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There's a cave in the middle of the mountains somewhere.

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on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:19 pm


8th Division
8th Division
Noziel Aran, 0-5.

Noziel's Bio:
Noziel is a very gifted kidou user, and has a high affinity for the element of wind. He's very quick, elegant and precise in combat.
He cares deeply about his wife, Mei Tsaki, and their children. You can find him sitting in the Captain's chair in Squad 8.

Saio Hira, 2-1. She... well. She's a walking shenanigan. If you don't know her by now, may the Soul King have mercy on you when you do.

Maki Kesshō, 0-2. Redone in Maki 4KHD Hype.  (Death is enabled for this character.)

Kazuku Mazi, 0-4. Son of Ika, slightly more respectable than Ika, but still a pain in the ass. (Death Enabled, if you would ever so kindly kill him....)

Bunbun! Daughter of Saio and champion of cuteness!

Kalinn White, 1-2, the reborn human the originated from Heiko.

The forgotten Mermaid hollow who fights the willpower of others directly. Nemuri no Otome, 1-4

Eun Yong, 1-1, Emerald Agent of All Trades.

Benched characters. Usable, but on other duties.

Hare Menjou, 2-2. She's the part of the Heal Corps. She has a tender heart and unyielding defenses. (Currently slated for Heal duty.)

Incomplete/Abandoned character concepts.

Frederick Weiss, ?-?. My attempt at a 'support' Quincy. Is now a part of Annabelle, sooooo.

...On the offchance you've forgotten how the URL tag works, if you click on any of them, you'll go to their respective character sheets.

Dead or Missing Characters

MEGUMIN. 1-1 The Crimson demon extraordinaire from Konosuba, shush.
She is 'dead', last seen outside of Victoria City in Canada. (If you want her, you are free to claim her character sheet.)

Heiko, 1-1. My attempt at making a Hollow out of League of Legend's Kindred, Now in Arrancar HD. Died in HM March, to be reborn soon.

Luca Levesque, 1-3. The Phantom Thief, he who was once human grew tired of humanity's follies. Since then, he returns to the World of the Living as a Sinner. (Back in hell with Kiyo in tow.)

Kiyo Meru, 1-3. She may be a sinner, but she's adorable isn't she?

Annabelle Carpenter 3-5, My blank human. She's going to be veeeery experimental, support/attack Quincy gogo? (Unfortunately scrapped due to being utterly difficult to continue topics with)

Coming Soon (Trademark: Blizzard)


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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