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#1 Kitsune Shiba Historical Application on Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:39 pm


Name: Kitsune Shiba
Age: 1,200~ (at time of death)
Sex: Female
Personality: Kitsune was a fiery girl with a heart of gold. As a member of the Gotei 13, she valued action over words, and certainly cared for her subordinates. It was often assumed that there was a relationship between her and Akira Tanaka, the first Captain-Commander, as she had served under him with more fervor than any of her other commanding officers. In fact, considering the normal term length for pregnancies among stronger Shinigami, and the addition of Binding Kidou to hide and prolong one (confirmed to have been used on her), there is an extremely high chance that Captain-Commander Tanaka may have been the father of her only child, Okami. Then again, only she knew, and the secret lies in a journal hidden away somewhere in the First Division barracks.


Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Kitsune's fighting style consisted of swordplay and Kidou, but she also relied heavily upon her Zanpakuto's unique abilities, augmented by a heightened level of reiatsu and reiryoku that fueled the flames of her Shikai and Bankai.

Reiatsu: Kitsune's reiatsu was quite a bit stronger than completely necessary or expected, even for a Captain-Class combatant.

Reiryoku: The First Lieutenant of Squad One was quite distinguishable in the fact that her reserves of reiryoku were vast, enough to drive the point home that she was definitely not one to mess with.

Zanpakuto: Her Zanpakuto, much like her successor's, is one of her greatest strengths. It was far stronger than those of her peers, and was capable of destabilizing non-living reishi in an area about the size of the Seireitei in around 6 posts while in Bankai, slightly slower than her son's.


Speed: Kitsune's fighting style revolved more around crushing blows and overwhelming force, which left her physical speed a bit lacking. Even while using Shunpo, she would find it difficult to keep up with others of her caliber.

Pregnancy: For a fairly long period of time, between 2,251 years ago and 1,570 years ago, Kitsune was pregnant, and thus restricted herself from strenuous combat. She refused to stay in her Bankai for more than 3 posts, and refused to use Kidou higher than #75.


Sealed Appearance: Kitsune's Zanpakuto had a plain grey wrapping while sealed, and was the length of an average katana. The tsuba had several cutouts in the shape of the sun's rays, and was round in shape.

Fiery Reiatsu: Kitsune's reiatsu was elemental, and set fire to an area twenty feet in diameter around her, making close quarters combat nearly unbearable. For every two posts spent within this area, the affected combatant will suffer an additional degree of burning (maxes out at third).


Call Out Command: Ignite, Hiyakeshita Shojo! (Sunburnt Virgin)
Shikai and Spirit Appearance:

Fire Manipulation: While in Shikai, Kitsune is capable of generating and manipulating fire, whether that generated by her reiatsu or that generated by her sword, These flames burn upwards of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the same as magnesium. She is completely immune to her own fire.

Napalm Strike: Building up flames in her sword, Kitsune slashes at her opponent to unleash a torrent of fire similar in size and damage to a Getsuga Tensho, but it doesn't end there. The flames then stick to any and every surface they contact, burning for an additional three posts. One post charge, 4 post cooldown upon end of effects.


New Name: Hiyakeshita Ondori (Sunburnt Roc)
Bankai Appearance:

Sunfire Manipulation: The massive phoenix, approximately fifty feet long with a wingspan of 80 feet, that makes up the body of Hiyakeshita Ondori is made up of fire that was drawn straight from the sun itself. The only person unaffected by direct contact with the bird is Kitsune herself. The bird is controlled by the tail connected to the small of her back, and can be controlled like another limb. The core of the bird, a five foot orb located where it's heart would be, is approximately the temperature of the sun's corona and it's convective zone at around 3.5 million degrees Fahrenheit, while the rest of the phoenix's main body and head is the temperature of the photoshpere at around 10,000 degrees. It's wings burn at 7,800 degrees, something more comparable to the chromosphere. Any flames caused by contact with the bird itself will burn at 6,000 degrees.

Bankai Regeneration: Kitsune's Bankai, as it is made up of pure fire, is capable of regenerating itself if damaged by building upon her reiatsu at a speed comparable to an Arrancar or Hollow's High-Speed Regeneration. That is, of course, as long as it's core remains undamaged. The core itself is amorphous, but can be damaged by direct contact with an attack equivalent to Hado #90 or higher. Damage to the core takes approximately one page to repair, at which point further regeneration can occur.


Background: Kitsune Shiba participated in every major and minor squabble in the Gotei 13 up to her death in the last throws of the Second Great War a bit over 1,500 years ago.

In her official capacity, she was Lieutenant of the First Division under Akira Tanaka, Jensen Reinhart, and Grainne Xios. This was her choice, as she did not wish to be a Captain at any point in time during her tenure. Of course, her position was initially due to her being the second-strongest Shinigami of the age, after the Captain-Commander himself, and she took pride in that fact and never wished to let it go. (Tier 0-5)

As Okami's mother, she was only able to spend a few years with him, proportionately, before her death, but it was always something that he treasured. She ended up sealing a portion of her flames within her son as a countermeasure, which were released and saved his life in his Academy days due to a vicious encounter with an instructor. Despite her untimely demise, she could definitely have earned Mother of the Century, hands-down.

Also, it'll be a hilarious endeavor to figure out who Okami's father is, given her shenanigans in an attempt to keep her pregnancy under wraps as long as possible. A journal hidden in the First Division offices confirms her relationship with Akira Tanaka and his status as Okami's father, but it hasn't been found yet. DAMMIT RENA, CLEAN OUT YOUR OFFICE!

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