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on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:20 am


8th Division
8th Division
I was tending to a member of Squad 8, oddly enough he seemed to be wondering where he was. What was it Mei did in this situation? Uhm... "Sir, you should calm down a little. You're in the hall of Squad 4. You took a nasty beating, but if you relax, I'll make it all better." Despite my encouragement, he seemed rather upset and had a hard time staying still. I placed my hand gently on his head, easing his spirit. Soon after he relaxed.

It was at this moment, I received a messenger from Squad 1's barracks. An unseated Shinigami, so of course, denoted as the go-fer. He mentioned something about the Captain-Commander wanting to see me and I became puzzled. Why would she need to see me? I hadn't done anything wrong yet, I think....

It couldn't be helped. I slapped a small strip of bandage on the man laying there. I'd written a healing charm on it, allowing stored healing kidou to be used on his body while I had to leave. I would stand at the front of Taichou's office, awaiting the call to enter.


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