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Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division
Noziel Aran, 0-4. Head Captain of Division 5. (Noz is death enabled, but I will probably never let anyone actually kill him.)

Old mate for Cero Espada, Altifus. 0-2 (Death Enabled)

Saio Hira, 2-3. She... well. She's a walking shenanigan. If you don't know her by now, may the Soul King have mercy on you when you do.

Kazuku Mazi, 0-3. Son of Ika, slightly more respectable than Ika, but still a pain in the ass. (Death Enabled, but you'd have to hurt him first.)

Maki Kesshō, 0-3. She's super soldiery and elegant and shit.  (Death is enabled for this character.)

Bunbun! 2-5, Daughter of Saio and champion of cuteness!

Annabelle Carpenter 3-5, My blank human. About to get baked.

Kiyo Meru, 1-3. You love her, you hate her, you feel slightly confused by her. She's a loli, yeah but you know what fuck all of you. XD

Luca Levesque, 1-3. The Phantom Thief, he who was once human grew tired of humanity's follies. Since then, he returns to the World of the Living as a Sinner.

Benched characters. Usable, but on other duties.

Eun Yong 1-3. Soundboi, come find him in a Tokyo Bar.

Hare Menjou, 2-2. She's the part of the Heal Corps. She has a tender heart and unyielding defenses. (Currently slated for Heal duty.)

Kalinn White, 1-3, the reborn human that originated from Heiko.

Incomplete or Scrapped sheets.:

Off-Roster Character Sheets.:

Coming Soon (Trademark: Blizzard)
Momo Hakata (To be approved)

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Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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Ika Mazi

Noz stays the same
Velvet down to 1-2 (also add her)
Saio down to 2-3
Bun-Bun down to 2-5
Eun down to 1-3
Maki to 0-2
Kalinn to 1-3
Kazuku stays 0-4


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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