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#1 The Disgraced Mazi Clan on Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:07 pm

Ika MaziOnline

The clan was started with Shinu Mazi about 2000 years ago.. Shinu was a Human that became a Shinigami after death. He ascended the ranks quickly and by the age of 250 he was Captain of squad 5, and known as one of the most powerful Captains that had ever lived.. Rumor had it that even during that time his power rivaled the incumbant Captain Commanders.. He was renowned for his Eternal Darkness Bankai that was viewed as a poor fit for the Gotei 13, let alone Captain Commander position, but as his legend grew his power could NOT be ignored any longer.. Upon the assassination of Diath Xios he was voted on to become Captain Commander.. His Foreign Policy was the stuff of legends. It was pretty much as follows.. If it's not Human or Shinigami, it dies. The second he was put in place as the Captain Commander, he elected to go to war with the Quincy, usurping the Central 46. He did not care for their way of doing things and ignored them for much of the war. Several assassination attempts were called on, but they couldn't quite get his number.. In the 500 year war that followed, Ika Mazi, his son, was born.. Shinu to be nice didn't actually give a damn about his son, and left him to his own devices where he too developed into a Shinigami of legendary proportions.. By the mid-way point of the war, Ika was a Captain Class Shinigami just like his father, presiding over squad 2, the Onmitsukido.. As the war came to a close it was noted that though he had exterminated the Quincy threat narrowly, the costs of the war were beyond great and on the whole, his war with the Quincy was perceived as being a failure..

This was a stick in the craw of a stubborn man who could not be asked to simply let go.. Then the Arrancar, knowing that the Shinigami had been weakened by the war attacked, and freed the current lab project known as Bounto.. They were all summarily defeated but not before Shinu was dealt a mortal wound.. In his last breathes not thinking his son was mentally equipped, or powerful enough to deal with the position of Captain Commander, Shinu appointed Akihiko Iyou as Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, and this was much to Ika's chagrin and he never really did get over it, though not for the reasons one might expect. Despite the power Ika accumulated throughout his tenure in the Gotei 13 he never wanted to be the star player in the Gotei 13... By the end of his tenure he was clearly the most powerful Captain of that motley crew, but he had no intentions of leading them into battle past a certain point.. The Captain Commander was never one of Ika's greater ambitions, he simply wished his father had thought enough of him to let him have the spot...

600 years ago, at the beginning of Aki's run as Captain Commander, Ika began interacting more with Squad 12.. Anz Kuroi and Kokoro Nashi were working on a Hollowfication syrum, and the idea of it enticed Ika greatly.. He was their first patient unknowingly, and 300 years later, he would become more aware of it.. Along with 6 of his closest companions within the Gotei 13.. One brisk night, Kokoro had reported a rather strange Hollow lurking around the barracks.. And he made 6 private transmissions to those whom had come in contact with the Hollowfication substance.. Unfortunately for Ika, he was among that sad group of men, and as he arrived?.. He turned, along with the others.. They rampaged the Gotei, destroying barracks, slaughtering captains, and more importantly? They showed the capacity for destruction a Shinigami could attain through Hollowfication.. Ika's group only ceased upon coming to their senses.. They were sent to jail to await trial..

A week later Ika and the other Vizards were sentenced to deaths for crimes against the Gotei 13, and were deemed, "abominations" by those in positions of higher power.. Thankfully, the group was smart enough to not relinquish their powers and the cuffs were tied loosely by a man whom sympathized with their plights.. They broke free in a hurry and hastily made for an escape.. 6 Fled but only 5 escaped, (To be named) had been held up and captured, then assassinated.. Ika swore revenge, but over the next 40 years?.. All but Ika were captured, and executed.. One, by one, by one.. Ika headed towards the Human World, and was stopped.. He killed all in his way, until?.. Akihiko Iyou got in his way... They fought for an hour, their Spiritual Pressures combined was enough to keep anyone else from interfering in the affair.. Ika was run through with a blade, and the wounds were burned before they could be regenerated leaving a giant scar in the center of Ika's chest and back..

But then Ika played dirty, spitting acid into the Captain Commanders eyes, and they had both been taxed to begin with.. then Ika turned.. And for the next ten minutes what was once a Captain Commander was now a victim.. Ika lifted him from the ground, and with the last of his power put a Gran Rey Cero through the Captain Commanders chest, and then decapitated him.. As the other Captains rushed to interfere Ika used what was left of his power to rip open a Garganta and enter the Human World..

Ika had several kids that are scattered throughout the many winds, most notably Kazuku Mazi, another former Captain of the Gotei 13 who was turned Vizard..

And here we are today.. A clan known for a failed war-monger, the first ever Vizard, and a loss of potential on all sides.. Disgraced as a clan could get.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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