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#1 [Open] Killing Time! on Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:39 am

Jun T

Jin sat in the basement of the bar he was in. Which was in a tiny ass town somewhere in South Africa. That was poor, but not so poor where they were building out of cow shit. That was wrong and disgusting on so many levels. But then, how many of those places had he blown up? Destroyed? And killed the people inside them? Child soldiers weren't common inside, but at the borders, it was a different story.

But he was just here, looking over some profiles of people he was hoping to recruit. Eating rice crackers. Much to the annoyance of the few other patrons around him. He was trying to find people for a mercenary group. Generally, he wanted to stick with people who had powers, like him. Unfortunately, there just wasn't that many people. And he really just wanted to kill some time before his next mission.

Closing his laptop, he decided to get out of there and head back to his hotel. No one interesting came by or was in the far at least.
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