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#11 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:30 pm

After walking a few steps forward, Dre would turn back to see if the man was following him, and indeed he was. Giving a small nod towards the man, he would look ahead again only to start walking. They would continue walking at a normal pace in silent for a few minutes or so. At one instance Dre would break the silence as he would go on to speak, "You know... now that I think of it... it's going to take us a fuck ton of time if we are just going to walk to our destination. Which I personally find quite tiring." He paused for a few seconds as he came to a halt, "So, if you be kind enough to use Shunpo to follow me, I would greatly appreciate it." And with that Dre would completely disappear from the position he was in only to appear about fifty feet to the right, on top of a building as he would wave his hand towards the soul reaper, gesturing him to follow Dre.

Bringer light was in the sense equivalent to a fast step or sonido. He would use bringer light to appear from one place to another in a short amount of time. Dre would cover a great distance using it and hoped that the man was able to follow him at the pace he was moving since he wasn't going slow unlike how he had walked a few minutes ago. Speed was one of his major character strengths and he took use of it fully.

Dre was now in the place that he wanted to be. Which was the Yoyogi park. One of the largest parks in all of Japan. Not only was it the perfect spot to hang around and such, it was also the ideal place to conduct a spar. And judging by the time, they had nothing to worry about any ordinary humans causing them a nuisance. Turning his head back, he would wait until Ragar arrives before going forward with anything.

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#12 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:35 pm

Ragar was become very happy the moment the two would began to make their way to the new location that Dre had spoken of. The very moment he had requested to use his very own special form of the universal high speed movements. Ragar would remain silent only to nod in agreement, as he would watch Dre take off in a moments notice. Ragar was of course able to keep up but he would not travel at his maximum speed, he wanted to try something, it would of course seem rather suspicious but it would be fun and he of courses needed to know how Dre would respond. The very moment Dre would stop signaling the arrival to the location, Ragar would hang back slowly unsheathing his blade. His intention was to attack Dre while he waited for him to arrive. While this would not be an act of aggression or a sign of war, Ragar would just want to see how the fullbringer would respond as well as to gather information about the gifted humans abilities. Using his flash step on last time to travel behind Dre in a crouching position, Ragar would lunge forward as he would let a powerful wave of killing intent rush forward as the pink haired captain's blade would follow aiming a vertical slash that would be sure to slice through the full length of his back. While this attack was not intended to kill him, Ragar wanted to put some pressure on his new acquaintance. He would hope that Dre would understand but Ragar would certainly not say anything until his response to both his sudden attack and killing intention, no matter how fake it was.

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#13 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:29 pm

Dre eye's roamed the place as he patiently awaited for the man to appear before him. "Did I move too fast? He didn't loose track of me, did he?" He thought to himself quite confused at the situation at hand. The guy was a captain class Shinigami. So, it would be bizarre indeed if the man were to loose track of Dre. All in all, he would keep on looking for the man hoping he would appear any minute. But he wouldn't need to observe for much longer as he heard a distinctive noise of a soul reaper's flash step behind him. Turning his head to the side a bit, Dre smirked. "There you are."

There was a reason he was calm, there was a reason he didn't move an inch. It was because he was prepared for what was about to happen. Not in the sense that he anticipated Ragar to sneak up behind him and attack him. It was in the sense that he was ready for any sneak attack because he knew that he could easily counter them. In this instance as the man attempted to slash his Zanpakutou across Dre's back, a red hexagonal blood barrier which was fixed to his back would activate. The barrier would enlarge fully as the attack would connect with the barrier instead of connecting with Dre. Looking forward, Dre adjusted his tie, as he muttered, "my turn."

Dre's form fades with the use of Bringer light as he would move out of the Shinigami's line of sight, only to re-appear instantly about fifteen feet above the man as he would throw two blood balls in a speed equivalent to Bala directed at the man. Bringer lighting again towards Ragars left, wherever he was at this instance, Dre would fire a blood sphere from the palm of his hand towards the side of the Shinigamis ribs. This spar was most likely going to be interesting, but however, he noted to himself that he would not loose control of himself. This was a just a spar. Not two people fighting in the intent of killing each other no matter what.

Techniques Used:

Ability Name: Sphaera Sanguinem
Description: By using his hands, Dre can convert the air surrounding him to blood, in which he would utilize it to create a redish energy sphere on top of his palm. One blast is powerful enough to create a large crater, with an accompanying explosion which creates a shockwave.

The damage done by a sphere is equal to 2 Cero's. 2 post cool down.

Ability Name: Kighte Obice
Description:A red hexagonal blood barrier which is fixed to his back, front, left and right side of body, and when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges fully to protect which side it is affixed to. The barrier keeps the attack away from Dre, gathers the energy in one area, and momentarily absorbs the energy from the attack before forcing the attack outward and away from the shield, dispersing the attack altogether.

Can take up damage equivalent to 2 Cero's. 2 posts cool down.

Ability Name: Sanguinis Globuolus
Description: Dre has the ability to create a total of 40 globulus sanguinis per a thread, 2 per post with a 1 post cool down. Each globulus sanguinis takes the size similar to a table tennis ball. It has the ability to travel at a speed equal to a Bala.

Upon contact the globulus sanguinis ignites and explodes causing 2nd degree burns for the enemy.

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#14 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:15 pm

Ragar was surprised that Dre was able to keep track of him especially at the sudden notice of his attack, but he would prefer it to be no other way. It would also seem that Dre had picked up on the fact that Ragar was not trying to kill him in fact just spar. Ragar would smile as Dre revealed some sort of barrier that had protected him. It appeared that this barrier was made of a strange liquid, he he assume to be blood? This was the first time that Ragar had ever encountered an ability like Blood Manipulation so he would be sure to pay close attention to whatever was next to come. The very moment Ragar's eyes would adjust looking at the Blood Barrier, it would disappear along with with Dre. The only thing that had been left behind was the signature light of a fullbringer's high speed movement technique know as the Bringer Light. Using what little control of his reiatsu detection abilities that he had Ragar was able to pick up on the build up of reiatsu looming above him from who he assume to be Dre's administering his counter attack.

As a reflex the Shingami would instantly raise his hand before calling out a round and yellow circular shield to protect him from the two projectiles speeding at him with the velocity of a Cero. "Bakudo #39 Enkōsen." Ragar would smile as the red projectiles in which he was sure to now be blood based attacks had connected with his shield. Even then Dre had attacked further,  and with the swift movement of Dre moving to his side to fire an additional attack at him Ragar would simply needed to defend himself once again, "Bakudo #81 Danku!" A white wall Rectangular wall would extend upwards vertically protecting him from the second attack, it was smarter for Ragar to pick a spell much higher than before, it would seem that this attack seemed to be more then four times stronger then his first.

In any case upon the dispersal of the blood sphere, would began to enact one last final kido spell of her own. In his hand a long hexagonal bluish purple would would began to materialize, "Bakudo #62 Hyapporankan!" Ragar within a single moment would throw the Hexagonal full force in Dre's direction, the rod would then began to disperse and seemingly make shorter copies of itself now forming up to 100 miniature version of the original hexagonal rods. In the event that this rods would connect they would strike into Dre's body possibly breaking bones but certainly pinning him to the ground or any nearby objects.

Techniques Used:

Spell Name: Enkōsen
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #39
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The caster, either using their hands or their zanpakuto in a blocking motion, form a large rotating round shield, made of a dull yellow spiritual energy in front of themselves, general in front of their zanpakuto or hands. Designed to block a single attack.

Spell Name: Dankū
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #81
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The caster forms a translucent rectangular barrier in front of the caster. This kido can protect the user from kido based attacks up to #89 but only protects in front of the caster, so coming behind the caster or to the side can bypass the powerful protection of this kido.

Spell Name: Hyapporankan
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #62
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The caster generates a large purple tinted rod made of condense spiritual energy by pressing their palms together before spreading them out to make the rod. Alternatively, the caster can perform this one handed by generating the rod directly into their free hand. The cast then throws the rod towards its intended target before the rod instantaneously splits into a hundred rods of equal size and length, which if enough hit can pin a opponent against a surface, immobilizing them, although important to note that this kido doesn't paralyze the target, meaning the target can still move anything not pin downed by the rods.

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#15 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:40 pm

The man used Bakudo #39 Enkōsen to form a large rotating round shield, made of a dull yellow spiritual energy in front of his hand that would protect him against the blood balls. Then the man would use Bakudo #81 Danku as a rectangular barrier would appear to his side which would intercept the blood sphere causing it to explode in contact. Impressed with the mans ability to avoid getting hit from his attacks, Dre saw a long hexagonal bluish purple rod materialize on Ragars hand. Which was most likely Bakudo #62 Hyapporankan. As the man raised his hand to throw it at Dre, he would bringer light hard backwards. The rod would split into hundred of more rods of equal size in mid air as they would keep coming at Dre. By bringer lighting not two, but three times, he would manage to avoid most of it. Also due to him bringer lighting backwards before the rod was thrown at him. But be that as it may, one rod was able to hit him on his abdomen area which would send him falling down, while also pinning him down to ground.

A lopsided grin would appear on his face as he leaned himself a bit up. "Not holding back, I see. I like that. I like that a lot." He said as he grabbed the rod and proceeded to pull it out from him. His abdomen area felt numb as if he couldn't feel it anymore. He also could feel something broken inside of him. A few ribs most likely. Getting up, he looked at the man. Tilting his head to right, he spoke, "ah, you got me there. Very nice indeed. But, I think it's time to make this a little more interesting, wouldn't you say?" With that he raised his right hand up, touching the red stone that was attached to his necklace, Dre began to rub it. To which his Fullbring would activate -- as a metal armour would generate around his whole body, even covering his most of his face. A long dark blue scarf is generated around his neck, while a sword would form around his hand. Placing the edge of the sword on his right shoulder, he exhaled. Dre felt his healing factor kicking in. As soon as he activated his Fullbring it was boosted tremendously than it formerly was. It was one his strongest aspects.

"Well then..." Dre said as he brought his sword midway down, but without fully bringing it downwards, he would bringer light in front of the man and utter the words, "Deus Lux" as he slashed the sword horizontally releasing a crescent wave of condensed spiritual energy at the man. Regardless if the man dodged it or not, he would bringer light again to where the man was at this instance, crouching, he would swing the sword to the right side of his knee, before bringer lighting to the sky and bringing the sword down on his head of similar composition.

Techniques Used:

Boosts: x4 speed, x4 endurance, x4 strength, x4 regeneration

Ability Name: Deus lux
Description: Using his sword Dre releases a highly condensed spiritual energy from the tip of his blade, which, magnifying the slash attack, flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a crescent moon or wave. It heavily damages anything caught within the blast.

2 Cero's worth damage, 2 post cool down.

Ability Name: High Speed Regen
Description: Dre has accelerated healing, he can heal all external damage such as fractured bones and deep cuts, burns, and etc. Dre is also able regenerate his arm after having it torn/or cut off (not instant). He can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and internal organs.

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#16 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:59 pm

Ragar expected nothing less of Dre for him to dogde most of the Hyyaporankan rods with almost simple ease. Ragat himself was not sure that he would be able dodge them all especially from the range Dre had to deal with so there was quite of information gathered to know that he had exceptional abilities. What Ragar did not expect was that the man would enter his his Fullbringer state soon soon, so Ragar was sure that this battle was to ve heating up a lot more in the coming moments. Even Ragar himself had to admit that this new form was stunning down to the the almost phantasmic armor to the the blue and decorate scarf that added a decorative addition to the transformation, everything was stunning.

Not only that, Ragar could feel the mans power from here, it was almost doubl- no quadruple of his base state and that truly was frightening indeed. Ragar in response to the boost in strength would be stupid to at the very least unlock his shikai state and that's what he fully intended to do, "Secure the Future, Masayoshi!" The once singular blade he had held would not split to become two separated beings, in his left hand he would now hold a shorter blade, almost a perfect enough length to be considered a dagger and in the right hand a longsword, almost twice the length of its base form.

These two forms were the long and short arms of Justice whose powers where sure to be reveal in a few moments. Seeing that his opponent was preparing a rather powerful attack Ragar would bring his short arm of justice in front of him. Upon doing so the short blade would explode only to reforming and reshape into that of a roman parma shield with black and gold decorations, with this shield, Ragar would both block and defend himself from the full force of Dre's attack but this would not be the end for the shinigami's play. But before he could enact the rest of his attack his opponent would use his Bringers light to slash at his knee.

Using his Shunpo to avoid the attack to his knee he would once again be followed by his opponent as another strike would come from about him. Blocking Dre's attack with his own sword he would push forward with his full strength before jumping backwards just giving him enough room for his next attack. Ragar would cover his long sword in a mysterious green aura before slashing forward releasing a wave of energy with pointed spikes capable of impaling and exploding against his opponent, "Hado #78 Zangerin!"

While his opponent would be busy with his Hado Spell, the pink haired Captain would use his shunpo to move to his right, from this point Dre would be able notice that the Short Arm of Justice would have returned to its short blade form, just in time for him to activate another of his shikai's techniques. Coating boath this blades in a thick layer of reishi he would slash forward with both the Short and Long Arms of a Justice crossing his blades as the coating of reishi from eariler would fire forward in a X shaped pattern at the Knight Fullbringer, "Wave of Justice!" These two waves combined would be just as strong as his opponents Deus Lux and are capable of causing massive explosive damage.

Ragar would smile to Dre as he was beginning to have fun, "Of course I am going all out, not doing so would not only disgrace myself but disrespect you my opponent. I am of course glad you have surpassed my expectations but I know for a fact that there is more to see."

Techniques Used:

Shikai =  2x to all stats.

Short Arm of Justice: The short blade also has a rather unique ability, but unlike its counterpart its it is completely unrelated to it's length. Once per post, the short sword or blade has the ability to turn into a round shield capable of defending the user from attacks as powerful as a two base form cero.

Spell Name: Zangerin
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #78
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The Caster produces a wide ring of spiritual energy that is formed from the tip/s of the caster's zanpakuto, done within a circle and forming small spines around it. The caster then blasts the ring outwards, causing a large scale explosion around the surrounding area. Effective radius depends on tier, but maximum is about ten meters.

Wave of Justice: Once every three posts the user has the ability to simultaneously fire up to two arch shaped reishi blasts at the target (One from each sword). These two arch shaped blasts are equivalent to the strength of two ceros and can be fired individually but the three post cooldown still applies even if only one arch blast was used.  

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#17 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:30 pm

The man released his Shikai as his single blade turned into two. One being a short blade, while the other being a long one. Bringing his short blade in front of him, he would make it explode as it reformed and reshape into a roman parama shield to which he would use it to block the crescent wave from getting into contact with him.

He would then use Shunpo to avoid the slash towards his knee. Using his sword Ragar would block the third strike that was aimed at his head. Pushing Dre backwards the man would jump back as a green aura would cover his long sword only to use it to slash at Dre. Seeing the green energy wave of sorts coming at him, he would instantly jump upwards using bringer light in which he would avoid the attack. Using bringer light to come back down in an instant, he would notice the man to his right as he would go on attack to him with X shaped wave. Bringer lighting to the side immediately he would dodge the attack at a nick of time. "Not bad fella." The man was fast, but however, was he fast enough to hit Dre?

Closing the gap, he would bringer light to man front, aiming a single diagonal slash from the man's left shoulder to his right hip. Then if the man staggered back or Shunpo'd backwards, Dre would instantly close the gap again to attempt to trip the man quickly with a low kick to his leg. If that succeeded, he would then take a step forward to attempt to stab the man on his shoulder that he had suffered the slash earlier from, pushing him backwards as the momentum of the low kick would make the man fall down as Dre would then go on to stomp the right side of his ribs. IF the man dodged or avoided the trip mentioned above, Dre would bring light behind Ragar and aim another diagonal slash towards his back from the left, then crouching a horizontal slash to his thigh from the right.

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#18 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:06 am

Ragar was impressed that his opponent could still dodge him even under these circumstance, in fact i was a little annoying to the pink haired Captain, but of course this was a spar not a death match so Ragar, would have to control his annoyance. Ragar would remain still as the Fullbringer neared him with yet again another slash. This time he would not use his very own weapons to block or avoid the attack but he would call upon the power of the defensive spell of a Bakudo. A green barrier would appear shielding Ragar from the attack of his opponents swing, smiling as he would point his longer sword near the center of his opponents body, he would activate the long swords ability to extend its length to fifty feet completely, which at the speeds rivaling shunpo would pierce and stab through Dre's abdomen. From this range it would be near impossible for his opponent even with the bringer light he favored so much to dodge this attack.

In the event his opponent would not be dodge his Long Arm of Justice, Ragar would flip the Short Arm of Justice in his other hand allowing him to point both his index and middle finger forward, as a white sparking, energy would began to materialize on the tip of his fingers, "Hado #4 Byakurai!" This energy would also aim to pierce his opponent, this time the attack would be aiming at the right side of his chest, as Ragar did not want to kill Dre. In the event his attack would miss, Ragar would flick his wrist in the direction of his opponents new locations, revealing that despite it's new length, his weapon did not have any increase weight or new mobility issues.

Techniques Used:

Spell Name: El Escudo (エル・エスクド, Spanish for "The Shield")
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: Unnumbered
Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: As the practitioner raises their arm, a light green barrier is summoned to block an incoming attack. This is capable of stopping the swing of a sword from an opponent at the strength of a seasoned captain.

Long Arm of Justice: This is the longest blade of the two in which both make up Masayoshi, this long sword has the ability to do something rather ironic, become longer. It is capable of extending the blade of itself up to 50 additional feet in order to surprise of catch his opponents off guard. ((This ability can only used once every three posts but moves as the speed of shunpo.)) The sword while at any extended length responds as if it were in its base form being able to be shifted or move in great speeds at the flick of the wrist. In exchange the user only has the ability to use the form in its extended state for up to two posts. Three Post Cooldown.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #4
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: the caster extends his index finger and gathers spirit energy at the tip of his extended finger before firing a concentrated beam of cobalt colored lightning at the target, addition lightning is wrapped around the beam, adding to the effect of the lightning as it travels.

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