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#1 Kawa Kensai on Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:36 am


Name: Kawa Kensai
Age: 16
True Age: 200
Sex: Male
Personality: Kawa is a short tempered and some what arrogant individual, he will mock and insult others quiet frequently.  Even well in battle Kawa will mock and insult his opponents with sarcastic remarks like. “Hay you’re not doing so bad", or “Why don't you try and attacking my right side". Kawa very rarely shows respect to others, but there are a few who can gain his respect. To those who have earned Kawa respect and even friendship he does appears to be very friendly individual if not a little rude.

Kawa enjoys relaxing and laying around, and can be quiet lazy at times. Sometimes he will decline a fight with someone merely because he doesn't feel like it, of course because of Kawa’s own arrogance he will generally insult them, usually telling them that their too weak for him to fight. Kawa has a rather violent hatred for Shinigami, and at times his hatred will extend to Quincy's. Oddly enough Kawa won’t outright attack a human like a normal hollow and, on first impressions he can be seen as a very passive individual with a calm demeanor.  
In battle, Kawa is not satisfied with fighting opponents that don't pose a threat to him. Usually he will goad multiple opponents to attack him simultaneously. Kawa likes toying with his opponents, especially if he doesn't consider them a threat. He is however easily irritated, combined with his short temper Kawa can be a very violent fighter when someone pisses him off, Kawa may be arrogant but he doesn't underestimate his opponents. If he believes they are an actual threat be will be more cautious when fighting them.
Kawa enjoys traveling to the world of the living to relax and sleep. He also enjoys eating the food in the world of the living. He can normally be found around a restaurant called “Rivers Heart”


Height: 5'3"
Weight: 99lbs
Physical Traits: Kawa has a youthful, but effeminate, features. He has short curly, yet unevenly cut blonde hair and deep green eyes. Above and below his left eye are tattoo like markings which take the shape of a simple X with a dark purple color. His Hallow mask resembles a wolfs skull and is on the top of his head like a helmet or hat. His hollow hole is located on his throat where his Adams apple would be. If Kawa becomes an espada his number is displayed on his left hip.
Clothing: Kawa wears a variation of a typical arrancar outfit. His attire consists of a sleeveless white shirt with two large holes on the bottom portion of his shirt that reveals his left and right abdomens. Over his shirt is a long sleeve white jacket which he leaves open. Kawa finishes his outfit with a white jeans with a black pelt and, normally walks around barefoot.

Kawa’s reiatsu is naturally being presence and Kawa can barely conceal it even if he tries. His reiatsu is a burnt orange color and can sometimes take the shape of a wolf’s skull around him.


General Fighting Style: Kawa’s main fighting style is in hand to hand combat and he, has two main styles. When holding back or toying with much weaker opponents, Kawa fights with a southpaw boxing like stance usually keeping the other hand in his jacket pocket. When fighting like these Kawa is quiet fast and agile, but loses the ability to make combination punches. Though an opponent shouldn't underestimate the speed or power of his left alone.

When Kawa needs to be serious in a fight he switches to a switch-hitter stance, periodically switching from right-handed stance to left handed stance. These style of fighting means Kawa is serious now. Not only does he have the speed from his first style but the ability to make quick combination punch's.

Kawa uses a combination of Muay Thai and western boxing meaning unlike other fighter Kawa will uses elbows and knees in a fight.    
Strengths: Bala, Sonido, Hierro, Hand to Hand combat
Weaknesses:  Physical strength, Short temper, Pesquisa, Cero


Sealed Appearance: Kawa’s sealed zanpakuto is a single metal Roman Cestus that is elbow length and is on his left arm.

Zanpakuto Name:  Fenrisúlfr
Zanpakuto Call Out:  Swallow the Sun
Cero: Bala Punches- Kawa infuses his fist with his own spiritual energy firing a bala each time his fist impact with something.

Cero Punches-Kawa infuses his fist with spiritual energy firing a Cero into anything his fist impact with. Kawa can uses these only once or twice a post.

Mashiro Super Cero- Kawa kicks in the air firing a Cero that fallows an arc-shaped path


Appearance: Kawa’s body is engulfed in flames, when the fires die Kawa is  transformed into a four armed 8ft tall werewolf like creature with a jet black hide with bright ember orange patches along his back. Kawa’s head is now one of the skull of a wolf with a bright flame burning in the empty black eye sockets, the claws are glowing a bright orange.
Abilities: Heat claws- Kawa's claws emit heat hot enough to melt metal. The heat of the claws create second degree burns along the cauterized wound mad by the claws.

Wolfs Hide- Kawa fur is higher than a Hierro's average durability and is smoldering hot to anyone that comes in contact with it. Kawa hide can cause first degree burns to anyone that comes in contact with it for a short time, but if Kawa presses his hide against his opponents for 2 post his hide can cause second degree burns.  

Burning blood- Kawa’s blood becomes a thick lava like substance melting anything it touches. The blood lava like form also cauterizes the wound. The lava like blood causes 2nd degree burns.

Volcanic Energy- When Kawa uses a bala, he leaves behind an area of lava and fire where it hits. A Cero leaves behind a trial of lava in its path, and when Kawa uses his sonido a trial of fire fallows him. The lava and flames from his attacks last 3 post. The lava and fire of his attacks cause second degree burns.  
Boosts:  x3 to Speed, Stamina, and Hierro, x2 Strength


Appearance: Kawa’s body engulfs its self in flames once more when he emerges, Kawa has reverted back to a more human appearance but much about him has changed. His eyes once a deep green now  a bright ember orange and look like the eyes of a wolf, his hair now a shoulder length and an ashy white. He wears a long black fur coat left open to show his bare chest, he has his normal black jeans on. His also has two Cestus strapped to his hands, the cestus are covered in black fur and appears to be wolf paws.
Abilities: Kawa’s pervious abilities of his Resurrection carry over to his Segunda form. His Heat claws are now his hands and Cestus, The Wolfs hide extends to Kawa’s entire body not just the fur.

Molten wave- Kawa emits a powerful aura of heat anything within 10ft is effect by these extreme conditions of heat catching fire to things around him, that are easily flammable and melting any week stone or metal. In terms of damage the wave isn’t strong enough to light an opponent’s body a blaze at most the heat would cause a bad sunburns.

Volcanic tail- Kawa can create a large wolf like tail made of lava burning and melting anything it strikes. The tail last 3 post and has a 4 post cool down. The tail is like a heavy steal club in terms of how hard it hits and when it hits it causes large first degree burns.

Magma Armor- Whenever lava coats Kawa skin it will harden and become a rocky armor that protects him from attacks but anything in strength equal to a Gran Rey  or stronger will break the armor. The armor has a 2 post duration and Kawa can’t regenerate any armor until a 3 post cool down passes.
Boosts: X4 to Speed, Stamina and Hierro, x3 Strength


Background:  Kawa when alive lived in a large city his father owned a restaurant and his mother worked as a waitress. Kawa's life was rather normal he was never spiritually aware, though he's heard stories of demons roaming the city from a local homeless man that his father would give the leftovers of the restaurant.

Kawa's death wasn't something that would traumatize anyone it was a mere accident something terrible. It was supposed to be a normal day in the restaurant, Kawa we doing inventory in the basement of the restaurant, when Kawa saw the smoke rising from the door. Ignoring it at first thinking it was from the kitchen, until the smoke became thicker and black. That's when Kawa started to panicking. Choking and coughing as he reaches his door and realizes it won’t open and is trapped as he slowly suffocates to death.

Kawa was soon lost and confused staring at the burning restaurant. He remembered being trapped and choking on smoke. It didn't take him long to figure out that he was dead, and soon learned that he couldn’t leave the restaurant. Days turned into weeks and Kawa watches his father rebuild his restaurant and add a memorial for Kawa. But as time went on Kawa started wondering about the afterlife or if these was all there was.

Kawa one day meet a strange looking man in white robes and an odd broken mask. These stranger became the only person Kawa could speak to and even though the man was strange Kawa enjoyed the company. Then one day individuals in black robes appeared and they attacked the strange man, for reasons Kawa didn’t fully understand yet the black robed individual seemed to think the man was harming Kawa.

Kawa watched as the man that had kept him company died and anger quickly filled his mind, and as Kawa anger turned to rage Kawa started the changes to becoming a hallow. As he transformed he killed the black robed figures in a fit of rage.

Afterwards Kawa fled into Hueco Mundo. Kawa spent a lot of time learn what he had become and why. He learned quickly learned that the world he was part of now was survival of the fits, a place where the strong ruled and the week either served the strong or died. So Kawa knew he was week but to get stronger he need to kill and survive. He started his new life as a scavenger and killing others of his kind that were weakened by other fights. As Kawa become stronger be started fighting or killing anything that he came a crossed.      

After a while he started traveling back to the living world to see his parents once more. While there saw more of those black robed figure feeling anger build in him he attacked one that had strayed away from his friend. Learning that they were called Shinigami and they were supposed to protect spirits from creatures like Kawa. Kawa then would force the weakened Shinigami to watch as he killed the other Shinigami before killing and devouring them both.

Kawa would continue visiting the world of the living and would try not to draw too much attention to himself. But time to time he would hunt a week or distracted Shinigami normally when they were alone. Kawa continued to gain more and more power. Kawa was an adjuchas class hallow when he saw an arrancer for what would be the second time. Kawa realized his friend was an arrancer and knew he need to gain these power for himself. Kawa gain more and more power, in the eagerness of becoming an arrancar. It was around the time when Kawa was a Vesta Lorde when he tried removing his mask from his face bashing and smashing his face again and again. Until it shatters and Kawa becomes an arrancer.  

Finally gaining the power that his dearest friend had now that he had it Kawa wondered how his friend was even killed and why he didn’t crush the shinigami that attacked him. Kawa continued to grow in power in order to kill any dam Shinigami that thought they would do the same to him.      
Side Notes: [Anything you might have left out in your application goes here]
RP Sample:  It was a normal day in the restaurant Kawa sits quietly near  his  memorial  watching his mother take order and his father cooking in the kitchen. The smells of his cooking fills Kawa mind with memory’s almost forgotten.  Then his mind snaps back to the present as he hears a familiar voice.

“Hay kid” the voice is a deep pitch with a calming sense to it.

Kawa raises from his seat with a sense of excitement. “Morin, your back” Kawa beams as he approaches the man. Morin was an aged man maybe in his late 40s, wearing white robes and a sword at his side.  The man smiles down at Kawa and wrestles Kawa’s hair. “So I still can’t leave the restaurant yet” Kawa says eager to speak, but not sure what to talk about. You don’t get a lot done when stuck in a restaurant all day.

“Don’t worry kid, you will get out of here eventually “Morin says looking a bit cautiously around him.

Kawa’s smile drops slightly and asks a bit worried” it’s everything ok Morin” Kawa looks around him for anything that seems odd.

“Nah, everything is fine kid “Morin says before two black robed figure appear between Kawa and Morin.  A fight shortly ensues, Kawa watches these fight Morin dodging and blacking there attacks with ease but Morin wasn’t trying to fight and only tried to defend his self the two black robed individuals slowly starting to over whelm Morin before one of them land a strike there sword slicing into Morin’s shoulder and the other taking the opportunity to take the death blow and its sword pierces though Morin’s chest.

Kawa watch’s as his dearest friend falls dead his fear turns to anger then anger into rage. Then as the blacked robe men turn toward Kawa and, he screams the screaming turning into growl and Kawa’s chain on his chest ignites into flames that soon engulf him and he starts changing his body  growing as he takes the form of a  large black wolf with a skull like mask. In a fit of rage he attacks the surprised men with violent murderous intent.  Kawa doesn’t remember much but hearing the screams of the robed individuals before fleeing into a black void and appearing in a desert. Tired and confused Kawa collapsed and rests in the sand.      

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