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#11 Re: [Private] Acid Trip (Ika) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:58 am

Graven Fel




©2013 caliburn

Graven's grin grew from shit-eating to Kenpachi with a new toy in about a second flat as Ika told him what they were going to be doing. Part of his mind processed what the other man said about power, and it could be seen in his eyes that it had a profound impact, far more than it should have. What in Hueco Mundo was he thinking? He was an Arrancar, no not just any Arrancar! HE WAS THE FIRST. All of the others, including his Espada, were either cheap knockoffs or those he had helped to achieve their status. For as good of a man as he was, he was still a Hollow. He still enjoyed the thrill of a fight, blood being spilled, and bones shattering. A good Hollow was still a Hollow, and thus couldn't be confined to the simplicity of right or wrong. Their very existence was frowned upon, and what could be considered charitable and good for an animal could, in the same breath, be considered monstrous by people who see themselves as more civilized. Graven was not Alyss. He supported her decisions and ideals, and attempted to follow her example, but he was never quite as good about it as she was. He was a Warrior King, and while she was certainly a fighter in her own right, she strove to be a benevolent spirit and succeeded far more than he ever could. In fact, she had never denied him his nature, and supported him in the same manner as he did for her. Flashing back to a time when all he could think of was protecting her, he realized that he had failed. He wouldn't again. He wasn't a Guardian Angel, no matter what he tried to tell himself. He wasn't an Avenging Angel either, as that still implied that he was inherently whole and pure. No...If anything, he was a demon, and his was a cruel demon's fate. As his smile faltered and he came to this realization, his reiatsu would slip out of his feeble attempt at reigning it in before he settle down. It did, however take a different feel to anyone that could sense it, as if a subconscious limiter had been released. It didn't feel malevolent, like Ika's, but it No longer was there the light, frail hint of protective bullshit that coated his true nature. The air around the two beings in the room thrummed with power, and the newfound signature to his reiatsu definitely had a dark undertone that screamed and lashed out at any who cared to notice. It was primordial, befitting the fact that it's owner was likely the oldest Hollow alive, a being older than the Gotei 13 itself. Looking at the Vizard before him with a passive expression, his near-uncaring tone reemerged as his eyes glowed briefly. It was clear that the emotion that Ika had witnessed was for his eyes only, and now that they had a plan it was time to move. Graven spoke up as a slight flare of bluish-white came from the air behind him, turning red and forming to the back of his neck in order to fix his mask. The acid burn just above his mask fragment on the right side was slowly disappearing as well, indicating a normal level of high-speed regeneration for his caliber. "Ika Mazi, thank you. You're definitely right. I'm not the protecting type. Last time I tried to be, I lost everything. I suppose that I grew lax, and denied my instincts. I won't make the same mistake again. I'm going to go rest, then assess the strength of the Gotei 13. Once we know our enemy's weaknesses, we can strike accordingly. Let me know if there's anything else I should do. I'll be taking my leave."

With that he was gone, a pair of Numeros outside the door scrambling to escape the force of his reiatsu. He really wasn't doing that good of a job suppressing it at the moment, but he was thinking, dammit!

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#12 Re: [Private] Acid Trip (Ika) on Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:21 pm

Ika Mazi

The mans grin grew to a sickening width as Ika approached him, clearly entranced and otherwise excited by the prospect of what Ika had been proposing throughout this entire discussion.. The man seemed to be conflicted, or perhaps he was just sorting out who he REALLY was... The man had an aura about him, what was before borderline childish and sweet, innocent almost, was now nothing of the sort, but rather leaned to almost demonic, uncivilized.. and otherwise?.. Blood Crazed.. Perhaps Ika had made the right move after-all.. The mans smile that once crossed his face faded away a little bit as he seemed to be coming down from what could only be described as a maniac high. Reitsu was slipping out as he seemed to be trying to calm himself down, instability.. Great to use.. But it was hard to detect.. It wasn't malevolent, but rather it had changed almost.. Had an edge to it.. .

The mans expression turned to a more passive look in Ika's general direction, the mans eyes glowed ever so slightly while at the same time somehow seeming more empty than they were before.. The man spoke with an apathetic tone the likes of which Ika could have swore was no where near the mans range of expressed vocal cues.. Fascinating as it was, Ika had to listen to the man or risk losing him, , his near-uncaring tone reemerged as his eyes glowed briefly. It was clear this side was for Ika's eyes only, and perhaps Ray Charles.. since.. he couldn't see it anyway.. The wounds were healing as the man spoke, apparently thinking that Ika cared about his life story which was more than a little bit off base but whatever.. Ika acted enthralled, projecting empathy he did not possess. "Loss is a trigger for foolishness, there is one way in fighting.. Kill or be killed, Nature is survival, harness your nature and these feelings of vengeance, these feelings of needing to protect these people past your own people as a whole will fade away.. You must fight to survive, and to kill at the same time.. To protect is to be distracted.. Distraction in combat is death.. Remember that, or you'll fall victim as well.. As for the plan.. I have a simple one.. I will call a Captain for peace talks, and you will set up an ambush with your Espada... you will all attack me, and the Captain.. I will survive no problem, you need to critically injure the Captain but not KILL him.. Also, do not tell your subordinates I'm friendly.. They couldn't kill me if they tried for one thing, and for another, we can't allow for any marginal error. No room for suspicions.." he smirked and turned away as Graven did. "Next week, Sunday.. in the jungles of Bogota.. I will not be hard to find.."

And with that, Ika walked off.. Content with the best laid plans of monster and man... The only question left to answer, was which was which?..

-finish- (unless you wanna acknowledge the plan.. in which case have at it..)


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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