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#11 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:05 am

Jun, or Joji as Dre knew him, curled his head and right shoulder together in a half-shrug with the corner of his lip creasing into itself in a gesture that suggested "I dunno", without outright saying it. He counted sixteen whole reps, which he doubted he could even do himself, especially restrained by his own spirit energy. Cautiously, he approached the weight and steeled his thoughts, telling himself that he could do it. As a captain level shinigami, it should have been quite easy for him, and had he not been in his gigai with his full power restrained, he could have certainly done more.

Joji reached down to grab the bar, gripping tightly. His palms were sweaty and he could feel sweat from Dre's hand on the bar as well. With a grunt, he picked himself up once again, taking the bar and the weight with him before dropping it all back onto the olympic platform. He could feel it- the limits of his gigai coming close. Among the captains, Jun Shibutani had the worst physical strength. With his ability to use spiritual energy limited, and not wanting to unleash more than he already had, it was difficult for him to do more reps. However, he continued, and on his seventeenth, could feel the muscles in his back failing. With a bit of motivation from himself and the crowd watching, Shibutani completed an eighteenth rep, instinctively releasing a bit of spirit energy to assist him, just enough for Dre to recognize it and perhaps even attract nearby hollow to them.

"Let's keep giving them a show" he told to Dre, a confident look on his sweating face.

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#12 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:34 pm

Dre sighned as the man said that he was not sure whether he wanted to squat or not. "Fine then." he muttered softly as he observed Joji dead-lifting the weight for a solid eighteen repetitions. Dre was not in anyway bemused for the fact that the man was able to put in two more repetitions than him. Before the man went in for his eighteenth rep, Dre felt a surge of spiritual pressure passing through him; most likely coming from Joji. So, his assumption on the man not being a normal human was seemingly accurate. The question was, what was he? Was Joji a Soul Reaper? An Arrancar? A Quincy? A Bount? Or maybe... a Fullbringer like him? Whatever the man was, Dre knew that time would tell.

As Dre walked towards the bar, he would place his fingertips on top of both of his shoulders only to make circular movements with his elbows. He would do this repeatedly for five times. Grabbing the bar tightly, he would shakes his head and shout, "LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!" and with that he would go on to do sixteen repetitions without stopping. But obviously, he won't stop there as he would attempt to do more repetitions. What was advantageous for him was that physical strength itself was one of his major character strengths. So, he was able get himself to do a total of nineteen repetitions with putting some effort into it. But of course that was not enough for him. Releasing more of his spiritual pressure, while also yelling, "LIGHT WEIGHT MOTHERFUCKER!", Dre would stop at a total of twenty one repetitions.

Moving away and sitting on a bench that was a few feet away from the bar, Dre would lean forwards, the back of his forearms touching his quads as he would breath in and out quickly. This whole thing was very exhausting.,

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#13 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:42 pm

The crowd cheered Dre on, though Jun looked unimpressed, not because the feat wasn't impressive, but because he had something else on his mind. He wanted to disperse the crowd, and as Dre left the bar, Jun quickly reached down, grabbed the weight, shook a little in a manner that suggested he couldn't do any more, and immediately dropped the weight. The crowd seemed to nod simultaneously, before going back to their normal activities. He had thrown the match.

The Captain moved quickly to unrack the weights, at the same time calling Dre over to communicate with him.

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#14 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:39 pm

Dre looked at the man with a bemused expression on his face trying to wrap around what had just happened. It was hard to digest the fact that Joji was unable to do even one repetition of the same weight. Dre could have understand if there was more weight plates added, but nothing was added to it. "Did he burn himself out or something?" He thought to himself as he looked about to see the crowd disperse. It seems like the show was over; which honestly was a good thing. The crowd made him quite uncomfortable. It was a good thing that they were going away.

The man made a signal for Dre to join him. Curious as to why he was called, he would make his way towards Joji. Halting a few paces beside him, he tilted his head to the right, as he spoke, "hey, are you alright man? Did you injure yourself or something? What just happened back there?" Dre asked the man in a curious tone waiting for an answer.

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#15 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:45 am

The crowd going away was all a part of his plan, of course, though when he looked back at Dre, this wasn't very obvious as Shibutani had a very calm face on, though if it did suggest anything, it was that he didn't feel very strongly about losing. Though, he did lose on purpose to get others to lose interest, and the opinions of a few humans didn't matter much to him, especially given his past circumstances and how he had gotten to his present position.

Jun, or Joji as Dre knew him by, looked up as he put the weights away, wanting to start a conversation as the last of the crowd had lost interest and began doing their own thing. "You're aware aren't you? A spiritually powerful human. About as powerful as the form I'm currently in from what I can estimate. Being this powerful, I can only assume you've already had run-ins with hollow. This city has had a good deal of hollow simply disappearing from our records. I knew it couldn't have just been a rogue. Can you see it then? Can you see my spirit ribbon?" he began to explain.

His spirit ribbon was, of course, red being a shinigami. It was quite the obvious indicator and something his gigai could not mask, of course, because he didn't much need it to.

"I'll assume you've had run-ins too. If not, I'm more than welcome to give you an explanation."

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#16 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:53 pm

Dre grinned as he understood why the man had wanted to talk with him in private. It was all about wanting to know if he was a spiritually aware human or not. Honestly, he wondered when would Joji finally realize that he wasn't a normal human. "Better late than ever." Dre said to himself as he crossed his arms across his chest, gazing at the man. "Yeah, I am aware. I thought you would never realize it, to be honest." Wiping off the grin from his face a smirk would appear. "Your current form?" Narrowing his eye's he examined the Jojis physical body for a few seconds, only to look up at the man and speak again, "I see... you're in Gigai aren't you? Well, let me stop and correct you there. Equalling my level of power to your current level is quite... inaccurate, to be honest. Let me put it this way; I'm just as strong as a captain level Shinigami. Maybe a little bit more than that, but you get the point." Taking a step back, he continued, "I don't deal with Hollows much. Maybe here and there but other than that no. I occupy myself in a different type of work space." He said in a low tone. Dre wondered if he should reveal what his line of work was, but decided to wait until the man asked him.

A confused expression would form across his face as Joji would start talking about spirit ribbons. "Um, yeah... I do see it. Why do you ask?" Dre asked the man confused as to what was actually going on. It was quite bizarre that the man would speak about spirit ribbons and such all of a sudden. Dre wondered if there was a point to asking such a question... Raising an eyebrow he pondered for a second, only to respond, "if you're referring to hollow run-ins, then yes. Unless of course if you're referring to something else entirely, then no. If that is the case, I guess explaining it wouldn't hurt." Shrugging his shoulders he gazed at the man trying to determine where he was going with all of this.

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#17 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:19 am

"Okay. So you have met shinigami before. I haven't heard any reports regarding someone matching your description as far as I recall. This means you're either an incredible threat or no threat at all. However accurate your estimation is, I don't really need to find out. You seem to have been able to keep up with me, however. Though, I'll have you know... If you hadn't noticed, I threw the match." he admitted very solemnly, feeling very little as he explained what he knew to Dre. This was very slightly, before Jun returned a smile.

"Alright. Let's go do squats" he suggested, suddenly changing the mood. He got up, stretched out, then walked over to the squat racks, locating an empty one. From a body building standpoint, doing dead lifts and squats on the same day was not optimal. Still, he wished to do them. After all, every day was leg day. For his warm-up set, Jun racked a forty-five pound weight on either end of the bar. He crouched underneath it and tip-toed to get it off the rack. After stepping back just enough, Jun squatted down, his butt nearly touching the floor of the gym before he shot powerfully back up. Then again, for a good ten reps before he put the bar back on the rack.

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#18 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:06 pm

Dre nodded slowly as he replied, "yeah, I noticed." He said in a low tone. The man seem to have changed his mind all of sudden as he announced to him that he was going to do squats and wanted Dre to join in. Bringing his right hand up to his face, he face-palmed. Joji was without a doubt a very eccentric person. A few minutes ago he was unsure if he wanted to squats and now all of a sudden he wants to do it. Dre was having a hard time trying to wrap around this man's weird behaviour. But be that as it may, his eyes followed the man as he started to squat ninety pounds for ten repetitions. It was most likely Jojis warm-up set. Exhaling Dre walked towards the squat rack as he shook his body. "It was time to get more serious."

Facing the bar Dre decided to keep the weight as it is. It would be unwise to add more weight considering it was a warm up set. And unlike deadlifts, squats were much more different. Grabbing the bar tight with a medium grip, he would put it on his upper-back by dipping under the bar. Raising his chest slightly he would move his feet under the bar. Only to unrack it by straightening his legs. Taking a deep breath, Dre would hold the bar and squat down. He would push his knees out while moving his hips back. Squatting down until his hips were below his knees, he would explode back up after. Dre would do a total of eight repetitions in the same form and order. Breathing again he would he would put the bar back on the rack only to move away. "You're turn man."

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#19 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:04 pm

Right as Dre stepped off and before Jun moved to the side of the squat rack for his weights, as he passed Dre, he said something. "I'm going to be keeping my eye on you. You've been courteous so far, but it is going to be difficult for me to really trust you, especially if you're anywhere near as strong as you claim to be." he stated very bluntly as he reached for a forty five pound plate, putting it up on the bar. He moved to the other side then to do the same before getting on the squat rack to do the squats proper. His legs kicked back and forth, Shibutani stretching out just a bit before quickly getting under the bar and taking it off the rack. He stepped backwards and began to squat.

After completing eight reps, the man walked up and re-racked the weights, crouching down. "I can assume you're here often? You said you knew just about everybody. I won't lie. I tend to be quite busy, but I'll be here as often as possible. To tell you the truth, I am looking for someone. A Shinigami, like me. He's violated laws of the Gotei 13 and before prosecution, had fled to the human world. They always come here, and I think it's because they know we can't intervene much with the lives of mortals. Not such as yourself, but others less capable of defending themselves."

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#20 Re: [Open] Leg Day on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:06 pm

Dre smirked when the man said that he was going to keep an eye on him. "We'll see about that." He thought to himself as he observed the man doing hundred and sixty pounds for eight reps. Shrugging his shoulders he would say, "not bad. Not bad at all, to be honest." Dre said walking back to the squat rack. But however before he could walk any further Joji would take his attention by asking him if he came to the gym everyday. And not only that; the man would also reveal the purpose as to why he was here. Which honestly took Dre by surprise. He had the assumption that the man was here for other reasons, and never in the world he thought that the true purpose Joji was here because he wanted to catch a rogue Shinigami.

"Yes, I do come here everyday. Well... I try to. I don't take rest days. Rest days are lazy fuckin pussies." Dre said as a grin spread across his face. "I haven't noticed any unusual behaviour from anyone here, to be honest. Maybe this person you're perusing is good at keeping things to himself and blending with the environment to avoid any kind of unwanted trouble." Loading a total weight of two hundred and thirty to the bar, Dre would put the brackets into both of the sides as he would get under the bar. Grabbing the bar he would begin squatting in perfect form for a total number of seven repetitions. Though in his mind he was aiming to do eight, but knew that it could wait. Putting the bar back on the rack, Dre would slowly walk towards the bench that was near him as he felt a good pump in his legs.

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