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#1 [Open] Luca takes a walk in Kuroshitsujiland on Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:08 am

I often wondered what it would be like in other nations, but I found myself puzzled upon a Committee sponsored journey to Tokyo, Japan. It wasn't because it wasn't what I was expecting or something petty like that... No it was....

I didn't expect any country to be so obsessed with butlers. Seriously, there were posters of hand-drawn butleresque characters everywhere, merchandise to a similar effect, and to top it off, why in the actual French Navy were people asking me if I was cosplaying as Sebastian? What is cosplaying? I'm lost. Eventually I gave up and started doing my usual card tricks and show in one of the public areas. Before long I drew a crowd, and there I was, having foreign currency tossed at my feet. I didn't even have to ask them.

Though the odd part was if the Committee was willing to pay for my ticket out here... why was I here? Clearly there must have been a reason, right? Either way, when my show was finished, I collected my small fortune from the ground and went to one of the local bars. If I couldn't win a game of poker there, I'd be sore, wouldn't I?

Ehhh?!? They don't play poker here? What do you people even do for fun?

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Ika was wandering Tokyo because he had heard there was a somewhat threatening Human there, and frankly, Ika wanted to slaughter him for the hell of it. Walking into the city and following the trail of Reitsu, he would finally stumble upon a Human that for whatever odd reason, reminded him of Gambit from the X-Men. What's next, the bastard played card-games? Just hopefully not on Motorcycles.. Lighting a cigarette filled with clove, Ika would approach the man and blow the sweetly-scented smoke into his face. "Hey there, I'm Ika Mazi, I hear you're a pretty tough guy eh?.."

Ika's plan of action was fairly simple in this situation, he fully intended on killing this man quickly, with relative authority. It would be to send a message, and to put the Humans on high-alert if at all possible.. Smiling as one might expect a man as cocky as Ika to do, he would look towards the man like a coyote looks at a domestic cock (Get it ;D GAYYYYY) "Don't mind me...At least not if you want to live."

(Shit post, I'm tired, sue me.)

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It felt good winning a bunch of sweet yen off of the local bar patrons, different game, different rules, same concept. I do have all the cards you know. Though what struck me as odd... This gentlema- Okay. I can't sugarcoat it. I try to be nice and respectful, but this.... heathen, there I said it, heathen, decided he was going to insult me with no reason at all. Still a respectable man, I kept my cool. That small detail was getting much more difficult to do, seeing as this... whatever he was kept insulting him and being ungodly shades of rude. His face! He kept the most disgusting demeanor and even threatened to kill me!

"Sir, I do not know what Quarrel you have with me, as I've done nothing to you, so if you would." I'd bow to this delightfully beligerent imbecile and be on my way. I'm normally kind and hospitable, but for a man like that I wouldn't even blink on command. I began to walk away, and somehow got the feeling he wasn't going anywhere, and so, I summoned my deck from my front pocket. I had an awful feeling about this man.

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The cards guy had apparently just won some yen off of idiots, maybe he was Gambit.. Nonetheless he seemed more than a little perturbed with Ika's general behavior and demeanor towards him and other things... Not that Ika cared after-all, the man was just kind of there to be killed.. He wasn't as much a person as he was a disposable ornament that would soon be decorating these lovely streets with red, and lots of it.

As the man spoke Ika would move his hand quickly, lifting him into the air as he would attempt to bow... Ika had him by the throat, tightly gripping with a maniacal smirk.. He would throw him into the air, "Hadou 90, Kurohitsugi".. He would watch as blood seeped from the coffin.. "Mission accomplished, buh bye.." The patrons ran and screamed as one might expect them to.. and Ika took a bow, picking up the deck of cards.. "Hey kid, 52 pickup." Was all he would say as he threw the cards into the air, and let them scatter into the wind... Well, on to more interesting things..

-thread exit-

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