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#1 MEGUMIN. on Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:25 pm


Name: Megumin
Age: 14
True Age: 14
Sex: Female
Personality: Megumin is rather odd in the sense that her obsession with explosion magic is so great, that she MUST cast explosion magic at least once per thread. She claims that she herself will explode if she does not. Her primary goal in any situation is to find a use for explosion magic that suits the situation at hand. Her personality at face value is often prideful and strong in the way that she takes honor in her heritage as a 'crimson demon' (in this universe, it's a delusion, but don't tell her that.) She's very loud and proud when it comes to her key strengths, and will never back down from using explosion magic, sometimes to the point of being freaky about it.

This is the funny thing though, anything she sees or hears she remembers. If it's in her memory, she will use it to manipulate and exploit conversational weaknesses, even taking it so far as to completely blow the entire scenario out of proportion and make a scene of it to generate a favorable outcome, without any heed for her own dignity in that process. She might not even have any sense of dignity, like at all.

However, in combat, she's kinda useless. She can do massive amounts of damage in a single blow, sure, and has other abilities that aren't so massively straining, but this is... Listen, she prefers to use the abilities that drain her over those that are actually useful, okay? She literally might never use silly spells like exploding bala and explosion blade. They are simply too weak and umimpressive (to her). Even then she makes a huge show out of casting explosion magic as if it's the last time you'll ever see her use such powerful arcane magicks! Oy... If we're being honest, her body doubles will more likely than not have more combat personality than Megumin does.

That all aside, as proud and completely stubborn as this girl is, she's actually pretty shy. Underneath all that loudness and obsession lies someone with a rather sensitive and anxious heart, but usually only in close quarters and around very few people. She's pretty self-conscious about her growth, her appearance, and if you ask about her eyepatch, she'll make a big deal about it being a powerful seal or something, but in the end, she just thinks it looks cool. Often times, she might get scared during the night, or just in varying situations because she really isn't all that confident under all that self-hype.

If challenged in any way, say for example someone decided to try and tell her she couldn't do something, then she will prove by any means necessary to show that she can (this isn't true for trying any other magic than explosion magic though), and will often forget her own emotional and personal boundaries in the process of trying to prove she is capable of doing something she's told she can't or won't do.

Overall, her personality is that of a young child, not quite used to being a teenager yet, and constantly surrounded by people growing up faster than she is, because of this, her insecurities are masked by pride and the desire to prove herself and be able to compete with those on a clearly much higher level than she is.


Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110
Physical Traits:

Staff of Pristine Explosion Magic
Appearance: See above picture for base appearance, staff is 5.5 feet in length.


General Fighting Style: Megumin is a grandmaster-level Archmage, and as such has plenty of proficiency when it comes to casting magic, however she absolutely refuses to use any magic that is not explosion based. Because of this, she has adapted her spells to varying situations, but no matter what form they take, they ALL must be explosion magic. However, because most explosion magic is so taxing, and her stamina is so low, she can usually only use one major cast of high-grade explosion magic before passing out. Her abilities are also tuned to taking care of her in situations like these.

TL;DR Explosion!

Strengths: Reiatsu, Durability, Accuracy, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Stamina, Speed, Strength


Ability Name: Just a little Explosion please?
Description: Basically like firing exploding Bala. Limits on this are 15 per post. This is also a method for her to fire varying levels of explosive energy balls, from Hadou 4 level to Hadou 80 level, with cooldowns matching what they would be otherwise. Each power-tier has separate cooldowns.

Ability Name: Explosion Blade!
Description: After speaking the incantation, "Demons of fire and hell consume thee, only to be carved in two!" Her staff glows orange, and carves through whatever comes into contact with it as though it were hit by a zanpakuto of equal power to her release, Shikai in Primary, Bankai in Second Stage, Toukai in Hyper Mode. If you are confused, if it would be cut by Shikai/Bankai etc. in combat, it would be cut by this in the same circumstances as mentioned (I will NOT overplay this). The resulting aftereffect is a supplementary explosion, emanating from the severed portion of objects or players affected. (As an additional passive, any melee strike she makes explodes in some way, even if it's not as strong as when the power is imbued as a full strike) Max explosion radius is 3 inches.

Ability Name: Explosion Affinity
Description: Megumin is completely immune to any splash damage caused by her own spells, even to the highest level of explosion magic. When hit by an explosion from anyone other than Megumin, no matter the origin of it, the damage is halved.

Ability Name: Body Double
Description: This ability only activates after casting a debilitating ability. Since Megumin is unable to fully stand the strain caused by high-level explosion magic, if she can no longer walk, a body double of the last ally she was seen speaking to appears to support her frame and assist her in moving and walking for the remainder of the thread, though she can speak and make small movements. The body double will attempt to restore her stamina so she can continue to cast wonderful explosion magic some more. Speaking of explosion, when this ability is dispelled by any means, it is done so with a minor explosion!


Description: Prepares a cast of explosion magic on a target area, with the effect and type of spell varying based on the incantation used. Variations include, but are not limited to beams, spreads, cluster bombs, mass firepower, or self-destruct. The power strength for this ability scales, and on first cast, is Gran Rey level. The second cast is halfway between Gran Rey and Oscuras level, and the final cast is a Full Oscuras of damage. After the third cast, Megumin forcibly collapses due to her body not having enough stamina to continue using such power. If she regains enough stamina, she may attempt a fourth cast, at Full Oscuras damage, after which she'll pass out again and be unable to use any abilities above Cero level unless she boots into Hyper Mode.
Cooldowns per cast, 4/5/6 posts respectively.

Ability Name: Explosion Affinity MAX!
Description: 90% flavortext warning Megumin has put ALL of her spare skill points into Explosion affinity, and as such, is the best explosion mage to ever exist! (Just don't tell her she's the only one in this universe.) Because of this, after casting explosion magic, she may collapse but that's okay! She'll have enough stamina to get back up and start walking and re-combatting again after 4 posts, though she'll be limited to Primary Abilities unless she can get enough energy and stamina back to fire off another Grand Explosion.

Ability Name: Dual-Cast!
Description: She can cast two spells simultaneously, so long as she combines the incantations and has the resources to cast them! Cooldowns are combined and shared as well. This will most frequently be used to combine Blade+Bullets.

Boosts: x3 to all


Ability Name: Can I have all your explosions?
Description: Her reiryoku and spiritual control dramatically increase, but because of this, she generally sticks to explosion magic between Cero to Cero Oscuras level, with only one of each major tier (i.e, no 90s, no half gran rey bullshit, only Cero, Gran Rey, Oscuras, that is three blasts only) allowed per two posts.

Ability Name: Self-Destruct
Description: In Hyper mode, she'll likely focus on getting as close as she can to to her target, and then cast her highest power explosion magic, 2 forbidden kidou's worth of damage expanding outward over an area of 50 meters. After this, she's done, and her body double will try to carry her home.

Ability Name: Detonator
Description: Her trump card in some cases, she can detonate any attack that would normally detonate from a minimum distance of 5 meters. Anything that hasn't been fired or launched, but still explodes must be touched to detonate.


Background: Born as the first child to a bunch of crazy scientists by the names of Hyoizaburoo (Megumin's father) and Yuiyui (Megumin's mother), and prior to the birth of her younger sister, Komekko, Megumin is the first in line to inherit the power her parents possessed in the long line of humans with red eyes. These humans were stated to be immensely gifted with massive amounts of spiritual energy and power. At a young age, around the age of 10, Megumin first harnessed her magical prowess, and summoned a cat as a familiar, which she named Chomusuke. As her powers developed, she also became extremely adept at casting all kinds of magic, from fire to water, to air, to arcane. However, Megumin disregarded her prowess and simply chose to cast only explosion magic because it was the only grade of magic she deemed worthy of incantation. No other class of magic could destroy, massacre, and fill her with such joy. Even when meeting another red-eyed magic user, Yunyun, she found that only explosion magic was the proper class to use. She quickly found out that only one cast of the highest grade per day was all her body could handle, and as such, devoted her time and energy into crafting spells of her own design that used the explosion motif. All her spells were explosions, and it was perfect that way. As her parents discovered her talent with Explosion Magic, she was encouraged endlessly to test her full power, and eventually, several of her 'testfires' were blamed on terror attacks and the Middle East. Eventually, the Human's Committee got a hold of her and begged her to stop using so much explosion magic on whatever she felt like using, though she'd refute that argument with "I MUST use explosion magic at least once per day or I WILL DIE" (though it was clearly obvious to everyone involved that this was a massive delusion)

This aside, she was taught the ways of the spirit world, and was told to look for creatures of Hollow origin to unleash her explosion magic on, and has ever since, taken to traveling, in search of unending targets to destroy and purify.

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