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#1 [Private] Woohoo, let's drink a little and talk. on Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:16 pm

With my recent promotion to head of the Human's organization, I decided to celebrate. I dragged out my old yukata from when I still lived in Hokkaido, and fixed my hair to be tightly weaved and arranged, with the silver wave pin in the center. I would break out a bottle of traditionally brewed sake, though it'd be in the ceramic flask that it was traditionally found in. I'd heat it up and pour a glass for myself, before watching the hallway. I'd be in my modified office/lab/control center, waiting for someone else to show up. Personally, I didn't care who showed up, but there was one person that I needed to talk to.

I pressed my fancied up finger to a small red button and spoke, so the whole building could hear. "Any and all may come to the main command center for the time being, but Accelerator's presence is expressly required." Hopefully he wouldn't keep me waiting too long.

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The new leader Maki had taken over the Committee, and to an extent Accelerator was happy to hear this lackadaisical organization was FINALLY, going to get some form of direction but.. She seemed to be a bit more authoritarian than Accelerator liked, and he wasn't exactly wanting to talk to her... Then she called for him as though he were going to come around like a fucking pet.. He didn't give a fuck about her speakerphone gimmick, and Accelerator CERTAINLY, wasn't going to hang out with the crew of this place... Because of that, he began to head towards the door.

Security made a very bad mistake.. they thought they could stop Accelerator from leaving, declaring that they "knew that Accelerator had heard the announcement" and that he "Would definitely be heading upstairs to meet the new Fuhrer at once. He couldn't help but smirk as the people attempted to coerce him, as though they didn't know who he was.. Well.. They'd know soon enough.

So after Accelerator finished nailing security to the wall by literally taking nails and other sharp objects from the area and plastering them to it, he walked out of the building. He was not a dog, he didn't come when they said, he didn't bark when they said bark, and if she wanted to find him and chat? She was going to come to him, and get off her high horse in relatively short order. Especially considering that without Accelerator, she wouldn't have even survived this fucking long.. "Stupid bitch.. securities even fucking dumber.. whatever.."

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After several minutes of waiting, I looked out the window and saw a certain scrawny child walking out below. I sighed to myself knowing a bit too well why he was out there, and not in front of me. I'd pop the window open, levitate the metal tray that the sake was sitting on, and hop down, the serving tray following close behind, and stable as always. The fringes of the silver plate would extend down and form a table, then I'd pull down a couple of chairs as well.

"I apologize Accelerator, for treating you like a child most of the time. We need to talk, and it's not for my sake, but for the betterness of this facility. I stand as the chair and driving force of an organization designed to protect humanity from the things they can't see. I can't do that nearly as well without you." I would then pick up one of the two slim glasses containing sake off of the silver plate which was now a lovely table. I looked over to him, hoping he'd at least look at me for the time being. "If you want a drink, go for it. We're going to be here a while."

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The woman entered in style, descending from above Accelerator with two chairs and a ready made table with drinks in hand. As she spoke to Accelerators pride, he couldn't help but smirk at her proposition. Surely she wasn't stupid enough to think that Accelerator was just gonna roll over, "Oh yeah sure sweetie, not to worry, I forgive you for treating me like a fucking infant, then calling me like a god damn dog.." Yeah no, that was not going to be the case now, or ever. Accelerator watched her knowingly, and began to prepare his own little.. Response.. to her patronizing and otherwise unnecessary horseshit.

color=#66ffff]"We'll be here as long as I say we're gonna be here, I don't care that you've received a leadership position, and I care a whole helluva lot less about these bullshit technicalities.." [/color]Accelerator sighed a bit before sitting down. "The fact of the matter is, I'm an asset, I'm a weapon not a subordinate.. The sooner you learn the difference the better off you will be, the better off I will be, and the better off everyone else in this fucking shit brigade will be.." Accelerator closed his eyes and looked towards the woman, "I will protect this facility and abide by what I deem to be necessary to keep this organizations best interest intact, past that?.. I don't care, and I don't expect you to think you can make me. Are we done here, is everything cleared up? Fuck I hope so.." Accelerator sighed a bit, using rego-kinesis to gently pour some water into his own mouth. This might take a while..

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I figured I would skip the irrational military act in this case, it wasn't gonna work. "I wouldn't necessarily call you a dog. I used to be far weaker than you, and I wouldn't be here without you. You understand that as well as I do. I owe you." And then this about a really long, drawn out emo argument about how things must be done here. On his terms and no one else's, blah blah.

I had a different idea. "I propose to you something a little different. You have free rein. Just as you always have. However, knowing just how much power you have, if I need you to break someone into tiny little pieces, you'll do that just because you like doing that, right? It's not a matter of me ordering you to do something, but to make damn sure that no one, under any circumstances, defies us. Not me, us." I was hoping that would get my intended point across. It wasn't about me, or him. It was that we needed direction and order to better protect humanity. If he let things slide every once in a while, that was fine, but I needed him to be my right hand. I needed Accelerator to set an example to others, and make damn sure we were able to do our jobs.

He would ask if we were done, before consuming some sake by way of floating it towards him. I would simply wait for his responses, to see if we were on clear terms. Hopefully, he'd accept my offer. It would be good for him, I would hope, but it would essentially solidify the fighting force of the Committee.

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[/color] The woman seemed to realize her usual crap wasn't going to cut it currently, and Accelerator welcomed the blissful reprieve from her attempts at the rah-rah talk. As she spoke, Accelerators face remained blank, "You wouldn't call me a dog, because you can tame and otherwise domesticate a dog, there will be no doing that with me, ever. I don't care what you bring in, or who you bring in. I don't care if the Gotei 13 and the Committee combined attempt to persuade me, it won't work, I'll just leave." He continued listening to her saying she owed him, and he couldn't help but smirk, "Then why are we even having this discussion, you owe me respect as much as anything. I don't need the sit down chat, I haven't done shit that's questionable in the public eye, so let's let sleeping dogs lie eh?"

Accelerator listened to the woman's half-assed way of trying to persuade him, her treating him like a simpleton was a bit insulting, and prompted him to retort. "The smartest person in the room isn't the one that knows it, I'm not stupid, quit acting like I am, and quit trying to justify things to me as though I have the mind of a child. What you're getting at is just a round-about way of you asking whether or not you have my power at your disposal, to the extent that you need it to be, which is fine, really. I have no problems granting you my power or I wouldn't be here, but your decision for me to crush something isn't the only thought I'm going to have. If you get out of line with my thought process, I won't do it. I'm not here for you, or anyone else.. My only obligation is the mission directive that was here before you, and will be after. That's it.. Nothing more, nothing less.."

As he sipped the WATER, enjoying the cold refreshment that was the WATER, not sake WATER, he waited for a response to see if he was indeed done here.

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I sighed lightly, almost laughing, knowing that he was never going to be any different than he had been. However, who was I to change him? He'd been here far longer, and done so much more. He could take care of himself and would. I knew this full well. I sipped the last of my sake, placing the glass back on the table, after having listened to his side of things. Normally, by which I mean, for most recruits, I would attempt to snap them to order. He on the other hand, was no recruit. He was a weapon of great potential. In history, weapons capable of mass destruction were quick teachers. They needed to be handled with care, and to be respected, as I now respected Accelerator. "I suppose if there's anything else that should be said, it's that you are indeed one of the greatest assets this facility has. To be disrespectful of that now, and having done so in the past is a fault of mine. You've more than earned my full respect now, and I'll leave you to do your bidding. See you around."

If he had nothing more to say, I'd let him go on his merry way, but I assumed he might have something else to speak of. I was merely glad that his interests were actually of good intent. He may indeed be a loose cannon, but he was a reliable one. I decided to pour yet another glass of sake, sipping it carefully, with a sly smile across my face.

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Accelerator basically ignored the woman speaking as she was essentially repeating the shit he already knew and had little interest in hearing again. More or less she had been neutered by his power level, and that was all there was to their boring little exchange. That was all there needed to be as well, and thusly, Accelerator got up and prepared to walk away. "Oh yeah, about my trip to Rome.. I may or may not have destroyed the Coliseum, and been responsible in a nationally televised crucifixion involving a Vizard on the front of the Vatican and I may or may not have been responsible for the ghost sodomizing the pope with an Exhaust Pipe. Tata now." And with that, Accelerator left the area, hoping that Maki would take that information in stride..

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