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#1 [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:54 pm


Dre shuddered at the thought of him being a hollow. That was one of the most sickening things that could ever happen to him. He preferred the way he was -- as a human. Or a fullbringer, in other words. Though he did not consider being a fullbringer by race. It was more a source of power to him. "Ugh, thank you. But I have no interest in being a hollow." Dre said in an impassive tone."I prefer the race I'm currently in, but thanks for the offer nonetheless."

Looking at the girl in the eyes, Dre smirked. "Well, isn't that cute?" He said referring to what she had done by making it rain crystals. He knew that coming from someone like him, his comment was cringe worthy. But not giving too much thought to it, Dre raised his right hand up, touching the red stone that was attached to his necklace, he began to rub it. To which his fullbring would activate -- as a metal armour would generate around his whole body, even covering his most of his face. A long dark blue scarf is generated around his neck, while a sword would foam around his hand. Spinning the sword by its hilt, Dre would stab it in the ground in front of him. Turning his head towards Yukari, he spoke in deep voice, "are you admiring little girl?"

- hover

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#2 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:42 am

"Suit yourself," Yukari said with a shrug, she had not missed Dre's reaction to her suggestion, he seemed genuinely disgusted by the idea of turning into a hollow, frankly she didn't blame him if the roles were reversed she would probably have acted the same way. As it sits his decision didn't bother her one way or another in fact him turning down saved her the trouble of arranging the transformation. The black haired young woman smiled sweetly at Dre's reaction to her little fireworks display. Then the human reached up to his necklace, rubbing the red stone attached to it as if it was a gesture designed to bring comfort. Though apparently the gesture was more than just for comfort as he was encased in a suit of armor, a blue scarf forming around his neck. In his hand a large sword formed that he proceeded to spin and stab int he ground.

"Eh, I have seen better transformations. Though I will admit that it is pretty cool for a human" Yukari responded with a shrug standing from her frozen throne that she proceeded to dismiss with an idle wave of her hand. She contemplated whether or not she should show off her own impressive form, dismissing the thought outright, thinking that it would be best to save it for when/if this breaks out in a fight. While her stance was still passive, beneath her long sleeves and pant legs her muscles remained tense and ready, just in case Dre was more than just for showing off.

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#3 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:25 pm

Dre smirked when the little girl said that she had seen better transformations. Though she commended how his transformation was 'cool' for a human. Not commenting to her reply, Dre observed Yukari closely. By looking at her posture one could easily say that she was tensed. As if she was waiting for something to come at her. In this instance, she was waiting for Dre to attack. Or at least anticipated it. Shaking his head slightly, he grabbed his sword by the hilt, pulling it out of the concrete ground to which he had stabbed. He was not sure why she was anticipating some sort of attack from him, but honesty she was not far fetched from it. It has been a long time since he had actually used his Fullbring powers, so it was time to brush off the rustiness that was in him.

Taking a step forward, Dre used bringer light to get behind her back, with the sword in his hand that he was already swinging through bringer light. He would aim at her ribs, before bringer lighting to the sky and creating two Sanguinis Globuolus (blood balls) that which he would throw directly at her. Assuming he missed both of the attacks he made, he would create some distance, only to aim his sword directly at her, "Sanguinem Texentium" with that he would release a large energy beam at her from the tip of his blade.

Technique Used (Sanguinis Globuolus):

Ability Name: Sanguinis Globuolus
Description:Dre has the ability to create a total of 40 globulus sanguinis per a thread, 2 per post with a 1 post cool down. Each globulus sanguinis takes the size similar to a table tennis ball. It has the ability to travel at a speed equal to a Bala.

Upon contact the globulus sanguinis ignites and explodes causing 2nd degree burns for the enemy.

Technique Used (Sanguinem Texentium):

Ability Name: Sanguinem Texentium
Description: Dre can charge spiritual energy through his blade and fire it in the form of a beam.

Does damage equal to one Cero Oscurus, 4 post cool down.

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#4 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:39 pm

Yukari caught the slight shake of the human's head, as he pulled his sword from the ground, her body tensing slightly as she readied herself as it seemed that her prediction that the human was readying himself for more than showing off was coming true. Sure enough the human vanished from her immediate view her body shifting into an sturdy defensive stance just in time for Dre's massive sword to impact her arm that was now covering her ribs. While the blow was strong enough to cause her to slide slightly the sword itself did not cut through the young woman's incredible Hierro, being about as useful as a baseball bat as a cutting implement. Though the uselessness of his sword did not seem to slow him down as he vanished again this time however Yukari followed his movements skyward.

Looking up at the silver haired human she saw him form two blood-red spheres that he sent flying at her. With a single dismissive flick of her hand she spawned two round discs of ice in the path of the spheres, intecepting the attack causing them to sizzle and explode against the discs. So whatever they are, they run a little warm... good to know Yukari thought, her earlier warmth vanishing leaving behind her normal cold brutal self as she knew that her peaceful evening just got ruined. I might have him converted, and turn him into my personal bitch just to spite him now, as that thought crossed her mind she watched him create some distance, turning to face him again she watched him point his sword at her, hearing him call out something that she didn't quite understand before releasing a beam of energy aimed at her. Raising her left hand, palm out towards the beam she released an energy attack of her own, something that comes quite natural to her. Cero, the red beam Yukari fired intercepted Dre's blast, though it was not enough to fully cancel the attack out on its own.

Seeing that the beam was still coming her way Yukari crossed her arms in an X-shape in front of her taking the remains of the blast, which even through her Hierro hurt about like what an unprotected cero would. As the smoke cleared from the attack the sleeves of her coat were now in tatters, the flesh beneath was red and raw, minor cuts were starting to well up with blood as she dropped the guard, and started to approach the human at a casual walk, her voice icy as she spoke "You know human, I was actually starting to like you. You seemed like someone who understood what it was like to have a nature that urged you to take the lives of others. Then you went and pulled a stupid stunt like this."

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#5 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:28 pm

The girl used her hand and Hierro to block the slash the was aimed at her ribs, while using one of her techniques to intercept the blood balls that he sent at her. However, due to use of the energy beam, Dre managed to land some damage on her. Even though they were minor, his attack damaged her nonetheless. "That's where you got it wrong, little girl." Dre said as she started causally walking towards him. "All this time you were relating me to your kind. But what you haven't realised is that I'm far from it." He paused, "anyway, it matters not. I haven't used my fullbring powers for a long time. So, I guess in a way, I have to thank you for enabling me to test them out again after so long. I apologize if I'm quite rusty -- as I said, it's been long." Giving a small nod to her, he threw his sword a few feet up in the air. Grabbing the chain that was connected to hilt, he began to spin the sword fast. "Enough talk. Let's enjoy the fight."

Using the chain, Dre would throw his sword directly at the Arrancar in a speed equivalent to a Bala. Assuming she dodged it, he would then use the chain to manage the swords direction in an attempt to hit her again. Then Dre would use bringer light to appear towards her right, gesturing his right hand he we would call his sword to his hand, as he would slash the blade horizontally at her, while saying, "Deus lux."

Technique Used:(Deus lux):
Ability Name: Deus lux
Description: Using his sword Dre releases a highly condensed spiritual energy from the tip of his blade, which, magnifying the slash attack, flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a crescent moon or wave. It heavily damages anything caught within the blast.

2 Cero's worth damage, 2 post cool down.

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#6 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:47 am

Yukari dismissed the comment that the human made as she continued to approach, he had already revealed what was quite possibly one of his heaviest hitting attacks and she dealt with it handily without having to rely on her releases so she was feeling rather confident in her ability to handle most anything else he had to dish out. Then the human did something rather odd to do when there is an opponent coming, throwing it up in the air, though when he grabbed the chain and started to spin it around over his head Yukari understood what he was doing. Trying to build up momentum for his next swing, too bad it probably won't be any more effective than his last swing. Then Dre released the sword causing it to fly at Yukari who handily swatted the weapon away with a roll of her chocolate brown eyes.

Dre was apparently ready for something like that and pulled on the chain causing the sword to swing at the miniature espada again who just raised her arm causing the sword to bounce harmlessly off of it, she was really starting to tire of this human's games while she knew that his abilities where more than enough to over power her immaculate defenses, she was also aware that his powers seemed far more limited than hers as she hadn't even bothered to release yet. Then Dre used his version of Sonido appearing on Yukari's right gesturing with his hand causing his sword to fly to it, where he then slashed horizontally at the brown-haired young woman releasing a wave of energy at her made of the same crimson energy that his other attacks had been. Using Sonido Yukari jumped over the oncoming crescent of energy reappearing right in front of the human trying to take advantage of the opening his attack made to punch him in the face with a right hook using her phenomenal strength to discourage him from continuing this potentially pointless exchange.

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#7 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:09 pm

Yukari managed to swat away the sword that came at her with little to no difficulty. Even though Dre expected the outcome to be exactly that, he in a way hoped that using his chain and coursing the blade, he would manage to get a hit on her, since she would not expect such a move. However that attack also ended up being avoided easily. The girl also managed to dodge his Deus lux by jumping over it using sonido as she appeared in front of him. It was quite clear that the reason she did such was to take advantage of him opening up in hoping to land a punch on him.

Dre saw the punch coming at his face fast. Bending down by his knees at the nick of the time, he avoided the attack before it impacted on his face. Looking directly at Yukari, who was in front of him, he tightened his throat muscles creating an echo chamber as he realeased a Sanguinem Sonic (sonic air) attack from his mouth, point blank at her. He would then use bringer light to appear behind her, creating a Sphaera Sanguinem (blood sphere), which he would throw directly at her spine. Creating a good distance between the girl, Dre waved his hand, converting all the air around her to blood as it would transform itself into a powerful cyclone. Only for Dre to clutch his hand, as the cyclone around the Arrancar would close around her.

Technique Used (Sanguinem Sonic):

Ability Name: Sanguinem Sonic
Description: Dre is cable of tightening his throat muscles to create an echo chamber in order to release an hot air attack from his mouth. It has the power to cause 2nd degree burns and shake the enemy on contact. The technique can also be used to disperse enemy attacks and also defean enemies temporarily within a 30 foot area.

3 post cool down.

Technique Used (Sphaera Sanguinem):

Ability Name: Sphaera Sanguinem
Description:By using his hands, Dre can convert the air surrounding him to blood, in which he would utilize it to create a redish energy sphere on top of his palm. One blast is powerful enough to create a large crater, with an accompanying explosion which creates a shockwave.

The damage done by a sphere is equal to 2 Cero's. 2 post cool down.

Technique Used (Sanguis Agri):

Ability Name: Sanguis Agri
Description: At an instance of a wave of a hand, it uses the air around to convert into blood. By doing such a thing, the blood covers the whole area and transforms itself into a powerful cyclone. Dre has the ability and the power to surround his enemies within a cyclone of blood. The technique has the ability to heavily damage the enemy upon contact. The strength of the technique can increase if used with proper concentration without any hesitation and along with other techniques.

This technique gives the enemy a damage worth of 2 Cero's, also affecting an area of 200-ft.

3 post cool down.

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#8 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:44 am

Yukari's fist flew over the human's head barely missing the mark as he bent his legs at the knees to avoid her fist. Before she could react to his avoiding the attack and follow it up with anything that he would have a harder time dodging in his new stance Dre released a burst of hot air from his mouth forcing the minuscule Yukari back a short distance, before moving around her at high speeds again Well he is a slippery bugger at least. There was a sudden burning in Yukari's side were Dre's blood sphere contacted her as she turned to face him. The burning was also met with an explosion and shock wave that was powerful enough to send her flying about ten feet away from where she was standing. Landing hard on the ground Yukari stood up slowly forming ice around the burned portions of her body, both to soothe the pain and protect them from further damage.

If he keeps this up he will get to find out just how big of a monster this little girl can be Yukari thought at the air around her started to convert it self to a reddish fluid much like blood in appearance, not sure what was going on Yukari noticed that it started to spin around her creating tornado like funnel around her. Not wanting to risk trying to escape and failing Yukari extended her left arm out towards the closest wall, gathering her reiryoku into the palm of her hand in the form of an ice-blue sphere she released a beam of concentrated freezing energy right into the cyclone's wall. Yukari's Bajo Cero as that beam was known seemed to destabilize and weaken the cyclone as it enclosed around her, it was apparently enough to weaken the cyclone to be easily handled by Yukari's hierro.

Using Sonido Yukari closed the gap again leading with her left foot she thrusted out with her right hand aiming at Dre's mid section, hit or miss she is going to follow it up with a step forward into right elbow strike with all of her immense strength and tiny weight behind it. After the elbow strike she is going to move to position herself as close to Dre as she could and aim a right kick at the side of his left leg at the knee. If that kick hits it should strike with enough force that even through his armor it will either dislocate his knee or break his leg at that point.

Techniques Used:
Sonido x2 - 3/5 used
Name of Technique: Bajo Cero [Below Zero]
Technique Description: Cooldown:2 posts Yukari fires a cero that will encase all that it hits with a thick layer of ice on top of the the normal damage that it would deal.

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#9 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:48 pm

By using the sonic attack Dre managed to move the Arrancar back a short distance. Though his intention was to her burn as well, but due to her strong Hierro, it seemed the damaged manage to subdue to a very minor level. Be that as it may, his blood sphere managed to gain contact with her as it not only caused her burns but was able to send her flying forwards about ten feet or so. As she stood up after taking the hit, he saw her using her ice ability to form around the burned portions of her body -- most likely to relive the pain from the burning. Even though Dre thought he got Yukari surrounded by using the blood-field -- that was not the case. After the cyclone closed in towards her, he saw a thick layer of ice encasing the damn thing. She undoubtedly had used one of her techniques to counter it. Though it wasn't the enough to stop the blood field from doing it's damage -- but unfortunately for him, he was dealing with a person who had the ability to withstand more damage than normal Arrancar would. So, she most likely had used her Hierro to deal with cyclone that was weakened.

Yukari used sonido to close the gap between them as she used her right hand trying to punch Dre in the midsection. Clenching his midsection he dropped the sword on the ground as he pulled his shoulders back, while moving his body to the direction which the blow was moving, dodging the punch. To which she took a step forward, as she bended her right arm to strike him with her elbow. Taking a quick step back, Dre would shift his body backward avoiding the elbow strike. Only to immediately move his body forward, with his right hand pushing away Yukari's elbow following her striking momentum, and using two Sanguinis Globuolus (blood balls) to throw directly at her right ribs with a speed equivalent to a Bala using his left palm.

The Arrancar would move to position herself close to Dre, as she would use her right left to aim a kick at his left leg. Using bringer light to move three feet back, he would move his left knee up to his waist, pointing it outwards to the direction of kick, only to block it. Dre would use the opportunity to call back his sword to his right hand, holding it reverse grip, he would bring it upwards to slash Yukari vertically. As he would also create two Sanguis Serpentes (blood snakes) that would appear from behind her in an attempt to wrap themselves on her to hold her down and strangle her. Assuming the snakes were unable to do such, they would explode just as they gain contact with Yukari.

Technique Used(Sanguis Serpentes):

Ability Name: Sanguis Serpentes
Description:  Dre can create multiple individual snakes using blood. These snakes can strike with enormous force and also explode on contact with enemy. However, they can also be used to strangle the opponent (not outright), slash the opponent with their fangs, or hold them down. This technique causes the enemy 2nd degree burns, 3 post CD.

Technique Used (Sanguinis Globuolus):

Ability Name: Sanguinis Globuolus
Description:Dre has the ability to create a total of 40 globulus sanguinis per a thread, 2 per post with a 1 post cool down. Each globulus sanguinis takes the size similar to a table tennis ball. It has the ability to travel at a speed equal to a Bala.

Upon contact the globulus sanguinis ignites and explodes causing 2nd degree burns for the enemy.

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#10 Re: [Battle] 夜の星空 (Part II) on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:41 am

Yukari grimaced as her combo was narrowly avoided by the faster human, granted if any one hit of it had made contact there was a good chance that it would have ended right there though of course she couldn't be so lucky as that. The human was proving to be quite capable in close range even with the armor he was wearing, staying quite literally just a step ahead of her punch and elbow strike with simple efficient movements, even landing a couple of counters, pushing her elbow in a way that continued her momentum creating an opening that he blasted with another one pair of those crimson spheres which exploded on Yukari's exposed side dealing decent damage and burning her skin some more which she just automatically covered with ice. Even his blocking of her kick was well done, using his variation of Sonido to create distance, raising his leg to block the blow, reducing the damage by taking it in a more solid spot.

Taking advantage of Yukari's kick, Dre called his sword back to his hand in a reverse grip, aiming to slice her right up the middle, shifting herself back slightly she avoided the majority of the blade, only the tip coming in contact with her clothes splitting her tattered shirt open revealing the odd cross-shaped hole where her sternum should be. While she was busy avoiding the sword two serpants of blood wrapped around her, their bodies practically radiating heat as they attempted to constrict Yukari crushing in on her torso. With a roll of her eyes, a slight grunt, and a flex of her arms she was able to power her way through the snakes, ripping them in half in the process though the constriction was the least of Yukari's problems as the resulting explosion of the snakes engulfed her.

As the smoke cleared, Yukari stood there, looking a little worse for wear. her normally spotless white outfit was torn and singed, and if it wasn't for some well placed ice would have been completely indecent to see, The bare flesh that could be seen was fire-engine red singed with the heat of Dre's relentless attacks. Resting her hand on the pommel of her sword Yukari spoke, her voice as cold as a north pole winter, "Now I am really getting annoyed, Freeze Drago"

"So sad for you human, all that work to do so little damage, just to have it vanish in a blink" Yukari's gravelly, almost growl like voice said as her Resureccion completed, revealing her to be an eight foot tall humanoid dragon like creature with a set of massive wings. The worst part for Dre would probably be that like all arrancar, releasing her zanpakuto and reverting back to her form before shinigamification Yukari's wounds had now completely healed. Of course now she also has access to all of the abilities that she had held during that time, and even a couple of 'new' ones. Raising her clawed left hand towards Dre Yukari focused a small portion of her power into the claw, releasing a cone of freezing air towards the human that if it hits would encase him in ice. While not entirely deadly it should hopefully restrict his movements enough for Yukari to close the gap and land a well placed elbow strike to Dre's head, which would probably land with enough force to easily dent a normal plate helm, and would definitely ring the Human's gong.

Techniques Used:
Resurreccion: (Stats Gained, 1.5x speed, strength, stamina. 2.5x Durability)
Name of Technique: Aliento de Escarcha [Frost Breath]
Technique Description:Cooldown:3 posts Yukari releases a breath attack from her hand that will freeze who/whatever hit hits turning them into ice. For player characters this will act differently encasing them in ice rather than turning them to it. The ice can be broken even if the target is fully encased, similarly to a rank 40 bakudo.

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