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#1 [Training] But Wait There's More???? on Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:22 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Kaede sat at his desk working his way through the paperwork that he had his Vice Captain fill out for him as punishment for destroying the door to Kaede's office. A knock on the freshly replaced door drew the young captains attention away from his stack of papers, Kaede called out to his unexpected guest without moving. "Enter." Kaede's door opened to reveal a messenger whose face was hidden behind a veil as was the norm for them. "The Captain Commander requests that you bring your zanpakuto and join her in the squad one training grounds"

Dismissing the messenger with a nod and a wave of his hand Kaede neatly stacked the papers he had been reading over on his desk before standing up and donning his Haori and making his way to the squad one barracks. The whole trip there he was too curious as to the reason for his summoning to truly appreciate how absolutely perfect the weather was with the light gentle breeze and clear skies, though what confused him more about the fact he was summoned was that the part where he was instructed to bring Arturia along I wonder if she has a mission that she will need to dispatch me on... No it wouldn't be that, if it was important enough for a personal briefing it would most likely be time sensitive enough to just come to the squad two barracks to debrief me and ship me out immediately. I wonder if she heard about the Shiro/Shojo incident.... No because even if she wanted to talk to me about that it wouldn't have mandated me bringing Arturia. She might just want to spar again and get a better feel for my limits, or something to that effect. Unfortunately no matter what Kaede thought up it would not even come close to being the truth of the reason for the summons.

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#2 Re: [Training] But Wait There's More???? on Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:00 am


She didn't waste any time when he got there. Though she seemed both annoyed and excited at the same time. She had not been able to try this...plan.. of hers yet and was very interested to see how exactly it would play out. If this succeeded,,, hell even if it didn't succeed. Kaede would be much... better. Stronger isn't necessarily a proper description at this point. Due to exactly what she had in mind. It would be noted she had four dagger-looking objects, two in each hand. Each with chains that were linked to steel cuffs that had already been strapped to her wrists. This probably wouldn't be so odd except Rena was most known for her hakuda.

"Come along then. We aren't doing anything here." She opened a Senkaimon where she was, not wanting to use the official gate that was normally guarded because she didn't want anyone interfering on accident and causing an issue while she and Kaede were there.. She also didn't have a hell butterfly. Meaning they weren't, at least directly, going to the Human World.

She stepped through, even if she had to drag Kaede with her, though he probably followed on his own, and there they were inside The Dangai. The precipice world between Soul Society and the World of the Living. As well as many other dimensions. But none of those were of importance right now.

She didn't waste time. Once Kaede was in she shut the Senkaimon behind him and then stabbed two daggers to her left and then her right into the oozing walls of the Dangai tunnel they were in before sitting down. She looked behind her at Kaede and motioned with her head, "Get up front Kaede so I can keep my eyes on you. We are going to get your maximum potential released one way or the other whether your Zanpaktou is keen on the idea or not for whatever reason is their own. This place, and what I am doing, will allow the time needed for this without causing you to spend the next decade trying."

Assuming he did get infront of her, and he hadn't already sat, she'd tell him to "Sit." then proceed to inform him of the rest of her little plan, "As a captain you are already well aware of the process of Jinzen. You will perform it here. Having told you why you are here your Zanpaktou will most likely already be ready and waiting to put you through whatever trials it deems necessary."

She waited to see what his response was and stopped him one more moment before letting him fall into the Jinzen meditation state, "You will be fine here. But remember that wounds you recieve in Jinzen hurt you for real. My only assistance that I can give you is subjecting your body to my energy while you are there. I must remain as I am to ensure the Dangai behaves and leaves us alone. I will not be able to give you advice once you begin."

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#3 Re: [Training] But Wait There's More???? on Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:45 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
As Kaede entered the training grounds he noted the four dagger-like objects in Rena's hands chained to each arm. The only thing he found odd about it is that when they fought before she didn't strike Kaede as much of a dagger user preferring to be more upfront about what she does than sneaky and subtle. Though the squad two captain didn't have much time to ponder their purpose before Rena opened up a senkaimon right there in the middle of the training grounds, stepping inside of it after letting the red-haired captain know that whatever it is that she had planned was not going to take place in the training grounds themselves.

Obediently following Rena into the gateway Kaede was caught off guard as she shut the gate behind him, leaving the both of them stuck in the Dangai with no immediate way out, though that wasn't any where near as surprising as watching her take the daggers that she had been holding and stabbing them into the walls. Once the blades were firmly embedded in the oozing almost living walls of the Dangai Rena motioned and instructed Kaede to move around to her font, which he did taking great care not to touch the walls, daggers, or chains while Rena continued her explanation of what they were going to be doing in here. So we are taking advantage of the fact that time flows faster in here than it does in the outside world, allowing us to train more in less time.

As Rena continued to explain her plan, Kaede sat cross legged in front of her. Once he was sure that she was done he nodded his understanding to her before closing his eyes and diving into the world of his Zanpakuto spirit.

-- Jinzen Begin --

The world that Arturia inhabits was a truly remarkable place, a sea of emerald green grass swayed softly in a gentel breeze, the clear sky was a brilliant blue with a few fluffy white clouds lazly drifting through it. All in all it was a peacefully beautiful place, though something was off, there was a major difference between this trip and all of the times Kaede had came here previously. The grassy field was normally filled with an assortment of weapons sticking out of the grounds like grave markers was now empty. well with the exception of a lone figure dressed from head to toe in a plate armor, designed as much to conceal the wearer's form as it was to protect it. Its dull silver metal clashing against the green that she was standing ankle deep in, "Don't bother explaining I know what you are hear for. That woman wants you to learn my true name. I know what you are thinking, 'But I Already know it'. While it is true that the name you are given to release Bankai is closer to our true name, it is not it in its entirety. In fact I didn't even know that it wasn't until recently myself."

"But as with Bankai, before I can tell you my true name I have to make sure you are ready for it." Arturia spoke, her voice sounding somewhat metallic coming from within her armor. As she finished explaining that she was going to test him, three clones of himself appeared standing before Arturia, each of them holding one of the three main weapons in his armory. "The first part of the test is simple, you will fight these three. Until you beat them you will not be able to pull any weapons out of your armory, or make any weapons at all. As you beat each of them you will be able to use the weapons they are wielding."

Kaede nodded her explanation was simple enough, he had to beat his dopplegangers and to claim their weapons before he could use them. Kaede took up a readied stance, carefully choosing his first victim of the three that stood before him. He knew that if he could get his hands on his favorite, the twin blades Kansho and Bakuya claiming the other two weapons should be a cinch. But of course Arturia would know that as well, and probably had something in store for him for when he tries it. As the trio had not moved, nor showed any signs of doing so the red-haired captain figured that it was going to be a series of one on one fights, which made his life and choice much easier.

With that in mind he chose his target, figuring that if he could get he most difficult yet beneficial one out of the way while he was still fresh was his best option, Kaede rushed the one in the middle who held Kansho and bakuya who for ease Kaede had started to refer to as Kb in his mind, choosing to rely on his natural speed rather than hoho to close the distance, fearing that his Shunpo Shenanigans would be too predictable of a way to go and thus a waste of energy. Once in range of Kb, Kaede would throw a right straight as a feint to cause the clone's guard to go high while he struck the outside of the mimic's left leg with a low kick.

Unfortunately using a tactic like that agianst himself lead it to being predicted with ease, The doppel swatted the punch away with the flat of the black sword, Turning and twisting his body he caught and lifted Kaede's leg with the back of the blade causing the red-haired captain's balance to be thrown off. Though Kaede was ready, throwing his weight backwards with the momentum of the lift he performed a back flip. Sticking the landing in a crouched position he shot forward like a superball at the now exposed side of the dual-wielding clone.

Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, Kaede planted his feet skidding to a halt the blood red tip of Gae Bolg was thrust barely an inch in front of his nose. If the red-haired captain had not halted his charge his head would have been quite literally on a pike. The spear in front of Kaede's face turned, kicking himself backwards he narrowly avoided the spears slash. Backflipping away landing on his feet, he looked towards Cal, seeing that copy of himself swing his golden blade upwards releasing a vertical slash of energy. Diving into a forward roll Kaede avoided the attack. Standing back up he slowly positioned himself to where he could keep an eye on all three opponents at once.

As Kaede backed away from them, the dopplegangers took up defensive stances, but otherwise remained stationary."You did well to survive that," Arturia laughed, Kaede risked taking his eyes off of the trio just long enough to shoot his Zanpakuto spirit a rather murderous glare. "Oh don't be like that, I never said that you would be fighting them one at a time did I?"

"I wonder if there was any other part of the test you forgot to mention" Kaede snapped back, his voice clearly emphasizing just how annoyed he was.

ARturia raised one gloved hand to where her chin would be on her helmet, almost as if she was thinking about something. "Well I should probably mention that any abilities or tehniques that do not come from the weapons are blocked for this part of the test. What that means is this, you will be unable to perform Shunpo or Kido for the duration of this part. Oh and before you complain, the stooges here are under the same restrictions that you are. That should be everything, so unless you are looking to forfeit you may continue."

Satisfied, that Arturia had reveiled everything that he would need to know, this time anyways. Even if he felt that the rules that she had placed on the exam put him at a disadvantage. So no weapons, Hoho, or Kido vs three copies of myself using the weapons that I have the most experience with, at the same time no less. Well at least she isn't requiring me to fight blind Taking up a defensive stance, Kaede motioned his hand towards the triplets signalling that he was ready whenever they were.

Cal took the lead, rushing in with his golden blade in a two handed grip, low and to the left of his body. Bolg and Kb were circling around Kaede in an attempt to attack him from his flanks. Cal who had taken the more direct path reached the red-haired captain first, swinging his blade in a rising diagonal slash aimed to start at Kaede's right hip and end at his left shoulder. Stepping into the attack Kaede reached out with his hand catching Cal by the wrist before he built up the momentum of the swing allowing gravity to assist in canceling the blow. Yanking Cal closer Kaede took another step in, turning his body in the process he struck Cal across the jaw with his full weight behind the strike.

As the long sword wielding clone crumpled under the blow, the crimson spear of Gae Bolg was thrust over the falling body. Catching the haft of the weapon Kaede tried to pull Bolg off balance though the doppelganger was ready for it shifting his stance as soon as the weapon was caught to something more stable, and before Kaede could try something new he had to kick off to one side to avoid the incoming slash from KB.

Turning and backing up so that he could keep an eye on the three of them as they recovered from their most recent trading of blows Kaede racked his brain for a plan to take one of them out so that the fight would be fairer on multiple points. First he would have a weapon, second there would only be two foes to watch. Though his thoughts were interrupted as the clones started to press their attack again. This time Kb took the lead, his twin blades flashing across Kaedes upper body in a deadly dance of quick accurate slashes done in such a manner that Kaede dared not try to counter, leaving him only one option. Retreat.

With every step that Kb took forward in his assault Kaede took one back staying just out of the reach of the curved short blades. The other two were advancing with Kb matching him step for step waiting for their chance to breach Kaede's defenses and bring the test to a decisive end.

Kb faltered in his advance letting the other two take the lead. Bolg and Cal circled around Kaede, attempting to split his attention by attacking on multiple fronts simultaneously. Bolg thrust his spear while Cal stepped forward to perform a horizontal slash. Grabbing the shaft of Gae Bolg Kaede pulled on the spear before leaping and flipping over its wielder while keeping a firm grip on the spear yanking Bolg's arms over his head while kicking him in the back on Kaede's way down causing the clone to stumble forward a couple of steps right into Cal's swing. There was a squelching sound followed by a poof as Bolg vanished. The instant his body was gone Kaede felt something click inside as if a missing piece fell back into place.

Turning around Kaede manifested a copy of the crimson spear in his right hand, thrusting it out with the momentum of his turn catching Cal in the neck just under his chin. The tip of the spear tore through the flesh it's blade slipping through the gap between vertebrae severing the spine. In just over a second Kaede's opponents went from three armed copies of himself to just the one. Likewise his available weapons went from none to two. Turning towards Kb Kaede saw that he had leaped backwards, there was a wide grin on his last clones face almost as if he had planned for his two teammates to fall during that exchange.

--- WIP ---

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