would slowly begin to walk towards the soul reaper. "I think we may find a good bar somewhere around here." He said as his eyes roamed the area. Thor had no intention of drinking from a shit place where the quality of alcohol was piss poor. Quality was everything to him. Directing his eye's back at Noziel, he came to a halt a few in front of him. "So, shall we go then? I do know a few spots nearby that serves top quality drinks." Depending on the man's answer Thor would lead him to a bar where they could get a few drinks and such.

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After debating over it for a while, the man that looked like a meaner version of me found a bar that suited his liking. He kept inundating me with lines telling me how trustworthy he was, and how good his alcohol knowledge was, but I waved him off and followed closely behind him. If he was gonna invite me to drink, I was gonna drink a hell of a lot on sheer principle. After all, if fun was to be had, I wanted all my filters removed. "Sure, let's get a move on, we better get on into it real soon then"

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Thor entered a nearby bar that he thought was up to standards. It was called Bar High Five. And according to user ratings, it had a four point three approval rate out of five. If someone were to judge the standards by the ratings, it's was pretty good. After walking a few steps, Thor turned his head back and looked if the soul reaper was following him, and indeed he was. Taking a seat on the nearby chair, he gestured his towards the empty seat in front of him, signalling to man to come and take a seat. Once the man did so, Thor would go onto ask him, "Well then. What are you going to drink?" he said as he handed over the bar menu to Noziel. As for Thor, he already knew what he wanted to drink. He wasn't exactly fond of using the menu to decide what he wanted.

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#10 Re: [Private] The Watcher In The Night (Noziel) on Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:45 pm

Oddly enough, I wasn't really prepared for the selection that was set before me. I could wish it were easier to decide, but I guess that's what the price of a good bar is. I sat down beside the man, hoping I could indeed trust him, even if only temporarily. The man asked simply what it was I chose to drink and my response wasn't as easy as I had hoped, but easy enough. "I'll take a glass of your finest malt liquor, and a glass of mead." Oddly enough, I still stuck to her favorites even when she wasn't here anymore. I wasn't sure of what else to do. After all, she was gone. I quickly found myself staring at the counter and perked back up, bound to waiting for the drinks I'd ordered.

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