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#11 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:56 am

Sakota stood absolutely still as the captain pulled out a tape measure and measured his height, jotting down his findings on the notes. Then the captain directed Sakota to lie down on a bed, and though he didn't see how it was going to help he complied, lying down on the rather uncomfortable bed, that felt more like some form of padded examination table than a proper mattress as the captain created a cloud of gas that he instructed the young quincy to inhale. This is where Sakota's skepticality and cautiousness merged into one giant alarm bell suggesting that he shouldn't listen to the red-haired Shinigami, even if Kokoro's explanation seemed sound. Sitting up and moving away from the cloud in question without inhaling Sakota spoke his first words of question, and hesitation about the whole ordeal. "I am not exactly sure how testing my vision will help with the conversion of the arrows."

Standing up from the table he faced the Shinigami, while he still would like his help inhaling an unknown substance offered by who has already commented that all of Sakota's kind should have been eradicated, as well as apparently thinks that the young quincy was holding some kind of racial grudge against him did not sit right in Sakota's stomach.

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#12 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:55 am

Kokoro smirked as the man seemed to get on the bed albeit nervously.. Kokoro then emerged with the gas and as he did this the man seemed to be further alarmed in spite of Kokoro's elaborate explanation. "I don't know what will help with your arrows, but you back-talking me and being a pain in the ass most certainly will not. I am not just doing this to indulge your arrow fantasy, I am doing this so I can study an extremely rare race in our universe. Don't like it? Tough shit. I could kill you now if I wanted to harm you, so if you want to walk out of here alive, I suggest you sit down, and let me look at your eyes."

Kokoro sighed returning to the table with a small light that was used for eye examinations, as well as a magnifying class. "Now, shut up, sit back, and inhale, or I'll make your eyes dilate myself.." Kokoro's tendrils began to jump from his arm, slowly caressing the mans skin though the toxins were not out for play.. Kokoro smirked as they retracted into his skin. "I won't ask again.."

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#13 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:28 am

Sakota grudgingly followed the instructions he was given, Kokoro had a point about being able to kill him without the young quincy having much say in the matter. And as Kokoro had said, Sakota was a member of a rather rare race, and if the Shinigami wanted to study him as payment for his services Sakota was willing to help him sate his curiousity. Though aside from the bow and arrows, Quincies didn't vary much from other spiritually aware humans, at least as far as Sakota was aware. The disturbing sight of the tendrils popping from the man's arm writhing around to caress Sakota's skin was enough to make the quincy realize that he probably had made some huge mistake, and that it was too late now. He was more likely going to get out of this in one piece if he just complied for now.

Sitting back on the bed he inhaled the gas deeply. It didn't take long to take effect, as within mere seconds his heart and breathing had already started to slow as darkness took him off to a deep blissful, painless sleep.7

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#14 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:33 am

The Quincy seemed to comply with Kokoro's logic which was going to be better for both of them in the long-haul, and as Kokoro lured the Quincy off to sleep he smiled, grabbing his scalpel he made an incision and bisected the chest, before peeling back the skin in order to see if his anatomy was similar to that of a Humans.. Kokoro looked in at the heart, and put his ear to it to listen and count the audible beats. "132 bpm given his current anxiety levels is probably accurate hm.." He smiled a bit and proceeded to cut the mans stomach open, and he then began to bisect the groin area, taking great care to investigate the reproductive system of the Quincy as well as the digestive tract.. He would then peel back the skin on the mans back, Exposing the spine, as well as the spinal cord..

As he examined the mans vertebrates and meticulously wrote down every possible measurement he could short of penis size, the man was soft, and he doubted he wanted to know.. He began to bisect the testicles to see if they were anatomically similar to that of a Humans as well and for the most part? They were! Fascinating, but Kokoro had a sinister, albeit humorous idea.. He put a metal ball about the same size as the mans first two testicles in his sack, so that every time he would walk the man would be in agonizing pain as they collided with.. Mwahahahaha... Ahem. Anyway, As Kokoro filled out about 10 pages worth of notes on the Quincy, he sighed a bit.. He stitched him shut again with his tendrils, starting first with the mans stomach, then his chest, then his back and spine area, and finally? The Groin. He hadn't found too many anatomical dissimilarities, and in a way this kind of disappointed him.. "He'll wake up soon enough.." was all Kokoro said as he slowly removed his gloves, and sat down, shutting his eyes for a moment..

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#15 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:50 am

Apparently that gas was pretty potent stuff, because even with all of the slicing, poking, prodding, and all other forms of his privacy being invaded in a rather unpleasant manner Sakota slept like a rock through the entire ordeal. About ninety minutes after Kokoro finished stitching the quincy back together Sakota woke with a groan, his entire nervous system sounding of sirens of aches and pains flooding his brain with so many messages he was quite literally blinded with it, gasping and trying to gather his thoughts. Once the immediate backlog of reports on his body had been processed the flaring pain subsided into a dull ache combined with severe stiffness in his muscles that made it practically impossible for him to move, What the FUCK was that gas, what happened while I was out, and why the fuck do I hurt everywhere, was the first coherent thoughts that the young Quincy managed to muster as he started to try and take inventory of his bodies various aches.

As his body started to finally react to the commands it was being given his brain Sakota sat up, slowly. It was at this time that the gray-haired young man noticed that he was missing something... his clothes leaving him quite in the buff sitting on the bed. Looking down at his bare, relatively scrawny chest he noticed what appeared to be stitching running down his front as if someone performed an autopsy on his corpse then sewed him back together for the funeral. Well that would explain some of the pain, That red-haired prick decided to knock me out and slice me up. If he is what I can expect from all Shinigami then apparently their reputation among the Quincy is more than a little well deserved. But if it is for getting me off of their radar then I guess it will be worth it in the end. Hopping off of the bed to try and find something to cover himself with proved to be a big mistake, as the slice down his chest was the least of what the sadistic scientist did to him. The impact of his feet hitting the ground was enough to cause the metal sphere to bounce around in his scrotum sending another wave of pain through his body so intense that he collapsed into a whimpering mess on the floor.

[ooc: Hope you enjoyed reading that, ya jerk!]

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#16 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:29 pm

The Quincy was out like a light throughout the entire ordeal in spite of the intrusive nature of Kokoro's prodding, the stitching, and the cutting. Kokoro was simply comparing data files and examining the Quincy, and 30 minutes after electing to remove the third testicle because he opted to not be a giant douche, the man awoke.  The man gasped, waking up to what could only be presumed as being immense pain. He was probably stiff and attempting to process back-logged reports in regards to his physical well-being, and this could only be assumed as being fairly uncomfortable. "Finally awake eh Quincy?"  

The man seemingly was questioning what had happened and what the gas was, "It was a highly effective sedative so I could properly examine your body and how it functions. It could come in handy for the crafting of your arrows AND I view it as a consolation prize for agreeing to help you, but I knew you weren't just going to outright say 'please cut me up and examine me' so I took some liberties. You understand." The man hadn't asked but it was obviously what he would ask if he were coherent enough to do so, thus Kokoro figured he would skip the middle man and simply answer then and there.

The man began to sit up slowly which intrigued Kokoro greatly, and he immediately set his mind towards analysis "Feeling any pain, is there any swelling, are you groggy, anything along those lines? Please report all symptoms that you are currently experiencing so I can adequately either deal with them or attempt to alleviate them, or simply document them.." His face was nonchalant and business like and would convey that he indeed held little personal ties to the situation. The man sitting up so early was impressive no doubt, but not unexpected given his level of power and racial qualities. As the man seemed to examine himself begrudgingly he made the rather stupid mistake of just jumping off the bed..

As the man hit the floor his testicles which had been pretty much beaten to death by the metal ball bounced around and put him on the floor from the pain. "Whoops, forgot to mention I'd been there too, my apologies but I would recommend getting back in bed before you REALLY hurt yourself. Oh, and before you think of doing something stupid.." Kokoro unwound one of the stitches in his chest and had it seemingly wave at him. "Do something stupid and your testicles will be on the floor along with the inner contents of your chest.. Now, when you are feeling healthy, I would recommend meeting me outside.. I need to see how your bows form, as well as how your ehm.. 'Quincy Arrows' function. So I'll be waiting as long as you require, and entertaining myself with side-projects."

As he said this he would walk outside, and await the Quincies next move. "If you need anything, just tap the stitches, and I'll know."

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#17 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:27 am

Sakota groaned in response to Kokoro's question, the following statement that the captain made being stored in temporary storage until enough of the pain passed to allow him to process the statement, and the implications of it. As he sat up, Kokoro's questions were backlogged with his previous statement, which brings us to Sakota's hopping out of the bed and collapsing on the floor. The fresh surge of pain while physically incapacitating brought with it a sort of mental clarity that allowed him to process all that had been said in the last few moments, and what was being said now. And while his eyes were blinded by the flash of pain he could vaguely make out the sensation of his stitches wiggling, much like a sentient tubular creature.

"Pain, a bit of grogginess but lots of pain" Sakota said as he heeded the captains warning making his way back onto the bed slowly and carefully, as that was the only speed his body could muster right that second. From his now prone position on the bed Sakota called out a simple request before the captain left, if for nothing else than so when he was ready he could be somewhat decent "Some pants would be nice."

With or without pants after about a couple of hours of laying there his body was, well not ache free per say but to a point where he could ignore enough of it to focus and move a bit. Twitching his fingers and toes to prove that he could Sakota steadied his breathing focusing his control outwards to the spiritually rich world he called down Reiraku manipulating it with his powers to wrap his limbs much like a puppets strings. Sitting himself back up he would then don the pants if they were supplied before making his way outside, following the Captains reiatsu, letting his Ransotengai keep him steady as he walked, slowly but it was better than causing any undue pain.

Once outside he found the captain quickly enough, "Thank you for your patience." Was all that Sakota said before manifesting his solid black re-curve style bow, keeping it passively pointed down while awaiting further instruction.

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#18 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:01 pm

The Quincy seemed to groan in response to Kokoro's questioning, not that he actually cared about that.. He was awake sure but not quite conscious, or comfortable enough to interpret what he was being asked, As the man had sat up and attempted to stand we more or less get to where we are now, the Quincy collapsed on the floor, thinking he was all high and mighty till.. well.. he wasn't. It seemed that the fresh surge of pain had at least lent itself to clarity at this point, as it seemed that for the first time since he had awoken the Quincy was finally capable of processing something past fight or flight, and that seemingly insatiable urge to hurt himself by being a buffoon.. And though he appeared to still be groggy and his senses were clearly lacking even then, it became evident that he was capable of answering finally..

As the man finally responded to Kokoro's prodding Kokoro took notes, "pain and grogginess.. okay.. any trouble with the five senses?" As Kokoro finished jotting down the symptoms he had heard as well as observed, he noticed that the man had heeded his warning and slowly lowered himself to the bed, slow was seemingly the mans only speed at the moment.. "So, any trouble with processing, is it a pulsing pain, throbbing, dull, details my boy, are essential.." Kokoro scribbled the notes down. "Your pants are on the hook by your bed you simpleton, I wasn't going to have you walk out among people in the nude.. vulgar simpleton.." and with that Kokoro left the room..

The curved black bow was the first thing to enter Kokoro's vision, and he was a little surprised to see that this Quincy was even capable of standing then.. "A Quincy capable of Ransotengai?! I haven't that in at LEAST the last 200 years... my my, you are quite the intriguing specimen.."

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#19 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:19 am

"No issues with my senses, and it is an overwhelming throbbing pain, pulsing with my heartbeat" Sakota elaborated, grateful that his pants made it through the unwarranted procedure that the mad scientist performed on him. Giving the captain a thumbs up as he explained where his pants was Sakota just laid on the bed. Until he got up and dressed and made his way outside with the help of his Ransotengai. Kokoro's reaction to Sakota being able to use Ransotengai was priceless however, and almost worth the pain he was suffering. "Yeah, thankfully it is much easier to perform in a Reishi rich environment like the soul society. Granted that it is kind of obvious. So how do you want me to do this, do you have special targets you want me to hit with the arrows."

Sakota raised his bow ready to use it, as instructed, he wasn't sure what Kokoro was going to need him to do to test the control of the experiment, and the base of the arrows.

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#20 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:37 pm

As the man confirmed that he had no issues with the senses and that he was experiencing a throbbing pain Kokoro would simply nod in his direction, jotting down the details of this was tedious but gratifying. After all, Kokoro rarely ran into Quincy nowadays, and even when he ran through them he didn't quite have the time to analyze them in this capacity.. The Quincy didn't seem to be all that bad anyway, and if they were to be utilized properly they could perhaps cut back on the need for Shinigami interference in the World of the Living.. The man seemed relieved that his pants had made it through the endeavor, and Kokoro was just as relieved as he was.. He gave the Captain a thumbs up, and Kokoro summarily ignored it.

Kokoro's reaction to the boy using Ransotengai was probably priceless, and he knew that to be the case but didn't care.. He ignored the mans explanation of Ransotengai, having known of what the man said before he ever opted to speak of it.. "We will need to go to my testing lab.." Kokoro would simply nod as the man raised his bow, and motion for him to follow. "If you are sure that you're ready for a combat simulation with a low level Hollow, follow me. If not? I'll be waiting."

Leaving for the lab, Kokoro pondered the implications of what he would need, and rounded the hall for his lab..

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