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on Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:39 pm


8th Division
8th Division

What's a Quincy? (The Application)

Annabelle Carpenter :Name
14 :Age
19 :True Age
Female :Sex
In casual settings, Annabelle is quite the sweetheart. She comes across as sweet and innocent, so one may very well question why someone like her would be around the people she is. However, due to her past, she has an affinity for swords, and will wield them without remorse. While in most settings, she can be a bit dopey and ditzy, she is still an all-around lovable person. She's also quite used to having been waited on, and therefore, might stare at someone expectantly, without saying a word if there's something she wants. She doesn't really seem to get it at all, having been living in an enclosed world. She might even act like a brat from time to time, who knows. She may also be caught off guard and get flustered easily around boys.

In combat, her mind levels out and she understands exactly what needs to be done. She's no genius, but her mind is good enough to perceive strikes, counter them accordingly, and back them up with several connected strikes. Her combat ability isn't anything special, nor does she have any powers yet, and this hinders her further on the battlefield. Her mind prioritizes the protection of others, and the least amount of bloodshed possible to complete mission objectives and serve others. That still does not mean that she cannot be a major threat in combat.

Should she ever be exposed to blood, whether hers or another's, where some people are hemophobic, she is intensely attuned at the sight of it. Her mind begins to shift from the dopey lovable antagonist, over to something darker. Her bloodthirst is directly proportional to the amount of blood already spilled, and her wit and mind sharpen, along with her control of her spiritual power. She can be a bit of a masochist, even when her mind hasn't been tainted by the sight of blood, but this state only amplifies that characteristic. She still retains awareness of those close to her, however she will destroy anything she does not recognize as friendly, and therefore, allies that she does not see as 'nice' or 'appropriately helpful' will likely be targeted as well.

Her shadow on the other hand, is quite the ham. This shadow came about after a botched casting of a Shadow Teleportation, gaining sentience and conversing freely while retaining her host's shape. While she isn't particularly crude, she tosses jokes around, even some that aren't quite of the Bleach universe, and may sometimes heckle opponents. While this tends to make Annabelle want to hide and blush from time to time, she's learned to laugh at Schwarz every so often. Additionally, the shadow tends to want to take part in combat, and if she were anywhere near powerful enough to do any harm, he'd be an excellent combat partner. His accuracy is pristine, and will fire arrows out all the while making silly noises. You know, like "Pew pew!"

Character Appearance

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110
Physical Traits:

Her basic appearance is that of someone who is rather small and young-looking for her age, which doesn't say all that much in the way of her actual age. Though she'll often be seen with an unsure smile on her face, she can come across as quite bubbly and open. Her outfits range from a simple, white kimono, to a T-shirt and sweatpants. Her chest is average, say between a B/C size, and some that have met her claim to see an inner world reflecting in her eyes. Her eyes are very active, adjusting with her mood very clearly, sometimes bouncing between shades of blue and green.

Upon activation of her Quincy powers, her robe takes the form seen above.
When Letzt Stil is active, her aura radiates outward, but as the fight goes on, the aura takes a silver and blue mixed color, swirling and focusing itself. Volstandig adds the set of wings in the shape of a bisected, blue dotted circle, with six streams of energy radiating at equal points of distribution.

General Fighting Style: Annabelle understands the reality of combat, and as such, chooses to fight both objectively and with her allies in mind. She may go above and beyond to protect those in need, but will not hesitate to destroy anything in the way. As her mind deteriorates as per her personality, while she may resort to less madness-imbued measures, will still prefer to focus on concentrating her energy control to do as much focused damage as possible. Her focus in combat is to maintain as much control over her allies and enemies as possible. This is what makes her such a strong leading force in combat.
Strengths: Spiritual Control, Spiritual Ability, Stamina, Reiatsu, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Sensing, Durability, Ransoutengai (in the sense that she cannot use it, and as such, bindings will screw her completely)

Weapons and Abilities

(Until stated in character, Annabelle does not know she is a Quincy. Until then, she's got no way of knowing what she is. Thus she cannot use any of these powers.)

Quincy Bow:
Quincy Powers: Guardian Manifestation, Hirenkyaku, Blut Vene.
Quincy Items: Sanrei Glove, Gintou, Seele Schneider, Cross (Designed to be a Lambda that arcs outward into a bell curve, with a section in between to serve as a grip.)

Side Note: Annabelle's shadow can store extra Gintou, varying in position. The only reason for this is the fact that Annabelle's abilities rely on Gintou heavily.
Maximum Gintou per thread: 12 - Maximum Seele Schneider per thread: 5


Basic Arrow Augment - Disruption Arrow
Instead of doing normal damage, Annabelle can choose to have his arrows knock his target back slightly. This blast is the arrow equivalent of a Sho. The damage done is equivalent to a half-Bala. If not used, her arrows are equivalent to a stronger Bala (35)

Healing Arrow
Upon setting an arrow up for firing, Annabelle can decide to imbue the shot with healing energy. The light green arrow will be more effective if fired directly into a wound. On impact, it gets stuck in its target for 3 posts. It gives the impacted target regeneration abilities equivalent to half that of a Hollow's Rapid Regeneration. (not Instant). If a Gintou is used, the arrow will also split off to affect nearby allies within 20 meters, staying in for 4 posts instead. She can also heal herself, but to a lesser extent.
Cooldown without a Gintou: 2 post
Cooldown if a Gintou is used: 5 posts

Glass Arrow
Upon setting up an arrow for firing, Annabelle can decide to create a Danku-like shield in front of the object or person struck by it. The shield is approximately 7 feet wide and 10 feet tall and can block anything of Cero or lesser power. If a Gintou is used, the shield will expend to surround the target in a perfect, silvery-blue sphere that is 10 feet in diameter. This also allows it to block anything Gran Rey or lesser power. Additionally, the same effects can be cast on Annabelle herself.
Cooldown without a Gintou: 1 post
Cooldown if a Gintou is used: 3 posts

Quincy Final Form/Letzt Stil

New Quincy Powers: Immense Spiritual Power, Weapon Manifestation

Arrow Link
Annabelle can fire an arrow that links herself and another ally together. If a Gintou is added, she will fire an arrow upward that will fire strings that link all nearby allies together and with herself. They do not interlink, and instead, all become linked to Annabelle. As a result of this, Annabelle takes an evenly split percentage of the damage taken by everyone linked to her, and this is lesser the more people linked to him. The same goes for the buffs shared through linking, including Blut Vene giving a mitigation effect to her allies, healing effects being shared at a split percentage, barriers being generating an effect similar to an Arrancar's hierro and otherwise similar effects can occur.
Cooldown without Gintou: 3 posts
Cooldown with Gintou: 4 plus an additional post for every 2 extra links

Stardust Calamity
Annabelle's signature take on the charge bolt, she will fire her arrow at maximum charge, usually with a Seele Schneider on draw. Upon impact, it will do Gran Rey damage, and if a Gintou is thrown in, draws Reishi from the surrounding area, creating a Licht Regen-style aftereffect wherein 200 arrows collapse in on the target.
Cooldown: 6 posts (minus 1-2 posts cooldown in Vollstandig)

Boosts: 3x to all.


New Quincy Powers: Flight, Awareness

Beacon Strike
Annabelle fires a charged bolt into the air, as it splits into four and freezes in the air. The four slivers connect, making a square window that is 15 meters in both directions. It will absorb any energy based attacks that come within a meter of it's existence, then redirect them exactly as they entered, directly below the window, angled completely vertical. If a Gintou is used, the entire window collapses back into four slivers, and each of those arrows will split continuously until the reach the target, in addition to the redirection of the trapped abilities.

Boosts: x4 to all.

Back Drop

Born to be something ever so fragile, according to her mother, Annabelle was born with tender eyes of blue, empty and reaching for something out in the distance. She did not cry, she did not whimper. She simply grew up, very silent, never raising her voice or speaking up. Her father, worried that her silence was a sign of weakness, decided to call on her one evening, and offer her training in the way of the sword. After many days of training, she began to see strange people, humans, sure, but with chains embedded in their flesh. Every so often, she would see strange, bone-like beasts off in the distance, always varying heavily in appearance. She decided to ask her mother of these things, and for a time, she was quickly dismissed, and told that such things did not exist. A small enough Hollow appeared that she herself was able to deal with it, and she gored it with a kitchen knife, then brought it home. Her mother recoiled at the sight, and Annabelle knew that her mother could see it. Her mother explained to her the nature of these things, the Souls, the Hollows, and other things that the spiritually aware could see. At the age of 16, she politely called the both of her parents, telling them that she was going to go on her own. While she wasn't legally able to do so, her father knew she could take care of herself, and her mother knew she could deal with hidden dangers.

With a small amount of money, as a parting gift from her mother, a wooden shortsword, a gift from her father, she set forth to New York City. She heard there might be others like her there. New York City was a huge shift from what she once knew, a suburban area. She couldn't help but look up and see that everything here was so much larger and grander. Something about it all, however, was unsettling. There seemed to be an aura in the entire city, though it varied, that felt of death and despair. She eventually came across a Soul, whose chain was anchored near the side of the road. Annabelle asked the girl if she knew of a place where she could stay, and be paid for learning how to protect the world from Hollows. The Soul shook her head, but stated that she had heard other souls speak of such a place. The rumors going around were that the facility was run by a crazed scientist, and a scrawny boy who would kill over very little. This thought scared Annabelle a little, but she continued on. She eventually gave up and tried to find a place to stay, even if it was temporary, she began to work for a small paycheck, and would do this for the next couple of years. She continued to hone her swordsmanship, even trying to come up with different attacking and defending patterns, as well as reaching out to the aid of those under attack by Hollows. Though she couldn't really damage them, she did enough to scare them off.

At the age of 18, nearing her 19th birthday, Maki Kesshou herself found this child who could see spirits, and offered to take her out to lunch, in exchange for information. Annabelle agreed, as money was indeed starting to get tight. She also had no qualms about talking to strangers, it was a part of her job after all. Maki asked her what her experience with spiritual beings was, and she simply stated she could see them and scare them off, bearing her wooden sword at the least. Maki offered her a place at the Committee, where she would be given a place to stay, meals, change of clothes, and training to discover her true potential. Without hesitation, Annabelle accepted and went off to join the Committee, after closing her small apartment, and tying off those loose ends at her job.

To this extent, she was given a Reishi bracelet, and was trained by Maki in an attempt to discover her powers. The bracelet would serve as a method of control, and she would discover that her ability to control her energy was very stable and precise. She had trouble thinking of what to do with it though, and resorted to simply making her weapon change based on the situation. She has since demonstrated heavily structured and adept combat prowess.

:Side Notes
As stated, anything that has not happened in character will be treated as though she hasn't learned how to do it yet, this applies to the shadow, her abilities, and even the attainment of her quincy bow, her items, and anything else that falls under this criteria  

-insert thread here- :RP Sample

For anyone wondering why everything is right-aligned, Annabelle is left-handed.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:59 pm


3-5 unless you want 4 or higher. Approved.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:54 am


Docked the 25 coins for her bracelet. You're welcome.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:46 am


Reapproved Huzzah


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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