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#1 Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:59 am

Basic Information

    Name: Yukiluna Tasumi
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: May 14 Karakura Town
    Occupation: Artist/waitress

Fullbringer Information

    Object Affinity: a Paintbrush
    Organization: She isn’t with one
    Fullbringer Element: water/ink

Appearance Info

    Appearance: Her head and hair looks, yes she wears the head piece because she thinks it is cute:
    Body type:
    Tattoos/Markings: She has this tattoo on the left side of her neck near the front:
    She has this one on her left shoulder:
    Her usual clothing:

Battle Information

    Techniques: Limit 6

    Technique Name: Arrow barraged.
    Technique Description: Arrow barrage starts when Yukiluna draws a triangle in front of her. She will then move her brush out, making her brush and arm parallel with her shoulder, and then up to the sky, which will make the triangle move up into the air, facing the opponent. The Triangle will expand to cover the entire battlefield. Slowly the inside of the triangle will start filling with a color of a blazing fire with the motion of a water surface. Once the triangle is filled ripples galore will form on the surface with arrows flying through the surface at her opponent.

    Once this happens rose can do one of two things, She can maneuver the arrows with the movement of her brush through her spirit energy, to follow the opponent, or let them fly ahead and not interfere with the direction they move.. Avoiding is easy as long as her opponents defense is greater than her own spirit. It can be canceled by distraction of another thought entering her mind.

    When they are placed some place or in her opponent, She can make them blow up by thought and feeding in her spirit energy twice the amount needed to create the arrows. With this attack it can only be used about two times in a battle as this attacks only lasts about two battle posts, this attack can only be reused in a battle after thirty posts apart.

    Technique Name: Floating sword fighter.
    Technique Description: Her Technique is basically where by using her spirit energy she is able to draw a sword that will float on its own but it will only move how her brush moves, so in a way the sword mimics the brush’s movement, which Rose will use to fight as if in a fencing match, holding her brush with one hand as if having an actual sword.

    This fighter can only be used about three or four posts before it loses its form and then disappears back into her brush.

    Technique Name: First Stroke: Element’s rage
    Technique Description: Yukiluna’s brush glows a bright white as the color changes with the elemental characters she writes in front of her. She will write out on the six elements of fire, earth, water, air, light and darkness. She will then point at the symbol she wanted that will send an explosive ball of that element that tracks the opponent till they are hit.

    They only track the reaistu. If the reaistu is hidden they will go back into the symbol. This attack can only be used once and lasts about five posts maximum.

    Technique Name: Maze of illusion
    Technique Description: this one is one that took Yukiluna forever to make. She will first draw out a maze in front. She then activates the maze as the world around them seems to not exist when walls about three stories high form into a maze with no exit. The walls look to be of the six elements varying. As her opponent is moving through the maze, Yukiluna is in the middle with a large map of the maze in front of her. She will touch varying walls and write symbols of attacks upon the varying walls so when her opponent comes near that wall, the attack or trap is activated and will remain activated as long as her opponent is trapped and near it. The walls are think and can’t be destroyed till they get to the middle. This attack depends on reaistu and rishi of the opponent. If neither are present then the traps do not happen.This attack lasts for 5 posts and has a twnety post cooldown before it can be used again. This attack takes a good three posts to prepare before it is shown.

    Technique Name: Painted invisible
    Technique Description: simply put she is able to camouflage and blend in with her brush by spinning in a circle spiraling her paint brush from her hip to above her head as a thick color blending ink flowed around her, making her part of the background this attack lasts about two posts and this is more of a way she is able to escape or plan her next move. This technique works more in the open then within the shadows as the shadows allow the cloak to be seen through

    Technique Name: Paint Tidal wave
    Technique Description: This attack acts like a cero in the fact she hold her brush towards the opponent. She twists and twirled the brush as blue stroked formed a water texture before the texture flew forward spreading like water. She will slash her brush up into the arrow as her attack becomes a tidal wave that only attack at the opponent as it has all the force of one along with the destruction that only comes to the opponent but not the surroundings. This attack lasts two posts but has a five post cooldown

Abilities: Yukiluna's Full-bring can be considered a simple one that has to do with art. Her Medium is a paintbrush that her mother gave her for her birthday once. It is long and looks normal beside the fact of the swirls and groves around the handle that her mother had craved, once being an artist herself.

Her Full-bring works like this, her medium is the brush as explained above, her paint is her spiritual energy she moves through the brush her canvas is the world around her, she is able to paint in mid air. By painting, she has to be able to connect the painting outlines. Once the outlines are connecter, some how then her lines twist and burst with color creating real life images from Roseletta’s mind. She has to stay focused on this image until it is complete then all she has to do is keep feeding her energy slowly through the brush to keep the beings or things she create alive. Other wise by not feeding her energy her image just turns to a pool of color, then water that dries up.


Evolved Fullbring

    Evolved Fullbring Name:n/a (havnt thought of it yet_
    Evolved Appearance:
    Evolved Ability:Choose a continued ability for your fullbring in its new form.


      YukiLuna is very wise beyond her years when it comes to accepting when those who pass on are gone. She had to deal with this the hard way with two friends passing away before she would.
      • a mother figure is what Yukiluna is to those who are looking for comfort or guidance; she is normally the one to go to. Like if someone had a problem, someone could tell her anything and she would help him or her in whatever way she could
      • Loyalty is one of the dominate aspects of Yukiluna’s life, She is loyal to the house she serves till the end, from a promise she and two other friends had made before they had died, even though she kept that promise, she stays loyal to her house and her house alone. She is also loyal to whoever she is with whether it is family, bf etc. for she would expect them to be loyal to her.
      • Yukiuna is an artist and that shows in the fact that when someone is depress she tries brightening their day no matter what it takes for she hates when people is sad cause then it saddens her
      • She is a very patient girl in the fact that when it comes to fights she will remain calm and wait for an opening to strike down her opponent as quick as she can and being an artist their trait helps her a lot.

      Negative Traits

      • YukiLuna is somewhat bi-polar on the part that she will remain calm one moment and the next she might be picking up a lamp and tossing it in anger of something small or else she will burst into a depression that can range form a few minutes to months.
      • Yukiluna is a perfectionist when it comes to painting and drawing, if she gets into her painting. They have removed her forcefully from her painting to get her out of her room if she has not come out yet.
      • Yukiluna’s bright personality can also be a negative for her feelings towards someone may cloud her judgment so she tries not to get attach even though that is hard for her.
      • Rose is one of those types that refuse to talk to her past to anyone that does not know, purely because honestly everything she loved dearly died in the past.
      • She has the tendency to overestimate things such as opponent’s options to attack or overestimating how much paint color she used on one picture.

    Likes: She likes hot guys and ones that know how to treat a girl right
    Dislikes:She hates jerks and know it alls


    History:yukiluna had the life every child would want, a rich family, a loving mom and dad, everything given to you at your every call. The perfect life. yukiluna did not want this life, she felt horrible and empty just playing with dolls until she discovered her talent in art and found her fulfillment, as the only things she asked for had to do with art, otherwise she did not want anything else. It was one her seventh birthday that she received her paintbrush, this one she found, use to be her mother’s paint brush, passed down form her great grandmother who first showed the ability of painting.

    yukiluna held this brush close and took everywhere with her and somehow managed to keep it in good working shape. She didn’t noticed her drawings come to life or anything till she was just swirling and moving her brush in the air humming when she noticed lines of colors following after her brush. Somehow, she did not become frightened by this but somehow knew no one was to know. By the time she was 16, she was a well-known artist and she had gained tattoos.

    It was on her 16 birthday when her world did a 180. a massive fire broke out at her house, killing both of her parents, her two best friends were in there as well waiting for her to get home for her surprised birthday party. It was when she found fire trucks heading down her street and her seeing the smoke coming from her house. She had attempted to go in but the firefighters managed to keep her out even though she was probably more deadly then the fire

    A few days after the fire she was sent to her aunt's house who has always accepted her. Rose was not herself; she was withdrawn from the world for a good month just lying in bed barely eating anything. She didn’t seem to respond to anything until her cousin tetsu had game home from their grandmother's house, spending the summer with her was now over. There were times she refused to talk and others somehow he managed to get her to snap back to reality by barely doing anything. Yukiluna have lost things close to them but somehow he would not share his feelings but managed to get her functioning once again. It took her a good 6 months to function just as she was before the fire.

    Three months before her 17th birthday she found some other teens her age with abilities as well, which really brightened her dark world, knowing she was not alone with these abilities. She found out about shinigami, managing to see one and seeing spirits now, she was not afraid of any of these. She found out about hollows and the houses, which she had apply for the Sosa house, finding that their beliefs were open minded in a way much like hers.

    It was not until five months after her birthday that she was accepted into the kola house. Soon after finding out she left the care of her aunt's moving in to her own space, She gave tetanus her address and phone number just in case he would ever need her, which she highly doubt, but she always has hope to help someone out. Therefore, she has been living well so far and functioning to society standards, which she found were not very hard.

    Yukiluna has always been considered the underdog but she will and strength to becoming better and stronger in this dog eat dog world. She always hated the bottom for when you are at the bottom, you always get looked down and considered you are not good for anything. If it wasn’t for her past of her parents and best friends dieing and her cousin actually getting her to reconnect with reality, she would probably be on a truck load of medication in a restraint jacket in a medial asylum for nut cases. She mainly continued to stay within this world for the promises she and her friends made as children ‘to knock down all obstacles in our ways to being the perfect beings we can possibly be and let no one tell us we can’t do better’ that was their promise and the thing that kept them all together, and still to this day she still lives by that promise and the thinking that her parents, siblings, and friends were not gone, that they were with her and fighting along side her in her struggle to the top.

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#2 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:06 am


Nice. I like artist type characters. this one reminds me of the episode of thundercats that involves artists and origami type powers.

#3 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:38 am


Approved for 1-3 we talked about everything in the chat. If anyone else has something I missed D: please let me know.

#4 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:59 am



#5 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:01 am


D: What would you suggest sempai? Lower, higher, it needs two approvals after all.

#6 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:03 am


Sorry sorry i'm one handed dota I meant an ! Not a ?. 1-3 seems good she is powerful compared to a full bringer

#7 Re: Yukiluna Tasumi , Fullbringer human on Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:54 pm

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