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#1 Rena's Custom Martial Kidou on Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:21 pm


Spell Name: Rakurai kikku (Lightning Kick)
Spell Information: Electricity builds up around Rena's leg(s) when used. When she kicks and makes contact with anything the electricity travels along said thing until it makes contact with the intended target. Instead of using a predetermined object as the origin she has modified Hadou 11 to use her own body with no ill effects. She can also use it to kick a lightning bolt at someone and cause the same guided lightning effect with that.
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 63

Spell Name: Kaen Bakuhatsu (Flame Explosion)
Spell Information: Fires a ball of red energy at a target from the hands or feet. The ball itself is a ruse in this modified kidou however.. as it is the explosion of fiery energy that is caused when it makes contact with something that holds the actual power of the Kidou. The blast radius is ten feet and can be detonated at will by the caster.
Incantation: Unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 79

Spell Name: Kiiroi senkō keri (Yellow Flash Kick)
Spell Information: With a kick Rena is able to fire an arc of yellow energy, similar to Okasen, however it's power is drastically increased by narrowing the width of the arc and it's "cutting" ability is fine tuned to make it much more devastating to barriers and other forms of defense.
Incantation: Unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 67

Spell Name: Kurasshu kōgeki (Crash Attack)
Spell Information: Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy from the users body upon contact. The power behind it allows it to be used defensively and offensively. Though the range is greatly reduced from it's original form hadou no 33 this variant makes up for the ten foot burst range, as opposed to several dozen yards or more, by having increased power output.
Incantation: Unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 73

Spell #: 58 Spell Name: Kaze jūden (Wind Charge)
Spell Information: A widening tornado-like blast is formed with Rena at the head of it. Instead of firing a tornado Rena is shot forward with a Tornado surrounding her turning it into a tackle move instead of a blast move. It's power is increased due to the extra energy required to obtain this effect.
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 81

Spell Name: Tajū keitai: Kikkubarāji (Multi Form: Kick Barrage)
Spell Information: A kidou that allows her to triplicate her legs during mid-kick. Though this itself is rather dangerous to her foes it doesn't consume as much power as actually replicating her entire body into three separate people. She is able to do this Four times before it wears off.
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 65

Spell Name: Shimo Sutoraiki (Frost Strike)
Spell Information: Using this Kidou Rena is able to release a miniature "wall" in a straight line of ice spikes with either her feet or her hands. When used in the air the wall uses the base of Rena's feet as reference for the "ground level". This wall rises nine feet in the air and each spike is connected to eachother for the first foot of this rising before becoming individually spiked. This wall is five feet wide.
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 80

Spell Name: Maito no Sufia (Sphere of Might)
Spell Information: Using this kidou Rena creates and controls a massive baall of energy that is 20 feet by 20 feet. This ball of energy deals a total of amount of damage equal to slightly more than a hadou no 73 but does so over very "short" amount of time instead of instantly. The longer contact is made with the sphere the more total damage is taken. This "short" timeframe is mere seconds..but still not instant. The ball fades after the post it is created in.
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 88

Spell Name: Kindan no Tekunikku: Tachi Suzume Ga Akkusu (Forbidden Technique: Falling Sparrows Axe)
Spell Information: Essentially an incredibly destructive version of her Kiiroi senkō keri modified kidou. Rena raises her leg as if she is about to do an Axe kick and upon doing said Axe kick an immense amount of spiritual energy is released in the same manner as Kiiroi senkō keri except it's width is quadrupled and it's power is almost doubled. Unlike her Kiiroi senkō keri however this kidou can only be used with an Axe Kick. (Though some may wonder if thats just a personal choice of hers)
Incantation: unknown
Spell Power equivalent: Hadou no 89

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#2 Re: Rena's Custom Martial Kidou on Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:04 pm

Noziel AranOnline

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8th Division


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