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#1 Kanashi Ushimagu, former Captain of Squad 9.. on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:35 pm


Name: Kanashi Ushimagu
Age: 1250 years old (975 years old at death.)
Sex: Male
Personality:  The life of the party is the best way to describe Kanashi. A great guy and a greater musician and performing artist people would flock from miles to see him perform when he was alive. He was known as quiet and confident, but very private in his affairs and he did not engage in show-boating or any other form of overly arrogant self-aggrandizing, despite the fact that he is in fact a Jeff created character! Kanashi was wise and full of wit, and known for his ability to defuse situations as opposed to escalating them.. This is not to say that he wasn't a skilled combatant, but rather that he preferred to avoid combat when he could..

When combat could not be avoided and Kanashi was forced to fight, he was known as a skilled, if not above average Captain level fighter.. His Zanpakuto was known as the song of death, and he only entered Bankai once, when he was involved in the 3rd Great War.. Kanashi was a naturally gifted fighter, and became a captain right around 300 years of age.. He got lazy, and was known for his casual demeanor and usual disregard for all affairs that might make him leave his comfort zone, but in spite of that many had thought he was a man hiding some.. Less savory urges..

Nonetheless Captain Kanashi was a fine Captain of the Gotei 13 for 600+ years, and he is greatly missed by his few remaining compatriot's.. He was a good friend of Ika's, and many are of the belief that his death is part of what stirred Ika's distrust and hatred for the Gotei 13...


Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 pounds.
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Kanashi was a ranged fighter relying on sound based abilities for the most part, though he could use guitar wires as though they were razors..
Strengths: Speed/Shunpo, Reitsu/Reiryoku, Durability, Stamina, Kidou..
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Zangetsu, Strength.


Sealed Appearance: Standard Katana

Guitar Wires- By enhancing the wires of his guitar with Reitsu he can pluck them from his guitar and use them as weapons, and extend them up to 100 feet..


Call Out Command: Sing "Shi no uta"
Appearance: It's a guitar
Abilities: Sound based abilities and guitar based abilities to be elaborated upon later.


New Name: Encore, "Shi No Uta"
Appearance: Rock'N'Roll guitar.
Abilities: Same as Shikai, but with amplifiers scattered throughout.



-First Captain to bring music to the Gotei 13.. when he arrived and began to play whatever was trending in the human world..
-Added a music section to the Squad 9 newspaper..
-Known as the song of death, because of his unique ability set and the fact that he used it to dispatch 50 Adjuchas class Hollow's in his time in the Seireitei.. He was also part of dispatching a Vasto Lorde class Hollow..
-Active participant in the third war.
-Captain by the end of the third war.
-Helped to seal off the Bounto when they were initially released, killed 3. Also helped fend off the Espada when the Captain Commander was mortally wounded. Was his 3rd choice for the Captain Commander spot..
-Was sent to dispatch the first wave of Sinners in history..
-Cause of death is unknown, dated as executed about 275 years ago..


-Was infected approximately 450 years ago..
-290 years ago Hollowfication is completed, he and 5 others rampage, killing 3 Captains, 5 Vice Captains, and several other Seated Shinigami..
-Captured and executed 275 years ago..

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