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#1 Maximilien Hohenstein (Done) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:58 am


Name: Maximilien Hohenstein
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Personality: A very awkward person to be around, Max tends to be a kind soul who always seems to be in the clouds, looking at the curious things that catch his eye. Liking to have a simple and easy way of progress, Max's doesn't really try to put effort into things he doesn't like, and will always do things the way he wants, how he wants, when and if he wants it.


Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 lbs
Physical Traits:

With a small amount of effort, Max has put much of his spare time into working out to keep his body in a relatively toned and semi-muscular build to keep in shape and to make it easier for him to get everywhere on foot, with the way he does. Besides not having really any other clothing, he wears a dark gray hoodie and black jeans, since they tend to help bring out the color of his dark blue eyes. Hidden under his hoodie, he wears a small necklace with an amethyst.


General Fighting Style: A very practiced form of Kendo from his school club, and a variant of Judo.
Strengths: Endurance, High Pain Tolerance, Maneuverability
Weaknesses: Strength, Attacking


Quincy Bow: [What does your bow look like?]
Quincy Powers: [What Quincy powers do you possess.]
Quincy Items: [What items do you have?]


New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here, but be careful, as quincy have possibly the most number of abilities normally than any other race.]

Boosts: [max boost amount is x3 for Letzt Stil]


New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here.]

Boosts: [max boost amount is x4 for Letzt Stil]


Max Hohenstein is the child of a Quincy father and a human mother, both of which he cannot remember. Born and raised in New York, Max's oldest memory begins at the age of 4, where he was waiting for his parents to come home, a bit after receiving a necklace from his mother, before 2 days passed. Before being retrieved by CPS  after a neighbor had called about hearing crying for a whole day, he was quickly taken to a hospital for suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. Soon after he recovered, Max was quickly put into an orphanage in his hometown where he remained for the next 2 years, before being adopted by a couple who couldn't have a child, and didn't want to raise a crying baby. Since after, Max lived the typical life of a normal human, going from elementary school, to middle school where he began to feel a bit misplaced and different from everyone else, but never sure why. After he finished middle school with barely passing grades, Max moved on to high school, the bane of his existence, and quickly noticed how the world changed around him. Max was going through school as the jack-of-trades for all the school clubs, still just on the cusp of failing a class like usual, and seeing many weird people and events that others could never see, never sure if it was his imagination or if he was crazy. By his Junior year, Max had assumed the weird catastrophes he heard about and seen must've been linked, but never capable of how or why. It was this same year that Max decided that he might end up going after the causes of these events, and if he could figure out what it was he'd do something about it. Maybe. Probably. Okay not really, but curiosity still held him entirely. Thus, at 18 in his senior year of high school, Max is almost out and having a hard time with life as his feeling of being different has been more prominent than normal, and placing him in a depressed mood as of late.  
Side Notes:
Typically, the names of his parents and adopted parents are unknown to him, as he doesn't actually interact with his adopted parents since they ended up going on a business trips back to back with their work, so he was a lonely child.

RP Sample:
Walking down the side walk of New York city, Max yawned and stretched his arms above his head before pulling his hood up over his head, covering his hair from the rain, "What a great day to head to the store." It was down pouring today, a huge storm coming through and he was casually walking through it like he always did. "I fucking hate Wednesdays, but why did it have to be today that I had to go shopping. Granted I did drink the last Dr Pepper and I have no food...." It took only a few seconds before he let out a defeated sigh, "At least it's close by, right?" Looking into the storm above him, it was clearly dark out, and the storm only enhanced the beauty of the starts. After finally reaching the store, Max walked inside to be greeted by a loud "Ding"  before moving to get a small basket and set off to get his groceries for the week. "The list just gets shorter every week doesn't it? It's only sodas, fucking Scooby Snacks, god I love those, and some ham." Quickly grabbing everything on the list, and a few spare goodies for himself, he used the credit card his care-takers gave him and left the store. "I really wish I stopped talking to myself like this, guess it shows how lonely I am." His thoughts weren't in the best of places, but the trek home felt shorter than on the way to the store. By the  time he got home, he was jarred out of his thoughts and quickly opened the door. Outside, the rain had stopped, but the clouds were still creeping their way across the sky, like they were eagerly grabbing the stars. "Time to put this shit up and relax I guess." It was about 11pm, and as he placed everything in the fridge, and the pantry, he set off for his room before looking outside his window. "I wonder if the stars ever get lonely, being so close, but so far from each other." It was a good thing he sat down on his bed, because he didn't have time to get an answer, nor would he had gotten one. Max had passed out.  

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#2 Re: Maximilien Hohenstein (Done) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:02 am

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division
Approved, 3-5, you are seriously the most clueless person I've seen thus far.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#3 Re: Maximilien Hohenstein (Done) on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:42 pm

Ika Mazi

That's a nice way to put it Noziel.. xD


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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