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Name: Sol’Elis (Savant Of Lightning, Enterprised Life Insurance Security)
Age: 18 - 22 Years of age.
True Age: 1 Month and 2 weeks
Sex: Female
Personality: Though sentient and able to make her own decisions, Sol’Elis is a follower. She is indifferent about almost everything, the only two exceptions being when either her creator’s life or an innocent animal are in danger. She is like a child, naive and ignorant of how the world around her truly works. Though ignorant she was taught basic life lessons by her main creator, Seralin.

‘One, always be nice to strangers. You never know when a future friend will pop up around the corner.’

‘Two, don't let people pressure you into things you don't like or don't want to do. It's your life, as such you should decide how you want to live it.’

‘Three, keep your friends as close as your enemies. Just because someone has your trust doesn't mean you should give them the chance to stab your back.’

Sol’Elis prefers he ok keep herself out of confrontations, however will keep to the lessons her creators have given her. Unlike Seralin however, she will not actively avoid a fight. If she is challenged, Sol’Elis will fight.


Height: Sol’Elis is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.
Weight: Sol’Elis weighs 136 pounds and 2 ounces.
Physical Traits:
She is a petite girl, matching her short childish height. However, her sharp facial features and womanly charm male up for her short stature in showing her age. She has bright blue hair that reaches down nearly to her knees, and is as smooth as much as it is flowing. Her outfit would remain the same on a daily basis, only putting on a large trench coat when cold if need be. She keeps the sword on her back with her wherever she goes, the weapon being a part of her as much as the body she now inhabits. Like an Arrancar’s Zanpakutou, it is a silent weapon and conduit for her powers. However, it does not grant any transformation or power release like a proper Zanpakutou would.


General Fighting Style: Sol’Elis is a fighter who values Speed and Damage Output in a battle. Her lack of armor means she can move around faster, and her smaller stature means she is less likely to be hit. As such, her fighting style fits her body type.
Strengths: Her speed and destructive force is what makes Sol’Elis a foe to be feared. Such a combination makes for an efficient Glass Cannon.
Weaknesses: Being a Glass Cannon, Sol’Elis is not very durible. Her small bits of armor don't cover much, as she wears mostly unrestrictive  clothing. A few good hits will turn a fight into her opponent's favor.


(This stage is available for both Advent Human and Fullbring, please keep in mind that you are only allowed 4-6 abilities per stage, depending on what the abilities are, and whether you are a Fullbring or not.)

Ability Name: Electricity/Lightning Manipulation
Description: Much like any other elemental manipulator, Sol’Elis has the innate ability to manipulate electricity and natural lightning to her will for focused abilities and physical augments. She can coat her sword in a current of electricity to give her strikes a shock, the unused energy flowing back into her body to be reused.

Ability Name: Electricity/Lightning Harvest
Description: This is an ability that would enhance Sol'Elis' abilities by double at the end of three posts, which wI'll dt for two posts, and has a one post cooldown at the end of the enhancement. To start this off, Sol'Elis would use small bit of her spiritual energy to form a storm cloud overhead. The storm cloud would shoot down five bolts of lightning at Sol'Elis each post, for a total of fifteen, which she would absorb. The added energy enhances her attacks and abilities for a time, two posts.

Ability Name: Spark Dash
Description: Sol’Elis does not have Bringer Step available to her, as such uses this unique technique. She uses her electrical energy to act as a current, traveling along it to move quickly. This allows Sol’Elis to keep up with the average Shunpo, Sonido, and techniques that are similar. She can use this to remain airborne as well, keeping the electricity under her feet to keep suspended.

Ability Name: Finger of the Mountain
Description: The first of her destructive abilities, this can either be her weakest or strongest attack depending on the situation. This ability uses her manipulation to focus a large orb of electricity into the palm of her hand, which she would have face in the direction of her target. Upon being discharged, the gathered energy forks out in an expanding cone up to 60 feet. Anyone within the first 15 feet of the attack would feel the full destructive potential, packing a Gran Rey Cero-like punch. Anyone 16-30 feet away would face a significantly weaker force, as the attack has spread so much that at this point the attack is only as strong as a common Cero blast. Those who are 31-60 feet away have to deal with an attack whose destructive force has diluted down to the force of a rank 10 Hadou, spread out to cover a wide distance. This ability has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Blue Lightning
Description: Fusing her blue Spirit Energy with electricity, Sol’Elis is able to release a powerful bolt of blue-tinted lightning that, because of the presence of her spiritual energy, would ignore all metal and fire forward in the direction it is shot. It is as destructive as a level 30 Hadou, and has a 1 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Electric Nerves
Description: A passive ability, Electric Nerves utilizes the electricity naturally flowing through Sol’Elis’ body to enhance her nerves for quicker motor functions, such as reacting to an incoming attack. This does not make her think faster, however it allows her to physically respond to situations quicker.

Ability Name: Spark Field
Description: With this ability, Sol’Elis sends out a pulse of electricity mixed with her Spiritual Energy to give a light coating to the area around her. This would give her a way to track ground movement, and is as draining as a level 15 Bakudou. This has a 3 post duration before the energy/electricity mix fades, and once gone has a 2 post cooldown. This can be cancelled early, triggering the cooldown.


Ability Name: Electrosphere
Description: For this ability Sol’Elis uses her power of manipulation to form a large orb if electricity between her palms. This orb of electric energy takes nearly a minute and a half to form properly, and will glow increasingly brighter as more energy is added. Once finished, Sol’Elis is able to finally release the attack. It is released as a sphere, which would be fired at Cero speeds. Sol’Elis can control the attack’s direction, though with the speed it happens she probably wouldn't be able to keep it following a target for long before it hits something else. Should it hit, the target should expect to take damage equivalent to a level 70 Hadou. This attack has a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Lightning Tooth
Description: (This ability is a personal tribute to Tia Halibel.) For this ability, Sol’Elis would use her manipulation of electricity and lightning to completely cover the surface of her massive blade. It would spark and crackle with with the energy coating it. It would take up to two seconds at most to complete, and once fully formed can be used for enhanced thrusting attacks or to fire off a blade-shaped projectile at her opponent. It would shoot off at Bala speeds, and would cause the same in terms of damage.

Ability Name: Monsoon
Description: For this ability, Sol’Elis focuses her energy into both of her palms. She would face them to the sky, at which point she would release the electric energy up into the sky. Clouds would gather/form above above the battlefield, and from those clouds bolts of lightning would strike down each second, up to a total of fifteen times. Each bolt is as powerful as Hadou 63 without incantation, and has a 6 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Lightning Reaver
Description: This is Sol’Elis’ sacrificial ability, which consumes her false body entirely as fuel and requires the activation of a seal on the back of her neck alerting her creators Seralin and Ika to her use of this form. She takes on a form made entirely of electricity, controlled by a dark red crystal core which holds Sol’Elis’ Soul Pill. She still has access to her abilities, which have their potency double in this form. Her attack and movement speed double in this form, however she has only two posts before she is left as just a defenseless Soul Pill on the ground, trapped in her crystal.


Background: Other that being created by Seralin and Ika, with the aid of an Atlantean spellbook obtained through Graven, Sol’Elis has no history, her template is empty and ready to be filled in this wonderful universe.
RP Sample:
It was Tuesday, six o’clock in the evening. The sun was just starting to set on the horizon in Bogota. This is the setting that finds Sol’Elis while on a practice patrol of the city. Her creator, the Shinigami named Seralin asked her to investigate the town since there had been increasing Hollow activity. She had been searching since seven in the morning that same day, minus a few breaks. She was looking down the last road now, and so far hasn't spotted even the slightest sign of a Hollow presence. “Maybe her machine isn't fully calibrated...” the petite woman whispers to herself, unknowing of her creator’s ‘convenient’ sneeze that followed that statement despite the distance between them.

She was about to give up when she found it: just on the edge of her senses, expired Hollow Bait. The kind the old Quincy group would use to lure out Hollows to train. Electricity coats her feet before flowing out in front of her, quick as a lightning bolt. She follows just as quickly like a current following wire. She arrives to see some dead Hollows, holes in their hides from already dispersed Quincy arrows and bolts. “Two, maybe three of them...” It wasn't a big group, but for there to be Quincy bold enough to hunt so close to the Vizard base of operations was worth noting. “I should report my findings.” Her feet are coated yet again with the same electric energy, shooting out back towards the Vizard base, towards home.

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