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While he did stare at her limp body for a moment and double-check what happened, as well as question what I did, he picked up Annabelle's body nonetheless, rather delicately at that. Good. She would need someone that cared about her. I could tell. She'd spent her whole life sheltered, by a renowned family in New York. And yet, despite that, she wanted to reach out and grow. She wanted to live outside the walls of her family, and this was her wish being granted.

To the boy's question, I looked at him. "You have two options, your room, or her room. I'll leave that to you." To which I walked out of the room, not to lead him, but to get the hell out of the lab. I needed some air, by which I meant I would be bounding around the city because it would be fun.

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I just watched her leave, literally telling me the only places I figured were possible. But, I mean, just......what even. I let out a sigh and looked down at the girl in my arms, frowning a bit. Looks like were heading to my home like this I guess. Quickly deciding that, I started walking home, at a brisk pace and through the shortest path trying not to look at her so I don't concern myself too much. Fuck my life...

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I don't remember much. We were sparring, I know that much, then he won... but what after that? More importantly... where was I now? I felt warm and comfortable. It was pleasant, for sure, but there was something else. I smelled... someone, not sure who. Sitting up, I realized I was in someone's bedroom, not mine, but... whoever it was, they had a familiar and welcoming scent. "Hello? Is anyone here?" I'd call out, not shouting, but enough so if anyone was within a room or two, they could hear me.

I rubbed my eyes a bit, feeling like I'd been napping for a good long while, though I wasn't well rested or anything like that. The window was open, and a calming breeze brought with it scents of flowers and the spring air. The curtains danced in the caress of the winds and I smiled lightly at that thought.

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Never once had I been scared from someone talking, but for the house being quiet for about an hour hearing someone call out going up the stairs was enough to make me miss the next step and tumble down a few steps before coming to the bottom of it. "Son of a bitch..." I was not prepared for this. Slowly getting up from the floor, I'd climb back up the stairs and head through the small hallway to look inside through the door way and look over at Annabelle. "Sorry about the noise, you okay?"

It was good to know she was finally awake at least, I was a bit scared since she got knocked out awhile ago. Hopefully my room doesn't look too bad, and I'm glad I washed my jacket before she came to because I had just got some food and I had a few stains on it. Fuck I might be trying a bit too hard.

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I heard something tumble down the stairs, followed by a mild curse, assumedly a person. It would appear that me calling out made someone lose their focus, and assuming that that voice belonged to who I thought it did, I'd chuckle a bit. Sure enough, who would poke their head into this room but the boy I'd gotten to know over the day, Max. I straightened my hair up a bit as he asked if I was okay, and apologized profusely. I nodded, "Yeah, I'm okay. Maybe a little tired, but it's good." I thought a little bit as I yawned. His face was one slightly stressed by worry, relieved now, but also one who seemed preoccupied with other things. It was a sweet expression nonetheless.

"Oh right, I've been curious, who's room is this?" It was a simple question, one I'm sure he was able to answer. At least I hoped so, it'd be really awkward if he couldn't...

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With a small sigh of relief, it was good to hear she was okay, how ever I couldn't but turn away a bit as she asked the question. "This is my room, I didn't really know where else to put you so I placed you on my bed." I scratched the back of my head to try to push back the awkwardness I felt coming to me. "It may not be the neatest looking place, but uh....welcome to my room." Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever had anyone in my room before so that didn't help with it. Maybe she won't find it too bad.

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Max seemed relieved that I was okay, and in truth, I was, at least until he told me the truth. He told me I was in his room. This was the bed he slept in, and my face flushed a deeper shade of red. He sounded sheepish about the whole thing, so I took a breath to calm down, he wasn't after me, just wanted to bring me to a safe place, right? I got out of his bed, made it, crisped out the corners like I'd been taught to do, and looked at him, upon closer inspection, he still had a nervous look on his face.

I placed my hand gently on his shoulder, trying to ease him. "Max, have you eaten yet? Don't tell me that you've been so worried about me that you forgot to eat."

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I was surprised she didn't leave the bed as it was, but then again I don't have the best etiquette that most people do. I flinched a bit as a felt her hand, I wasn't prepared for her to do it so it surprised me a bit more than it should've. I couldn't help chuckle at her question though. "I'm fine,I cooked myself a small meal and it got covered in a few drips of ketchup of all things, so I cleaned it. I actually was just heading up the stairs after getting my jacket from the wash when you called out. But what about you, do you need anything to eat?"

It wasn't the best question but it did come to me that she had just come to and it'd been awhile since she ate so it couldn't hurt. I had a small stove and oven so I could probably do a decent job. Then again, the whole stranger danger thing.

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He told me that he had already eaten, and to that I smiled, but he kinda blabbed on and on about the other things he'd done while I was asleep, things I didn't really need to know, but hey, it could have been worse. Then he asked me if I needed to eat, and thinking about it, my stomach growled. It was probably loud enough that he didn't have to ask again, but I smiled nervously and nodded. "It would seem so..." I would say trying to laugh it off a bit. If he was offering to feed me I mean... I wasn't gonna say no. He was kind enough to take care of me. So I should trust him, right? I mean... he could have done worse to me.

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I couldn't help but chuckle at hearing her stomach growl, and smiled a bit. "It would seem so. Lemme show you the way then," I said as I started to lead her down the hallway. "just watch your step. One of the steps on the stairs has come a bit undone and it slides a bit, the same step I was on when I fell earlier too." It was weird to be showing people the way down stairs when they never went up the stairs to begin with. It's a bit reversed isn't it.

Never-the-less, as I got the the bottom of the stairs I'd turn to make sure she was still following and wait for her. Once she'd catch up to me, I'd precede to head left of the stairs and into the kitchen.

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