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#1 [Private] Don't Poke The Bear (Rena) on Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:24 am


For some strange reason, Enzo was still alive. Regardless of the fact that he might have ran into the strongest been he’s seen here since his transformation into an Arrancar, he managed to annoy such a person and walk away with his life. At the very least, it would be said that he distracted said person and left the area as promptly as possible Well, who knew, Enzo still  felt like he had a crapload o things to figure out as an Arrancar. Though, he did manage find himself out in the sands once more. “Hm…. Strange cave. “ Surprisingly, Enzo managed to find himself in a massive cave in the middle of the sandy terrain. He didn’t know what was inside, but something was telling him that he should be weary of going in. “Though, something nice could be in there. Maybe I should check it out…” Enzo walked in, not knowing what he was getting himself into.
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