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#1 [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:03 pm



One of the many things in this dimension that Dre could find beauty in.

But this silence was not what you think it was -- it was silence of mind, of pure serenity. Nirvana, as it was called in many Indian religons. In the state of being of perfect mind, free from suffering. This is how he felt right now --like nothing in the world could bring him down from this elated state of hapiness. The millieu of this land was very grassy- the sunset shined upon the chlorophyll, directing the sunlight to Dre, bathing him in a warm shower that felt like the gods shining upon him. "This is great," Dre thought as he sat upon the park. This was the place that he always seeked for refuge. Where many good times were spent, but many bad as well. He cringed at the thought -- how many smiles had been shared here. But Dre now was free from his duties as a contract killer, even just for one day. It felt good.

Dre looked down at his side, at the small packet of dinner he had brought himself. Three small bottles of Coca-Cola, and 1 box of pasta and meatballs. He took out a fork, and began to eat his pasta. After putting some in his mouth, Dre put his head against the large tree behind him and smiled at the taste. Dre then swallowed a meatball, missing the texture already, and sighed. He put another one in his mouth, and the exact same thing, although this time savoring the succulent flavor for almost a minute before finally swallowing. He rinsed and repeated this method, until he was finally finished. He then sighed. It was extremely boring and saddening to be here alone. This place was meant to be shared with others. But he knew that he did not have the capacity to experience such. It was just how it was.

As Dre snapped back into reality, he realize there maybe, would be, solace to being alone here. He sensed one spiritual pressure signature nearing him. He couldn't actually tell if it was a hollow or not. Maybe it could be a soul reaper, or even an Arranca. Time would tell. So, Dre would take out one of his bottles of Coca cola from his packet, and put them on the warm grass. The clear liquid magnified the light, making his eyes burn, causing him to look away from the glasses of soft drink. But when and if the person came, assuming it was a person and not a hollow, he was more than willing to share a glass, if the person wanted to drink that is. He was glad to finally have some company.   

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#2 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:08 pm

It was Akane’s first ‘mission’, though it was more of a field trip for her. Since she had died, the girl had not been back to the human world and she wanted to see how it had changed since then. After being granted permission, she was allowed a short excursion into the realm of the living for scouting purposes. It was supposed to be a safe area she was travelling to, so going alone had been allowed, as nervous as that made her. Stepping out of the Senkaimon and into the world she found herself in some sort of local park of some kind, completely void of life.

Not that she was paying all too much attention, as the familiar glow of the sun shined down on her, bringing a small smile to her lips as she enjoyed the warmth. It had been far too long since she had done this, holding back from skipping forward as she moved onwards, oblivious to her surroundings until she noticed something nearby. Some being with a spiritual presence. It wasn’t a hollow, at least as far as she could tell and unless they had sent others she was supposed to be the only shinigami here.

The girl look around carefully, stepping slowly through the grass to try and find the source, clearly ready to run and hide should she need to. But it seemed the closer she got to this being, the stronger they seemed. Her flight response was almost kicking in when she saw him, meeting eyes. Like a deer in the headlights she stood completely still, unsure of how to proceed. Maybe he couldn’t see her? No, that wasn’t it, it was too late now, she had to introduce herself or something.

she blinked nervously, stepping forward before granting him a short bow, lifting her head afterwards cautiously. “Hello there” He seemed human at least, though there was always a chance he was some sort of arrancar, but there wasn’t a hole to be seen anywhere and he seemed to be lacking the number tattoo of an espada. Standing up straight now, the girl waited for some sort of response. Barely moving from her spot a few meters away, playing with a few strands of her long red hair. The flakes of spiritual energy falling free to dissipate and reform above her.

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#3 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:27 am


Dre felt the pulse of spiritual pressure slowly approaching him -- It was getting closer and closer by the second. He couldn't sense anything that would scare him, even if his sensing was one of his worst aspects someone stronger than him would be easily found. But Dre knew that the person or thing approaching him wasn't anything like that. It was most likely a person or hollow with a low-level reiatsu. Nothing more than that.

As Dre was laying his head on the tree and looking above at the vast sprawling sky -- he saw a figure approaching him from the corner of his eye. Tilting his head towards the left, he looked. It was not a hollow or anything of that sort, but a girl. By the looks of it -- a soul reaper. She had long straight strawberry coloured hair, she wore the typical Shinigami outfit and from what he could gather, she looked like she was about five inches and four in height. Dre was one of those people who observed everyone. It did not matter if he knew them or not -- he would observe them. It was just a habit he had due to spending a lot of his time in the field. As a hired gun it was necessary for him to observe his targets every movement. It was a vital factor. But in this instance this girl was not his target. Or was she?...

"You know, you don't need to bow to me. I'm not royalty." Dre said in a soft tone gazing at the girl. "Even if I was royalty, I think it would be stupid to do such. I mean, just because they have some kind of title that doesn't mean that they are better than normal people. You get what I'm saying?" he would pour some Coke into one of the glasses, only to lift it up and take a small sip from it. Putting it down, Dre would smile at girl, "do you want some, kid? It's quite good, to be honest." He asked as he awaited her response.  

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#4 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:53 pm

It seemed like the girl didn’t know how to regard the man, shrinking back a little as he told her not to bow.. She was just trying to be polite! What was wrong with that? She frowned a little, moving her hands to fiddle with the little red scarf around her neck. “I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again” Akane sounded a little dejected, but was clearly trying to cover this up as she stepped a little closer regardless, trying to stop her fidgeting by hiding her hands behind her back.

She just nodded at what he said, it sort of made sense in a way but she would probably ignore the suggestion, after all what he was suggesting could offend some people, which was the last thing she wanted. Chances where she would never see this man again, but would keep in mind his preference. Looking over his recently consumed meal she noticed the drinks and was suddenly offered some.

It was a little silly, but it got her a little excited. She hadn’t had a taste of this stuff since she died, and six years was a long time! “Oh! Of course I would, thank you” she manages to stop herself from bowing before carefully moving to take a seat opposite him, waiting for the man to possibly pour it for her, she didn’t want to take too much after all!

“Oh, I’ve been awfully rude… My name is Akane Makishima”
She nodded, going a little red. How could she have forgotten to offer her name? Stupid! Hoping very much that he’d just let that pass, while moving to fiddle with her hair once more. A few of the red locks twirling through her fingers as she looked away. Looking awfully embarrassed.

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#5 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:13 pm


Dre looked at the girl closely, observing her facial expressions and movements. It seemed like she had taken offence to what he had just said. "Eh, you honestly don't need to apologize to me. I just don't see a point of bowing, to be honest with you." he said in a calm voice. Tilting his head towards left, he spoke again, "you seem to be quite timid. Am I frightening you in some way? Please do sit down." Dre wasn't the person to easily make people afraid of him. At least not when he was socializing with people and so forth. When it came towards battles -- it was a different story entirely. But this was not a battle. He was conversing with a person, who seems to have no intention of fighting him. Even if she had some kind of secondary agenda in her, Dre wasn't the one to attack a female. Unless she attacks him first, in which he would have to use necessary force to defend himself.

Handing over the Coca Cola bottle to the woman, Dre smiled. "You can drink it all, if you want to." figuring that the female was waiting for him to hand the bottle to her or pour it for her. He did the former. Leaning back again on the tree, he directed his eyes towards the sky, only to close them and breath outward before opening them again, and say, "My name is..." he stopped, pondering if he should reveal his name to this woman. Dre wasn't the one to easily give out his name to strangers he would meet. Then again, he rarely gave out his name until he was distinctly sure the person possessed no threat to him in anyway. "My name is Dre Jaegerjaquez." he said making up his mind, as he would look at the woman that was to his left. "So, Akane, what are you doing in the world of the living? Most importantly in New York. Is this city under your divisions jurisdiction or something? Also by judging by your name; shouldn't you be in the Japanese branch?" Dre asked her, running a hand through his long hair, brushing it off from his face.

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#6 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:03 pm

Clearly there was something of a culture difference between the two, not that it mattered to Akane all too much. “Oh.. Uh, no I’m fine” she responds quickly as she sits carefully opposite the man. Truth be told, he was a little scary, but that was more of a side effect of her own timid nature rather than him actually being a frightening man. She brushes some of the long red hair off of her face and nods “I’m fine” She repeats, mostly to herself it would seem, a way to try and calm herself down before she decided to run off back to Seireitei.

His offer to take the rest of the drink was appreciated, carefully taking it into her hands to hold in-front of her. It had been a long time since she’d had anything from the world of the living, she wasn’t sure how this spiritual body of hers would even react to such a thing. Regardless, the girl brought it to her lips and took a long drink. Visibly relaxing as the sweet drink passed over her lips. “Ahhh~ It’s so good. Thank you very much” Normally, she would have offered another polite bow for such a kind gift, but held back

She committed his name to memory as he questioned why she was here. It hadn’t been at all clear to herself really. “Well, I don’t have a division yet… I just graduated. I think they just wanted me to get out into the world” She couldn’t be sure, there was a distinct lack of hollows or roaming souls in need of assistance. Carefully taking smaller sips she pondered “I suppose I’d like to go back home. I’m not sure I could face everyone I knew though… It’s been six years now” It was an oddity really, most Shinigami she had met were hundreds of years old, in the scheme of things she was still very young.

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#7 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:47 pm

Dre smiled in reaction to the girl enjoying the drink and commenting on how good it was. He knew that soul reapers would not find Coca-Cola or any sort of soft drinks back in the soul society. So knowing such he decided to share one of many things that could be found here in the human world. At least then, she would have something to say when she goes back home. The woman went on to say that she did not have a division yet, and she was here because the higher ups wanted her to do so. Then she said something quite interesting that caught Dre's attention. Though, however, he was not sure if he heard her correctly, but he was going to ask her the question that he had in his mind nonetheless.

"Did you just say that you haven't gone back to the soul society in 6 years!?" Dre said, his eyes directed at her, wanting to know the answer. "Or am I just spouting out nonsensical questions?" There was a chance that he may have misinterpreted what she had said earlier about it's been six years since she had last seen her friends. Regardless of what her response was, Dre would continue speaking, "how old are you exactly? By the looks of it -- you look like you're eighteen or so. How off am I?" He asked curiously wanting to know the answer. He himself was twenty-four. Though he did not look his age a lot. Gazing at her, he would ask something that would most likely confuse her -- which was the intention."So have you ever being in any battles?"

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#8 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:33 pm

Akane finished off her drink fairly quickly, setting the bottle gently aside as she leaned herself back, a little more relaxed with the man. Just enjoying the warm sun on her face for a second as she forgot all about her current state of being. It was nice to forget from time to time, since she didn’t have to worry about scary hollows or possibly even scarier shinigami. Though his question quickly drew the girl right back into the real world with a blink.

“Oh, no no, I haven’t been to Japan to six years.” She nodded, though not at his apparent nonsensical question. She wouldn’t have survived out in the wild with all those monsters that lurked about. “Well that’s how old I was when… I died” She frowned a little, trailing off the last part of the sentence while trying to quell the images that still ran through her head from time to time. Not all of those memories were bad, she could still vividly remember her very final moments in that tender embrace on the side of the road.

“I’m 24 now, or I would have been. I don’t think shinigami age very quickly” She had shaken off the feelings of sorrow from moments ago, deciding to instead focus on the tasty drink she just got to enjoy as well as the thought of just how old some of the beings she had met in Seireitei actually were.. “So I guess I’m 18 forever now, huh?” A scary thought, in a way. Eternal youth did sound appealing, but it would surely wear thin after some time… she couldn’t be sure either way

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#9 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:32 pm

Guess Dre did hear it right as the girl said that she haven't been to her homeland in six years or so due to her passing away in a very young age. Looking at her facial expressions one could easily say that the reminiscent of her past was making her uncomfortable and so. Knowing that asking her more questions about her life before her ultimate death would only make her more perturbed, Dre just kept listening to what she was saying without uttering a single word. As a man who also had lost everything in his childhood, he felt her pain. Even though if their predicaments were quite different in a way.  

"Yeah, I guess so." Dre said in a low voice as his eyes roamed his surroundings. It seems like the park was getting more crowded by the minute. Then again, it was not much surprising since the central park in New York was one of the most famous parks in the entire state. Families would come over everyday to enjoy and relax and spend time with their love ones and such. It was beautiful sight. As his eyes directed back to the woman, he smiled softly, as he began to speak, "What division are you planning to join? I haven't been to the soul society, but I hear that the current captain commander is kind of leaning towards the rough-side. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Anyway..." he paused, frowning at the girl, he continued, "you ignored the question where I asked you if ever being in any battles. Don't worry, Akane. I'm not going to fight you."

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#10 Re: [Private] A Day In New York (Akane) on Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:18 pm

Akane watched carefully as more people seemed to arrive, families, friends… It was nice to see. Reminded her of her own time living. They were all so happy and she found herself feeling a little jealous. Her friends in Seireitei would probably never understand, with most of them being so old or simply having been born to some family of souls in the afterlife. She missed it. She could see now why a hollow might be born, seeing all the people that it used to share the world with so oblivious to it’s suffering and loneliness. She never felt that way as a plus, her moving on happened quite quickly thanks to the support she had in her final moments.

Only when Dre called to her did she snap out of her thoughts, blushing a little at how rude she must have seemed. It really wasn’t like the girl to get so lost in thought like that, particularly when someone was talking to her.

“Oh, I'm so sorry” She nodded sincerely as he went on to speak of the Captain Commander. “I’ve trained with Miss Rena, she’s very tough but I think it’s just to bring out the best in everyone” She was a very scary woman to be sure, and her nose still hurt from having face-planted so ungracefully when she had been told to place those strange cuffs on her wrists.

“And no, I’ve not been in a proper fight… Only sparring in the academy”
she nodded once more “You don’t seem like the kind of person to just start a fight for no reason. You’re so nice~” Though it was probably her naivety showing through, she had only been shown his good side so far, either way, she beamed happily at the man, apparently feeling much more comfortable.

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