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#1 Thor Blerster on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:09 pm

"For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known."


Name: Thor Blerster
Age: 22
True Age: 100
Sex: Male


Knowledge: Thor greatly values all the wisdom and knowledge he has accumulated throughout his already tremendously long life. He deeply values understanding in general. Knowing the entirety of something makes Thor feel superior to it, and this is a very comforting sensation to him. He does believe knowledge is power of it's own, but believes raw strength cannot be neglected either.

Life: Thor does not outright wish death on generally anything. Killing an adversary - if they can be killed - doesn't please Thor. He enjoys seeing various forms of nature as well as observing life itself, imagining it's future and growth, though this is mostly simply for interest in his own life. He believes all other forms of life are actually just imitations of his own and not truly conscious, though he occasionally doubts this assumption.


Loneliness: Thor dislikes being lonely immensely. He always tries his best to socialize with others in any given time. He dislikes the unpleasant emotional responses he gets from being lonely. He had suffered from it for a long period of time and he wishes that it would befall him again. To ensure such tragedy would not affect him again, as mentioned above: he would socialize.

Conflict: Most Arrancars have a huge blood lust for conflicts and battle. However, when it comes towards Thor - he despises it. He would only engage in such if there is some sort of satisfactory reason. Otherwise, he would outright ignore and stay away from it. Because he knows that most conflicts are all pursued and engaged due to one reason; that being personal agendas.


Height: 6'5
Weight: 250lbs
Physical Traits:

At first glance, Thor Blerster is an extremely handsome and elegant individual. He has a stoic and regal demeanor, and he inspires awe and respect from friends and foes, while also invoking primal fear to those who behold him.

He possesses a rather interesting eye colour. Rather than being only one solid color, they are actually two-toned. The anterior rim of his irises bear a sky blue colour trim. Along the exterior rim of his irises, there is a ring of gray. The irises themselves are a light blue colour, bearing a hue reminiscent of the vast sky. In natural or ambient lighting, his eyes can even appear to have a dark white hue.

There are people fortunate enough to look upon Thor with fear and recognize the true danger of this man. There is an unmistakable seed of evil in every look sent from his eyes, a stifling, engulfing presence of malice which surrounds him. And it is all invisible; somehow you simply know there is something wrong with this man. And yet, for most of you, his appearance may deceive anyway.

It's not that Thor doesn't appear wicked. One look in his eyes and it's obvious from his somewhat crazed expression that he's more than just a bit crazy. But it's that this craziness disguises itself as other things; intense devotion, sincere passion, and progressive energy. Of course it's all a lie. What you see is what you get; an insane, murderous man with a heart full of hatred and vengeance that will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.

Aside from the crazy and unique look on his face, his body is exceeds the expectation of any mortal man would hope to achieve - broad shoulders, powerful muscles, a towering height of exactly six feet five inches. Which gives him an intimidating and daunting presence. His build is fit and athletic, lean but with large muscles, all of which are proportional and perfectly balanced with his build. Thor eats a diet of only pure nutrients to keep his body healthy and maintain his muscle-mass. He calculates every bit of matter that goes into his body, he technically has a 'perfect' diet, leading to his extraordinary his muscular aesthetic physique and physical fitness. The remains of his Hollow mask consist of the right jawbone and his Hollow hole is located on his abdomen.

Some of Thor's strikingly odd features - skin completely devoid of pigments or blemishes. There is no pink or red tinge to his skin. It's all just pure white, with the also the mixture of tan. And his hair too is also devoid of pigment - solid pale thick white hair, semi-short, reaching the back of his neck, and flowing -- which he does not bother to combed back.

When it comes to clothing, Thor wears military-styled black boots and red jeans with a single belt wrapped around each thigh. A belt featuring a skull themed buckle wraps around his waist, and he wears black, gauntlet shaped gloves with three buckled straps on each one. His coat takes the colour of deeper red, with two coattails, yet the coat has a more pronounced buckled collar, and a black strap going over his right shoulder wrapping around his chest, with two golden studs on the front. The front of the coat is also patterned individually from the rest of it, resembling a sort of vest or body armor, with a zipper closed all the way up from the waist to the bottom of Thor's neck. Though at time he prefers not wear any form of clothing underneath his coat, in which he is shirtless.

Segunda Etapa Appearance: A black armor is generated all over his body, however, the head piece serves as a mask and has the ability to be removed. A "M" shaped white stripe could be see on his chest and backside over the black armor. While spiked gauntlet's could be seen his hand and forearm area.


General Fighting Style: Physically, Thor's body is in top form. He has been trained in martial arts since he was a small child. He has great agility and coordination in his attacks. He has mastered thirteen forms of martial arts throughout his life, all including: Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Kung-Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Taekwondo, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Hapkido, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu and American Karate. In addition to having powerful kicks and punches, Thor is proficient in counterattacks, take-downs, and body locks.

When using his Sword, Thor can use it in a lot versatile and effective maneuvers, such as using it as a flail, which to he has tremendous aim and control of where and how it strikes. Thor fights in a deductive and logical manner. However he also has a tendency to rely on instinct with little to no regard towards his own well-being. Despite this he is a keen strategist.

Strengths: Heirro, Speed, Strength, Stamina, High Speed Regeneration
Weaknesses: Reiatsu Control, Pesquisa, Planning Ahead, Swordsmanship


Earth Manipulation - Thor has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

Magma Manipulation - Thor at will can generate lava through his body and manipulate it. He can shoot massive continues streams of magma from his fingertips, fists, mouth, palms, or legs. Thor is able to coat in magma in said parts and direct them outwards if he wishes in at around Bala speed. His lava manipulation have a range of 100-ft in all directions. Using his magma manipulation ability he can create magma whips, hammers, balls, axes and etc. The magma gives the opponent 2nd degree burns.

Energibølgen - Thor channels his spiritual energy through his sword and, by swinging the sword, launches the energy in the form of a massive wave at his target. A single strike from it has the ability to disperse an entire rainstorm.

Causes damage equal to 2 Cero's, while also causing 2nd degree burns. He is able to use the ability 3 times (3 posts) in a row with a 7 post cool down.

Vegg av Død - A magma barrier which is fixed to his back, front, left and right side of body, and when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges fully in a sphere-like shape around him, protecting him from attacks.

The barrier can block up to 2 Cero's worth of damage. He is able to use the ability 2 times (2 posts) in a row with a 4 post cool down.


Sealed Appearance: N/A
Zanpakuto Name: Djevelen Kan Gråte
Zanpakuto Call Out: Rettferdighet

Cero: Thor is capable of using Ceros, Balas, the Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras, Cero Metralleta, while also having the ability use his custom Cero.

Stråle av Død - Raising his right arm forward and outstretched, using his free hand to grip the firing arm for extra support, with the palm facing flat toward the enemy, Thor is able to fire a gigantic beam of magma and spiritual energy, which creates an enormous explosion upon impact.

Not only does it heavily damage the enemy, it also has the ability to ignite anyone that is caught within the blast. Does damage equal to a Gran Rey Cero, while also causing 2nd degree burns. 4 post cool down.



Høy Hastighet Regen - Thor has accelerated healing, he can heal all external damage such as fractured bones and bruises, deep cuts, burns, and etc. Thor is also able regenerate his limbs after having it torn/or cut off (not instant). He can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and internal organs. He can also survive increase blood loss.

Rustning Evig - Another layer thick of armor generates over existing armor and body The armor is able to withstand damage up to a Gran Rey Cero. Anything stronger than that would directly hit him. Coming into contact with him would directly result in the enemy getting burned. Lasts for 3 posts with 4 post CD.

Blits - Thor can de-materialize himself in one place and instantly re-materialize himself a distance away. His body melts into lava as he reassembles himself.

Thor is able to teleport anywhere within 30 feet of his area. However, he would be 5-feet apart from his enemy. 2 post cool down. 3 times per thread.

Død Luft - Thor unleashes a crimson and azure coloured, smoke-like miasma, which, radiating outward from him, melts and burns anything which it comes into contact with. The miasma has the ability move fast equivalent to speed of a Cero. Does not affect Thor, of course.  

Affects an area of 75-ft in all directions (up, front, back, right, left, and etc). Gives the enemy 2nd degree burns. He is able to use the ability 3 times (3 posts) in a row with a 12 post cool down.

Desölatiøn - Thor radiates a quick burst of energy outwards that creates an explosion and blasts outwards with an accompanying shock-wave afterwards. 20-ft in all directions (up, front, back, right, left, down and etc). Does not affect Thor, of course.

Causes damage equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero, while also causing 2nd degree burns. 4 post cool down.

Boosts: x3 to everything.




(All the abilities from Resurrection are retained)

Ariel II - Thor can project two beams/rays from his eye's that continues for about 1 post, and can be swept across his surroundings in an area of 25-ft surrounding him. The beams/rays travel in a speed equal to a Bala, while also giving a Cero worth of damage. 2 post CD.

Castiel Vingers - An enhanced layer thick armor is generated all over his body. The armor is able to withstand damage up to a Cero Oscurus. Anything stronger than that would directly hit him. Coming into contact with him would directly result in the enemy getting burned. Lasts for 3 posts with 5 post CD.

Magma Splotion - When Thor uses a Cero, Bala, and etc, it will be also filled with lava, and upon impact will instantly explode with not only damage the opponent, but also burn the opponent due to magma splattering in all directions.

Magma Rager -


Thor has the ability to summon a creature made out of magma. It has the ability to fire magma-blasts. He can also use the Rager to protect himself from an enemy attack.

The Magma Rager can last up-to 5 posts, and is 3 tiers lower than Thor.  It can withstand damage anything to a Gran Rey Cero before it's destroyed. Rager has high durability and high speed. It has the ability fire 20 magma-blasts per thread, 2 per post. 2 magma-blasts has a damage equivalent to 2 Ceros, while also causing 2nd degree burns. 5 post cool down.

Messiah - By saying the following;

Thor's sword will transform into massive magma lance, ornated near the tip. Basically, Thor has the ability to launch a gigantic beam out of the lance. After once the beam is shot, the lance will transform back into a sword. The beam is powerful enough to create a large crater, with an accompanying explosion which creates a shock-wave.

The beam does damage equal to a Cero Oscuras, while causing 2nd degree burns due to the lava splatter in all directions. 5 post cool down.

Ragnarök -


By uttering the following;

"Herreav Leviathan!"

The creature named 'Desolate' would instantly shoot down hundreds of large magma meteorites from the sky. It only has that ability, and that ability alone.

Affects an area of 350-ft in all directions, causing the enemy damage equivalent of 2 forbidden Kidou's, and 2nd to 3rd degree burns. Does not affect Thor but after using the technique he will loose all of his power for the rest of the thread.

Boosts: x4 to everything.


Background: Thor Blerster was born in the Vatican City, Italy. Inside a military medical center. His father who was an Italian, was stationed there as the acting base commander, and never was there a prouder moment in his life than when his son was born. The boy was perfectly healthy and looked the exact same as his father, or so he thought. While his mother was who was Norweign from birth came to Italy to marry the man of her dreams.

Twenty-two years passed and the boy grew up with the best education, his mother a doctor of math and his father an expert in almost everything else he was at no yearning for learning. Some would say that the reason for his unusually high IQ was because of the genes that were passed down to him by his mother and father, who were also a pair of incredibly intelligent individuals. While that being quite true, Thor knew there was more to it.    

Sadly due to a result of a tragic accident, Thor lost his life at a very young age. When he woke up, he woke half hollow, his soul chain severed inches from his abdominal. Thor was still a soul, but his chain was swiftly disappearing.The transformation itself was very quick. However, it was painful as well. Finding his way to the place called 'Hueco Munbdo' he wandered days in the endless desert so unknown to man. Trying to find something interesting. Trying to figure out what has happened to him.  

Thor began to consume other hollow as he built up power within him to reach new heights. In this case to reach the status of a Menos grande. He did not stop there, of course. Why should he? He went on to consume more and more Hollows to get stronger. Until he gained power enough to become an Adjuchas.

Years spent, he had evolved into an Arrancar. After recognizing his immense power the king of hueco mundo would invite him to join the holy ranks of Espada. Which he would gladly accept by travelling to the white desert and claiming what he rightfully deserved.

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