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#1 Seireitei Newspaper on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:12 am

Jin Shibutani

9th Division
9th Division

1st of March 2017


This week, passing away was the son of previous DPRK Leader Kim Jon-Il and half-brother of current DPRK Leader Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong-Nam. The cause of death was the deadly VX nerve agent, allegedly smeared on his face at an airport at Kuala Lumpur airport by two women of Vietnamese and Indonesian decent.

The shinigami in charge of the area at the time, who has chosen to go unnamed, told the Shinigami Shimbun that the man had not hollowfied and in fact that the passing of the North Korean in exile had been peaceful in spite of his life and the circumstances of his death. However, the shinigami had also claimed not to have spoken much to Kim Jong-Nam before performing the Konsoe.

Less than a week later, Kim Jong-Nam was found in the Rukon. Currently, he is doing just as well as the others, however, has had to do a good deal of more work than normal in order to feed himself along with the newfound family he had become a sort of uncle to living in a small farm. Indeed, he does have an appetite, so he has enough spiritual energy that it requires sustaining. When asked whether or not he would become a Shinigami, however, he had claimed to have decided against such a thing, but might change his mind in the future.


Often found poking around in his lab, creating and experimenting is the captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13, Kokoro Nashi, who is far more sociable and kept up with the times than one could ever expect. Of course, in an interview with the Shinigami Shimbun, he has come out to reading our articles and does so often. Hello Captain!

Politically, Captain Kokoro is a traditionalist! His preference is for the traditional garb of the Gotei 13. However, he is still very much caught up with today's news, able to speak about modern politics of the human world and even recent video games! In spite of having been a human in before and enjoying the products of humans, he sees the humans as lesser beings. He has called them simple and their researchers short-sighted. Which is easy enough for him to say being the head scientist of the Gotei 13. Then, when praise was given to the humans, he answered: "It is in the nature of all sentient beings from my experience, to put other beings on a pedestal they are unworthy of, and to hold themselves to a higher standard".

As a human, he had lived for roughly twenty years. When asked about his own human life, Kokoro responded saying that it was bitter-sweet.

Kokoro has a unique asset in the tentacles which he uses as extra limbs. Certainly, they are handy in lab situations, allowing him to multitask far better than the normal individual with two hands and also gives him extra reach to do things such as pull chairs or doors for people. However, do not express anything negative towards them.

Though he was born in the 14th century, his musical preference is for European classical composers of the 17th and 18th century. As many would, The Captain enjoys music as a means of stress relief; it calms his nerves. He also believes that the practice of music is fascinating in terms of conveying human emotion! Insightful! Just as one would expect from the Captain of the 12th Divison.

Kokoro's zanpakuto, Kurushimu, has in fact not been discussed during the interview. However, stick close enough to the Captain, and it will be difficult to miss when he eventually releases the dreadful power of his zanpakuto.
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