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#1 Mugen Zen on Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:01 am


Name: Zen Mugen
Age: Late 20s
True Age: 250
Sex: Male

This man has always been fun loving, intelligent, and quick thinking and speaking, and passionate. However, it would seem he has calmed in his age, and now holds a sense of true purpose. Mugen is described as a perfectionist by those who know him personally, as he prefers his environment and himself to be completely clean and without blemish as well for all his actions and words to be performed and conveyed perfectly. He is averse to having either himself or his equipment soiled, and he has been known to wipe himself and weapon down at any time, even in the middle of battle. However, he will not hesitate to get his hands dirty if he deems it necessary. He also is known to attempt to be poetic with his words, though he usually fails at the latter, comically. Other than this he is introverted and only speaks when he feels something needs to be said but usually people gravitate to his cool demeanor and wise words. His manner of speaking tends to be rude and direct though he always uses the proper honorifics while addressing everyone, whether it's an ally or enemy.

It is very hazardous to insult him, as he is still very proud and full of respectful virtues. One step outside of what he believes you are capable of as a person and he will call you on it. Doing such he may come off as uncaring, but that is completely false. Some would say he cares too much, which leads to trouble for him. As much as he would hate to admit, he's just a kid at heart. Always looking for a good time

As a Captain, he has had to grow as a leader and not just a fighter. This has created a more dominate role of his more serious side, and some would say he sounds like a preacher when addressing mistakes and failures. His words can be very cryptic and usually need understanding to grasp. However when he does not have to act like a leader, he returns to his normal, reserved  self. Like it or not he is who he is, and he believes he acts like the leader he should for his squad.

Now when it comes to battle however you find a few contradictions. Mugen dislikes conflict, and has always wanted to forge a world where Shinigami are resources for the people, not tools of war. However, he understands his limitations as a single man and has placed that on hold. It is then, that in battle his peaceful nature and his insane ability are mingled together. He enjoys the fighting, he does not want to but he does so enjoy the sport of combat. Having always excelled at battle, Mugen has found enjoyment in testing himself against others as well as constantly in his spar time. While fighting he takes a steady approach to eliminating the enemy, always starting with lighter attacks and working towards some of his more powerful moves. Constantly moving and attacking from blind spots has always been his forte, and with the addition of his massive amount of reiryoku and high speed, precise sword work, Mugen is a force of nature both figuratively and literally.

He takes great pride in the way of the sword and in being a swordsman. People may find that Mugen is high-flying in his words and actions but in reality he is still just the same wise-cracking kid that walked into the Seiretei. The old accent has left and the constant cursing is not so prevalent. But, he is still Mugen, and he will always be that way. He thinks he has done a good job though and for that he is happy.

So, now after all we understand about this man,  some things still need to be discussed. First off, Mugen’s goal since becoming the Captain of Squad 6 was to bring about a peace between the main species of the worlds. He's hoped to bring about a more lasting peace than the aftermath of a war would ever bring. By bringing different people and factions and even species together, he thinks the world would be better off. In theory, understanding one another would help everyone understand themselves. Now even though these thoughts are largely theoretical, it creates many distinctive traits in his personality, as his belief that Hollows are simply lost souls and Quincy are simply misguided humans. Despite this, he is still a capable captain and won't hesitate to dispatch any enemy, despite his peaceful nature.

This mixed with his Captain position has lead Mugen to be a bit more selective with his words. This does not mean he is not charming or thoughtful, but he is more prone to long moments of silence. He seems to think so much nowadays that his thoughts are not always portrayed correctly, meaning he sometimes is seen as rash, but those around him know he is anything but. And yet, with all this being said,  the man is still a bit of an enigma, his greatest weakness as a leader has always been his own mind. Everyone thinks they are entitled to every piece of information someone they are close to holds, and though Mugen understands he is a man of the people, he cannot tell everyone everything. This has lead to many misconceptions about him and his past. Is he really a man of esteem, moral, fiber, or is he a false prophet who secretly loves battle as much as any other?

This is a question only Mugen himself can answer.


Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 215

Mugen is a slender, well-build man standing six foot and three inches and weighing in at about one hundred and ninety-five pounds. While he is quite tall, he isn't too tall. If one was to glance at Mugen, the first thing they'd probably notice is his unruly, waist-length, jet-black hair which is quite spiky. His hair has taken a many lengths since his childhood but he opted to let it grow long as time progressed. He also has shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. After noticing his hair, one might then notice the man's piercing crimson eyes. His eyes are said to stare into a person's very soul. Some say they exude bloodlust and terror. Some people just think their darn cool. Other than that his face is soft and his features are relatively sharp.

Mugen's torso measures a decent 42 inches, and has a good muscle tone to it. The man has always trained himself to access the power of lean muscle, opting for the combination of strength and speed. His arms are 32 inches in length, and are covered with various scars from past battles and work. While at first, Mugen would attempt and get these scars fixed, the process was much too bothersome, and in the end, he abandoned it and he learned to live with them. His back is also tattered with various scars as well, though his chest his clear of blemishes and mark. His waist is a normal 34 inches, despite all of his drinking and eating. Because of Mugen's training, he opts to wear a tightly wrapped bandages around his legs. This is so he doesn't over work his limbs, as well it enforces the stability upon his legs. He also wears some around his stomach to help keep his back straight and enforced when doing heavy lifting and such. This is also around his feet, with the same purpose. Mugen has always been about training. This also comes with knowledge on how to not destroy his body in the process. So while these wraps reduce his top speed, they make it so his fast pace doesn't destroy his spine or legs.

As time passes, even the most experienced Shinigami learn the advantages of having multiple outfits. While Mugen's choice in clothing are simple in design, the outfit is more then helpful, giving the wearer better movement as well as concealment ability. Mugen doesn't don the standard Shihakushō, wearing an outfit more akin to the the Onmitsukidō. He still does stick to the all-black color scheme of his comrades, though he throws in a flare of red. While a large coat and haori can aid with hiding weapons and showing rank, Mugen has found that the extra clothing over time hampers one's ability to fight, especially within the realm of high speed battle. So he has opts, instead, for a simple loose, light-weight chainmail shirt. It aids him in increasing his defense, while it also allows him for freedom of movement and max speed. This makes a durable armor which is light-weight and cool underneath his clothing. It's main purpose is to help guard against strikes from blades, though it lacks in defense against physical attacks.

The next item on Mugen's oufit, is a standard pair of hakama of a jet-black color that are tucked into his shin-high ankle bandages which extend to his open-toe jaki-tabi. The hakama are  held tight to his waist by a white obi, which also holds his zanpakto. Over his hakama, he dons a black high-collared, long sleeve mantle top that splits down the lower half and extends to the man's knees over his hakama. Over this, Mugen wears crimson armor with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs, reminiscent of classic samurai armour. While the armor is solid, it doesn't pose a solid defense against powerful enemies, though he does protect against the physical attacks that his chainmesh undershirt doesn't hamper. Lastly Mugen almost always is wearing a pair of black, nylon gloves which helps him in battle and work. Despite this wardrobe separation, while Mugen isn't on missions and such, he dons his usual Shihakushō with his captain's haori draped over his shoulders.


General Fighting Style:

There is a saying that says a Shinigami's Zanpakutō is their entire being, and no Shinigami or other swordsman, for that matter, in history has taken this more deeply to heart than Mugen himself. His Zanpakutō is his identity, his reassurance, the only thing he has left of his old life and stature, an extension and reflection of himself. Mugen has proven himself to be far above average when it comes to Zanjutsu. He uses his Zanpakutō almost exclusively, rarely using hand-to-hand combat at all, and only employing Hohō to enhance his Zanjutsu techniques. In his youth, Mugen was able to take on fully grown Shinigami with his sword-related skills.

While extremely volatile, Mugen rarely uses his sword's release forms, opting to fight in his weapon's sealed form unless he has no other choice. This man doesn't simply use the rudimentary form of kendo taught to the Shinigami at the Shino Academy but he draws inspiration and techniques from kenjutsu and iaijitsu schools from even the most ancient of times. Mugen's fighting style involves first analyzing his opponent and their fighting style before employing the full might of his own skills. He believes that one should focus on the basics of a technique and train those simple concepts until they overpower even extremely complex applications. His style focuses on orthodox swordsplay, perfect posture and a flowing movement of breath, spirit and power. Both offensive and defensive maneuvers are executed with minimal movement to increase Mugen's ability to counter-attack and to conserve energy. He will only attacks when his opponent has made a mistake or he sees an opening in their defenses.

He casually starts a fight in the defensive, keeping his blade close to his body to effectively defend and conserve his power, as he observes his opponent's style and prowess. He focuses on understanding his opponent's intent perfectly, and creating a situation which will cause them to react in a certain way. He will then counter accordingly. In terms of actual combat, he attempts to know the enemy and himself; making the enemy conform to his will. At the same time, Mugen's spiritual state always encompasses both the serene benevolence of meditation and constant flexibility, enabling him not to become totally absorbed or attached to anything in the fight and as such remain aware of his surroundings in case of surprise attacks or multiple enemies. Outwardly, Mugen is always stern and focused during battle.


Zanjutsu, Hoho, Reiryoku Control, Reiatsu


Kido, Hakuda, Durability

Innate Techniques:

Hitotsume: Nadegiri

Personal Abilities:

Master Smith: Being the former heir the ancient clan which creates the Asuachi which are distributed amongst the Shinigami of the Gotei 13, Mugen is an extremely capable swordsmith. He is one of the few beings able to reforge and restore Zanpakutō for Shinigami who have lost their Zanpakutō as well as return Bankai to their natural states.

Zen [Meditative State]: For one-hundred and fifty years, every day without fail, Mugen meditated on his failures. Looked deep within himself as he examined his hubris, exploring his innermost thoughts and feelings until they too evaporated away into a vapor. All that was left was the comforting embrace of the void, a stillness in the chaotic maelstrom of existence where only he and the universe existed. This technique is the fruition of Mugen's promise to his father to never lose his meditative state, even in the heat of battle. Eventually his mind began to broaden, to encompass the essence of his being, and reach out in communion with the elements around him. Soon it became as simple as closing his eyes and the world would melt away revealing itself to him, his senses expanding beyond his person. He can hear the whispers and the secrets carried by the wind, feel the patter of footsteps across the earth stretching from one horizon of Soul Society to the next. The heat of the sun as it illuminates, banishing the darkness and leaving only that which is pure and true. Finally as though hit by realization he gave voice to that which he experienced, a name bestowed to grant power and meaning where only understanding existed: his own name He is on many levels a deeply philosophical individual who has contemplated the thoughts and ideas that make him who he is. This is merely the manifestation of a century and a half of meditation, a strength, or talent born out of diligence and gradual understanding of the world. It isn't something that can be taught, for words while powerful are merely the lens by which sapient beings reveal their perceptions. Zen resembles in many ways a technique due to what it allows Mugen to accomplish but that is merely a side effect of revelation. Mugen describes this practice as a form of communion, though even that is barely sufficient as far as descriptions go. He can allow his senses to merge, or flow into the elements around him; the air, the earth, the heat, the water, everything that exists within nature, they become apart of his senses. It is a transcendent form of awareness that grants him the ability to see, and hear, and feel and touch using the world as his hands and fingers. In battle, this gives Mugen an unparalleled form of battle awareness and a level of insight or intuition that prevents conventional ambushes or surprise attacks from truly working against him. When he fights he is completely calm, there is no ill intent, no lust for blood in his actions. He is simply aware, and when his gaze falls upon those in his domain, he can hear the rhythm of their heart, each breath they take, feel their movements as if they were his own. This technique, though, does take away the sheer joy of combat, the rush that comes from fighting a powerful adversary. Yet it remains a centerpiece of Mugen's own fighting style, a power to employ when his mind must be free from temptation and his heart is free of strife.

Amenotejikara [True Sword Strike]: Mugen devotes his entire person into a sword stroke, turning it into a truly debilitating attack. The difference between casual strike and his serious stroke is so vastly different that it can be compared to night and day. A master swordsman demonstrates their mastery of self when they invoke their full strength and focus it all within their blade in order to perform what is considered a true sword strike. It exerts not only their physical strength but also the force of their reiatsu which follows through with the strike. The enormity of Mugen's strength and the massive weight of his reiatsu which follows his body is such that a serious strike carries a magnitude that is capable of literally cracking through the sound barrier itself and can send devastating shock waves through the air in the direction it is facing. As what has been shown when Mugen conducts a serious strike, the air does not just burst outwards or even vend, but actually ceases to exist where he slashes. Streaks of white light fade into the space where he has struck, able to cut through structures as large as a mountain in one precise stroke. This strike is capable of pushing defenses like Hierro & Blut Vene to their limit in users such with powers akin to that of Mugen's. The focus, physical effort and Reiryoku it takes to effectively perform this technique make it usuable only three times per thread. .

Shukuchi [Reduced Earth]: This is Mugen's own personal Hohō technique which has many uses. Within the realm of combat, the prospect of movement is centered around the maai (space), which refers to the distance between combatants, and the entirety of movement becomes focused on how best to conquer this engagement space. There are two variations of this technique, in the first Mugen focuses solely on moving an extreme distance in just one step, instead of focusing on the speed of multiple steps, he creates more distance for a single step, making up for the sacrificed speed by the sheer distance the step covers, which makes up for the speed factor. After this principle has been trained thoroughly, the user can then use the properties of this technique to close in on an opponent's blind spot to attack without being detected as quickly as they only stepped once while approaching the opponent. This is simply a more subtle form of Shunpo which has the same basic properties but saves much energy and is much more stealthy.


Fūrinkazan [Wind Forest, Fire Mountain]

Sealed Appearance:

Mugen's Zanpakutō resembles a long nodachi, with a rectangular white cross guard with the corners cut off and a beige, bandage wrapped hilt. The tsuba is decorated with various lines and oni omake. The tsuba also has a small black, link chain extending from it's base. Fūrinkazan's is extremely violent and enjoys completely slaughtering its enemies, as such, Mugen constantly has to hold back his innate bloodlust during battle, until the situation calls for it.

Furinkazan's ability is to condense Reiryoku and Reiatsu into insane levels making the power of the energy take form and create debilitating attacks and extremely hard defenses. Since Mugen's own spiritual power is immense, even when compared against that of other captains, when all of that power in condensed down, it forms an insane potential for attack and defense. When still sealed, Furinkazan can release compressed energy arcs that are white in color from his blade that can cut an opponent with insane force and precision at the force of a bala.


Call Out Command:

“故其疾如風,其徐如林,  侵掠如火,不動如山“  

[Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your silence that of the forest, in raiding and plundering be like fire, be immovable like a mountain.]


Once he completes the incantation, Mugen grasps his single blade with two hands. The blade then transforms slowly, and begins to form two blades. As the blades peel apart, the link-chain at the base of the hilt lengthens, and connects the two weapons being created. The blade in his right hand becomes a kusarigama, while the one to his left becomes a large orange-black gunbai. He usually fights with the weapons simultaneously but has the ability to seal one into his body so that he can use one at a time. He usually uses the gunbai for defense, able to fan off energy based attacks, deflect swords and fist and block whatever it can't deflect or evade, while using the sickle for the offensive, cutting through opponents, using it as a flail or projectile, using its chain or his gunbai as the anchor.


Fūrinkazan's ability to compress, condense and control Reiryoku is multiplied upon in its released state. In this form, Mugen can release arcs of energy from his kusarigama much more powerful than it's sealed state and golden in color, possessing the power of a Cero. He can also fan the arcs with his gunbai, transforming the arcs into waves of energy expanding the reach of his more powerful manipulation.

Fūrinkazan's most prominent trait though is ability to form large scale creations made
completely out of Mugen's own Reiryoku. Mugen can create anything imaginable with this ability but his preference is to create giant humanoid forms around his own body for an ultimate defense. These parts are skeletal and made completely of a dense Reiryoku that can be seen, taking on a dark blue color. In Shikai, Mugen can form a giant ribcage around himself that able to defend against the full-force of a Cero, point-blank with no debilitation. He can also extend up to two skeletal arms from this structure to fight back against what he is defending against. The arms can punch rapidly at the speed and power of a bala or draw back and attack with full force with power similar to that of a Cero. The skeletal constructs become extensions of Mugen's will, defending and attacking on his behalf. By default, these creations are anchored to Mugen and move around him. This cannot be control when not when not anchored around him. Mugen's reiatsu cannot be sensed in Shikai.

Boosts: Speed x 2; Strength x 2


New Name: Fūrinkazan Aragami


This release fully unleashes the body of the humanoid construct who's skeletal structure Mugen manipulates in his Shikai. When Bankai is initially released, Mugen's weapons meld into his body, becoming one with him. After this, the entire upper body of the skeletal monster appears which Mugen refers to as the Yūbu no Aragami [Tempestuous God of Valour] in this form it is much more powerful than its Shikai counterpart and able to sustain itself, even if Mugen decides to leave its defensive envelope. But the large humanoid can also be further advanced, adding muscle mass and skin created completely from Reiryoku, making the large construct even more durable and powerful. When in this form, the creature has four arms, two normal ones and two additional ones protruding from each of the arm's elbows. The creature also produces a full, lower body and Mugen becomes suspended in the large humanoid creature. Mugen can also create blade for each of the arms' hands, each blade appearing similar to a kris.


Upon taking on its full skeletal form, Fūrinkazan's offense and defense grow significantly, able to move more fluidly and punch at the power of a Cero without much effort and also able to defend against attacks as powerful as the Gran Rey Cero. This form does use a high amount of Reiryoku though and can only be sustained for 8 turns before Mugen has to revert his blade back to Shikai. Advancing his power further into its full body form also multiples the construct's power and force, rising a it's punches and sword slashes power to that of a Gran Rey Cero and bolstering its defense to be able to withstand even a Cero Oscuras. With its swords it can cut down a mountain with its slashes and pierce through almost anything. This advanved full body form uses up a massive amount of Reiryoku and thus can only be sustained for 4 turns before Mugen has to power down. None of these large creations can be used manipulated unless they are anchored around Mugen.

To forgo the tiring effects of his Zanpakutō, Mugen can also condense all of his Bankai's power down to the form of a single weapon, taking to form of either his Gunbai or his Kusarigama, depending on his discretion. Each weapon in this state is many times more powerful since its the full power of his Bankai compressed into a finite surface area, making the overall power of this transformation even more deadly than his full release, though also smaller and easier to combat. In this form, Mugen's Zanpakutō is extremely frightening able to contact opponents with the explosive force of a Gran Rey Cero and defend against power of similar levels. The time limit on his Bankai is extended to 10 turns in this form. Mugen's reiatsu cannot be sensed in Bankai.

Boosts: Speed x 3; Strength x 3



To understand Zen Mugen, one must understand the history of the Zen Clan which is the fourth amongst the Four Great Houses within the Seireitei. This ancient clan is tasked with the responsibility of crafting the Asuachi which are distributed amongst the students of the Shinō School to be advanced into Zanpakutō as the students become full-fledge Shinigami. The mastery of the art of forming Asuachi is strenuous and usually takes Clan Practitioners up to 100 years to master. The clan's lower-born are only taught steps to the process and work in an assembly line-like fashion and only the heirs of the clan are taught the complete process as well as how to reforge damaged and destroyed Zanpakutō. These teachings have been kept secret for generations and the attempt to procure them were punishable by death as sanctioned from the Central 46.

The Zen Clan focused on their inner peace and meditative state to craft weapons able to be melded with one's own soul and become one with an individual. The leaders and clansmen of the Zen House took great pride in crafting the weapons of the Seireitei's most prized warriors but refused to become a part of their system. Even though their lives were dedicated to the creation of weapons, the Zen Clan decided that they, to include all their members, would stay out of the frey and dangers of military business conducted by the Gotei 13, as well keep all of the young out of the Shinō Academy so that the violence and bloodlust that steers the Shinigami, which would take away their inner peace as well as their meditative state, so that the Gotei would never hinder their hands in such a way.

This was until the young heir of the clan, Mugen came of age. The first-born son of Lord Hōzoin Zen, who is the 44th Head of the Zen Clan. The young boy was a prodigy even amongst the heirs of the clan. He mastered crafting an Asuachi and even reforging Zanpakutō in only 10 years, which is an extremely shortened period to learn such a complex action. He also inherited a strong will for peace brought forth when he laid his hands on a newly crafted Asuachi, much like his father did in his youth. The young man made his father quite proud in his prowess as a smith as well as his good heart and warm demeanor. But eventually the young Zen would start seeing things in a different light.

Mugen begins to question why the members of his family weren't allowed to join the Shinō Academy and the Gotei 13. Even as a child, Mugen was interested in the chivalry and valor of those within the Gotei 13. His father forbade him to speak about it in his youth but as the boy came of age and became more self-aware, he would begin to question his father and the state of their clan. Being highly secretive, the Zen got little credit for their large role in the Seireitei as well as the other Great Houses having much more influence on the culture and government of the Seireitei, since they were personally involved in its cycle and protection.

Hōzoin simply explained that the Shinigami weren't what they seemed on the outside and their occupation involved much violence, oppression and betrayal that tampered with their clan's own meditative state and inner peace. Mugen argued that he could simply master swordsmanship and do it while maintaining an inner peace and his meditative state of mind. His father would hear no more, saying he'd ban Mugen from the clan if he even stepped foot near the Gotei or the Academy, claiming that he could be replaced by one of his younger brothers. This enraged the young Zen and lead to him taking the family's own Sacred Asauchi which set on a ceremonial shrine within the Clan Head's throne room and ran away, registering himself into the Shinō Academy and beginning his new life as a Shinigami since he was now exiled from his clan and denied his birthright.

Upon his enrollment, Mugen was much older than the usual student which entered the Academy, already 100 years of age, but he was truly excited about the experience and excelled in his class, showing great potential in Zanjutsu and Hohō though he lacked in Hakuda and Kidō. He was quickly moved two years forward in the program. Mugen began to understand his father words when he was taught the doctrine of the school: "Do not seek beauty in battle. Do not seek virtue in death. Do not make the mistake of considering only your own life. If you wish to protect that which you must protect, slice the enemy you must defeat from behind." Though Mugen was taught these principles, he didn't believe in them and refused to use this teaching in his own style.  He also didn't appreciate the rudimentary form of Kendō and swordsmanship taught at the Academy, adapting them into his own study of ancient swordsmanship present in a more uncivilized age. He completed the six year course in just two, advancing and getting offered an unseated position in the 6th Division upon graduation.

His strong sense of justice and honor melded well with the 6th Division. Mugen was eventually assigned to his own sector of the Human World, tasked with dispatching Hollows and conducting Soul Burials where ever they were needed within his area of assignment. He always trained in his free time further advancing his Zanjutsu and Hohō skills to higher levels. His ascension through the ranks was gradual, not obtaining a seated position until 50 years later, after he finally connected with his Zanpakutō, learning his name as well as communing with its spirit. Though violent and rash, the weapon's spiritual had great insight and an intelligence that eclipsed Mugen's own. Though different, they bounded subtly and Mugen began secretly training to advancement to Bankai.

Since he was exiled from his family and had no claims or rights of his own, he decided to make a name for himself outside of the illustrious Zen Clan. He carved two goal into his soul at that point: to reach the pinnacle of Shinigami and to reach the pinnacle of the sword. Thusly he would have to become a Captain and also become Kenpachi. He would etch a path with his name that no other could claim. He continued to train for another 50 years, achieving Bankai within ten years advancing its power to masterful levels in the many years that followed, as well as constantly sharpening his Hohō and Zanjutsu skills.. He eventually was seated as the Lieutenant of the 6th Division and reassigned back to the Seireitei to complete his new duties. He was highly respected in his position because the respect he showed everyone, regardless of rank or upbringing. Even people outside of the 6th Squad revered his honor and respect.

Over the years, he began a poetry book series in the Monthly Catalogues that are distributed throughout the Seireitei though they aren't very popular. He also began taking small journeys through the Rukongai to spread good will and arrest criminal in the poorer, less civilized outer districts. He has become quite well known throughout the Rukongai and the crime rate has dropped significantly in the outer regions because of his actions. He also has lead many offensive mission with many members of his Division to the Human World and Hueco Mundo, under the approval of his Captain and has  bolstered an 100% success rating on all offensive operations.  In recent times, the former 6th Division Capt, Kaitou was murdered mysteriously and his remains were somehow sent back to the 6th Division Headquarters, which disturbed Mugen.

With this twisted turn of events, Mugen is currently undergoing the process of  becoming named Captain of the 6th Division since he's shown his merits as a leader and Shinigami. Mugen was administered the Captain Proficiency Test and surprised all in attendance when he called forth his Bankai, which training he had kept secret for all these years. He was instantly promoted to the new Captain of the 6th Divison and his first mission was to find the mysterious killer of his former superior. That was after he trained with the Captain Commander, herself, Lady Rena.

Side Notes: Mugen can feel the emotions and dispositions of Zanpakutō.

RP Sample:

It was a beautiful day in the Seireitei. The sun shone bright over the azure skies of the Soul Society, unbelievably blue without a cloud in sight. It was the perfect day to take a walk in the park or take a stroll with friends to a cafe where the group could possibly dine in the calm, cool air of the Spring day. Acts of leisure and enjoyment were definitely in the plans of many today but this was not the case within the confines of the First Division of the Gotei 13.

As the protectors of the Soul Society and cultivators of law and order in the Seireitei, the Shinigami had their due diligence to be working towards a better dynamic and esteem in their ranks, even on days such as this. As such, today was a hopeful Division Leader's Captain Proficiency Exam. It was none other than Zen Mugen, the lieutenant of the 6th Division and incumbent Captain of the Division since it's former Captain's mysterious death.

The cool breeze sweep through the streets and towers of the Seireitei, bending around the vast Halls of the Ichiban-Tai, which towered over the other the other Barracks of the Shinigami Division. A statuesque building with a delicately drawn Ichi inside the diamond formation which represents the Gotei. Reaching into the gold brimmed building, if one walked steadily down the long hall from the main entrance without taking one of the many optional turns available within the golden, wood grain halls, they'd come to the large assembly hall which hosted the Captain's Proficiency Exam.

The hall was extremely large and had been cleaned out with only a single, long table off by itself which set three people, evenly space throughout, all with white haori over their black attire. Their faces were shadowy and stern as Mugen slowly walked up to greet them, bowing before the honorable captains of the Gotei 13. He was standing atop a platform, which set at the middle of the room. After the proper greeting, the man's face glowed slightly with a show of confidence. Today would be the day that he made history within his clan and for himself.

The young Zen slowly moved his right hand over to his Zanpakutō's tsuba, slowly curling his fingers around it's hilt before taking a deep breathe. All of his anxiousness turned into anxiety in one motion. The nervousness and stomach flutters began to fill his soul until closed his eyes and took another deep breathe, silently releasing his reiatsu. The Captains here probably wouldn't be impressed by the intense force of pressure which covered even outside the reaches of the barracks in which they all currently tolled but they'd know his reiryoku levels were well above average, before he finally releases his Bankai without a word. His Zanpakutō melted into his arm, phasing into his body and becoming on with the man.

Interestingly, the force of his reiatsu would diminish subtly, leaving only a tranquil feeling of nothing. This would certainly raise the eyebrows of the Taicho present. Where did the massive reiatsu which they all physically felt disappear to. They could no longer sense this man's reiatsu at all. And suddenly a thick, cobalt blue aura shaped around the man. A manipulation of reiryoku so thick that it appeared like fire, burning around Zen Mugen. The nature of the man's Zanpakutō probably made more sense to the witnesses now. They would certainly be surprised since Mugen himself had never shown anyone his Bankai and the Captains in attendance probably thought he only was going to attempt to show great proficiency in Shikai and be granted emergency power until he mastered Bankai properly.

But before much more thought could be done, more shapes and forms began to position themselves around the man. A encircling of five, horizontal columns would surround the man from behind his back and encircle him, from his sides, taking shapes as a vertical column stretches through them from the same point which they all began all in the same fiery cobalt blue which Mugen's aura took before. Eventually the form of a ribcage, spine, shoulder joint and the beginnings of an arm bone could be clearly before more flaming energy surrounded it, giving muscles to the skeletal structure as the bones completed their transformation and flesh shaped over their same muscles.

A large, ghastly beast surrounded Mugen, the very force of its roar shaking the Halls of the First Division. Glowing whitish-blue eyes, jagged-sharp teeth filling its mouth, a split chin with two tufts protruding down and a sharp triangular protrusion growing from the top of it's head, broad shoulders and powerful arm muscles were visible, every detail of this monster's figure was finite and wholistic.

"So do I destroy the Halls of the First Division with Fūrinkazan's awesome powers or do I pass?", laughed Mugen as he added a cheery air to the serious event hoping that he would not have to reveal any more secrets of his Zanpakutō.

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