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#1 [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:36 am

Smooth and refreshing was the night air with barely a breeze to breath. The tree leaves danced gently in a single direction all the while humming a gentle rustling song. The sky was clear. Star's dotted the galaxy, all diminished by the size of the moon. Delving deeper into the darkness a street lamp lit the park path. At the edge of the light sat a simple wooden bench, the wood weakened by wheather. Upon the bench sat a large being, one of significant mass both physically and in aura. He sat slumped. His elbow resting on the arm of the bench, his chin comfortable in his palm. The other hand was laid lazily to his side, the bottle that was held so tenderly in his left hand touching the processed bark.

His purple hair was down. Such a rare sight it was to see this person with his hair left to hang over his shoulders and flow down his back. Dre was wearing a formal back suit, white shirt, and a black colour tie. Also black leather shoes to match his suit. He preferred to look smart and elegant. It was one of the many character traits he had. His face was locked in concentration. What was he thinking about?

It had been two days since Dre had returned to Tokyo in hopes of getting contracted on a mission. But unfortunately for him I was nothing but a false calling. He sighed out his frustration and drowned the left over emotion in a swig of whiskey from the bottle. What was he supposed to be doing now? He needed a purpose. Something to work towards. A goal. Anything of that matter. With that Dre took another swig. It was going to be a long night.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:23 am

There were a few things Ragar needed to research in the world of the living and there was some information to be gathered, in fact it was his job to gather information on any and everything he had come across but he wasn't excepting his first trip to the World of the Living in a while to be a self assigned mission. In any case this particular mission could only be handled during the day time and as the night sky was currently filled with stars that was enough of an indication to let anyone know that there was nothing for the captain to do. Instead of doing the logical thing of sleeping or further investigations into other matters, he would take this time to relax and enjoy all that the World of the Living has to offer while the night and starry sky was active.

Within this in mind he would began to walk through the streets of Tokyo letting both his mind and body wonder aimlessly, taking in the sights of various lights, active people, and strange noises he has barely heard before. But there was something nagging him in the back of his mind, upon further roaming he would find himself in a secluded park in which his light blue eyes would find themselves resting on a rather large purple haired man resting and drinking idly on a weather beaten park bench. This would appear to be the source of the nagging feeling his body had been giving him. Ragar's inability to properly sense Reiatsu somehow cause him to have trouble in finding opponents in a fight but in other cases it lead him to find people who possessed rather noticeable and flashy aura.

Ragar himself was dressed in a rather informal outfit a very simplistic jean and t-shirt wear was what the Third Division Captain had chose to wear while spending his time in the World of the Living. He would slowly approach the man sitting on the bench but he would be sure to address himself and his intentions before getting to close, he was sure that the young man had been able to sense him the very moment he would step into the area of the park but it did not matter Ragar was already to interested in the man to back away now. Could this man provide him with a wealthy source of information, something of the likes he has seen thus far?

"Hello there Sir, I cant help but to notice that something is seems to be bothering you? Is it a sense of bordem, problem the the mortals of this realm? Or something that a high spiritual pressure like yours cant solve. Ah where are my manors I am Ragar Rose III. I am delighted to meet your acquaintance."

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#3 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:47 pm

As Dre kept on thinking he sensed a pulse of spiritual pressure. Not knowing where it was coming from he would look left then right. Out of the shadows he was able to see a figure approaching him from his left. Not exactly knowing if the person was exactly coming towards him or not, Dre would just stare straight at the stranger following his or her movements. As the stranger came into the light, he titled his head slightly towards the right as he looked at the man that was in front of him. "Who is this fellow?" Dre thought to himself as his eyes observed the man from head to toe. By the looks of it the man was no ordinary human being. But maybe he was. But Dre was not quite sure what to make of the man just yet. He sensed something out of the man. There was power inside him. Maybe even enough to propose him a challenge. But time would tell what of it.

As the man went on to introduce himself towards Dre and ask what was bothering him, Dre would simply smile. "Well, my girlfriend left me yesterday. Quite sad about that, to be honest." He said in a low tone. Obviously, he was lying through his teeth. He wasn't the one to state something that was truly personal towards a stranger that he didn't know in anyway. Not until at least he knew more about the man. Even then Dre was unsure. Raising an eyebrow when the man referred to his spiritual pressure, he would ponder for a moment. He knew that he should have concealed his reiatsu without letting it to leek out. "Ah, you caught me. I was so in the zone I kind of forgot to suppress my spiritual pressure." Grinning from ear-to-ear he would continue, "so, since you know about reiatsu and all that, I presume you aren't any normal person? What are you? A Shinigami?" Dre asked curiously wanting to know an answer. Regardless whether the man answered his question or not, he would say, "My Dre Jaegerjaquez. Nice to meet you lad." Raising his right hand up He would go for a handshake.

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#4 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:19 am

Ragar was quite surprised that the man was as nice as he was, he half expected to be attacked by walking up on the man so suddenly. It would seem that the Third Division Captain's arrival and questions had thrown the man for a loop but in anycase he was accommodating that was at least some sort of surprise. Listening to he mans voice, ever tone and pitch it was clear that he was lying about having issues with his girlfriend but to avoid any drama or issue for the moment Ragar would back off. The fact the the man didn't purposefully release his spiritual pressure was interesting. Whatever was bothering the man now known as Dre must have been something of great importance if he accidentally released his powerful spirtual pressure over such a larger area that even Ragar was able to sense it. Dre had been lucky that such a nice and warm person had shown up. Hopefully this nice version of himself would be able to stick around.

Ragar once given the chance to shake the mans hand would do so firmly, smiling brightly as their hands made contact, "Yes, Mr. Jaegerjaquez I am indeed a Shinigami, in fact I am the Captain of the Third Division... Or should have I not revealed that piece of information... Ah in any case I hope my sudden arrival or presence doesn't disturb, interrupt or offend you in anyway. I mean no harm. I am mostly interested in what this world has to offer at the moment."

Ragar would left the mans hand go before raising his thumb in the air with another smile. It was silly for him to reveal his rank but he of course had been so used to doing so for such a long time now. Shaking the thought away he would return his attention to Dre, while it was quite easy for him to figure out what Ragar was it was a bit more difficult for the Purplish Pink haired captain to do so in return. Humans were quite the versatile creatures, from Bounts to Quincy, all of them had very special powers that was hard to determine so he wondered what Dre was exactly and he intended to ask not only out of curiosity but the sake of gathering "Information."

"I can't quite place my hand on what you are exactly, although I am sure your human... Nothing screams Quincy to me about you so you must either be a Bount or a Fullbringer. I personally believe you are the latter however."

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#5 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:37 pm

The man revealing himself as a captain came somewhat of a surprise towards Dre. Sure, he had the assumption of the man being a soul reaper from the start, but a captain? That was unexpected. He was actually guessing Ragar to be lieutenant. But obviously that wasn't the case now. Anyways, what was quite unique about Ragar was that his level of kindness. The fact that he would apologize towards Dre for bumping into him and talking with him said a lot of stuff about the man's character. But as all things come, he noticed a certain over top level of behaviour that came from the man's attitude. It's as if the man was trying a little too much to be nice. Not sure what to think of it, Dre would simply just smile and give a nod towards him as he finished the sentence saying that he was interested to see what the world had to offer. "So do all, boyo. But generally if you take a step back and look at the world with an open mind, you'll notice that not only life sucks, the world has to offer you nothing but sadness and hate." Dre would say to the man with a pensive look on his face.

After reciprocating the handshake the man would go on to ask Dre what he was to which he would simply respond by saying, "Fullbringer." He wasn't going to hide the fact that he was a fullbringer since there was no purpose in hiding it. As far as Dre was concerned, race was irrelevant. The only reason he asked people about it was for the sake of curiosity and nothing more. And considering how the man revealed his rank towards him without hesitation, which honestly most soul reapers do not do, he found that it was only fair towards Ragar if he revealed what he was. Gazing at the man with piercing light blue coloured eyes, Dre would speak, "so, tell me; what does a captain level Shinigami do at a time like this roaming the neighbourhood? Trying to find a good brothel to get laid?" A smirk would appear across his face, "if so, I have some good spots that I know that I can tell you about. The women there are top notch quality." He paused as he leaned against the bench, only to continue, "top notch quality women, I say. You'll have the time of your life."

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#6 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:20 pm

Upon getting a further read of Dre, Ragar was able to tell that the fullbringer known as Dre wasn't overly agressive or aiming to start a fight with him at this very second but that doesn't mean his guard wouldnt still be up. The only thing that would change because of the gathering from this information would be his level of niceness. While Ragar was always known as a seemingly upbeat person he somehow struggled with social interactions from most he would come across. Instead of awkward silence and incoherent ramblings, Ragar's way of getting through his social anxieties would normally be the portrayal of this overly nice state of his.

In any case it would seem Dre was the exact opposite not afraid to say whatever he wanted but was still capable of keeping things he didnt want known to stay that way unknown. Ragar had been pretty thrown back about his gloomy response of how the world sucls and somehow only brought sadness and and anger to the table.

"Now of course the world has issues everything does but its not a reason to look at it with such sadness and disdain. While I am not one hundred percent sure how the world of the living truly operates, I am positive that you or anyone with incredible powers and gifts could slowly change the dynamics of the world. Hell what do we know, it could quite honestly change by itself. In my time of being young I never remembered hearing stories of humans with special powers and abilities besides the quincy. It would seem that the world has evolved to create additional ways to keep the balance of power and equity... But maybe I have done enough ranting for now."

While Ragar didnt necessarily agree with Dre's outlook of the world he had no way of knowing what this young man has been through or what his eyes have seen, but with this in mind he would refuse to believe that Dre or anyone else like him didnt have the power to change that instead of sitting on the park bench and drinking his sorrows away but maybe the Third Division Captain had been to much of an optimist... Who knows at this point only time and the actions of other's would tell...

On a lighter not Dre questiong what exactly would a captain level shinigami be doing at this time of night was a rather interesting question. He had no idea at all what he was going to do once this interaction was to end but it would seem that the mysterious Jaegerjaquez would have a few idea's of his own... Ragar would certainly laugh when the fullbringer man would suggest him visiting a brothel, as it was quite honestly beneath him or anyone else for that matter.

While he didnt personally mean to offend anyone with that thought, Ragar always hated the though of anyone not just woman selling their bodies for cash or various other things. It was quite honestly demeaning to the woman and made those who attended thoughs sick events even worse then thoughs known as the "boss".

"Haha no thank you my friend while I am sure the woman are beautiful, I personally do not feel that thoughs places of business are for me."

Rubbing his head out of embarrasment Ragar would slowly think of something that would allow the both of them to have a degree of fun and somehow mutually benefical towards the both of them. The only thing that he would be able to think of would be a spar of some sorts but he wasn't particularly sure if Dre would be interested. "Now Mr. Jaegerjaquez would be interested in a spar of some sorts? I know it is quite werid to ask about this but since we are in a rather empty park I think would could make a pretty good use to all the space we have am I right my friend?

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#7 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:59 pm

Dre listened to the man closely as he gave his point of view of whether the world was a place filled with hate or not. After the man said his piece, Dre would begin to speak as he wanted to state something which he found quite necessary at this given time and moment. "Honestly I think we should look at world in the way how it truly is. Society and culture in general tells us that life is this great thing ever that is filled with happiness and all that fairy tail bullcrap. But actually, that's far from the truth. When you step into the real world you realize how truly revolting the world is. Unfortunately most people still choose to live ignorantly and miserably without stepping back and seeing the world for what it is. You know why that is? It's because as I mentioned earlier, society and culture brainwash people in such a young age that even after they grow older they still believe it. People can't accept the painful truth of reality because if they do, they would realize that they lived their whole life under a huge level of cope." He paused for a good few seconds to emphasize on the point he had made, only to continue again, "And I will take this opportunity to quote arguably one of the greatest philosophers of all time: The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud, and it's fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride."

He noticed how the soul reaper spoke about Dre's powers maybe able to make an effort in helping the world to change its course to the greater good. "While I appreciate your compliment, I don't think that's ever going to happen. The world itself will remain the same as it were for years to come. Since the beginning people have thrived on war, hatred and despair. It's something that is not easily changed. In fact, it will never happen. Because why you may ask? Simply because we are flawed. You, me and everyone living. I mean the Shinigamis are responsible for their fair share of blood shed. Hell, you people committed the genocide of an entire race. So, when you think about it; it's actually not a Shinigami and human thing. We are all flawed. All of us. Whatever race we are in, it doesn't matter." Dre's light blue eyes directed towards the man as he looked at Ragar with disappointed expression and continued, "how can men fight such reckless hate?" Referring to the soul reaper saying how people with power could try and change the world.

Dre wasn't the person to sugar-coat stuff. He preferred saying stuff as it is. In fact, he believed that people should ought to know the truth about life and particularly about the world they live in. However for some reason, most people found offense in what he had to say which actually was quite weird. It's as if people chose to stay ignorant in choice. All in all, Dre preferred to speak his mind whenever he wanted not regarding whether the people cared about it or not.

As Ragar kindly declined his request in wanting to go to a brothel, Dre grinned. It was not surprising that the man would not want to engage in such activity. The man displayed an aura of innocence. But be that as it may, Dre kept quiet as he didn't want to force someone to do something that they didn't want to do... As the soul reaper went on to ask him if he wanted to spar with him, he couldn't but raise an eyebrow. "I mean sure, but I really don't even know you clearly yet. It would be weird to start a spar with someone I only got to know for a few minutes." Standing up, he threw his hands inside his pockets as he leaned back a little, while saying, "how about we get to know each other a little first? Then let's do this spar you want to."

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#8 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:12 pm

It was astounding how much of a true realist had Dre been but it seemed that he hold on his view of the word would not be changed by simple words and he didn't even believe the actions of a group could change the way the world operated. But of course this was true, even Ragar was willing to admit this but even sometimes with the truth and facts placed directly in your hand Ragar still chose to be some of an optimistic joke. It was not because of his faith or teachings and thoughts forced on him by the cruel hand of society but to keep his mind at easy, at peace. Not having something to hold on to even in the face of true despair would surely crush the minds, bodies, and spirits of many but of course fighting would be easier then accepting the truth.

"That quote is truly beautiful indeed and there seems to be a lot of truth in the meaning of it. But have you ever thought of the fact that people chose to live blindly. I myself had chosen to do that but it always seems to come back full circle when you watch someone you love fall in front of you... Anyway, I would love to talk more, my request at a spar had been to move on from this subject a lot of the time people get touchy on the matter but it would seem you handled with beautifully."

Ragar was rather intrigued that Dre wanted to talk more instead of sparring. While it was true that they just met normally would people agree to the spar instead of conversation as a lot of time fists seemed to speak louder then words. But this was fine as well one could still learn a lot from talking rather then throwing around fists in a friendly manor.

"So is there anything in particular that you wanted to talk about? I am an open book about most things. But if something bothers me I'll try and push through it." It was not often that Ragar chose to be this much of an open book but something about Dre made him feel as if he could trust him at least until proven otherwise. This would probably seem to be rather weird and suspicious and insincere to Dre but in fact Ragar meant no harm. He did not have much knowledge with social interactions and this with his way of handling interactions, at least until he found a proper way.

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#9 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:41 pm

A smile would find itself on Dre's face as the man agreed to converse with him before they spared. The soul reaper was willing to cooperate which he found was a good thing. Exhaling slowly, Dre directed his eye's towards the man, "actually I was just testing you a little, and guess what? You passed!" He said wiping the smile off his face as a smirk appeared instead of it. "I know you may wondering why I went my way to test you and all that, right? Well, simply, I wanted to see if you were able to cooperate with me. Which, in my view is very important. I mean, I agreed on participating to spar with you, a man I never knew until a few minutes ago. If you would have refused to talk with me, I would have most likely also reject wanting to spar you. Mutual agreement between each other is important, in my opinion." He said in his usual direct tone. Ragar seemed like an individual who was easy to work with and who gave the impression on not being selfish and able to compromise. He could have most likely rejected to talk with Dre, but he did not. Knowing what kind of person you are associating with, be it friend or foe was a very important factor.

"Well, do follow me will you? I know a good open place in Tokyo where we could fight without any unnecessary interruptions. Don't want any humans barging in and ruining it all." Dre said as he turned towards the left and started walking forward slowly. Hopefully the man would also trust him enough to follow him to the place where they were going to battle it out.

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#10 Re: [Private] The Fellowship (Ragar) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:38 pm

Ragar was very amused upon seeing the smile on Dre's face it was the first time he had received a smile and it would signal that he had done something to amuse the fullbringer in return. This was good, this interaction did not seem to be as bad as some of that he had before but with Dre things felt more natural and more sincere... Ragar would laugh as it would seem he had passed a test of some sorts, it was quite an interesting test and it seemed that him passing it only solidified their trust in each other. It was quite a brilliant idea to build trust but if whoever took it happened to fail there was a more then likely chance that some sort of conflict could occur. Mutual Agreement was indeed important between strangers as it allowed all involved to be on the same page and when that happened things certainly would go much more smoothly than if the parties did not agree.

Ragar had been completely fine with trusting Dre into taking them into a new area in which they could spar peacefully, it was not that he was just trusting him blindly, that was not it at all. But in the event that he was lead to some sort of trap in which he was almost sure he wasn't their intention was to fight anyway and Ragar was sure that he would be able to defend himself in a somewhat dangerous situation. "Please, lead the way the less chance that we have of being interrupted the better I would like to enjoy this spar to the fullest. While Ragar did chose to trust Dre, this did not stop him from keep his guard up and allowing him to be observant but alas he would follow him anyway.

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