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#1 [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:23 am

It was a beautiful spring day in Karakura town, the sun was shining, the temperature was mild and comfortable, a light breeze blew through the town. On this particularly perfect day, a seemingly unremarkable young man was wandering around the town in what would to most appear to be in an aimless fashion. The young man however was not without a goal, he was in fact tracing Reiraku, the normally invisible spirit ribbons that are the physical manifestation of an individual's reiryoku. To be more specific the white haired individual was following a red reiraku, the color of the ribbon signified that his intended prey was a Shinigami.

Finally coming upon its source Sakota found a shinigami in the middle of his job, a simple konso of a poor unfortunate child who died far too soon. Shaking his left arm to jangle loose his quincy cross from where it normally remained tucked in his coat's sleeve. Raising his hands in a non-aggressive nature he approached the shinigami as he stamped the wholes head with the pommel of his Zanpakuto. Before the Shinigami took off Sakota called out to him "Good day Mr. Death God sir, I have a humble request that should be of interest to someone in the Seireitei"

The shinigami, a rather average looking fellow turned towards Sakota, looking him up and down as if he was sizing up the young quincy. The shinigami's eyes focused the silver cross on his wrist, and the glove on his hand. Once he took in the full stance of the quincy the shinigami relaxed. "What would that be?"

"Well the concept is simple, I would like to consult someone about converting my arrows from soul destroying to soul purifying, similar to how your Zanpakuto works on hollows" Sakota said, he knew that the request itself was going to be difficult to perform, but if it succeeded it would be worth it, both for Quincies like Sakota, and the poor under-manned forces of the Seireitei. "If you could be so kind as to deliver my message to someone who might be able to help, that would be great. I will be in Karakura park all day one week from today for the meeting."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. No promises though, if no one shows don't hold it against me boy" The Shinigami said with a nod before vanishing in a blink. Sakota left, to wait for the week to pass.

Seven days later, in the morning Sakota made his way to Karakura park. While the sun was high, the day itself was cooler than before. Sakota found a bench in the park, sitting down and waiting to see if anyone was going to take his request.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:16 am

Kokoro was in Karakura town, minding his own business and as one might expect, he was there on personal business. Kokoro had taken a large interest in the overabundance of Spiritual Energy that was located in Karakura Town, and find the source of the disturbance that led to the extreme amount of Hollows in the area. As he was doing this and monitoring the shit going in and out of the city, he was shocked to notice a Captain level Quincy in the area.. Heading towards him even! Perhaps this would be an interesting day after-all.. Then it hit him.. That rather irritatingly normal looking Shinigami that Kokoro had crippled.. He had told Kokoro that this would happen, and coincidentally, Kokoro was there anyway!

Kokoro thought back to the man, still presumably locked in the cell he had made for his new test subject. Perhaps he'd force-feed him a dog biscuit when he arrived back home to his laboratory in the squad 12 barracks.. Maybe.. Anyway, this Quincy had apparently insisted on meeting him here, and Kokoro would be damned if he missed out on yet another chance to find a new lab subject! He released his Reitsu, heavily in order to draw out the Quincy, hoping it would just come to him as opposed to making Kokoro waste his time trying to find him.. "Come on out Quincy.."

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#3 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:37 am

From his nice comfortable position on his bench Sakota felt the incredible pressure that Kokoro had released, rolling his eyes slightly Sakota shook his head. Great looks like whoever received my message is to lazy to search around the park for anyone with a decent reiatsu. Oh well. Sakota thought as he manifested the Reiraku finding that the pressure belonged to a red ribbon. Rising from his seat he walked his way over to the giant freaking signal flare that Kokoro was releasing, while he had requested the meeting he wasn't really in a rush.

As Sakota approached the source of the pressure he found a red-haired shinigami decked out in a normal Shihakkusho and wearing a white Haori over it. Huh, If i remember correctly that outfit means he is pretty high up on the food chain. Raising his left hand to signal the Shinigami he quickly manifested his bow, and dispersed it, keeping it in place long enough to show Kokoro that he is the one that the captain was looking for "Good Morning, I am guessing that you are looking for me. Hi my name is Sakota Ryudo."

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#4 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:18 pm

The man didn't seem to be in a rush, which irked Kokoro greatly. The man had more or less requested Kokoro's presence, which was very, VERY valuable to him and all else within the Gotei 13, he asked a CAPTAIN to take TIME OUT OF HIS DAY, to come speak to him, a friggen Quincy, and was now all nonchalantly taking his time up. Finally, the man arrived in Kokoro's less than forgiving presence and was greeted with a less than polite backhanded slap to the face, and Kokoro did NOT hold back on it. "I don't know who the hell you are and I DO NOT CARE, if you EVER waste my time again by nonchalantly strolling about as opposed to finding me at once I will end you Quincy, are we clear?!"

As the woman spoke Kokoro put his hand back in his pockets before answering, "No I came for the lovely weather and the slight breeze and if you haven't caught on yes I'm here for you, and you have about twenty seconds to explain why you, a Captain level Quincy, sought out the Gotei 13. It's not exactly like your kind to do so, and though I am genuinely curious as to the circumstances of such a move, I am not here to discuss what I want. Do not continue to waste my time, speak your mind and speak it well, lest I suck out the thoughts through your lobotomized brain through a drinking straw.."

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#5 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:44 am

As Sakota approached the captain he was met with an extremely rude backhand across the face. Massaging his jaw as the captain spoke Sakota thought to himself, Well this is going to be fun little meeting. Responding to the questions with a begrudged "Yes Sir" before the rest of his previous spiel. When kokoro was done threatening the young quincy with bodily harm Sakota stared at the shinigami flatly keeping his voice as neutral as he could manage even though every fiber of his being was screaming to turn the asshole into a pin cushion. Because he knew while that action would make him feel better for a while it would not resolve the entire reason he chose to contact the Seireitei. "Well it is simple, I was looking for assitance from the Shinigami in developing a way for a quincies arrows and abilities to purify hollows and other spiritual beings rather than eradicating them."

"This way if we are attacked we don't tip the world out of balance while defending ourselves"
Sakota continued after a brief break to adjust his aching jaw "And as we currently lack the equipment to perform the necessary experiments here in the human world, it only made sense to reach out to the keepers of balance for help."

Keeping his stance passive he waited for the captains response. He knew he was asking something that might be impossible. It was in the quincies very nature to be at odds with hollow wishing to see them eradicated from the world, and it was because of that very belief that their powers had developed the way they had. But who is to say that it must remain that way, why can't the quincies evolve to suit the world itself, even if they have to reach out to those who in their mind they have every right to hold a grudge against to make the first steps.

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#6 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:41 pm

The man approached Kokoro, and the backhand made impact with a loud crack, knocking his head to the side enough to at the very least stagger the Quincy.. The man began rubbing his face, probably radiating with red-hot heat, pain flickering from every portion of that nauseating fire.. The man responded to every question that was asked, and every thing that was stated with an over-abundance of yes-sirs, Kokoro didn't want a twat either, so he slapped him open-handed across the other cheek. "I said don't waste my precious time, I did not ask that you become my bitch.. I requisite little more than your mouth set on motion, and words that I may want to hear.. Now start, or I'll do it again." The man seemed to be fighting off anger at the core of his being, and it would matter not in fairness.. Kokoro had no problem eradicating this simpleton from the face of the Earth.. In fact, he may even provide an interesting sample.. The man spoke to Kokoro as though he were a child asking to find his family, except Kokoro wasn't going to kill this Quincy out of annoyance, as he may the child.. He pondered for a second, before continuing.. "There have been recorded cases of similar merits.. of course I would need to do some research.. And that would mean I need a Quincy test subject.. and that would mean YOU are the volunteer.."

As the man continued to talk Kokoro waved him off "I know why you want it, I'm not a simpleton. Quit acting as though you're not preventing the future extermination of your race, and more so quit acting like you forgive us for it. I don't want your sympathies, and we made that abundantly clear when we uprooted your species from the world.." Kokoro then thought allowed, "Unfortunately.. the Soul Society is often incompetent, and apparently when they uprooted your kind, they let a few seeds fly free.. fools.." He sighed before opening a Senkaimon, "If you seek truce and want me to properly craft these arrows.. I suggest you follow.."

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#7 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:32 am

"That is kind of what I expected." Sakota said as the mad-scientist Shinigami let him know that he had just volunteered to be the test subject for this very exchange. The quincy had expected as much and was going to volunteer himself for any tests necessary because why he would willingly share the technology gained from the situation with all of the other quincies he encountered he was truly doing this for himself. If he joined up with the committee as he had intended he wanted to be as useful to them as he possibly could, which means being able to freely fight hollows and arrancars, and if he was going to do that he did not want to be the cause of another purge, or worse throw the world out of balance and kill everyone.

Then the foolish captain accused Sakota of being stupid enough to hold a grudge against the Shinigami, of course it isn't like Kokoro knew his families history. He had no reason to bear a grudge against the soul society because his ancestors fled the rest of the quincies when they learned that the fools weren't going to heed the soul societies warnings, though he did have to smile at the captains apparently flippant attitude to his predecessors and superiors. As the Captain opened up the gate and told Sakota to follow him through it the young quincy couldn't help but swallow hard, he knew that if he followed it was the greatest chance that his wish would be granted, though if the red-haired captain wished to turn on him as soon as he was on the other side there would be little that Sakota could do to stop it. Steeling himself to the best of his ability he walked through the gate after Kokoro without a word.

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#8 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:46 am

The man seemed upset by Kokoro's accusations but he didn't really care much, a lab subject such as this one was going to be a welcomed addition to his lab and setup.. As he walked through the Senkaimon he pulled some handcuffs, "Wear these, or they'll kill you.. and if you argue with me? I will.." Assuming the man would wear them without question, Kokoro pushed him ahead, in the clearing ahead the squad 12 barracks were well within their view. "That'll be enough squirming about, get inside." Kokoro used Shunpo and with a sudden movement threw him in the door, before shutting it behind them.. "Once I'm done taking your measurements and your vitals.. I'll go ahead and take the handcuffs off of you so that we can work on your arrows Mr. Quincy.." Kokoro smirked, grabbing all the measuring tools he would need for this rare specimen..

"Get on the scale please, I need to record your weight, height, and your vitals in order to properly record all the information I can about your kind.. I won't pretend you actually have a choice in the matter given that those hand-cuffs will keep you more than incapable of doing anything, but I still expect your utmost cooperation.." Kokoro hummed to himself, slowly dragging over the numbers on the scale.. "Okay 120 pounds give or take a quarter.. now back against the wall Quincy boy, these measurements are essential I assure you!" As Kokoro went to grab the tape-measure he turned around once more, "OH, almost forgot, what is your name again?"

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#9 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:51 am

As Kokoro handed Sakota the handcuffs he obliged the captain by putting them on, it wasn't something worth arguing over, if he needed out of them he still had access to three bows that he didn't need to have his hands on to use so yeah that was a thing. And with the reishi rich atmosphere that the soul society had it would be even easier to break them if necessary. Following the red-haired captain through the seireitei towards the squad 12 barracks as they approached the large building marked with the same symbol on Kokoro's haori Sakota was rapidly, and forcibly thrust inside before the door closed behind him. Then Kokoro said something about taking measurements and vitals before taking the cuffs off, and while Sakota himself did not see the point in the recording of his physical measurements he wasn't the scientist so he complied with the captain's well lets call them requests... yeah that is the word for it requests, stepping on the scale and standing against the wall as he was prompted, figuring the more he cooperated the faster this will be over with and the sooner that they will end up with the desirable result, "Sakota Ryudo, sir."

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#10 Re: [Private] The Scientist and the Quincy on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:52 pm

The kid had obliged in regards to the handcuffs which was quite frankly more in his best interest than it was in Kokoro's.. The Quincy seemed smug or.. it was as though he was hiding something, perhaps he thought his abilities would provide an out but unfortunately for him, the cuffs would restrict his powers.. Reishi may have enriched the atmosphere of the Soul Society providing an edge for the Quincy under normal circumstances, but these were NOT normal circumstances, and Kokoro was sure that the handcuffs wouldn't allow for such shenanigans to unfold. That was after-all, the whole intention of their creation.. As the man followed shortly behind Kokoro, and was summarily thrown in the Squad 12 barracks. The man seemed to be fairly compliant with Kokoro's requests, which frankly? was in his best interest..

As the man stated his name, Kokoro broke out the tape measure, "Five feet Eight Inches.. Give or take a quarter inch.." He scribbled down the notes he had acquired so far, 5'8, 120 pounds, Quincy named Sakota Ryudo... "Okay, now lay down on this bed here, and huff this, it'll cause your pupils to dilate so I can adequately test your vision on a comparative scale." Kokoro sighed, "I'd normally use eye-drops, but I don't have any on hand, this will be far quicker.." If the man obliged he would be immobile and unconscious within 15 seconds.. He would essentially be inhaling the gas equivalent to horse tranquilizer. If all had went according to plan, it would be time to investigate further..

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