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#1 Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:27 am


Name: Enzo Audotorae
Age: Early 20's
True Age: 973
Sex: Male
Personality:  Enzo is happy with himself in the sense that he doesn't desire any dynamic change to his personality; this also means that he harbors the ability to stand up for himself if people see some fault with him. Not just physically, but verbally as well. Enzo sees himself as a man of great integrity, and he would never belittle himself or the actions that he takes. Enzo was always seen as a man that could forgive and forget, he doesn’t hold grudges and can always find a way to move on with his life. Revenge only creates an unbreakable circle of violence, and preying on the weak who already lost the will to fight leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Playing into his personality, he doesn’t necessarily go for the killing blow. Enzo only does what is necessary to keep himself alive. However, if the individual was weakened to be prey to someone else or bled out, he wouldn't necessarily hold himself responsible. Enzo always found a way to keep the feelings of others into consideration with his words and actions. Due to this fact he is incredibly understanding of how other individuals feel and can strongly empathize with them when tragedy or conflict strikes. Every choice made is influenced directly by empathy in the form of reaching a decision based on how he perceives others will react.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 Pounds
Physical Traits:  
When he isn't necessarily wearing his trademark hood, Enzo hollow mask covers most of his forehead and resembles some kind of white bandanna mask. When he was alive, he would always tie up his hair when he was on the move with a bandanna, and his mask formulates into that. This blank slate seems to follow the shape of his cranium as they stretch towards the back of his head and serves as a separator of his hair.

Enzo's Hollow hole is peculiar in shape, it is actually the missing piece of his lower abs, right around the lower midsection before it heads along the waist. Because of the nature of how he lived his life, his hollow hole also seems to reflect that and instead of a perfect circle, it contains a jagged oval shape. It's unnatural at best, but Enzo owns up to it.  


General Fighting Style: Being the nameless hero of Vivar, Enzo was seemingly an expert in swordsmanship.With an exceptional combination of defense and speed, it makes you wonder how Enzo was killed in the first place. He makes use of the long range gap of his hollow power. However, He's very dangerous during his released state.
Strengths: Zanjutsu, Sonido,  Hierro, Reiryoku/Reiatsu,
Weaknesses: Haduka, Regeneration, Bala/Cero, Pequista


Sealed Appearance: [spoiler[/spoiler]
Zanpakuto Name: Kayzia
Zanpakuto Call Out: Regain, Kayzia
Cero: Basic Cero, Basic Bala


Name: Eye Of Vivar
Effect:  Twice per post Enzo is able to fire a laser beam from his eye that moves like a cero in terms of speed, while it is half the power of one it DOES track the  target and chase them until contact is made with something.


Name: Light of Temias
Effect: The one who would part the works of Heaven
Description:  This ability is a passive with which Enzo is able to extend the reach of his blade using his own spirit energy, though visually the blade doesn't change, allowing him to "cut" objects even though his physical sword didn't make contact. This only works in a straight line following the sword swings path however so if the victim moved left or right instead of straight up, forwards, or backwards this ability would still miss (This situation assumes the attack was an overhead downward chop though and results will obviously vary).

It also has a second function of a more controlled sort which causes swings by this sword to leave an "Arc" of spiritual energy, aka Light, that lasts for an entire post or until Enzo cancels it himself. The arcs cannot hurt him because it is his own energy and only deals damage to things that make contact with the arc equal in power to that of Enzo's swing in regards to physical objects but can cleave spiritual energy attacks into ribbons as long as Enzo's  spiritual output is higher than his opponents (even if it is a temporary moment of superiority). Though the ability is passive it does not need to be used. Enzo is able to turn it off and all at will. It should be noted Enzo can only have four arcs active at any given time. If a fifth were to be made the first created would instantly vanish. If a sixth then the second would vanish and so on.

Name: Marks The Spot
Effect: The use of this technique is actually quite peculiar, and it involves Enzo "marking" the opponent just by sight alone. With the use of Enzo's unique eye, he basically marks what he sees with spiritual energy in the sense of spiritual dowsing. What this does is act as an assisted reiatsu perception technique, making up for his weakness. Enzo can perceive the marked target, being able to keep up with extreme speeds or locating the individual, even without being able to sense them naturally in order to be aware of them. In higher levels, Enzo can mark multiple things.

Ability Name: Tachyon Warping
Description: Once per 4 posts, Enzo can teleport anywhere within 100ft of his current position. When using this ability, a column of light appears around his current position, lasting for one post, while a brief flash of light announces his new position. Enzo cannot teleport within 5ft of any other living creature, due to interference from their personal reiatsu, without OOC permission. Enzo can also use this to teleport out of a thread.

Ability Name: Hard-Light Constructs
Description: Users can turn light into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings. However, the objects cannot be larger than a diesel last only one post, and can be broken by attacks stronger than a cero. These can hit, and be hit, by zanpaktou similar items without issue.

Ability Name: Light Negation
Description: Every 3 posts for one post Enzo can negate ALL light, supernatural or otherwise, around himself and become 100% invisible or he can choose instead to create an area of COMPLETE darkness, with no light being capable of existing inside it at all, supernatural or otherwise, for 500 feet around Enzo for 2 posts. However, he cannot use both versions of this ability at the same time.  (So if he uses Invisibility he can't create an area of darkness for 3 more posts. if he uses AoD he can't make himself invisible for 4 posts.)

Ability Name: Holographic Projection
Description: Enzo can create 4 talking, walking, 3-D versions of himself made of Hard-Light. They are mere "holograms" and as such don't possess any of his energy, but to any other sense these would appear to be the real deal. he can do this every post. They cannot fight, but they do not vanish when attacked, as attacks would simply pass through them uselessly.



Ability Name: UV Radiation
Description: In his released state(s), Enzo's very own Reiryoku now contains UV light properties, allowing for his light abilities and spiritual pressure to contain the passive ability of spiritual radiation, dealing direct lasting damage to the dna of the opponent. This technique offsets healing variations by putting them in a constant active state due to the radiation, slowly whittling them down. For those who have a passive regeneration, the healing is noticeably slower, with damage not being healed off completely. For those who don't, the UV lights will continue to weaken the body, and confirmed hits will have lasting damage until a topic exit of rest and recuperation/healing. In the sense of spiritual pressure, it's a slow buildup of radiation that whittles down the opponents basic capabilities.

Ability Name: Light Transmutation
Description: One of the unique things about Enzo's released state is the fact that he can transform matter and objects into light, telling a great deal about his exceptional spiritual control.  Even stagnant Reiryoku that exists in the atmosphere can be converted into light. What this does is provide a way for Enzo to make any probable source of light material that can be used as a cost source of abilities/techniques, greatly nullifying 1/2 of the stamina taxation of using these abilities and being used to increase stamina and light based abilities by 1/2

Name: Grand Eye Of Vivar
Effect:  Enzo is able to fire a laser beam from his eye that moves like a cero in terms of speed. However, this contains the power and size of a Gran Rey Cero and tracks the target and chase them until contact is made with something. After this is used, there is a 4 post cooldown

Name: (X) Marks The Spot V2
Effect: Enzo's spiritual dowsing has become so advanced that marking individuals and objects has developed into perceiving velocity up to the speed of light. This also comes with an omnidirectional locator that continuously updates with the direction the marked target(s) is going, build up of spiritual energy/activity if any; and even teleportation skills and anticipating the next pinged location, allowing Enzo to ultimately have the tools to keep up.
Boosts: [Reiryoku/Reiatsu, Speed, Strength, Durability x3]



Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]


Background: Enzo Audotorae was born in 1040 AD in Vivar, also known as Castillona de Bivar, a small town about six miles north of Burgos, the capital of Castile. His father Roberto Audotorae was a courtier and a cavalryman that fought in many battles and brought it upon himself to only have strong women give birth to his children. A warrior by the name of Isabella Hernandez was the one that was given the right to have Roberto’s child, she died shortly afterwards. His father’s duties have led Enzo to be raised by his mother’s family, which was considered aristocratic. However, Enzo turned out to be a humble child that even took pity on peasants. He spent most of his childhood helping around in Vivar, his large allowance was split among those who were less fortunate than he was. Enzo even played with the other peasant children of the village, who gladly accepted Enzo as one of their own. It definitely was a split between family ties, Enzo’s behavior seemed unfitting and unnatural as a relative of the Hernandez family. As Enzo grew older, he started to wonder why things were the way they are.

Enzo was disowned by his father as soon as word came out, and he soon became one of the peasants that he loved to socialize with so much. However, this brought much of a rise among the peasant. There was even talk of  a possible kinship among their ranks, an individual that never considered them lesser.  Enzo never understood why his father saw his mercy as an impurity; it was a different feeling to him. Enzo was a strong man, and started to get much attention within Castillonia. While making an honest living teaching the way of the sword and chopping wood to either sell or donate to poor families during the winter time, his story still stands as the king of the peasants.This actually led to the creation of his own fighting style that involved using a weighted sword with ease to cut down a tree with a single stroke. These rumors actually reached the ears of Rodrigo Diaz, who was also known as El Cid at a later time. He sought out Enzo for a fair contest. Impressed by his skill, he offered Enzo a place in his household.

There was a shortage of men for the upcoming battle of the Moorish stronghold of Zaragoza. There was a promise of Enzo being able to restore his name as royalty as well as given the chance for the peasant’s to prove themselves. Enzo was told to sway the pedants of Vivar, and have been training them before the raid happened in 1057. It was a hard fought battle, most of the peasants died because they were at the front lines, Enzo was at the front lines as well. Enzo survived, but the same could not be said for the casualties of the men that put their faith in him. Enzo was overcome with guilt, those brave individuals were labeled as nameless, and their existence into the battle was squandered as well. The nameless heroes of Vivar, was a real live event that was reduced to a peasant’s fairy tale. However, Enzo’s service in battle was not neglected and he received his name of Audotorae restored back to its original state.

Even as an aristocrat, Enzo decided to live his life as a warrior instead. He needed to find a way to lose the feeling of regret he harbored towards the individuals that he basically leads to their death. In 1063, Enzo met his end at the battle of Graus. He fought gallantly, but died with a spear going straight through his chest. As he was dying, there was this one ideal that he had left. War had no happy endings; it was only a means to an end. Enzo felt guilty, he fought so hard and rallied the men of families, all so he could obtain his name. It was just a name, which was gone, becoming the nameless hero of Vivar. After his death, Enzo felt like he was still here. He felt like there was still something that he had to do, he couldn’t abandon his people. This obsession grew, as he felt some attachment to Vivar. Any noble that harassed the peasant’s caused his chain of fate to deteriorate, becoming a hollow.

As a hollow, Enzo was obsessed with standing up for the people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. Whenever he saw anything that posed as a threat towards the peasants, he attacked them and devoured them. The flavor and sensation of devouring was hard to ignore, and Enzo continued to eat. People started to wonder if it was the retaliation of the peasant’s in Vivar, And sought to slaughter them. At that time, it was one of the biggest feasts that Enzo came to be a part of. At the same time, Enzo lost the drive and taste of humans and proceeded on to the great beyond. By the great beyond, what was really meant as the final destination was huneco mundo. Enzo decided to test his worth against other hollows, awakening a lost feeling of fighting in the war. This excited him, the taste was also memorable.
His lifestyle as a hollow only consisted of eating other hollows, which resulted in his evolution into a Gillian. At that point, Enzo lost all of his previous personality or desire to eat. He was motionless like a stone for quite a while. The years went by immensely as bits and pieces of his mind started to come back to him. The hunger also returned, he started eating other Gillian. He devoured the Gillian just the same, and most of them didn’t even fight back at all. It was a horrid feeling, the pinnacle of suffering to lose yourself. To continue on without a purpose forever, it was definitely the horrors of his life. Even if the small purpose was just to feed on others, he would take that instead of being motionless.

Enzo transformed once more after hundreds of years into an adjuchas, traveling the sands of huneco mundo and feeding on every hollow he came across. However, with every single hollow that he devoured, he started to remember a few things that he seemed to forget. The feeling he had when he died, it was still a unknown variable and he searched hard to find the answer. More years passed, and Enzo came across a few hollows that were going to get killed by other hollow. He felt something as he watched, and jumped in the fray. He protected the weaker hollows from getting killed, or he tried to. There were so many of the hollows that were on his level, he brushed aside and watched in horror as the weaker hollows got killed. Enzo then remembered completely what that feeling was, it was guilt. He experienced the pain of his past, along with the dissatisfaction with the amount of power he had. Enzo hated himself and tried to break his mask in an attempt to end himself, but it had the opposite effect. It furthered his evolution and he became an arrancar.

Side Notes: The aspect of death that Enzo harbors is dissatisfaction. No matter what he does or how hard he tries, there is a small feeling in his heart that he can’t seem to get a hold on. He feels as if what he has in life is not enough, and tries to fill that gap. Not to be confused with greed, Enzo truly feels as if he’s missing something, and he’s doing anything and everything he can in order to either fill it or cover it up enough to ignore it. With this aspect, Enzo ends up taking on more than he can manage, and it crumbles down on him.
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Please use the character you are applying for in the sample.]

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#2 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:06 am

Approved. Gonna start you at 2-5. Don't worry though it's not hard to get more powerful. Just takes time. Smile

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#3 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:50 am

I would like to add a technique in. Please evaluate and tell me if they are any good or acceptable?

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#4 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:04 am

bumped to 2-1 and approved. Congratulations. Smile now go work on your Ress

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#5 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:59 am

Light Transmutation
• Please lower this to 1/2 energy cost reduction, and expand on "increased natural abilities in general".

Grand Eye of Vivar
• All Cero (Cero, GR Cero, Cero Oscuras) travel at the same speed. However, I cannot approve you having essentially an entire Gran Rey Cero every post that also has tracking. Please give this a cooldown of 4 posts... however, I would be okay with this having a Charge System. If you fire off one half, it will begin to recharge while you can save the other half. If you use both, then you have the 4 post cooldown, or you can essentially use half every 2 posts. Smile

Eye Of Vivar- Mark Of The Talented
• Disabling of an Opponent's abilities is not allowed. Seeing as how you already basically halve all regen while in your Res, I can't think of a way to balance this effectively... Instead of what you have, why not accelerate the effects of [Marks the Spot], and make it perfect focus. You always know exactly where your marked target is, and you know their velocity and direction, so you can keep up regardless of any speed, teleportation, etc.

Aside from those rather minor things, this looks very well done. When those changes are made, you will be approved. Please keep in mind that UV Radiation will not be a guaranteed Fight-winner, and people whom have stronger reiatsu/tier than you may very well ignore it completely.

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#6 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:45 am

edited, tried to be fair. Thanks for the advice.

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#7 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:34 am

Approved at tier 2-1. Thank you for making the changes asked of you.

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#8 Re: Enzo Audotorae [Arrancar] on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:40 am


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