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#1 Anzai Kuro on Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:32 pm

Ika Mazi



Name: Anzai Kuro
Age: 1900 now, 1300 at time of death..
Sex: Male
Personality: Anz is generally amiable and rarely in foul moods, though a problem he can’t solve tends burrow under his skin. More logical then emotional Anz can sometimes come across as cold and overly reserved, and in some cases a bit rude. None of this is on purpose he just tends to over analyze things and as a result can miss the simpler things in life. Part of this is because of his secluded childhood and another because he sees the world as a series of puzzles, enigmas, and formulas waiting to be solved. He also has great respect for rules and edict and holds himself and others to high standards

With a semi-addictive personality Anz has developed a near fanatical devotion to finding the perfect cup of coffee, he believes decaf to be among the most horrible things ever created. Along with coffee he has a sweet tooth and is something of connoisseur with wine and scotches. Food wise he likes almost anything accept onions because they’re disgusting unless in the form of French onion soup.

A scientist at heart Anz’s studies focus on chemistry, quantum physics, genetics and engineering. While he finds great joy in his research and it is perhaps one of his favorite things in life it is also one of his greatest weaknesses getting so focused on his work he will completely lose track of time, forgetting appointments, losing the ability to focus on other things, and forgetting to eat. The worst of these habits can be seen when he hits a dead end in his work spending weeks hidden away in his lab in a foul mood, irrationally angry and semi-self-destructive.

Though Anz is not completely unfamiliar with the fairer sex and has had a relationship or two. He tends to have a poor track record with women most of the time either coming off as cold and never hiding the fact that his research will always come first. He does however manage to keep a good dynamic with girls as friends and thus tries to avoid relationships as a hassle and a waste of time.

Though for the most part he is generally sociable he does have a few weak points in his social interactions the first and most blatant being that he becomes overly excited when he sees something which he can research and can end up droning on forgetting that not everyone has spent years studying quantum mechanics. This combined with his general business edict demeanor, can sometimes give him the appearance of being pretentious.

Though he has few, he values his friends greatly and would gladly lay down his life for them. Above all others however he cares for his cat Rayleigh-Jean. This genetically modified cat is his closest companion and can often be seen skulking about his apartment, or following Anz around the Seireitei. A product of one of his early experiments the two tailed, three eyed, twenty-six pound black cat is highly intelligent and perhaps the closest thing Anz has to family.


Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 pounds
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Anz fights using his mind, every move calculated to maximize his potential in establishing what he defines as the three goals of fighting. The first like all endeavors is gather data, in general this means a defensive tactic involving studying the opponents fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses and over all combat efficiency. The second use said data to devise a plan of action and test said plan. The third finish the fight in an efficient and decisive manner. Thus generally his strategies involve limiting an opponents fighting capacity and striking at a weak point rather than focusing on doing raw damage he instead focuses on creating opportunities to end the fight. He generally fights using diversionary tactics, and will often work to disorientate his enemy.

In hand to hand combat Anz fights using Jujutsu which he prefers to other forms of martial arts due to it's focus on counter balance, leverage, and using your opponents strength against him. As such he is skilled in grappling, disengaging, joint locking, and timed strikes. He also uses Taijutsu which focuses on lighting fast strikes aiming for pressure points and nerve endings for additional damage.
Strengths: Bakudo, Hakudo, Shunpo, and Stamina
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Hado, and Endurance


Sealed Appearance: A standard length Katana of just under 41”, with a teal green hilt wrap, gold hilt shaped like a hexamethyl-benzene with the methyl groups pointing in to connect with the sword, it has a jet black sheath, and a red tassel ending with a 1cm cylinder made of drift wood.


Call Out Command: Michiru, Umigumo (Rise, Sea Spider)
Appearance: Upon release six identical silver gauntlets appear two of which are on Anz’s hands the other four are telekinetically controlled by Anz so long as they remain within a fifty yard radius of him. Each gauntlet has full independent dexterity and is covered in small razor sharp barnacles. A gauntlet that leaves the control radius instantly shatters and takes two posts to regenerate.

Shifting tides: (1)
A gauntlet dissolves into a cloud of smoke roughly five feet in diameter, which lasts for a few seconds, anything that enters the smoke is instantly turned 180 degrees around. It takes two posts for the gauntlet to reform.
(Gauntlets on hands cannot be used for this purpose)

Viscous Ooze:
The cracks between the plates on the gauntlets Ooze a viscous iridescent oil which can take on the property of any organic liquid. Thus it can burn like acid (though not through bone or steel), become an anesthetic, or any poison Anz may make (which would have to be approved):

Oceans Gaze: A yellowish poison that upon entering the blood stream quickly travels to the optic nerve and causes blurriness of vision, dry eyes, and a light stinging pain. (Note: must be placed in a wound to take effect.)
Lasts for two posts
One post cool down

Crabs Pinch: A poison psychically linked to Anz that acts upon the hypothalamus; clear in color once it is introduced to the body it lies dormant until activation. Upon activation it activates neuroreceptors in the brain telling the hypothalamus it feels pain in a psychically specified region of the body, akin to a shallow sword slash.
One use per injection can be stacked. (max of 4)
One post cool down.

Leech Anesthetic: A yellowish oily poison which causes numbness at the injection point this numbness spreads slowly at one and a half inches per post until it reaches three inches and takes it's secondary effect. The secondary effect is a slow and painless leak of reiatsu 3% per post to a max of nine percent when the poison fades away. Only one leech bite can be on an opponent at a time and each leech bite builds a temporary immunity in the host causing them to become immune to the poison for three posts. Leech bites can be removed by cauterizing the wound and the surrounding numb area. (reiatsu is leaked in the form a translucent vapor, this vapor is formed by causing the reiatsu to swirl around particles released by the poison which have an attractive effect to reiatsu energy. upon exposure to air the reiatsu dissipates in the form of a slight warmth.) The bite cannot be cauterized after the second effect begins.

Barnacles from the gauntlets on Anz’s hand can detach and reattach to any surface, roughly 1cm in diameter the small barnacle cling onto their perch until given the vocal command “grasp” by Anz causing them to expand with a covering of foot long needles coated in a highly concentrated acid which burns on contact. Up to six barnacles can be released total and only one per contact. This number resets with a three post cool down after each release command.

Ocean mirage:
Each gauntlet can extend the viscous Ooze that surrounds it and assumes the size and shape of Anz this solution loses any qualities besides the ability to use its liquid structure to bend light and give it the appearance of Anz. These liquid clones have no more substance then a low-density liquid, which means they cannot block an attack nor deal damage. However the gauntlet within still remains whole and can move freely throughout the clone.
Clones lasts one post
Each clone has a two-post cool down.
Clones are created individually by unworn gauntlets totaling a max of four at a time


New Name: Tenku-Umigumo (Etherium Seaspider)
Appearance: Between his Shikai and Bankai there are only two major differences; the gauntlets on his hand turn gold and he produces a constant thin cloud of vapor, while the vapor can be blown away it is produced at a rate such that it quickly comes back (More details in first ability). Shikai abilities are retained in Bankai.
Abilities: Abilities:
Etherium Sea
A thin cloud of vapor with an appearance similar to the vapor over a large body of water on an extremely hot day.Any foe within the cloud has a slowed perception reducing their reaction speed by 25%. The mist can also create mirror images of any event that occurs within the mist, these images are simply reflections similar to a mirage in the dessert.
Range: twenty-five feet

Tidal gauntlets
This ability affects the free-floating gauntlets from his shikai allowing them to disperse and instantaneously reform anywhere within his vapor (not within six inches of an opponents body). They can also fire a blast of water similar to a fire hose filled with thousands of small razor sharp zanpakuto hard barnacles covered in his viscous ooze ability. This ability can be used once per gauntlet per post, the blast can be used in a continual stream or quick burst with a maximum distance of thirty feet.

Barnacle bullets
Tennis ball sized barnacles that fire off at near bala like speed, covered in razor sharp pores they excrete the same viscous ooze which covers the gauntlets (though are independent as in the poisons do not have to match). These bombs require roughly the same amount of energy as Hado 1: sho

Transition bubble
Similar to shifting tides this bubble creates a five-foot in diameter cloud of mist which will turn anything within its’ radius 180 degrees around. However unlike shifting tides this ability also creates a small electric field that shocks anyone within its’ radius with energy equivalent to Hado 11: Tsuzuri Raiden. One post cool down, two post if used on the opponent.



-First Ever Research Based Captain of Squad 12.
-Appointed Kokoro as his Lieutenant, first Captain to personally appoint a VC.
-Became Captain 1000 years ago.
-Partook in the Second Great War as a Vice Captain (2-1)
-Partook in the Third War Great War as a Captain (1-2)
-Helped to fend off the Arrancar raid 700 years ago..
-35 accredited Hollow kills, including a Vasto Lorde, solo, and 5 Arrancar (Fraccion level.)
-Cause of death is attributed to an in-lab explosion..
-Rest of the file is marked out..


-Believed to be the head of the Hollowfication experiment that went awry..
-Killed by Ika Mazi 600 years ago, in a savage slaughter due to his experiments..
-The Vizard Abomination lies solely on his shoulders.. The slaughters associated and his own...

-The file is marked up and hidden from easy viewing. Strange..

Note: All credit for abilities and likeness go to Anz from Era X Smile. Did work the History and mold him to the site a bit myself though.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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