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#1 Ragar Rose III [Shinigami] on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:58 pm


Name: Ragar Rose III
Age: 22
True Age: 350
Sex: Male

Ragar a very relaxed person. He loved free time to himself and enjoys sleeping his days away. He usually ignores everything besides thing that help him reach his goals or whatever he’s doing. He focuses only on the positive thing and thing that makes things better for others. There’s are times where his ego gets the best of him and he reacts on impulse by wildly lunging at a person on yelling. Other then that he is a very passive person he intends to let people's rude comments and attitudes be fuel to his goals and passions. He enjoys studying other people and learning human behavioral Patterns which makes his a curious person.

He comes off as a happy person around people also smiling and lifting up others. When he is sad or upset he tends to isolate himself from other to regroup. When alone he only has one goal to hone his abilities and skills which usually leaves him with a serious side. Towards his enemies he will present himself as a serious opponent but also he will as if he were trying to get into his opponent's head. He often tries to replicate professor behavior.

He is very fascinated by fighting. He enjoys partaking in them but even more watching them. While fighting his personality changes the most . He takes serious to the next level by adding sadistic movements and hostile attacks. He at the start of the fight he will become an Analyst constantly blocking attack with his sword to adjust to his opponent's current strength and fighting patterns.

Overall he is typically a kind, bashful and relaxed guy. He tends to become bored quiet quickly but stays optimistic. He is a curious guy which leads him into finding out the information he wants to know. He is sneaky and quick perfect for a spy. He is very intelligent and observant down to the smallest detail. There has been times in which he has been called both childish and overly play as well. Ragar prefers to be humorous when he can and loves to be the one to lift a tense mood in the room with silly jokes.


Height: 6'3
Weight: 150
Physical Traits:


Alongside the traditional clothing of all types of shinigami, Ragar is found wearing various kimono's or other cloth like attire similar to that of royal or high ranking status. These kimono or expensive clothing can be found in various colors from black, red, and gold, to several shades of blue.


Nothing besides a metallic pink and rose like flower crest of his family pinned to the attire of whatever he wears.


General Fighting Style:

Ragar prefers to fight with a skill set and arsenal of abilities used by thoughs of a close to mid ranged fighting styles. He loves using his zanpaktuo in most cases, but also doesn't mind the occasional hand to hand combat brawl but for the most part avoids them. He uses a rare form of Kung Fu known as Wolf Style (In other translations Dog Kung Fu.) He loves to use kido and will incorporate it whenever possible. He attacks with speed delivering powerful blows within a instant and in some cases attacks without thinking to avoid predicted by the normal thought patterns. When fighting a more powerful opponent he may be more hesitant to attack without calculated thought. In that case he would definitely rely in Kido for his shortcomings.


Reiatsu Control


Reiatsu Detection

Ability Name: Power of Justice
Ability Description: Once every three posts, the user covers their melee based weapon in reishi allowing them to back past any defensive technique Equivalent to Bakudo of the Strength 90 and lower.

Ability Name: God's Flash Step
Ability Description: Once per three turns the user is capable of gathering reishi into their feet to double the speed of their flash steps for three posts.


Sealed Appearance:


Call Out Command: “Secure the Future, Masayoshi!”

Short Arm of Justice’s Shield Form:


Masayoshi in english mean “Justice”... This weapon is comprised of two swords each equipped with a special ability The swords not only differ in abilities but appearance as well, or at least in the case of being different lengths.

Long Arm of Justice: This is the longest blade of the two in which both make up Masayoshi, this long sword has the ability to do something rather ironic, become longer. It is capable of extending the blade of itself up to 50 additional feet in order to surprise of catch his opponents off guard. ((This ability can only used once every three posts but moves as the speed of a bala.)) The sword while at any extended length responds as if it were in its base form being able to be shifted or move in great speeds at the flick of the wrist. In exchange the user only has the ability to use the form in its extended state for up to two posts. Three Post Cooldown.

Short Arm of Justice: The short blade also has a rather unique ability, but unlike its counterpart its it is completely unrelated to it's length. Once per post, the short sword or blade has the ability to turn into a round shield capable of defending the user from attacks as powerful as a Cero once every post. In addition once every three posts the Shield has the ability to block an attack equivalent to Gran Rey Cero.

Wave of Justice: Once every three posts the user has the ability to simultaneously fire up to two arch shaped reishi blasts at the target (One from each sword). These two arch shaped blasts are equivalent to the strength of two ceros and can be fired individually but the three post cooldown still applies even if only one arch blast was used.  

Boosts: 2x to everything.


New Name: Hanbaku Dekinai Masayoshi



Hanbaku Dekinai Masayoshi in english is translated to, “Irrefutable Justice” and changes drastically from its Shikai state. While most of its powers are pretty much the same he gain a great boosts in strength along with the modified appearance. The once thin long sword becomes thicker and larger requiring a armor tailored to Ragar’s body to user the blade. The short blade has now fully transformed into a shield state and is now stronger than ever. Along with these upgraded weapons and equipment comes a new armor with its own original ability and power listed below:

Irrefutable Armor of Justice: Upon entering his Bankai State, Ragar gains a unique armor that boosts his defense against both spiritual and physical based from a Heirro like fabric. This armor is also equipped with massive gauntlet like palms capable of handling weapons of  a massive size but also increases the strength of Ragar’s physical attacks by a great amount. Like his blade and shield this armor doesn't slow the user down due to increase weight and loss of mobility.

Irrefutable Long Arm of Justice: This is the longest blade of the two in  its bankai state now has the ability to become much larger and capable of reaching new lengths than before.  It is capable of extending the blade of itself up to 100 feet in order to surprise of catch his opponents off guard. As well as enter a state in which the blade becomes a seemingly massive ninjato. ((This ability can only still be used once every three posts with the enhanced movement speed of being slightly slower then a Shunpo.)) The sword while at any extended length still responds as if it were in its base form being able to be shifted or move in great speeds at the flick of the wrist. Although the user is now capable of maintaining its extended length stage for an additional post now being able to maintain that form for three posts.

Irrefutable Shield of Justice: The short blade has now completely entered a shield state. But unlike its Shikai’s Shield state this form is now equip with a rather large Renntartsche Shield like defense capable of completely covering the user from attacks. It retains the ability to defend the user from attacks as powerful as a base form cero every post. But once every four posts this new shield is also capable of blocking attacks as strong as a Cero Oscuras

Irrefutable Wave of Justice: Once every five posts the user has the ability to simultaneously fire up large arc shaped energy attack capable of rivaling a two Gran Rey Cero in power. This attack requires a single post of charge time but is easily capable of administering great damage to  a target.  

Irrefutable Burst of Justice: Once every four posts the user has the ability to fire a Reiatsu infused burst of wind from their shield capable of slicing almost anything as strong as steel within a 25 foot range. This is done by creating a vacuum wave that shoots outward at speeds almost rivaling things like Shunpo, Sonido, and Bringer's Light.

Irrefutable Spear of Justice: Once every five posts the user has the ability to throw the massive form of the Long Sword of Justice at a alarming speed and strength. This sword being used as a spear is capable of piercing through and even completely destroy a mountain. There are rumors that this spear attack attack has been noted to hold the strength of a Cero Oscuras.

Boosts: 3x to everything.


Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [Increases in your character's physical capabilities. Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]



I guess this is this is supposed to be the beginning of the story that is the life of Ragar Rose III of, but let's face the facts it started off just as normal as any other person raised in the Soul Society. In fact Ragar was not born as Ragar Rose III his real name is Alaude Strauss, but we shall slowly get to that bit. At some point of time Ragar was a member of a highly respected and praised noble clan know as the Strauss Clan. It was not until his second birthday that his life slowly turned into something out of the normal. His royal and noble family had been caught committing an act of treason against the Soul Society and therefore each and every member had been hunted down, executed, and imprisoned, well all besides Ragar. He had been found and raised by one of the members of the Six Division who didn’t take pride or find honor in killing a innocent toddler. It was at this time that his name had been officially changed to Ragar Reinhart, the name of the man who found him. Ragar was raised as the man's son and never knowing the truth about the Strauss Clan. Ragar growing up desired to be a member of the Second Division for their skill and abilities in handling things both stealthy and efficiently. So this is what he trained hard to achieve. After years in the Academy he had finally been accepted into the second division as an unseated member as he had yet to unlock or hear the name of his zanpakuto

His time in the Second Division was short lived, while he did indeed have the skill to be a successful and powerful shinigami one day his skills and talents had been misplaced and misused in the Second Division. This slowly became apparent to him as he weren’t able to keep up with the way the Division conducted itself. So after only five years with the Second Division the young Rose warrior would transfer to the Division his father was once the third seat of, the Sixth Division. It would seem that this change was sure needed as not long after entering the Six Division he would awaken his Shikai, Masayoshi. His shikai state was gained in response to a need rather than training. While handling affairs and missions in the World of the Living, Ragar had come face to face with a rather dangerous and experience Hollow. It was not until the young Rose was hanging on by a single thread had Masayoshi revealed its name to Ragar and since then the swords of Justice have helped him progress even further.

It was also during this time had the young man found a love and passion for learning and master the way of Kido. He had taken a real liking into the versatility of both Hado and Bakudo. In particular his favorite Kido had been the Bakudo Technique, Hyapporankan it had helped him find his way out of plenty of sticky situations. He became well know in the word of Kido and had even had multiple request from the Kido Korps for him to join. While he did really enjoy it he did not see himself dedicating his life to kido it was him.

Five additional years of training and honing the skills of his Shikai had Ragar finally gained his first seated position as the fourth seat of the Sixth Division. It was also during this time he had met and began falling in love with beautiful young lady of the Third Division. He was fascinated with the young lady’s ability to grow and raise in the ranks. While he was the fourth seat of his Division the young lady had already been a Lieutenant for five years. While he found this astounding he also felt jealous, this would slowly but forced him to hone his very own skills further and further, while also climbing the ladder of the Sixth Division. Ragar after only a year had reached a position of power he could have only dreamed of when he first started, not only that he had a beautiful woman in which he loved and helped him to grow.

But of course things could not always be so happy. While on a trip to the world of the living the girl he had fallen so madly in love with had fallen to the hands of an Arrancar, and not just any Arrancar one of the fabled Espada. Ragar left angry and sad, vowed to become stronger not for just himself but for the memory of the girl he loved so much. Before he could look up ten whole years had passed, the pink haired Rose just recently unlocked his Bankai after training so long. He of course did so to become a Captain and not just any Captain. The Captain of the Third Division, the division in which the love of his life love more then anything. So it began, Ragar would began the long, gruesome, and extensive process of becoming the captain of the third Division. This is what he had worked for his entire life. The title of captain, and he surely wasn’t going to waste it. Now continuing to master his Bankai and grow for both himself and the memory of his love one he still resides in the Third Division.

Side Notes: N/A
RP Sample:

((This is a time in which Ragar remembers taking a trip to the world of the Living.))

Noise filled the room where Ragar had been resting, this was not normally an issue considering the odd places he stayed while on mission from the Soul Society in the World of the Living but he figured he must have loved the ocean considering he always ended up near one. He would hear the sound of seagulls and crashing waves hitting the shores of what could be a magical beach. The sound was extremely vivid for what he assumed was a video recording. But the oddest part of this series events was the unforgettable smell of the beach air.

It was over powering something you couldn't imitate, Ragar would be rather worried about this smell but he was stuck in a state of unconsciousness. His body wasn't quite ready to awaken from this strange form of bliss brought on what seemed to be memories... As time progressed the the sounds and smells would began to intensify as if he we're ready to awake. To make this situation even more disorienting he would began to feel what felt like sun rays warm his body.

Why was this particular dream so vivid unlike any he has ever had before? At this point he felt the urge to return back to reality. He would began to roll around in his bed which was unusually firm and prickly than normal. With his eyes still closed he would began to sit up with memories of his dream still flowing through his head. But wait... He could still hear, smell, and feel everything that was indicated in what he was dreaming of that mysterious beach. It was time he opened his eyes. Forcing his eyelids open he would be met with a bright flash. Why was there sun? Where he stayed there were no windows and hardly any lighting. As his eyes adjusted he began to enter a slight a state of panic. This was the beach.

He would look around in a panicked state as he searched for anything that would help him find out where he was. All he could remember was a walking through a violent crowd of people. As he attempted to stand he would get a sharp pain in his head followed by a poor lack of control over his body. Was he drugged? He had managed to find his footing and zanpaktuo before noticing all the money he had was taken along with all the identification he had gathered in the human world. "Damn It. How could I let a human best me. I must seriously have let myself go." He would look down at his clothing as he noticed what he assumed to be his own blood. "GREAT!" Frustrated he would began walking around the beach hoping to find where he was.

Luckily he had left his remaining money behind but he couldn't quite remember where that was either. "As soon as I find those bastards... They are...mine." He would walk off into the burning sun of the beach as in the distance he would notice a sign that would read Rio de Janeiro. How long had he been unconscious and how did he get to Rio? It was then he remembered where he was before this incident his face would turn red as Karakura Town flashed through his head...

"Oh I am in so much trouble..."

This was gonna be a long journey for Ragar luckily they hadn't taken his trusty zanpaktuo. It would have been impossible to recover it from other thousands of miles. It would take what little energy he had left to find civilization and planned to exact his revenge on the natives of Karakura...


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