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#1 Furusuke Shibutani (300 ya) on Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:59 am





  Name: Shibutani Furusuke (渋谷 古助)
  Apparent Age: Early 20s
  Physical Age: 500
  Sex: I'd love to, but I'm a married man.
  Personality: It isn't a surprise that Furusuke is the very image of masculinity, exemplifying and epitomizing what makes men manly. It is shown in all of his behaviors and by his look; from his ideas of individuality to his strong, bearded jawline. His musculature is very much genetic, and it is not unusual for Shibutani men to be very bulky, and thus he didn't have to work much to have his huskier body-type.

Along with his masculinity, Furusuke also exemplifies a person with a strong sense of justice. Though his family and indeed Furusuke himself had not been necessarily known for such a trait throughout his life, it was his previous actions and passing of these values to his children that made the Shibutani family strong representatives of the Gotei 13, especially considering the amount of Captains the family had produced for it.

Furusuke has always had a strong sense of identity. He prides himself in having been a seated member in the Fourth Division and defends members of his old Division whenever they are looked down upon. Fifth Squad therefore has a very good relationship with the Fourth Squad. In addition, Furusuke is strongly conservative. He believes that although the system of governing the Gotei 13 has had may be a little antiquated, it is the best system they've had so far, without anyone attempting to reform it.

Supplementary is that Furusuke is incredibly proud of his ancestry, the Shibutani line that has existed even before the existence of the Gotei 13, and perhaps one of the only families to hold fame without the help of the Gotei 13 especially considering its role in the formation of the organization. When introducing himself to others, Furusuke proudly refers to himself as "Captain Shibutani". Throughout his entire life, he was proud of his heritage and ancestry, though his father always disliked him, calling himself a disappointment. This was, of course, until his father was proven wrong, stepping down from his Captain position and giving it to his son.

Considering their long history and evident from their many children, it is no surprise to anyone that Furusuke deeply loves his wife. This is shown in his doting at her whenever she is around and the apparent resistance he has to acting on these urges in formal events.

A very character building point of Furusuke's life was becoming a father. As a father, he was incredibly proud of his five children; his sons being handsome like their father, even the runt; and his daughters being as beautiful as their mother. Still, for his first few years, especially having to deal with so many kids along with his responsibilities as a captain didn't know what he was doing. He had believed strongly in discipline while raising his children, and often beat them when they misbehaved or he believed they were underperforming. The child who bore the brunt of this was, of course, his fourth born, who was much smaller, weaker, and duller than his four siblings at the time. The rest of the family disliked this fourth born, and even ostricized him. Regardless, both Furusuke and his wife believe in each and every one of their five children. When his fourth born son, Jun, came of age and graduated from the Shinigami academy, Furusuke was the first to congratulate him, before apologizing for beating him and his siblings when they were children. This consolation, of course, was kept a secret to the rest of the family in order to keep his son's motivation up.

Though most people knew Furusuke as being a hotheaded teenager with everything to prove, being a captain and then a father had really changed things for him. In recent times, he tends more toward being laid back in his approach. With no particularly deep rivalries, he even approaches life-or-death situations with a calm face. He is, after all, completely satisfied with life, having achieved everything he had hoped for, and has strong confidence that once of his five children can rise up to replace him as the Captain of the 5th Squad when the time comes. He believes all his children, even the weakest, has the ability to defend themselves. However, there is one thing that absolutely brings out his rage. That is, if someone threatens his wife in any way, he grows an incredible, fervent hatred toward the source of the threat.




  Height: 6'
  Weight: 210 lb.
  Physical Traits: A common trait among both men and women of the Shibutani family is their long, flowing black hair. Though neither of his parents possessed blonde hair, through a quirk of genetics, Furusuke was born blonde and he slowly grew darker hair as he began to age, about the time he entered into the Shinigami academy. He still grows blonde hair, especially at the back of his head. He has yellow highlights, accentuated by his particular haircut.

Though Furusuke is obviously very old, he appears with the vim and vigor of a younger man with the rugged, seasoned charm and gravitas of an older man. He does not have any blemishes on his skin for the most part. However, underneath his skin, on his left arm, he has a bone that was bisected by a vasto lordes's attack, and due to its power, never healed properly when the rest of his body did. He wears a special band to keep the bone in place, though without the brace, it is obvious that his bone is displaced, bent at the middle of his forearm.

He has beautiful, bright, hazel eyes. He seems old and wise by the look on his face, many younger shinigami especially in his own squad along with the one he had come from looking up to him. His skin is very fair toned in that he probably gets a healthy amount of of sun just enough not to really tan. His skin, for his age, looks incredibly healthy actually.

While beards typically hide the jaw line, Furusuke has no real need to. He has a very manly face. His jaw-line is strong, covered by a shaggy if short beard. He has the capability of growing a mustache, though regularly shaves it, his wife wanting him to shave his beard too. Furusuke obviously keeps that amount of facial hair and sometimes even grows it back during especially long days away from home, returning from long missions with a full beard and mustache. His lips are very wide when compared to his nose and naturally rest in a pout. His eyebrows are quite thin.

Historically, men of the Shibutani family have been known to possess very big, bulky frames rivaling the muscular bodies of the 11th division. Even their oldest ancestor, before the Gotei 13 existed and before even the family was known as Shibutani, was reported to have had a very imposing musculature. It is no surprise, therefore, that Furusuke has an incredibly impressive musculature.

  Clothing: As far as clothing goes, Furusuke feels little need to wear more than the standard shinigami robe and captain raiment.

  Accessories: After a particularly gruesome fight after his teammates had all either been killed or knocked unconscious, Furusuke was left to take care of a Vasto Lordes class menos. Though he had largely healed, damage to his left arm became permanent. In order to keep his arm stable, he wears a brace around his forearm which keeps the bone in place.

Furusuke wears a two-tone wedding band on his right ring finger. The outer trim is a golden color while the inside is a pattern welded steel.




  General Fighting Style: Due to how free-form fighting is, there is no particular way Furusuke fights, and he tends not to plan his fights in advance even if he knows who he is going to be fighting. Furusuke prefers to keep flexible and unpredictable, adjusting to the situation as it changes. However, he has general ideas on how to fight against certain opponents, sometimes favoring striking or grappling depending on what he sees his opponent favoring. If he sees the opponent protecting a certain part of their body, Furusuke will often attempt to exploit it in order to strike that part of their body. If he notices the opponent prefers to get close to walls, he will often attempt to exploit it, putting said opponent into a corner with no way out. Furusuke typically keeps a medium range, due to that being the range he is strongest in. However, he is still more than capable of fighting long range, able to sling kido rather quickly and defend himself, and having the opponent come closer. At extremely close range, Furusuke is an effective grappler, capable of taking an opponent to the ground and dominating at every angle while on the ground. Furusuke's forte is in striking, especially in zanjutsu. In zanjutsu, his greatest strength is his ability to parry or dodge away from his opponent's moves in quick, effective motions compensating for his lack of general speed. Furusuke will also often attempt to

  Strengths: Furusuke is by no means the greatest healer, however, when it comes to all his abilities, Furusuke's healing is his greatest quality. His generic healing kido can fix partial amputations and reconnect vital tissue. This extends into an ability to control his body as well as others through reishi. Another thing that Shibutani men are known for; especially those who rise to the rank of Captain are notable for, including the very first Shibutani to become Captain, Taisen Shibutani; is their immense reiatsu and the control of it. His energy, which radiates a deep blue hue, can be felt from miles away when fully released or not at all, simply due to his almost unbelievable amount of control over it.

  Weaknesses: The muscle mass characteristic of the average Shibutani man is also a hindrance, in that they cannot move with nearly as much grace as others outside their family. Consequently, their shunpo suffers the greatest, and most Shibutani, including Furusuke, do not take the time to hone their shunpo upon mastery of the skill. While Shibutani men are known to possess high reiatsu, they conversely have relatively low power of reiryoku, Furusuke being no exception. This is especially troubling at the beginning of fights and without his reiatsu, makes it extremely difficult to intimidate enemies.



Shiketsutai (止血帯) A healing kido developed and perfected by Furusuke during his time in 4th Squad. Upon being cast, it creates an energy disk on the target's body. Shiketsutai acts as a secondary heart, circulating blood separately between both sides of the disk. The disk, using spirit energy of both the caster and the casualty, draws oxygen into itself and binds it with blood on either side of the disk. The disk acts to separate the blood vessels on one side of itself and the other while keeping other organs connected. If there is nothing on the other side of the disk, it will suck air into a ball, using the energy as a cushion, applying pressure to the part in the case of an amputation. If given a number, it would be something of about 3.

Myakudo (脈動) Another healing kido developed by Furusuke and used exclusively by the 4th Squad if not for Furusuke. The user places their hands, one just below the target's right side shoulder and underneath their armpit on the left side just over the seratus anterior. Upon casting, it sends information to the caster about the target's heart rhythm. From their, should the target's condition elicit a shock, a shock is emitted between the caster's hands in an attempt to restart the heart. The target and the caster need to have skin-on-skin contact in order for this technique to be effective in any way. If given a number, this kido would be something of about 14.



  Sealed Appearance: Suijutsu is a little more than half as long as Furusuke is tall. The handle is long enough to accommodate Furusuke's two large hands, the handle swelling to be more comfortable for him. The hilt is a geometric shape and decorated in a pattern similar to cuts of bismuth. The blade consists of an eccentric patterned edge and a shiny, indented center, a groove along its spine. The edge of the blade is decorated with the shapes of arabic numerals, printed along the blade but not affecting its overall quality. The sheathe is black.


  Name: Suijutsu (数秘術)
  Call Out Command: Count to ten

  Appearance: Suijutsu's hilt disappears, melting into a bubble of water. Upon release, Suijutsu is a bubble of water wrapped around Furusuke's hand or hands with the blade suspended by the tang in the water bubble. Furusuke can control the temperature and pressure, therefore  also the physical state of water in the bubble. That is, he can return the state of the water back to room-temperature water. This bubble can extend up to a foot away from Furusuke's body upon release and can move freely throughout his body.

Boosts: None upon release.


One, Count (一 数える) Upon release, Suijutsu enters its One state and begins to passively grow, slowly gaining more abilities and growing in power as it continues. At this stage, he incurs no boost in power. Using the command "Count" allows him to create a single bar of ice up to the length of his two arms fully extended across his body from either of his hands. The force at which the bar shoots from his hand is roughly that of hado number 5. However, the primary purpose of this ability is its use as a splint. Furusuke can extend a veil of water or alternatively simply use a piece of cloth to splint the bar to a target's body. The bar can remain solid for up to two hours after Suijutsu returns to its sealed state, after which it will begin to melt like normal ice.
(Every two need one post to cool down. Heh.)

Two, Extend (二 拡張する) After release (one post after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Extend". This extends the effective range of Suijutsu from one foot to two feet and all of Furusuke's stats are increased 1.5x their normal strength. After this, Furusuke can use the command "Extend" again on targets with open wounds. On touch, a bubble of water the size of a fist forms over the open wound and water enters in through the wound. The bubble draws in moisture from the air in order to feed itself. When the water enters the target's body, it helps volumize blood plasma and cleans out the target's veins.
(One post cool down)

Three, Encircle (三 囲む) After using Extend (two posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Encircle". This extends the effective range of Suijutsu from two feet to two and a half feet. The overall surface area of Suijutsu also increases, covering up to Furusuke's entire forearm as opposed to just his hand. Upon reaching this stage, Furusuke can give the command "Encircle" to generate a shell of ice around a target within arm's reach of himself. This shell can be easily manipulated using Suijutsu's power itself. Though it forms a protective shell, this is not in particular a very effective shield, capable of being destroyed in a single hit by an opponent with power roughly the same as Furusuke. This shell is most effective as a means of transporting patients as it insulates heat and Furusuke can generate shells with a funnel structure which helps get air to said patient.
(Cool down of two posts)

Four, Force (四 強いる) After using Encircle (three posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Force". Upon the first activation, this power grants 2x to all stats from their base power and the effectiveness of healing-type kido is increased 1.5x.  After this stage is reached, Furusuke can use the command "Force" to create a ball of water which creates a wave down the center at a constant rate, rhythm, and power, enough to break ribs or at least up to that amount of power. This ball can be applied to the sternum for automatic chest compression. It can also wrap around the core to apply abdominal thrusts. Only one of these can exist at a time and remain under Furusuke's control. If he creates one, the other evaporates.
(Cool down of two posts)

Five, Go (五 行こう) After using Force (four posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Go". Upon activation of this stage, the effective range on Suijutsu changes from two and a half feet to three feet, the maximum surface area extending so as to be capable of covering half of Furusuke's body. After reaching this stage, Furusuke can use the command "Go" again to create ice-skates on either his feet or underneath one of the capsules created by his Three, Encircle. A moving individual in which this ability is used can use Shunpo and get to distances up to three times as they normally could. When used on one of his ice capsules, they can be used for rapid transport on rough terrain so long as Furusuke does not return his zanpakuto to its sealed state.
(Cool down three posts when used on a person, two posts when used on a capsule)

Six, Cut (六 切る) After using Go (five posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Cut". Upon activation, Furusuke gets a 2.5x bonus to all base stats. At this stage, the precision of using Suijutsu is doubled, allowing Furusuke to make surgical cuts on his targets using his zanpakuto.  After activation, Furusuke can use the command "Cut". This creates multiple scalpels out of water, allowing Furusuke to make several precision cuts at once.
(Cool down one post)

Seven, Cauterize (七 焼灼する) After using Cut (six posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Cauterize". Upon activation,  the effectiveness of healing kido cast by Furusuke is doubled. In addition, the shell made by Three, Encircle takes two hits to break instead of one. After reaching this stage, Furusuke can give the command "Cauterize", and after dropping water over a wound, can heat up the water to impossible temperatures, cauterizing the wound as the water evaporates.
(Cool down one post)

Eight, Laugh (八 笑い) After using Cauterize (seven posts after entering shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Laugh". Upon activation, he gets a 3x bonus to all stats. After reaching this stage, Furusuke can give the command "Laugh" again. This allows him to transform water created using his zanpakuto into a sweet, milky fluid, which when drank, dulls feelings of pain and causes drowsiness in the one who drank it.
(Cool down one post)

Nine, Tease (九 からかう) After using Laugh (eight posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Tease". Upon activation, the effectiveness of healing kido increases three fold and the durability of the shell created by Three, Encircle is increased from two strikes to three. After activation, Furusuke can use the command "Tease". This allows Furusuke, for a decent amount of time (four posts), to freely control the physical state of water generated by Suijutsu.
(Cool down three posts after it wears off)

Ten, Pierce (十 突き通る) After using Tease (nine posts after entering Shikai), Furusuke can give the command "Pierce". Upon activation, he gets a 3.5x bonus to all stats, the surface area of Suijutsu expands to cover the entirety of Furusuke's body, and the maximum effective range goes from three feet to two feet. After activation, Furusuke can use the command "Pierce". At this command, a torrent of water rushes toward his opponent at a range of up to four feet, taking a chunk out of the target's flesh. That chunk is dissolved into a paste and can be used to heal a part of another individual's body equivalent to the amount of flesh taken.
(Cool down two posts)



  New Name: Shinpi Suijutsu (神 数秘術)

  Appearance: Upon activation, the blade of Suijutsu melts and all the water collected amalgamates into a single mass in the form of a counter behind Furusuke which ticks upward indefinitely in Arabic numerals constructed from water. The counter itself is intangible, any party capable of moving through it as if it wasn't there. The higher the stage Suijutsu had reached in Shikai, the higher the number is in Shinpi Suijutsu, the more powerful.

  Boosts: .25x on all stats if activated before reaching stage 5, .50x if activated before reaching stage 8, no bonus if activated at stage 9 beyond stage 9 bonuses; 4x on all stats if stage 10 is reached before activation or three posts after activation if at a lower stage; 4.5x effectiveness of healing kido


Count to Infinity (無限に数える) This ability is as much a power of Suijutsu as it is of Shinpi Suijutsu. That is, this technique is only ever used when Suijutsu is in its Shikai state, but also only active in bankai, and is a sort of secondary release command specifically for bankai. The proper phrasing being, "Count to Infinity. Bankai, Shinpi Suijutsu". This technique counts up in myriads and every stage at Shikai Suijutsu reached raises the counted number by one myriad. Each post, this number goes up by 10,000; or, Furusuke can dedicate one post to charging, increasing the number instead by 30,000. While in Bankai, Furusuke can use all of Suijutsu's shikai techniques up to the stage he had reached, but the count will go down by 5,000 each time he uses one. The extend of his abilities is equivalent to as if he were at stage 10, but with bankai stat boosts instead of stage 10 base stat boosts.

Ten Thousand - Eviscerate (万 摘発) On command, Furusuke can create a metal blade erupting from a well of water springing from his hand. When he does so, the count decreases by 10,000. The blades appear the same as Suijutsu in Shikai form and have similar properties.
(One blade can be created per post)

Ten to the Twelfth - Pierce (兆 - 突き通る) On command timed with a sword slash, Furusuke can focus his massive spirit energy into the blade of the weapon, projecting it outward as a repellent energy force in the shape of a wave, geometric patterns trailing it. This force is equivalent in force to two ceros. Furusuke needs the counter at least at 20,000 in order to use this technique, which decreases the count by 20,000.

Ten to the Eighty-Eighth -  Finish (無量大数 - 全う) Only usable twenty two posts after bankai is released and when the counter is at 0. After this is used, Furusuke cannot release Suijutsu from his sealed state for three-hundred years, the bankai taking actual damage and the zanpakuto spirit becoming severely weakened. When the conditions for Finish are met, Furusuke can use the command. At this point, the counter and whatever produced by Suijutsu melts and is amalgamated into a single steel blade. It is unremarkable at a glance. However, when it strikes its intended target, even if just barely, the target corrodes from the inside, melting. Their body's entire structure breaks down at a molecular level and the target slowly evaporates, unable to even become aware of their fate. In additions to the immediate consequences of this technique, Central 46 had outright banned the use of it without their permission as it destroys an entity, soul and all.








  Background: Furusuke was born an only child in the affluent Shibutani family, and had thus been largely spoiled throughout his childhood. For the most part, his father was away dealing with issues that would normally arise from being Captain of the Gotei 13. For the most part, Furusuke was raised by his mother as well as various care takers hired by the family. His family, of course, has a lot of money, and in fact has a lot of old money, living off the wealth of their ancestor Taisen Shibutani, who was at one point the richest man in the Soul Society, and the Shibutani are in fact and have always been the richest family not only among the other noble houses, but in fact are the wealthiest in the Soul Society, being both members of the Noble Houses and owning a good deal of land in the Soul Society, once owning the Seireitei itself before selling it to the Gotei 13 for a great fortune.

There weren't very many troubles early in Furusuke's life save for the absence of his father who still returned to the family estate every once in a while and wasn't much an issue for him. Furusuke was always talented, beginning training to become a shinigami at a very young age among other things with private tutors hired by his parents. He trained all throughout his childhood and got really strong really fast. As far as social interaction went, he made very good friends with his tutors and became very good at speaking with adults at a younger age, carrying on into his years in the academy. Though, at a young age, he was very dainty, tutors in grappling teaching him otherwise very quickly in order to get him to do a lot of the moves.

It was due to this training at an early age and natural talent that made Furusuke very confident and cocky about his abilities. Even before holding an assauchi, he felt that he had the ability to become the best shinigami. His tutors, largely feeling it a refreshing change from the usual reclusive and effeminate boy, allowed him to feel this way and even encouraged it in order to bolster his confidence. Defeat at the hands of these instructors had almost done its job to humble him, however, refusal on the instructors' parts to fight again only heightened Furusuke's ego and decreased his opinion on his instructors.

Largely, Furusuke was praised by his family members as being a very promising captain. At the time, he was the strongest and most talented among the other noble children of his age. The other children, however, didn't actually like him very much. A younger Furusuke was picked on for being effeminate; when he got a little older, the other children were driven away by his cocky attitude, many of them even saying they "liked the old Shibutani (the younger, shyer Furusuke) better". His friends were his instructors, who only wanted to see him perform well, some of them only for monetary gain.

Furusuke, being as talented as he was, breezed through the academy, a hotshot and popular at that. When he came of age, Furusuke had begun showing typical signs of Shibutani men, becoming much more thickset and in a healthy way and getting taller. His cockiness became an asset and a majority of those at the school liked him, even those who didn't much like him as a child. However, it was also at the academy where he met another hotshot student, this one once a human, reincarnating into the Soul Society and only a few weeks ago at that. This other student had a particularly go-getter attitude. Furusuke disliked this student, thinking him too smug, and often challenged him to "friendly" competitions at the school, to which Furusuke lost almost every time. The amount of losses served to humble Furusuke as each time, he came to learn the perspective of the underdog. This new hotshot had become Furusuke's rival in the academy.

At this stage in life at the Academy, he had chosen to give himself handicaps. His win-loss ratio was roughly 50-50 when it came to serious combative matches, which was given with how he hindered himself during serious things. An outsider could perceive him as being a loser, though to the school, he was still very much a hero. None could really say he represented the common man, coming from money as hold as that of the Shibutani clan, but he was certainly liked, up to his last year where people were celebratory of his graduation and excited to see his shikai revealed for the first time.

When Furusuke graduated, his family had expected him to join the 5th squad, as was tradition for the first born son of the Shibutani family. However, at that point, he didn't like handouts that he was certain he would get from his father, and he also believed that being in the 5th Squad, he wouldn't see nearly as much action as the other Divisions. Healing Kido was not taught in particular at the Shinigami Academy, and Furusuke felt it a very useful skill to have. In addition, the way his Zanpakuto functioned lent itself best for healing. His family was, of course, disappointed, especially his father, as he had broken tradition having joined the Fourth Squad in a manner that was almost completely selfish. Eventually, the clan simply forgave his actions, though his father remained bitter.

In the Fourth Division, Furusuke had in fact volunteered to go on numerous missions, regardless of what they were. He didn't have a need to prove himself- he knew of his own capabilities well enough. He wanted the experience, keeping away from opponents until he really needed to, healing his team mates as often as possible.

During a mission in the human world, one of his earlier ventures in fact, Furusuke met with a human girl who had died in a violent murdering spree, along with the hollows her parents had become when they died under the same violent, unreasonable circumstances as they attempted to protect their daughter. Furusuke, again imposing a boundry on himself, instead of simply purifying them as hollows with brute force using his Zanpakuto, decided to attempt to resolve their deaths as if they were still Plus. In the experience, the girl grew smitten to Furusuke, promising to marry him when she became of age. After this, she had passed on along with her parents. Furusuke attempted to look for her in the Soul Society, but to no avail.

When the literal forces of literal Hell had broken loose, many were sent out to settle the problem. As usual, Furusuke volunteered. At this point, he was too weak to be part of the front lines, but operated near them as a medic. It was during this war that Furusuke developed his own healing kido. Namely, he had developed kido expressly for the purpose of healing. These techniques, which can keep a patient alive and with no application outside of healing require a decent amount of training in order to use effectively, and Furusuke was more than happy to disclose information on how to use his kido. He was especially proud that his kido did not possess the potential to harm when performed properly.

When Furusuke returned, all of a sudden, his family had become proud of him again. In addition, his family had set him up for an arranged marriage with a younger woman from one of the minor noble clans. He was apathetic about this at first. Upon meeting with the girl he was arranged to marry, he felt no strong feelings about her, and this was actually quite troublesome. This was not much a problem, at least until he met the girl he was searching for for the past century. It was the girl he had met in the human world, growing up a little but still recognizable. She recognized him to, and had appropriately hid her head in shame. In order to feed herself and her family, she had to resort to prostitution within the Rukongai. Without a second's hesitation, Furusuke sought to marry her instead of the woman he was arranged to marry in order to save her from her situation.

Needless to say, Furusuke's father was furious. Against his father's wishes, Furusuke made arrangements with officials among the Gotei 13, and was promptly shut down. He was going to marry the woman he was arranged to marry with. So he continued on, this time with a wife he did not particularly love. With this woman, Furusuke had his first born son, Hongo, who the Shibutani clan had high hopes for. All the while, Furusuke snuck out to the Rukon, giving money and food to his secret lover and her family, keeping them from other desperate resolutions, but unable to do much more for them at the time being.

After the end of the century, Furusuke had felt as though he had plateaued. He consulted his old tutors, with whom he had trained with constantly in attempt to get stronger, especially in respects to his own bankai. In addition, Furusuke also trained with his father, who thought it was time for Furusuke to take the reigns. Furusuke and his father had trained long and hard, and the added attention from a dad who was usually never around strengthened their relationship as father and son, and they had grown much closer. Though it wasn't the easiest thing to do, it was far quicker than Furusuke had thought, and really even hoped. His father had recommended him the position as Captain of Squad 5. At that point, Furusuke revealed his bankai to the other captains at the time. His father stepped down, and Furusuke took his position as captain of the 5th Squad.

After this, with a bit more traction in the hierarchy of the Gotei 13, Captain Shibutani of the 5th Squad was able to divorce his wife and marry the other woman to whom he had promised for over two centuries. It did not please his clan. His father, however, approved the decision and stood down harsh comments from the other family members. With this woman, Furusuke had another four children in almost quick succession.

Not wanting to make the same mistake as his father, Furusuke spent a good deal of time with his five cihldren, taking the time to train and play with them. He always protected his youngest son, who had always seemed to need protecting, but saw potential in each of his children. He and his wife raised them each up to the age of 100, when they attended the Shinigami Academy. Though the tradition had already been shattered with him, Furusuke's children, wanting their father's and clan's approval, all joined the 5th Division. His fourth, however, joined the 9th. At which point, Furusuke asked the then 9th Division captain Kanashi Ushimagu to watch over his son, but not to hesitate in keeping him in line.

A hundred years later, Furusuke had been captain for two centuries.

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