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#1 Yume Nashi (Finished) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:57 am


Name: Yume Nashi
Age: 19-21
True Age: Who the fuck knows?
Sex: Female
Personality: Yume, for all it's worth, can be considered a failure in her creator's eyes...or maybe it's a success, given that she's developed a consciousness of her own. She's an artificial Shinigami, created by Kokoro Nashi as a pseudo-daughter/slave, and really shouldn't even be capable of growing or thinking on her own. She's really not sure how many of her were created before she matured this far, and she honestly doesn't care. She'd like to enjoy the life she has BEFORE her father decides to just take her apart and neglect to put her back together again.

Her personality is fairly tomboyish, preferring to hide any girlish urges under a facade of anger or annoyance. Of course, she attempts to hide any of this around her creator and Captain, given that she thinks he still doesn't know about her relative independence. Exploring the personality that she damn well might have been programmed with, she found that unlike her father she does indeed have a sex the opposite direction. She's a lesbian through and through, and would almost rather die than for anyone she didn't want privy to this information finding out. It isn't that she hides it at all, it's more that she doesn't really know what Kokoro's opinion of it would be. It...It really doesn't help when the Captain-Commander walks by, though. That sway...*drools*

When it comes to a fight, she's rather calm and collected about it, preferring to analyze her opponent's style and counter each individual attack as they come. Her Zanpakuto helps with this immensely, due to the...unique circumstances of their birth. When he came up with that particular idea, her father laughed his fool head off and swore that his predecessor, Ika Mazi, would be proud.

This, of course, is due to the fact that Yume technically isn't a girl, and isn't the equivalent of a 19-odd year old. She has the reiatsu signature and repressed memories of the previous Captain-Commander, Akihiko Iyou. For shits and giggles, Kokoro Nashi tore apart the corpse of the man after Ika had escaped, piecing it back together into something a little more pleasing to his aesthetics. Her Zanpakuto remembers everything, and has instilled in Yume a longing to return to her former self, thus the...ahem, interesting taste in partners, and the male tendencies.


Height: 5' 1.4"
Weight: 99.2 Pounds
Physical Traits:
Clothing: Yume wears the standard Shinigami Shihakusho whenever possible, unless she is in a Gigai, at which point she appears as above.
Accessories: She...really doesn't carry much with her, other than a Denreishinki and a bit of spending money.


General Fighting Style: Yume takes fighting without thought to a whole new level, relying on her unique abilities and swordsmanship instinctually. She combines a near-endless dance of blades with flawless Kido without even thinking, and it might even bring a tear to her creator's eye to see her fight...that is, if he even has feelings.


Zanjutsu: Yume is highly skilled in the art of the sword, having absorbed countless books on the subject during creation, and taking advice from her Zanpakuto on the fly. After all, she knows more about it than even a Captain.

Kido: Yume was programmed to understand Kido on an intimate level, even those dubbed Forbidden. She is capable of Eishohaki, using Kido at nearly their full strength without an incantation and having a rate of failure near zero.

Endurance: Well, there's no two ways around this. Her pain tolerance and ability to withstand damage is through the roof. Why? Well, what happens when your ENTIRE WEEKEND is taken up by randomized surgeries and dismemberment...every week, throughout your entire childhood? You get used to it.


Hakuda/Hand to Hand: Yume sucks at hand to hand, given that she has absolutely no base data to draw on. Hell, she might as well just try to punch herself in the face. Might hit someone that way...

Command Seal: On the back of her right shoulder, there lies a unique Bakudo that activates if she goes against her creator's will. While he normally doesn't care to give her orders, there are a few standing ones. 1. Do not engage a Captain-Class opponent without express permission. 2. Do not use Bankai or a Kido ranked higher than 80 without express permission. 3. Eat your vegetables. 4. Do not reveal the name of your Zanpakuto to a Seated Officer of the Gotei 13 without express permission, whether in combat or casual conversation. 5. Follow my instructions to the letter. Failure to follow these rules causes the seal to burn red, shutting down her ability to give off any more reiatsu than is necessary to sustain life. It also begins to infect her with a poison reminiscent of her master's Bankai, opening every one of her pain receptors to their fullest so that even a light breeze feels like she is on fire.

Reiryoku: While her reiatsu can be considered average, the various surgeries Yume has gone through has reduced her overall energy reserves in the long run. It's fairly embarrassing for her, as she manages to burn through it faster than most other people.


Sealed Appearance:
Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:


Call Out Command: Harmonize, Ichirin no Hana!
Appearance: Ichirin no Hana's appearance doesn't change from her sealed form at all, however a slight sound can be heard varying in pitch, coming from the blades themselves.

Singing Swords: Ichirin no Hana's signature ability, and the most likely to be recognized. The larger katana gives off a low hum, crushing anything that it comes in contact with in a manner reminiscent of a Cero. The shorter wakizashi give off a higher-pitched tone that vibrates the blade at a supersonic pace, allowing it to cut through nearly any material by separating the reishi bonds holding them together, much like a Quincy's Seele Schneider.

Dance of Death: A beat can be heard in a ten-meter radius of Yume, that continually grows faster as the fight drags on. After three posts, Yume's speed is increased to x3.

Boosts: x2 to Speed, Strength, and Reiatsu


New Name: Mimikawarikaze (Discordant Wind)
Appearance: Mimikawarikaze takes the appearance of a long staff made of smooth bone, with holes placed sporadically that emit a haunting melody, so right yet so wrong.


Music Manipulation: By thinking of a song, Yume is capable of recreating it by spinning the staff and manifesting abilities related to the lyrics. She is not as skilled at this art as her Zanpakuto's original wielder, but then again, no one really could match up to that man. These cannot be just any song, however. Only the songs listed below can be played, as these are the ones that harmonize best with Yume's abilities. Each song has their own cooldown, and one post must pass before she can play another song.

- The Sound of Silence: By playing this song, whether the original by Simon and Garfunkel or the haunting remake by Disturbed, Yume creates an area 100 meters in diameter centered on her where nothing can be heard except for the music, and vision is distorted unless one is touching either Mimikawari Kaze or Yume. This lasts for three posts, and has a three post cooldown. Hello darkness, my old friend...

- Time of Dying: By playing this song from Three Days' Grace, Yume is able to reverse damage done to her body by accelerating the healing process. Minor wounds heal in a single post, major wounds heal in two, and limbs can be regrown in three posts. I'll wait here for you, in my time of dying...

- London Bridge: Playing this old nursery rhyme allows Yume to bring a crushing force down onto everything within 100 meters, centered on Yume. This force is capable of demolishing nearby structures in a single post, and cracking bones within two. Extended exposure is not recommended, and Yume is no exception, as she needs to evacuate the area as well or risk taking damage herself. This song lasts for five posts, and has a cooldown of the same. London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady~.

- Ring Around the Rosie: The most devastating of Mimikawarikaze's songs, this surprisingly-depressing nursery rhyme momentarily closes off the vents present on all empowered spirits that allow for one to give off reiatsu other than Yume. This is a final technique, and does damage equivalent to two Forbidden Kido to anyone caught within 100 meters of Yume. The only person capable of using this technique without penalty was the blade's original wielder, and it stands as a testament to his legacy that he was capable of withstanding the side effects. Poor Yume, once Ring Around the Rosie takes effect, is immediately drained of enough reiatsu to cause her to pass out on the spot, preventing her from continuing to fight for the rest of the thread. This song requires one post to play before taking effect. Ashes, ashes, we all...fall...down.

Boosts: x3 to Strength, Speed and Reiatsu



Well, Yume's story started when he died, and when she was born. No, seriously. The name of her previous life was Akihiko Iyou, the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. She has been told as much, and has been threatened to never reveal her existence. After all, she's supposed to be dead, killed by a sick, perverted, undeniably-powerful asshole hell-bent on destruction and escaping child support. If someone guesses who she is, then it's fine, but if she ever openly tells someone before that moment? Oh, there are worse things than death. Her first conscious memories are of torture and screams, hearing her bones break and feeling her skin be stitched into a new form, one so very different from her previous one. Waking up, she noticed that her mind struggled against confines that were placed on it, telling her to both hate and unconditionally love the Captain that stood in front of the operating table, calling her his daughter. In all honesty, she wanted to die right then, but her attempt to kill herself ended with a Bakudo burned into her shoulder. Once the inevitable acceptance stage came about, she began to live her life as Yume Nashi, longing for the older days when someone like her despicable father would tremble when she so much as graced him with her presence. Not...that she remembered much of it, though. Those memories were one of the first things to go. She was taught privately, not allowed to attend the Shin'o Academy, and there is very little of this life that she doesn't associate with pain. She is a puppet with wireless strings, and there is little of note in this life other than who she was. There were the occasional stolen kisses, always met with punishment when she was discovered. The odd time that she dreamed of a duty-bound Lieutenant and a slacker of a Third Seat that she called her best friends, always erased before they could truly be remembered. This...this was Hell, and she was it's sole inhabitant...

Side Notes: Yume's meant to be approximately 1-4 in tier.
RP Sample: I am the not-so-almighty Graven. You know I can play this XD

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#2 Re: Yume Nashi (Finished) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:52 am

It's a boy :^).

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