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#31 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:40 am

Having trained in such a way for decades, Jun didn't see at all too many problems with doing standing calf-raises. Though he was usually a slow learner, there was definitely no harm in discovering a new way of doing things, as he had throughout his life. In this case, it happened to be a new exercise which may or may not be better, according to this human. The Gotei 13, for all its merits, did not have a physical therapist, or at least not one he had ever met. As a matter of fact, with Central 46 gone, it was little more than a loose association of small, specialized militias that happen to work together, associated with one another only due to tradition and a single figure head. Of course, Jun could not reveal this much information.

The Captain inspected the machine before adjusting it to his own height, and he was a significant amount shorter than his then work-out partner. He put on the same amount of weight as Dre, then got onto the machine. He was not quite sure how to use the machine quite yet, and thus only imitated what the other pperson did, taking into good faith that he knew what he was doing. After twenty repetitions, Shibutani got off the machine.

"Go ahead."

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#32 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:07 pm

The soul reaper was a true sport as he went on to do twenty repetitions on the seated calf raising machine. Dre did not expect the man to do such solely based on the fact that he didn't tell him to do it. He merely told him that how standing calf raises were not quite beneficial in muscle development compared to seated calf raises. But apparently Joji was interested enough to try something new which was a good quality that he noticed the man had. Most people in general are afraid to try something new for some reason which honestly was confusing. They would come up with petty excuses such as how it would not work for them and etc. But, how would anyone know if it wouldn't work for them or not if they didn't try it out first?

Loading a twenty five pound weight plate to the machine, Dre sat on the seating pad while he placed his toes on the lower portion of the platform. Adjusting the height to match his lower thigh he would go on to place his hands on the lever. With that he would start performing the exercise which he would go on to do a number of sixteen repetitions. Unlike other exercises he would take his sweet time performing the calf raises since as mentioned earlier, it was one of the weak muscles in his body. He wanted them to grow in order to have a symmetrical physique since aesthetics was everything.

Getting off of the machine, he would exhale slowly. Turning his head towards the man, he would speak, "so, I hear rumours about a war happening between the Shinigamis and the Arrancars... Have you heard of it? If so, how true is it?"

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#33 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:38 pm

"For the time being? Not at all, though I went through an Arrancar war. This was, however, a whole century ago. Old news now." he stated. It was actually in the midst of the war that he had become captain, though the old captain was still alive. Of course, Dre couldn't possibly know any of this, in fact, it was surprising to know this person knew about an arrancar in the first place, though Captain Shibutani did not react strongly to it.

Captain Shibutani took a long time to get to being as powerful as Dre was and there was a lot of effort involved, though he had since moved away from being jealous. After all, his own sibling rivalries put it past him as his siblings had all shown much more talent than he did, especially his half brother. Of course, by the end of it, he was the one laughing, being the only one to become a captain, even without having to get bankai. Bankai was such a trivial thing and he questioned whether or not he had it in him, and thus he stopped trying though he never stopped becoming stronger.

The captain got onto the machine and completed his own set, going up to eighteen, squeezing out his last rep before getting off, presenting it back to Dre.

"So. Where did you learn about the arrancar?"

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#34 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:19 pm

Dre looked at the man with a pensive look on his face as he referred to the war as old news. He was actually not sure if the man was being serious or not since something told him that the soul reaper was hiding something from him. Possibly something classified in Shinigami standards, but Dre honestly knew a lot of classified stuff that is not known to most men. It was somewhat his job to know things not known to most; partially, of course. Without wanting to further persist the man, he would say the following, "ah, my bad then. I just heard some people talk about it and I thought there was some truth to it. That's why I wanted to know from you. How stupid of me. I should have known better." He said in self mocking tone. It was apparent that the man had no intention of telling him what he knew, so Dre had no choice but to play his game.

Getting on the machine once again, he did the usual placing of his hands and feet correctly as he went on to do a total of twenty repetitions. The burn and the pump he felt in his calves was hard to explain. If he were to sum it up in one word, that would be; amazing.

As Dre got off from the calf raising machine, Joji would ask him how he knew about Arrancars. He pondered for a second trying to figure out if this was a trick question or if the man was genuinely curious. Making up his mind, Dre would gaze at the soul reaper and grin from ear-to-ear. "I fought one. She was an Espada. I believe she was the fifth Espada, if I recall it correctly. It was honestly a good fight, to be honest with you. But, why do you ask? You seem somewhat surprised for the fact that I know who Arrancars are."

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#35 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:51 pm

Jun was not only surprised, he was actually impressed by the achievements of this human, facing down an espada and living. "For the longest time, the arrancar to me were a fairy tale. The way they came to being was completely foreign to me. The first time I fought one, I had other shinigami helping. It was a challenge though we managed to take her down. She was just a normal arrancar though. Of course, this was a decade and a half ago. Still, having fought the Fifth Espada and lived is no easy feat. Not only that, you treat it so casually. That woman could have eaten you." he said.

This was before getting back on the calf raise machine and doing his set, slowly, squeezing out his reps before getting off.

The fact he could talk about such a thing means it must have been true, a least for a human. The Captain felt that he had at least been making an ally in such a way. "Hm. I'm eager to test your powers. Would you be willing to meet me tomorrow evening at the bay?"

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#36 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:21 pm

Dre grinned as the man said that the Arrancar could have eaten him. "Not quite, to be honest. But now that I think about it...she could have. If she ever got a chance to kill me that is. But she couldn't. The Arrancar had a hard time trying to lay a blow at me. I was pretty much in good condition till the end of the fight. That's when I suffered a blow to my solar plexus. But if I may honest with you; I had a good chance of blocking or avoiding it, but for some reason I didn't do it." He said in a nonchalant tone as he shrugged his shoulders. "For a little girl she was tough as fuck. Then again, she was more of a tank like character."

Dre stepped on the machine again for one final set. Doing a total number of sixteen repetitions, he got off the calf raising machine as a new man. He felt proud of himself for killing the workout. It was always important to take yourself seriously when it came towards working out. The gym was a sanctuary for making gains and nothing more.

Smirking at the fact that the man wanted to test Dre's powers, he would lean back as he started to speak, "sure, I guess. No harm in doing such. Though is this some kind of spar or something? Or is it something like me showing off my power and you showing off yours? Regardless of whatever it is, I presume our workout for today is done?" He asked the man wanting to know what kind situation he was getting himself into. Even though Joji didn't possess any kind of threat towards him, Dre wasn't the one to trust someone easily. Especially a stranger.

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#37 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:56 pm

"The workout, certainly. I'm done here at the gym." he answered, smiling. Though it seemed as though he were stagnant, Jun always looked for ways to improve himself. Stagnation was death to him, after all. Even the gigai he was put in put an unnecessary amount of weight on his spiritual body needing him to exert just a bit more in order to move. "I'll meet you tomorrow then. You know the Dominican restaurant on Ocean? I'll be waiting there. If you got a phone number, we should exchange numbers. Here;" Jun presented Dre with a seemingly normal smartphone, open to the phonebook; "you type your name and number, I'll give you a call, then you'll have my number."


Done at the gym, Jun waved goodbye to Dre before stopping at the vending machine at the front to buy a bottle of water. Then, he moved into the changing room to get dressed so that he could return to business as usual, taking his time in the changing room still to look out for others. He was definitely tired, but not quite sore, though he planned on stretching out as he returned to the streets of New York.

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#38 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:55 pm

The man seems to have made his mind in regarding being done with his workout. As he went on to ask Dre if he knew the Dominican hotel on ocean as well as other things, Dre would respond by saying, "Ah, yes. I do know it." He said nodded his head as he continued, "alright, I'll meet you there, no problem. And, ugh, regarding the phone..." stattering as he said, he would smile softly, "I don't have one. It's not that I don't want to get with the times... believe me when I say, I'm a very modern guy. But  I just find cell phones nothing but a distraction. Most people would find my reasoning weird, maybe outright foolish, but honestly, it's what it is." Titling his head slightly towards the right, Dre shrugged. "But don't worry. I'll be there. Just be there around eight or so; in the night, of course."

Jun said goodbye as he waved at him. Smiling, Dre waved back as he walked towards the exit only to enter the outside world. Looking left then right, he observed if anyone was around on the street. Noticing that less people were hanging around not paying much attention, Dre would use bringer light to disappear from their mortal sights as he headed home. It was time for some Netflix and chill with a good post workout meal.


Dre arrived to the destination that the soul reaper had told him to come. Not surprising for him at least, he was ten minutes early. He liked to be punctual. It was one of his many characters traits. Anyways, he would let his eyes roam around in search of the man, so he could spot him. Dre was at this instance outside of the restaurant. Though he wondered if the man was already inside it. Time would tell...

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#39 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:40 am

"No I don't blame you. You hear of all the government tracking stuff? Where the government can monitor you through your TV or cell phone even if you turn it off? Of course, my signal's not quite connected the same way phones in the living world are." Shibutani smirked.


Jun was in his gigai, clad in a brown overcoat and a black dress shirt, a white ascot worn around his neck made him look quite preppy though his face was very mature. They were close to the beach. The smell of food filled the air, an aroma of sea food with the typical scents of Latin-American cooking. The two had arrived to the restaurant at around the same time. The two seemed to have such a thing in common, which was certainly a good thing. It meant they could start sooner. Noticing Dre, who appeared to have already been looking for him, Jun raised his hand.

"Hey! It's me! Joji!" he waved. Most of the commotion was inside the restaurant. In spite of it being New York, the street wasn't all too busy at that time. Thus, Jun only had to project his voice over the sound of cars passing by.

"You eat yet? If not, we can go in, get some Dominican. Then we're gonna head over to the pier and I'll see what you can do. You ever fight a shinigami before?"

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#40 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:53 pm

As Dre was looking around he heard a familiar voice calling him out. Looking at the direction where it was coming from Dre noticed the soul reaper named Joji was waving his hand at him. Smiling, he would walk towards the man in quick pace.

"No, I didn't eat yet." Dre answered the man's question when he asked him if he had eaten yet or not. For some reason he had forgotten to consume dinner which honestly had never happened before. Guess this whole ordeal was making him somewhat excited. "Sure, I would like to grab something to eat. I mean, why not? I am getting quite hungry, if I were to be honest." Laughing out loud after, he took a step backwards. "Erm, no. This is the first time I'm going to fight one. I think you would be somewhat surprised by my response considering that I've fought an Espada but not a soul reaper. The thing is, nothing ever escalated to a point where I would want to fight or spar with a soul reaper. Until now, that is." Dre said looking closely at Joji. He was quite glad that this was more of a spar than an all out battle. So far he liked Joji. He seems to be a reasonable and a good person. Though Dre knew even though this was not a fight, a spar itself had the tendency to bring the worst out of people if they loose control of themselves.

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