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#11 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:14 pm

The blood balls that were aimed towards her ribs made contact as they exploded giving her a decent amount of damage. The sword slash however, was avoided. Though due to the tip of the sword connecting with the Arrancars clothes -- it managed to split them in half. The blood serpents for the most part did their job. Even though they failed to strangle and hold her down, the snakes managed to blow up and engulf in flames due to gaining contact with her. Looking at the girl Dre could see that her outfit for the most part was tattered and shite. Her bare flesh was showing up with red burns due to his constant attacks. As the woman began speaking about how he had pissed her off and how his attacks only caused her a little amount of damage to her, Dre could only laugh. "Come on Yukari... let's not kid around. Don't try to deny the obvious." Extending his right hand, he pointed the blade at her wounds to emphasize the injuries he had inflicted upon her. "You got to admit, I got you pretty good, considering the fact that you're a tank kind of person and such." With that Dre observed the Arrancar releasing it's sword, as she went into resurrection. "Round two, here we come..."

The woman had turned herself into a large eight foot tall dragon like creature. "Interesting." Dre muttered, tilting his head to the left he noticed that all her injuries had gone away, to which he sighed. Which meant it was back to square one again. As she raised her claw like hand, the Arrancar released some kind of air attack at Dre. Obviously he wasn't going to wait and find out what it was as he immediately used bringer light to get behind her back. Only to make a single swing across her back, following with another slash at the back of her right knee and a full thrust to her spine. Hopefully trying to inflict some serious injuries.

Yukari closed the gap between them as she attempted to land an elbow strike on his head. Quickly leaning back a little he would crouch down using his knees, evading the attack. As he would also swing his sword horizontally at her thighs, uttering the words, "deus lex".

Technique Used (Deus lux):

Ability Name: Deus lux
Description: Using his sword Dre releases a highly condensed spiritual energy from the tip of his blade, which, magnifying the slash attack, flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a crescent moon or wave. It heavily damages anything caught within the blast.

2 Cero's worth damage, 2 post cool down.

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#12 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:28 am

"The only obvious thing I have seen is that you are a slippery little git." Yukari said in response to his comment and gesture at the wounds that vanished upon her resurreccion. Then the human mentioned something about round two as Yukari flexed her wings before starting her previous combo. Dre proved just as slippery against her Frost Breath as her earlier attempts at injuring him, flashing out of its path to strike at her 'exposed' back with a couple of slashes and a thrust. Just as with her base form Dre's sword seemed extremely ineffective against her now scale covered hide as his slashes bounced off ineffectively. Turning in time to swat away the incoming thrust stepping in to perform the previously mentioned elbow strike that Dre crouched under swinging his sword at Yukari's legs.

Seeing the slash coming Yukari flapped her massive wings once causing herself to launch skyward avoiding the energy wave with surprising swiftness, before performing a diving knee strike aimed at Dre's collar bone. Expecting that to miss as everything else she threw at this human did She was already planning her next move, depending on how Dre chose to dodge.

If Dre dodged out of the way with his Bringer Light, Yukari would close the gap with sonido before moving on to the next sequence. Otherwise she would just continue from where she landed.

Raising her hand she would release a barrage of reiatsu enhanced ice daggers that would fly at near bala speeds towards her opponent. If he avoids those she will just move towards his position again attempting to bring the fight to hand to hand combat, attempting to get inside of the human's guard she would throw a pair of quick jabs at his helmet before aiming a knee at his solar plexus. If any of the icicles hit and stick in it will grow a one inch barb beneath Dre's flesh before spreading ice across his body.

Techniques used:

Name of Technique: Tempestad de Hielo [Icicle Storm]
Technique Description:Cooldown:3 posts Yukari releases a barrage (~20) of eight inch reiatsu enhanced daggers of ice that will fly towards her target, attempting to pierce their target. If successful the dagger will modify itself to have a one inch barb on it before ice and cold will start spreading from the dagger, literally starting to freeze the target from the inside out. (On player character the freezing inside will not be anything permanent, atleast no more so than having a dagger stuck inside of you. It will instead start encasing the user in ice similarly to Aliento de Escarcha does, at a rate of approximately five inches per post). Any icicle that misses will stick around for two posts after the attack, and can be picked up and used as a weapon.

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#13 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:01 pm

As expected, his slashes were ineffective against her Hierro -- as they just bounced off her. He was dealing with an individual who seems to be possessing one of the strongest Hierros when compared to the rest of the Arrancars and such... Dre's slash towards her thigh area was also dodged as the Arrancar used her massive wings to launch herself upwards avoiding  the attack. The woman used this opportunity to perform a diving knee strike, most likely aiming at his colar bone area. Quickly sidestepping towards the right, he would dodge the strike, but he won't stop there as he would use bringer light to move himself backwards. Yukari would then close the gap between them using sonido only to release a barrage of ice daggers towards him. Dre himself did not anticipate the attack, however, as the daggers neared him his invisible barrier on the front would enlarge fully to protect him from the attack. By doing so the barrier would absorb the energy of the daggers only to release it outwards towards the Arrancar. He had no reason to use bringer light to avoid them because due to the reason that it had a chance of being ineffective against her attack. He did not want to take such a risk.

Yukari once again closed the gap between them only to throw some jabs aimed at his face. Sidestepping left then right, Dre would dodge them. The woman would then proceed to aim a knee at his solar plexus. "Well fuck." He said as the knee connected with him only to send him flying backwards, about ten feet or so from his previous position. Rolling backwards two times on the ground, he landed hard on his back. "Ughhhhh... that went well." Using his sword as an assistance he would slowly try to get up. "Nice one, women." He said coughing blood to the ground. Dre's whole midsection felt like shit. Well, obviously that was a lie because he couldn't feel anything -- as if it was numb. Looking at the arrancar, he grinned. Which could not be seen due to his helmet covering most of his face. "Yukari, do you know what I find comical about all of this?" He paused to cough more blood out, "ughh... that you say I'm slippery and hard to hit, while you're exactly the opposite. You're easy to hit but hard to damage. Kind of says how we are polar opposites, if we were to think about it."

Technique Used:

Ability Name: Kighte Obice
Description:A red hexagonal blood barrier which is fixed to his back, front, left and right side of body, and when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges fully to protect which side it is affixed to. The barrier keeps the attack away from Dre, gathers the energy in one area, and momentarily absorbs the energy from the attack before forcing the attack outward and away from the shield, dispersing the attack altogether.

Can take up damage equivalent to 2 Cero's. 2 posts cool down.

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#14 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:17 am

Yukari watched as her daggers shattered against the blood red shield that appeared quite literally out of no where, effectively rendering the frozen blades useless. Though not letting it slow her she rushed in to perform her combo, throwing a pair of jabs that Dre juked around, though apparently he wasn't expecting the knee that followed, striking home hard, and causing some rather colorful language to spew from his mouth as he went flying backwards about ten feet or so, Landing in such away that he ended up rolling twice before coming to a stop. Yukari approached her downed opponent at a leisurely walk, she knew that even if he was able to get up he would have too hard of a time breathing to move too quickly at least for a few moments anyways. As she closed about half of the gap Dre was slowly working his way back to his feet, using his sword to help, coughing up blood as he complimented her attack.

Not even slowing her approach Yukari listened as Dre continued his statement, about how they were polar opposites. Stopping about two feet away from Dre she opened up her mouth to respond, her voice holding a slight tinge of laughter mixed in with its gravelly growl-like tones. "Yeah I noticed that earlier, now unless you want to be coughing up more than a bit of blood I would suggest putting your gear away."

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#15 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:45 pm

"Yeah." Dre said as he used his sword as an assistance to stand up straight. Noticing the woman was slowly coming towards him, he smirked. "Well, I don't know about you, but I enjoyed this fight. The only reason I even intended to fight you was because I wanted to test my abilities out. As I said before we started the battle, it was a long time since I actually used them in any form of combat. But thanks to you, I was able to test them again. So, you have my gratitude, Arrancar." Dre said bluntly in an unwavering tone. He did not care if the battle bored the woman or not; that wasn't his concern. He always fought for himself, and what other people thought really didn't matter to him.

Raising the sword up, he placed the edge of the sword on top of his shoulder as he cracked his neck left then right. Looking at the Arrancar, he would speak again, "I guess I will take my leave now. And no, I'm not retreating, if that's what you think. I have other important private matters that needs my attention." With that he would turn around as he started to walk in the opposite direction. Stopping in his tracks after walking a few feet, he would turn his head back at the woman, "you know... for a little girl, you really pack in a punch." Dre said as he used bringer light to disappear from her sight.


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#16 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:16 am

"I had fun, would have been more fun if you weren't so slippery but, meh" Yukari said as Dre thanked her, while his starting of the fight was rather rude it wasn't like it was boring. Watching after the human as he left Yukari sealed her real form back into her zanpakuto, returning back to her diminutive black haired girl. Chuckling at his comment about her packing a punch, once Dre was gone Yukari figured she better vacate before the flares that she had sent up attracted some unwanted attention. With a wave of her hand she opened up a rip in the air, returning to sandy plane of Hueco Mundo.

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