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on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:32 am


8th Division
8th Division
Due to varying shenanigans, it's become apparent that it'd be nice to have ALL our character guidelines in one place, so without further delay... Tada? (There's all the other really cool and major information too.)


Literally if you just click the above link and read all this the below is redundant as you'd already have read it. So. Just remember that there are more than one page of links and threads to read there. Anyways moving on!

Full Roleplay Guidelines

General Rules

Guides to Battle and Powers and shtuff.

Guides to Character creation.

Characters go here:

Race info and the like is here:

Creation Assistance:

RP Assistance:

Limitations on canon material and banned powers?

Guide to Tiering up:

If you wanna join a race-related org?

Want to make your own equipment?

Want to make abilities for the use of yourself or others?

Want to buy pre-made equipment?


If you want to voice a concern or opinion?

If you want to advertise or apply for affiliation?


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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