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#1 Site Newsletter for February. on Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:02 pm

I might make this a monthly or bi-monthly thing depending on how I feel and how it goes, but this will be more or less MY way of telling people what's going on around the site.

First things first, the next site event will probably be a faction war between the Espada and the Humans. I'm hoping this event will go better than the last two, which had to be nipped in the ass due to inactivity. Sinner Event went relatively well all things considered, but I REALLY wanted it to be better. Nonetheless thanks to all parties involved for making it the first successful event the sites had in a very long while.

I'm planning on alternating events between plot based and less plot based. Things like tournaments, team tournaments, Slaying Uber Hollows, et cetera. Essentially these will all be Filler Arcs, but will hopefully allow for some cool pairings and fights that you wouldn't normally get to see, and some power utilities that can be maximized by pairings we once again, wouldn't normally get a chance to explore. This is meant to keep the site fresh, and active.

I am also well aware that a lot of members here read threads even if they're not involved in them, especially when they involve characters with a certain level of power, or with interesting abilities to them. I may allow a Death Battle type thing forum wide, where participants can be picked out and engage in a Non-Canon death battle, to see who would win. These will of course be done on equal ground, and I'm not wanting to see Fire vs Water because that's obvious and otherwise stupid. Make these dream matches if anything. ALSO, a character WILL Die in these, BUT it will NOT be Canon. Participants will be awarded 100 coins each regardless of the outcome. So if you wanna see Ika vs Rena with death-battle rules? Or Hagane vs Accel? Or Hagane vs Rena? Graven vs Ika? Graven vs Maki? Whoever, nominate the fights to me privately, and I'll make a poll to decide soon enough (assuming the nominees are willing of course.)

I will be posting the tag tournament sign-ups tomorrow, as that IS our next big event. It'll be filler, and winners each get 1 free tier up to apply to their characters however they see fit. So start asking around folks!

Lastly, given the fact that several members have went inactive for life issues and other things, now more than ever we need new blood and new active FACTION characters to fill out our ranks. We are lacking in almost every org, but I am more concerned with the Espada and the Gotei 13. I will probably be boosting some members relatively soon, so long as they agree to join the orgs. Two tier boost bonus to whatever your app was worth to begin with, and if you'd like to improve with an existing character and ask about a tier up, assuming your roster isn't already full of high tiers it CAN be negotiated.

So finally, as always, have fun guys.

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