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#1 Michelle Lisola on Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:51 pm




Name: Michelle Lisola
Age: 19
True Age: 24
Sex: Female
Personality: In true Lisola fashion this being thinks that power is but a number and she can, or does, possess the greatest number to combat with. She accepts any and all challenges rarely, if ever, backing down and has no qualms about speaking her mind. This has less to do with Pride in her case as courage and confidence. She isn't doing it to be arrogant she just doesn't know how to give up in most situations. She holds nothing back unless it is a friendly match and although she has a fiery temper, it is not easy to trigger. She is organized, well groomed, trained, studied. It is extremely hard to tell she's actually a fighter because she's so smart you'd assume she was just a bookworm.

She is logical, as expected of a studious mind, but applies imagination in ways that can at times cause issues with her logic side. She loves being playful over being serious but can be when it becomes required of her. She is incredibly extroverted and has no issues managing to find a crowd to associate with due to her popularity at her school. She cares about all life, and is extremely clever.. but seems to be naive as to "Greater Designs" like why Shinigami don't or can't just wipe out all the hollow. Or why hollow need to eat souls. But despite that lack of "higher understanding" she still manages to wrap her head around the ideas enough to not show it.


Height: 5'8''
Weight: 135 lbs | 250 armored
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Sendo Genkotsu - This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line specialize in this "impossibly growing" style.

Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Stamina
Weaknesses: Her physical abilities demand she supplement them with her reiryoku and reiatsu. Without doing so she is 30% weaker than an average stat fighter of her tier. Even with the supplements she will never rival someone who has speed or strength as a strength, but she would not be "useless". She is just a blessed human after all..


Ability Name: Diary of Akiko
Description: This book is made of old hide and is enchanted to be everlasting and indestructible. This book contains every detail of Akiko's life, even more so than what is publicly known, and can only be read by someone of direct blood-line to the Lisola's as anyone else would only be able to read the first "story" explaining her childhood and such. The reason this book is important is that she must "activate" it in order to activate the rest of her powers. The book disappears when this is done and reappears when it is over. Without the "activation" of the book she is basically an extremely hard to kill normal human. She wouldn't be able to attack worth crap but because of her high energy it'd be hard to just finish her.

Ability Name: Blood of Lisola
Description: As a Lisola she has access to massive amounts of spiritual energy and spiritual power. Enough that she can use it to overcome most, if not all, physical deficiencies, if any, by supplementing it with her spiritual abilities. Her body is harder to injure because of that but once you bypass this "heirro" like defense she has nothing else protecting her. This heirro visually appears as a silver full plate full body armor that is covered in a golden energy aura.

Ability Name: Lisolan Eyes
Description: As a pure descendant she retains the Lisola eyes. That permanently changes her eye color to red and grants her enhanced visual prowess. She is able to discern even the tiniest physical movements of her opponents to make a pretty accurate guess of what they'll do next. She is also able to discern where someone is around her as if she was looking in their direction without having to actually do so. A sort of "visual" field if that helps describe it.

Ability Name: Sacred Pact
Description: Her energy is felt as "divine" even more purely than that of shinigami, which it may be mistaken for at first by most, she is able to use this in a multitude of ways. Including pressuring an opponent with just the weight of her energy and it's power, defending herself from attacks by forming energy shields of varying strength, firing "sacred Bala" to attack and healing the wounds of others. The shields and healing follow the chart below. When healing herself or others an "aura" or "barrier" looking energy encompasses the target. This is just a visual however and does not protect the "enveloped" person.

Cero Shield - three times per post
Gran Rey Shield - Once per three posts
Oscuras Shield - once per four posts
Forbidden "Barrier" - Once per five posts

Light healing - four times per post. one wound per use.
Moderate Healing - once per two posts. one wound per use.
Heavy Healing - once per four posts. one wound per use.
Life Saver - once per six posts. one wound per use.
God-Like Restoration - once per thread. one wound per use. She also can't use this on herself.


Ability Name: Legacy
Description: Her entire body is flooded with power beyond what a human can normally obtain. Her blood-line being the only reason she can handle it and not explode into a billion chunks in the process. Her spiritual and physical abilities gain a x4 boost. She is then empowered by an additional 40% (Essentially this is making this her hyper mode without having said hyper mode to use)

Ability Name: Heirloom of the Lisola
Description: The sheathe has a silver base throughout with purple engravings scattered throughout the entirety of the sheathe that read the following to anyone regardless of their language "You will not be weak in the face of danger. Strength does not relieve you of honor nor does it allow complacency. Power is to be used to defend oneself and others in need.". The blade looks like the image below, can be used one handed, and possesses the three following traits.

The Seiken:

Trait 1: When drawn the blade produces a visual bubble of text around the wielder. This text, should one actually take the time to read it, consists of the Lisola's Code of Honor, their beliefs(Before Kaze twisted it), dreams, and is displayed in every commonly known language the bubble is ten feet by ten feet. This ends once the blade is fully drawn and can only be drawn by someone with a strong connection or direct blood link to someone with a strong connection to the Lisola's. (Assuming of course you weren't directly related to the blood-line already)

Trait 2: The blade grants Soul Shield. Allowing the wielder to, consciously or otherwise, draw forth a visual Lisola from the past, without actually calling their spirit, this "spirit" cannot attack or be damaged, but it can defend against one attack, usually melee and some projectiles like arrows and bullets, per post with a "sword" like weapon that generally differs depending on which Lisola was called however this does not protect against techniques or abilities only regular attacks.

Trait 3: The blade grants Soul Link, allowing it's wielder to take a power from a previous Lisola for one post and each power can only be used once per five posts. She can only use one power per post.

Lisola Powers:
Akiko: Runic - Her body is so accustomed to her own spiritual power that she can suck in and absorb any and all energy based attacks. The energy it absorbs becomes converted and is placed into Rena directly instead of being expelled..replenishing her own reiatsu reserve by the amount absorbed. This ability is one of few that can only be activated by actually speaking the activation word..which in this case is Runic. She can only absorb 20% in this way during the single post this ability is active.

Conversion Table:
Spammable Minor Attack(s) is 2%
kidou below the 40th level absorbed is 3%
kidou below the 70th level absorbed is 7%
Kidou above the 70th level absorbed is 10%
1 Cero = 5%
1 Gran Rey Cero = 8%
1 Cero Oscuras = 10%
Special ability = 5% regained per CD of the ability (So an ability with a 4 CD is her max. Anything over will deal some damage to her as she reaches her limits)

Mizrahi: Bang - This power allows the user to use any method they choose to create the most powerful thunderclap sound recorded at any point within a 40 foot range. The shock wave of this sound would be akin to being hit by two cero.

Talvus: Chirron - This power creates a dozen boulders (20 by 20) of the most dense material earth based powers can form. Which are then hurled and home in on their intended target(s) for the full post. If not dealt with or destroyed by the end of that post they simply drop to the ground due to gravity. Their speed are equal to a bala and the homing they have is "near perfect".

Shira: Dark Crystal - This power allows the user to create Dark Crystals and manipulate them in any fashion conceivable. These are able to be fired as if they were sharp bala or used to form a shield equal in strength to a level 65th Kidou or even form a temporary suit of armor.

Rena: Ankoku Shuuha - This power allows the user to fire an overbearingly giant wave of dark spiritual power from the weapon. Equal in strength to a level 80 kidou and covering a massive 80 by 80 area this is one skill you do not easily deal with.

Ability Name: Never-ending Story
Description: in response to a need, or a life threatening situation in most cases, she is able to pull forth energy from a well that doesn't seem to have a bottom. She is able to continue fighting without fear of pain or death for five posts before absolutely collapsing whether she took additional damage or not. This is her final and activates automatically on it's own when she is in such situations as to warrant this power's use. It doesn't heal her or protect her. She simply keeps fighting regardless of anything and everything for those five posts. She has no chance of continuing to fight after this is used up. She does not "have" to fight during the five posts however. As she can instead choose to use the timer to flee and save herself instead.


Background: Michelle had a normal life for the most part. She grew up without issues, went to school, achieved outstanding grades, got along with everyone around her. Literally anything that could go right for her did. She was having the most amazing luck and blessed sort of life. She didn't really understand how or why, but she was well aware of everything seeming to go perfect for her.

When she turned thirteen her parents received an odd package in the mail addressed to Michelle. It was stated that only she could open it and despite trying to do it themselves to make sure it was safe for their daughter, her parents could not manage it. Giving up and determining it was okay as long as she opened it with them present. They let her have it and she easily opened it, baffling them as to how but telling her to go on.

Inside was a book. It was very old. Older than any book Michelle had ever seen in any store or library. Yet it was still in excellent condition. It read in weird letters "Akiko Lasula Mizrahi" that seemed gibberish at first but quickly began to seem to "make sense" to Michelle as she tried to figure out what they were.

When she opened the book, her life changed forever. She was blessed in this life, that much she was aware, but it wasn't until she opened this book, this wonderful book of knowledge of days past and families never met, that she came to understand why. In the split second that had passed the book had done two things. It had first awakened her heritage by granting her the power of the Lisola blood-line. Of which she had managed to skip down the generations into being, her mother being of the line but not as endowed as her daughter seemed to be, including the knowledge of how to use such power.

The second thing the book did was introduce her to her "Family".

In a swirl of letters, words, images, voices. The girl was entrapped in a once in a life time opportunity of past knowledge that only the Lisola clan could have. She met her ancestor's their children. Their children's children. She enjoyed a hundred lives a hundred times all at once and it changed her forever. When the visual spectacle passed, much of what was Michelle was still very much intact, except she knew of herself far more than she would have ever realized without the book.

She simply smiled to her parents, calming their fears that something might have happened, explaining the book, her lineage, which sparked some memories in her mother who heard stories as a child from her grandmother who heard it from her mother and grandmother and so on down the years. But then the studious and popular girl did something that the book did not intend, nor did her parents expect her to ever ask.

She asked to go to the Committee.

Seeing how adamant she was. They could not deny her. She was already in adult after all. Her college courses were easy enough for her that this "Detour" in her life wouldn't stop her. So why not?


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#2 Re: Michelle Lisola on Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:12 am

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1-5. Approved.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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