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Graven Fel

Alright, so I've seen a LOT of liberties taken with an Arrancar's Aspect of Death, which defines their personality. This occurs on the site, and in fanfiction way too often. The ten Espada are actually representative of several of the twelve Aspects. Twelve to choose from. I'll go ahead and list them. This is directly from the Superpowers Wiki on Death Aspect Manifestation.

Decay: Wither, wearying, eroding, rotting. All things come to the eventuality in their existence when they slowly but steadily fall apart and die. The all but unavoidable fall into decadence is an ultimately all-consuming aspect which takes to any form of being. All things eventually degrade until they reach the point of nonexistence, no matter how healthy or well-maintained they are; life especially since it is all so purposely finite.

Despair: To submit to despair is to fall into hopelessness! The user exists in a state of dread that no one can escape. They only feel like giving up for their failures and the loss of love ones with low expectations for the future. Forced to watch their torment feeling helpless, they linger on wandering the sad earth as a dead corpse with no hope of comfort to mend their broken spirits.

Destruction: Break, crush, destroy, all actions related to damaging the constitution of an object, system, or being. This is the desire to cause destruction toward others, oneself, or a system. The need to kill is such a thrill that user needs to obliterate their opponents to feel contentment: they have an unsatisfying desire for conflict.

Greed: To possess everything and to waste everything. Everything should belong to the user because they want it, they rightfully deserve it, and they would kill anyone who stands in their way from getting it. They would do anything to make what they want their by any means, all they have to do is take it.
Intoxication: The urging need to feed something deep inside, but can neither truly satiate their blissful high nor relinquish their addiction or emotional state of ludicrous joy to negate other physical aspects. If the user attempts to withdraw from it, they could die, and if they continue the way they are, they will die. Either way, it is a need to desire, to love, to indulge on deathly levels.

Loneliness: The solitude that user feels is too great for anyone to bear, so they would prefer to die than be alone. Yet there are those who would rather be alone, whether it is for their own goals or if they are just in the mood. However insignificant it may seem, it is powerful enough to kill because no one wants to die alone.

Madness: An unstable mind that extracts balancing flows from your physiques. The user hears voices even though they do not know where they come from or even who they belong to. They engage in various activities that are out of the ordinary, and this could be disturbing. It's to reeducate the meaning of insanity and suppress any sense of fear for when the scales are tilted, death is coming for many people.

Nihilism: The philosophical doctrine that negates the meaningful, positive aspects of the human life. The belief that there is nothing in life, no hope, no morality in themselves or in others. There is no such thing as a soul inside any of us, we are just sacks of meat. Wishing to feel the embrace of oblivion, only death's sweet release can satisfy them. They are totally consumed by "true" despair.

Rage: Rage is an unstoppable angry emotion. Do not stand in its way for it will destroy the user. There is nothing more to it. Even if a bug bites them, they will get pissed. If someone insults them, they get pissed. If someone asks a question, even a valid one, they WILL get REALLY pissed. It's all just one more step toward absolute rage.

Sacrifice: Sacrifice is a rite or act that is often met with solemn aversion. In ancient rituals, sacrifice was essential to the culture and death was inescapable. If the person had the option of having their life spared, they had to have someone else die in their place.

Senescence: Time, while an inextricable and fundamental principle intertwined with space that gives us freedom to function, is a continuous progression that waits for nobody and leads us to our inevitable fate. One can escape a car crash, sickness, and murderer, but they will still face the bitterness of mortality because none can escape the slow decay of time. When one reach their final ages, their life will finally give out.

Stagnation: The eventual grind/halt of all things when which after eventually running its coarse along the road will eventually begin to settle in its ways until it can no longer grow or develop in new ways. When this happens, when things stop changing they eventually stop all together and ultimately die out indefinitely. All things must ultimately come to an end after all those who lose the ability to adapt and alternate themselves or their environment risk the vulnerability too decadence leading to inevitable collapse.

Alright, so now that that's out of the way, I'd like to point something out. These Aspects are biblical in nature, from similar sources as the Seven Deadly Sins. They didn't come from Bleach, so they aren't made up. There's a lot more on the wiki page, so I'll just post the link.

Link to Page:

Alright, now that my obligation due to severe clinical OCD is out of the way, thanks for listening to the Cero's Rant!

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